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From Time · Drake · Jhené Aiko
Nothing Was The Same
℗ 2013 Cash Money Records Inc.
Released on: 2013-01-01
Producer: Noah "40" Shebib
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Unknown, Other: Noah Shebib
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Noel Cadastre
Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Travis Sewchan
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Brian Warfield
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Christian Plata
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Noel "Gadget" Campbell
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Travis Savoury Baka AKA "Not Nice"
Associated Performer, Piano: Chilly Gonzales
Composer Lyricist: A. Graham
Composer Lyricist: J. Chilombo
Composer Lyricist: N.Shebib
Composer Lyricist: J. Beck
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Jul 24, 2018




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Comments 100
Mocha Croff
Mocha Croff 2 days ago
i like this song
Daloy 2 days ago
Who u settling for?
Stixzn- 2 days ago
you waste man mi yute
Jacob Hasbani
Jacob Hasbani 2 days ago
anyone watching this in 2025???
Jai kole
Jai kole 2 days ago
"Learning the true consequences of my selfish decisions" hit different.
Stereo 3 days ago
Y me?
Stereo 3 days ago
We have history. I still remember how I felt opening my Twitter and finding you. ....complete.
Maitrik Patel
Maitrik Patel 4 days ago
me when drake said "we had a couple coronas" : 👀👀
Tackashi Covach
Tackashi Covach 5 days ago
This song still generates goosbumps on my skin
H G 5 days ago
Chunks Tammy Abraham video got me here
Roro 9 days ago
Alan Davis
Alan Davis 11 days ago
XO AMP 11 days ago
I live free in a time zone free of time itself - Aria
Ghofran Musa
Ghofran Musa 13 days ago
Lmao this one get me
Elton 13 days ago
when drake said "I want to get back to when I was the kid in the basement" I felt that one
YungReckless 97
YungReckless 97 13 days ago
"I love when money makes a difference, but don't make you different" 🔥🔥💪
RED DUST GANG 14 days ago
always felt like she the missing piece to complete me .. still feel like that in 2020 for real
Mariah Fernandez
Mariah Fernandez 14 days ago
Ralph Muskinyaar
Ralph Muskinyaar 15 days ago
“I've always been feeling like she was the piece to complete me”
Hazard FN
Hazard FN 13 days ago
Wilyan Oliveira
Wilyan Oliveira 13 days ago
What bro said, we here fam
Delon Yousif
Delon Yousif 14 days ago
You good bro I’m here
Beatrice Anaman
Beatrice Anaman 15 days ago
need them to make more music man
Taurus 16 days ago
💫 These Lyrics Cold 💫
christian vines
christian vines 16 days ago
who lost a relationship in 2020 that you thought would last forever😞 just memories
Samantha Perez Limon
this song is so nice I like it
Tryzii 17 days ago
they should make another song together called “times end“
Tryzii 17 days ago
like at one point in life evenything has an ending
Jesus408 17 days ago
this song will always hit diff🗣🥰
Alaira Yt
Alaira Yt 17 days ago
OMG_ITZ_CLIPZZ _ 17 days ago
Havebt listened to this since like 2015
Vanessa Fuentes
Vanessa Fuentes 17 days ago
J-i88freww^r^1ru#uùuuisiciiseiiw💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗👎💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💞💞💞💔💔💓🖤🖤🔐no*ajjsko0#y(yusuujhuuuuiks0000909985312>iy5treq*kfdd\nBBC judgemental0
WE DO ISH 19 days ago
Never late 🕊
Good Girl Lisa
Good Girl Lisa 19 days ago
What are you so afraid of 😏
Maitrik Patel
Maitrik Patel 19 days ago
This forever a banger i can’t lie.
Sara Onu
Sara Onu 19 days ago
Hey to whoever reads this. Just here sharing the gospel. This Is a sign, Jesus loves you so so much and He has been right beside you through it all. He wants the best for you so please seek Him, repent and change. For no one know the time or hour that the Father will come. Not even the Son, not even the angels, not even me or you. ONLY THE FATHER. That day will be scary. Thats why we ALL have to be ready. Matthew 6:33/ Matthew 24:36. Start a relationship with Him. It doesn't hurt. It can start off as simple as having a conversation with Him as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed. He loves and cares for you so so much. God bless and have a great week :)
Joe Isungu
Joe Isungu 17 days ago
Amen and amen a thousand times
Guadalupe Flores
Guadalupe Flores 18 days ago
Thx lov3 u God bless u
Lilianna Martinez
Lilianna Martinez 18 days ago
needed this :,) thanks
Hail Owst
Hail Owst 20 days ago
This forever a banger i can’t lie.
Rihanna Rojas
Rihanna Rojas 20 days ago
vibing to this shit hit hard
anysha sheree'
anysha sheree' 20 days ago
forever a bop
salman alomran
salman alomran 20 days ago
Guys if u recognize the wall paper youll see this wall paper is the small drake but 7 years ago im he was old in the wallpaper but thats not the important part they are looking at each other
Samkelo Thandanani
Samkelo Thandanani 22 days ago
Who else is waiting for Drake's Certified Lover Boy Album on January 2021?
YRN Celo
YRN Celo 22 days ago
who here in 2024 ?
