FROZEN 2's DELETED ENDING: How Disney Almost Killed Elsa & Destroyed Arendelle Castle

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Frozen 2's deleted & alternate ending was much darker, with Arendelle destroyed, Elsa's possible death & Kristoff's proposal to Anna removed! This is Frozen 2's alternate deleted ending & scenes you never got to see!
Top 14 Frozen 2 Deleted Scenes ► ruvid.net/video/video-oMy_TSO6g1I.html
Arendelle Castle Destroyed 0:16
Iduna & Agnarr's Memory For Anna 2:14
Kristoff's Alternate Proposal 3:57
Elsa's Death Alternate Ending 6:01
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In “Frozen 2,” the answer to why Elsa was born with magical powers is calling her and threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she sets out on a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen,” Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In the highly anticipated sequel, she must hope they are enough. From the Academy Award®-winning team-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, producer Peter Del Vecho and songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez-“Frozen 2” features the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad.
Frozen 2 Bonus Features
Sing-Along Version of the Movie - Sing along with your favorite songs as you watch the movie.
Song Selection - Jump to your favorite musical moments, with on-screen lyrics. Songs include Oscar®-nominated “Into The Unknown,” “All Is Found,” “Some Things Never Change,” “When I Am Older,” “Lost in the Woods,” “Show Yourself,” and “The Next Right Thing”
Outtakes - Laugh along with the cast of “Frozen 2” as they record their lines, sing their songs and have fun in the recording booth.
Deleted Scenes - Check out a few scenes that never made the final cut.
Intro - Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck offer a glimpse into their filmmaking process with scenes that didn't make the final cut.
Prologue - A battle rages between Arendelle and the Northuldra while a mysterious figure challenges King Agnarr.
Secret Room - A secret room reveals even more of Anna and Elsa's past, including a shocking revelation about their mother.
Elsa’s Dream - Anna's playful glimpse into Elsa's dream takes a dark turn.
Hard Nokks - Kristoff reveals his true feelings about life in Arendelle when the Nokk won't take no for an answer.
A Place of Our Own - Elsa uses her magic to relieve Anna's lingering doubts about their parents' faith in her.
Deleted Songs - When it comes to “Frozen 2,” there can never be too much music. Hear some of the songs that got cut from the final film.
Intro - Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck revel in the chance to share a few songs that didn't make it into the final film.
“Home” - Anna savors every moment as she wanders through this kingdom she calls home.
“I Wanna Get This Right” - Kristoff wants everything to be perfect before he proposes, leaving Anna to wonder, “Will it ever be just right?”




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Comments 80
Flicks And The City
Would you like to have seen this darker ending for Frozen 2?! 😲😱 And what did you think of Kristoff proposal song to Anna? 😍🤣
Andre Cromer
Andre Cromer Day ago
i would love it
Andre Cromer
Andre Cromer Day ago
i would love it
Jeff La Mora
Jeff La Mora 4 days ago
the darker ending would o been legit so cool!
Danielle Bennett
Danielle Bennett 5 days ago
I think Disney did right by the story and their fans in the finished movie. Too many kids know grief, including my own daughters at the loss of their sister. The story addresses the depth of grief but also a happy future to follow and this is something children need to realize is possible.
pandahandsome 6 days ago
The great Bean warrior Nah, they’re talking about the deleted song where Kristoff tries to propose to Anna. It think it’s called “Get This Right” or something. Personally, I think that not putting the so into the movie was a huge loss, since it had a lot of personality and fun similar to the first film, which Frozen 2 have almost no relaxing or personable scenes. But you should look it up and see what you think of it!
Bailey Everitt
Bailey Everitt 30 minutes ago
I would of much preferred if they just made a whole new scene and kept Olaf dead 🤦🏻‍♀️
Sbie gaming
Sbie gaming 4 hours ago
4:33 There's really something in Frozen 2
Eliza Mihalick
Eliza Mihalick 6 hours ago
7:14 do i see prince hans there?
Lydia Kershner
Lydia Kershner 14 hours ago
I wish they had kept the songs!!
