Frightened Rabbit play The Woodpile (live on triple j)

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Scottish band Frightened Rabbit drop into triple j between Groovin The Moo shows, to play their original tune 'The Woodpile' live on your radio for Like A Version.
Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every Friday morning a musician or band comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and a cover of a song they love.
Since 2004, many artists have participated, including Dirty Projectors, Ben Folds, The Temper Trap, Alt-J, Regina Spektor, Bon Iver, The Kooks and Hilltop Hoods. You can watch past sessions here: ruvid.net/group/PLCC51BF0C94BE62E8&feature=view_all
You can stream triple j online at www.triplej.net.au


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May 9, 2013




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Comments 44
Martin M
Martin M 3 days ago
wozza77able Month ago
Can’t like this tune enough
rosso5792 3 months ago
The presenter looks like Lewis Capaldi lol
Les Norton
Les Norton Year ago
Amazing Tom can give Scott shit (Who has since committed suicide), yet it flies under the radar.. Do it to Tom.. As if.. Homophobic..As long as it doesn't take a life of a gay person...
Alexander Seman
I was was hovering over tickets to see him live but I was never able to pay and get to the concert, I wish I seen him, now he will live on in are hearts at least :)
Almir Ovcina
Almir Ovcina Year ago
Triple J great recording, all respect to the studio engineers- great craft. Man it sucks Scott is gone. He gave substance in a world of facades.
sunshaped Year ago
His voice was in top form in this session.
Martin McCaul
Martin McCaul Year ago
So so sad, RIP.
JJ sassey
JJ sassey Year ago
R.I.P Scott you beautiful man. Respected, Listened to, Followed and loved what a band. His music was so Pure and Honest you have left the world with a Legacy of beautiful music second to none. What a beautiful soul fly high man and keep singing on that higher plane one day we will be there to buy a ticket to that show so god bless until then xxxx
Justin Lockwood
My favorite like a version ..rest in peace
Stuart Brown
Stuart Brown Year ago
you will be very missed :(
ebes24 Year ago
simply beautiful. thank you scott!
Karin Sendo
Karin Sendo Year ago
I'm so so sorry, Scott. We love you. Please rest your head now.
Jay Sansom
Jay Sansom Year ago
RIP dude
Ramxi 3 years ago
song starts at 1:09
Les Norton
Les Norton Year ago
Song starts at 0:00
Meyepadwe 4 years ago
Heath van der Waerden
This is such a fucking excellent song.
MrCpolzin 5 years ago
What a beautiful song.If I was a girl I would go back to his quarters.But I wouldn't be having any of that sex with him and that's because I have a penis.
Fernando Alejandro
Fernando Alejandro 5 years ago
Muy buena, Argentina le da un voto positivo
anja_94 6 years ago
why are you making it a competition?! every artist is different and every artist's music is different. music is a celebration, not a competition.
Arianna Palermini
Arianna Palermini 6 years ago
this is music porn
Jeremy Zimmerman
Jeremy Zimmerman 6 years ago
Why not both?
3 19
3 19 6 years ago
That guitar is beautiful
Nikki vR
Nikki vR 6 years ago
Great song made better by those awesome accents
Toby 6 years ago
Not hard admittedly, damning praise really.
Megan H
Megan H 6 years ago
this is so great - saw them at groovin and they were awesome
Dingo Lama
Dingo Lama 6 years ago
Fuck me these cunts are the best
Thierry Sureau
Thierry Sureau 6 years ago
damn!!. fans got shocked by watching this. kareena kapoor revealed her secret boy friend in a secret party. you would never expected this from her dude. if you wanna see just watch it now here > bit.ly/1aQ9pNl?=lchbm
Estrella Rodriguez
Estrella Rodriguez 6 years ago
yep man. cant believe this clip dude. fans got shocked when kareena kapoor smashed on the news reader in public. she is trying to be smart. i could find the clip here >> bit.ly/13cBSeI?=mzixm
Daaanieeel123 6 years ago
Liked, favourited... And then watched the video.
Daaanieeel123 6 years ago
I am jealous of his Scottish accent.
F53D25 6 years ago
Wow, nice song guys, I really like the piece between 3:24 and 3:50.
Heath van der Waerden
Damn that is a good sound! Much better than on my shitty work car radio the first time.
mitchell taylor
mitchell taylor 6 years ago
Use guys were awesome at GTM Banbury :)
Ethan 6 years ago
I was just trying to be useful, you should try it.
sambo731 6 years ago
Yeah he was loose as fuck, dat face he pulls lol!
Peter Boyd
Peter Boyd 6 years ago
As if any of you have anything better to do with that 1 minute and 13 seconds.
Adam Higginbotham
Adam Higginbotham 6 years ago
Glad to see the Waterloo Records shirt on Scott-- good taste knows good taste.
TheDinoKitteh 6 years ago
What happened to those TI videos?
dosserbusta 6 years ago
This song gets better every time I hear it.
Jules Woods
Jules Woods 6 years ago
Sheena Smith
Sheena Smith 6 years ago
My fave song from these guys. Oddly makes me miss my Scottish ex boyfriend. Lol
Ethan 6 years ago
song starts at 1:13
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