Echoz 22 days ago
I remember when this album dropped, I downloaded it and listened to it all on the bus to school. Great memories! Drake was a huge part of my teen years. Music is so important
Leo 94
Leo 94 22 days ago
The lyrics got my tears running down my face 😔
emma chiles
emma chiles 23 days ago
ppl be sleeping on jhene sometime tbh
Acidburn191 24 days ago
All of a sudden I feel lonely again
weare808 24 days ago
shaniece snowden
shaniece snowden 26 days ago
ok its rlly the corona FOR MEH
abraham romero
abraham romero 26 days ago
Damn.. memories
irma rojas
irma rojas 27 days ago
Its a heart in my chest
Kylo Picotte
Kylo Picotte 28 days ago
2015 mannn..
JessNSteph Silva
Angel Month ago
You ain't a Tik Tok casual if you listening to this song
100 subscribers without videos challenge
stop asking who’s still listening in 2020, we never stopped listening
Ivey Collins
Ivey Collins Month ago
what are you so afraid of?
Lord Reese
Lord Reese Month ago
This is sum Downtown Toronto Shit🔥
Michelle Prettyy
Why isn’t Jhene aiko given credit on this song? Where’s her “ft.” ?
Maitrik Patel
Maitrik Patel 19 days ago
The lyrics got my tears running down my face 😔
Ray Savage
Ray Savage 28 days ago
jumana fouad
jumana fouad Month ago
no suicidal shit but i wanna die :(
jumana fouad
jumana fouad Month ago
@Michelle Prettyy hopefully
Michelle Prettyy
Keep thuggin❤️ it’ll get better...you’ll get stronger
John Bullington
John Bullington Month ago
2020 gang
Belinda Murillo
Belinda Murillo Month ago
drak sucks!!!!
Matthew Rodriguez
How do u listen to this and say that ...... 🤦🏽‍♂️
Dream Literature
check out my youtube channel
K Brown
K Brown Month ago
🥃 This Song Saved My Life 💫
Carl Lewis
Carl Lewis Month ago
When he said learning the true consequences of my selfish decisions, when you find out how I'm living I just hope I'm forgiven that was cold
B.I.G Tony Aka PorkChop
Rei Çafuli
Rei Çafuli Month ago
Drake's real fans be like "who's trey songz ?"
dap Month ago
Seeing all these Corona comments sickens my stomach
Rio 2y
Rio 2y Month ago
From 303 2 680 at 747 pacificly
Craig bell
Craig bell Month ago
Still here 2020
Baymon Jackson
Baymon Jackson Month ago
Who else here in 2020
Julio Flores
Julio Flores Month ago
te quero mucho primo vive con los angelitos amen
Julio Flores
Julio Flores Month ago
praying black and mexican for life like if you agree 2020 has been had my cousine just died a month ago.
Jocelyn Nuñez
Jocelyn Nuñez Month ago
i miss this drake
2Stoned 2Care
2Stoned 2Care Month ago
This Track I must of played 1 million times.. and I know I'm not alone.
CIBIS Month ago
drake is boss
Emile De torrente
one of my fave drake songs hands down
Alisa Lee Hindy
Alisa Lee Hindy Month ago
Bboooooyyyyy waasss shhheee wrrronnnggggg I'm absolutely dead....
Alisa Lee Hindy
Alisa Lee Hindy Month ago
Aye aye aye
Lotuszwater Month ago
I like when money makes a difference but dont make u different
Nkanyiso Mhlongo
Bro Drizzy spazzed on this one fr fr
Marlyn Moore
Marlyn Moore Month ago
If you're listening in 2020 like
K J Month ago
I used to blast this all the time when it came out.
Ahmed Rs
Ahmed Rs Month ago
Couple of coronas 🤣🤣
Dymond Henderson
How do you give ,but you cannot take love !!
Dymond Henderson
who still here october 2020!!!
Morgan bw
Morgan bw Month ago
Fye. Best Drake spit style freestyle
PHNIEX Mo Month ago
still the best
South Sprout
South Sprout Month ago
I wish there's an instrumental version, because it's just what my mood, though
Yohannes Aklog
Yohannes Aklog Month ago
sombody help me how do you add a picture to your RUvid account lmfao smh?😭😭😭
Salamasina Alo
Salamasina Alo Month ago
I like this song so much
IFernedYou Month ago
Better times back then
H montana
H montana Month ago
This album is so underrated. His best work.
Cynthia Williams
This song got me through some rough times in 2018... I love this song❤🎶🎧
Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton Month ago
Every verse he raps is straight facts
Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton Month ago
Such a strong song
Sabian Ortiz
Sabian Ortiz Month ago
this is the best homework playlist
Maria Orellana
Maria Orellana Month ago
Rzcmknmm b
Marcos Tobon
Marcos Tobon Month ago
"Summer was a movie😁😁"
Meleny Galvan
Meleny Galvan Month ago
i still come back to this song ever since it dropped and i will never stop playing it
Kajuan Stuart
Kajuan Stuart Month ago
How is there 808 comments and some comments have 10k likes
JReazyG Robinson
Drake dont fuck around in verses fr 💯 Drake the fkn 🐐 man
Romiel Elien
Romiel Elien Month ago
The production is sooo goood.
Josh Williams
Josh Williams Month ago
2013 was differenttt
Kabir Cheema
Kabir Cheema Month ago
That shi about drakes dad really hits close to home
Charnell Parker
Charnell Parker Month ago
Love this song
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