Camila Blanco
Something i have to say is that Anas's eyes are green in the first movie but in the second her eyes are blue. 😲 :D
Eyas Skywing
Eyas Skywing Day ago
4:59 Ok Olaf take a chill(No pun intended)
Jordan K
Jordan K Day ago
Why be a Queen, when you can be a god?
Kristine De Vera
i'd like to have a two version of this movie, one for the kids and one for the grown ( i think this would be more cool 'cause there'll be a lot of secrets to be revealed about their past, more plot twist on the story).
DeaN The psychic
I wish it ended with Olaf actually dying, Elsa dying, and arendale being destroyed. It would have had a greater impact on the viewer.
holly button
holly button 2 days ago
this video was made on me and my sisters birthday!
I think frozen 2 is good the way it is.
Jalyssa Roz
Jalyssa Roz 2 days ago
I wish that they kept the part of their parents talking about Anna
Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time 2 days ago
When Olaf speaks to Elsa about kristoff being A secret murderer I fell off the bed wheezing for about 5 minutes
fried peas
fried peas 2 days ago
THE DELETED SCENES ARE ALL SO GOOD! I would have loved if Elsa died and then came back to life in Frozen 3. Now i am scared that Frozen 3 (if there is going to be a frozen three) will be a knock-of because they have no ideas/ things to work with.
Bĺüebëŕŕy Pøpťäŕt UwU
Frozen: "The cold never bothered me anyway" Frozen II : "Freezes"
Mira Avella
Mira Avella 2 days ago
I love the happy version and it is still sad
ItsrebeccaO 2 days ago
“But if anyone can find a way to help her, it’s Anna.” “You May be right about that. There’s not much that girl can’t do.” “Oh her love could hold up the world.” “Lucky for the world.” That scene would’ve been so beautiful to see 💛🥺 Anna deserved so much recognition. I would have loved to see the appreciation for Anna and how she can conquer everything that is thrown at her head on!
Mayari Marjorie
Mayari Marjorie 2 days ago
Frozen 2 was better than frozen 1 and I am so happy, but seeing this could have made Frozen 2 better to add a bit more info about the whole thing.
Johairra Medillo
Johairra Medillo 2 days ago
Maaaaaan. These scenes would have made the movie so much betteeeer!!!!!!!
Trong Thiện Nguyễn
Does anyone think of "Anna's CORONAtion day" like me? :)
Veronica Haney
Veronica Haney 2 days ago
the parents talking about anna wouldve been soo friggin dope. i feel like anna is always lifting up everyone else.
Will AV
Will AV 3 days ago
They probably rushed up this film because they knew Menzel’s vocals would be too destroyed by Disney to sing big songs for a third movie further down the line.
Sarah garron
Sarah garron 3 days ago
When Pixar secretly writes a new version of Frozen 2 but Disney catches them before they release it
Novielen Dacay
Novielen Dacay 3 days ago
everyone needs to see the dark ending & the deleted scenes huhuhu thats why it felt so unsatisfying. remake pls remake remake remaaaaakeeeee
Tammy Huffman
Tammy Huffman 3 days ago
Kayla Strand
Kayla Strand 3 days ago
I kinda like the deleted scenes... This sorta reminds me of the little mermaid. In the real thing (not the kids version) Ariel actually dies. Both that and Frozen 2’s deleted ending are pretty dark.
Hayden Bonds
Hayden Bonds 3 days ago
olaf is savage
Jaxon Harmon
Jaxon Harmon 3 days ago
I have seen this alot
red rose
red rose 3 days ago
With these deleted scenes the whole movie makes much more sense! They should have let some of them in the movie..
Proyeccion Astral Producciones
Even in the final cut Olaf go full Savage telling me that I'm older and reminding me that I'm going to die, god damnit Olaf gimme a break I go to watch a Disney movie not to have an existentialist regression, buuut I'll love to Elsa to die in the finish movie although they are really giving away this idea of the espiritual presence just look the way the lighting is made so Angel like and even have more sense why the sisters meet again in the shore, the sea sometimes is used as a representation of let the people who past go, it's really already in the movie but represented in a very smooth Disney way
{CloudyDay} 3 days ago
Elsa should be dead and Olaf should stay alive
SasuSaku Fever
SasuSaku Fever 3 days ago
The him being a lord would have made alot more sense...especially considering the kingdom's royal rules.
AutumnandFam 3 days ago
they need to make a kid one and grown up one
Maddie Ahlstrand
Maddie Ahlstrand 4 days ago
This makes no sense and I would have NOT watched the movie if this was the ending. I am appalled. I am in shock. I am enraged. I am fuming. I am blazing. I am furious.
YT_lunaTuna 4 days ago
6 years for frozen 3 :(
Avery White
Avery White 4 days ago
I feel like all of the good parts that would have developed characters got deleted so Disney would have screentime make a point at how special Elsa is.
Royal tv
Royal tv 4 days ago
if anyone need to get powers is anna like wth what has elsa donee but hate having powers like whatttt
Alex I’s
Alex I’s 4 days ago
The deleted scenes are more elaborate than what the movie showed us. I was seriously confused about “Northuldra” or however you spell it. I mean in frozen we were never hinted about this aboriginal culture, now suddenly in the beginning there is northuldra and magic existed way back and that the royals of arendelle decided to shut them out, it would have made much more sense. Frozen 2 could have been better with these deleted scenes, without it, it’s a confusing mess. I mean, it felt like they rushed it so much.
Emma’s Exciting life
WOW Disney too dark.
Emma’s Exciting life
Why was Elsa not at Annas coronation.
Emma’s Exciting life
Olaf sounds so dark in the deleted scene. I love the easy proposal!
Emma’s Exciting life
I love her voice. Why is frozen 2 so depressing. I love ❤️ the music though, but I wish it was not so sad. 😢
Asma Anti
Asma Anti 4 days ago
It's almost the same thing Elsa is dead or gone. She is out of the movie
Katrina De Marco
Katrina De Marco 4 days ago
They could really have had a STRONG story with a lot of this. Elsa wouldn't have had to die at the end. Surprise ressurrection. A lot of these elements could have been kept. Ugh we could have had a much better movie.
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez 4 days ago
If Olaf's death made me cry like a depressed college girl at the the movie theater, I can't imagine how i would react seeing Elsa not making it after freezing 🤯
Hannah Wells
Hannah Wells 4 days ago
I think Elsa did tell Anna about her parents believing her but they just didn’t add it in the movie bc it was to long
Fanny Lundström
Fanny Lundström 5 days ago
They should've kept the scene about the their parents and the scene with Anna proposing actually.. Don't take me wrong, I loved that Kristoff got more screentime and showed a lot of emotions and finally asked.. But still
Roi Itzkovich
Roi Itzkovich 5 days ago
Arendelle being destroyed sounds wrong for multiple reasons: 1. The current generation of Arendellians did nothing to deserve a punishment for the sins of king Runeard. He was killed in the war so he got his punishmemt. In Thor Ragnarok Asgard was destroyed, but that was fair because Odin did mistakes and HE WAS STILL ALIVE. Odin couldn't have gone unpunished so Asgard being destroyed was OK (BTW Thor Ragnarok is the only good one in the trilogy). There's 0 justification for the current Arendellians to suffer because of Runeard's mistakes. 2. Even if Arendelle would've been destroyed, Disney (with their obsession with happily ever after) would've time-skipped to after Arendelle was rebuilt. That move ruins all the consequences created by the town being destroyed as it basicly "you lost something and than immidiately regained it". It comes as a bit anti-climactic to take away all the consequences made by the decision Anna made and turn it to be meaningless. At least the ending that was made for the finalized film had Elsa saving the town in a cool superhero way, that also showed that the spirits decided to give Arendelle a second chance because of Anna's heroic act. That also explained why Anna is now the queen because the spirits wanted Anna to lead the town (as Elsa said "The spirits all agreed. Arendelle deserves to stand, with you. You did what was good for everyone").
R&B Vlogs
R&B Vlogs 5 days ago
If Arendale did get destroyed because of the flood and Elsa was still alive she could bring it back. Water has memory! They make a point of that in the movie!
Diamond Lum
Diamond Lum 5 days ago
they shouldve done it
Phoenix 5 days ago
Wish they included that joke Olaf made :3
Jerzie Johnson
Jerzie Johnson 5 days ago
it does't make sents
Game Girl
Game Girl 5 days ago
hey i heard the song from the proposal seen
• L U N A L O V E •
I think elsa did die in the final movie, if you think about it, she came back as a spirit after she was frozen... Meaning that she is just pure magic now and has no human form
• L U N A L O V E •
Hay Perez maybe... She-who-must-not-be-named...
Hay Perez
Hay Perez 4 days ago
does that make Elsa He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named???
Fabii Kagamine
Fabii Kagamine 5 days ago
3:04 "We'll tell her when we return" BRUH-
Miraculous The Best
Leyna A
Leyna A 6 days ago
i already watched frozen 2 movie.
I can accept all the cuts they made, but why in the world would they cut that beautiful scene of Elsa showing a memory of their parents to Anna?? Elsa was able to see so many things about her parents back in Ahtohallan, why did they take away from Anna that chance of seeing a good memory of her parents?? And i now just where to put it.. remember that scene where Honeymaren says to Elsa "you belong here" and Elsa says "i took an oath to always do what's right for arendelle and luckly i know just what that is"? After saying that she would go to Anna and show her the memories!! Come one!! It fits perfectly!!
wildfyah 6 days ago
My goodness, Olaf ....
Alexander Drobish
You know at christof's proposal it looks like Elsa wants to cry because she has nobody with her
Alexander Drobish
@Sureizu yea true
Sureizu 2 days ago
or maybe she's just happy...? Elsa seems too much of a wild spirit to settle down, lol
Deirdre Rose Sharples
If that tsunami hit arrandale and it was part of the movie it will be sad
Moon Flower Gacha
I'm gonna go to Disney and fight someone for not putting in that memory scene
RandomKid217 6 days ago
And then in the third movie, Anna and Kristoff have a kid named Samantha.
Hay Perez
Hay Perez 4 days ago
OMfG YASSSSS and Olaf just keeps saying that he now knows a Samantha and no one knows what he's talking about
lovely marie
lovely marie 6 days ago
Or maybe it was after Anna became queen and Elsa was at the forest while Anna was Presenting the Statue.😐😑
Alexis York
Alexis York 6 days ago
I'm not a big fan of your videos
MissRobynWatson 6 days ago
I dont like the ending of Frozen 2, but that is probably just me
PandaPro4 6 days ago
I feel like arendel SHOULD have been destroyed it would have been a more.... Well rounded
2:36 Just marking where i was ya know...
Beaux Coleman
Beaux Coleman 6 days ago
So we really gon act like Olaf ain’t died three times.. ok
The one where they discover a secret room,i know that!
The Meme Scheme
The Meme Scheme 6 days ago
When everyone commenting they should have kept the original ending but no thinking about the consequences Think about it... No Elsa, no Olaf😵
Xariah Plays
Xariah Plays 6 days ago
& that's the TEA
foxcafe aj
foxcafe aj 6 days ago
Anna during the part when Kristoff wears something fancy: “I like you better in leather anyways” Me: Aww, that’s so- *wait* Looks back through movie and sees that he doesn’t wear leather *gAsP* **realizes what she really means**
Kaylaboo 5 days ago
foxcafe aj oh my- how did I not notice that
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 6 days ago
Catside 7 days ago
Arendelle should have been destroyed period. It would have matched up with the “some things do change” thing that they kept on singing about.
Roi Itzkovich
Roi Itzkovich 5 days ago
Yeah but than they would've rebuilt the town so everything will go back to normal, taking away all the consequences and making so thing stayed the same.
Hartaka Safitri
Hartaka Safitri 7 days ago
why they deleted the scene?
Dovecat565Playz - Roblox
*remember Disney, Walt wouldn’t be proud...* Seriously, Disney can make dark things like these I guess, and seeing this I see that they may have forgotten that Walt Disney was kinder than this, he did exist, and would not be proud. Seriously Disney??
Kat H
Kat H 7 days ago
I feel like she had to die and come back. She was in the process of changing to the last spirit before being frozen. It's like dying was the last part of it.
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 7 days ago
MY daughter says to not talk about elsa dyig cause she didn't die!!!!!
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