Friendships Ruined! Hilarious $500 After Dark Monopoly!

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Comments 80
Gunnar Kintigh
Gunnar Kintigh 5 hours ago
Can u do this again😂
Dominic Christianson
Everyone: Let’s go I’m going to jail Me: what’s wrong with you people
Ryder Brown
Ryder Brown Day ago
Tim throws
Gabriel Rodriguez
Marcel's trading is so stupid i wouldve taken the 400 and give a 180 property but like always marcel goes overboard
Bigboy61 3 days ago
I love how they already told everybody who was going to win in the beginning by showing how long he game actually was...
Tori Coffey
Tori Coffey 4 days ago
How do i get monopoly ?
LittleGecko212 5 days ago
THIS IS SO FUNNY I LOVE IT new subscriber!
Im Hexer
Im Hexer 8 days ago
Man... i actually just watched 5 grown men play a board game online and bet money
Necrosis 8 days ago
What music is that when the edited fire goes on? What is it called?
Eddy Gutierrez
Eddy Gutierrez 11 days ago
Can you guys do this again? Lol
Michael Hartong
Michael Hartong 11 days ago
I really just watched grown men competitively playing monopoly for 1 hour
Anime Station
Anime Station 12 days ago
0:00 to 1:06 :00 R.I.P basicallyidowrk.
Velociraptor Dragoncopter
Big facts if I was gay it would be for marcel
BigTGaming Paxson
BigTGaming Paxson 14 days ago
Did i really just watch that whole video
Banished Games
Banished Games 17 days ago
you should've put an earrape warning on the video before the 45 minute mark
JasonFrost 24 days ago
What happened with Microsoft in the 90's?
Luke Parkinson
Luke Parkinson 24 days ago
In monopoly there is no teamwork, just deception
Tigertrap_gaming17 24 days ago
The one game that is not racist
Zincy Umb
Zincy Umb 27 days ago
If I was Trevor and if I just heard, "losing to the AI" over and over again, I would just leave.
SaintTheRam 28 days ago
37:00 thats some game of thrones level of foreshadowing
Zucchini Soda
Zucchini Soda 28 days ago
The soul of cinder theme
neptune lino
neptune lino Month ago
i think i watch this video about once a month
Jared Stieferman
pretty sure the arrow keys are faster than the scroll wheel. Wayyyyy past the helpful stage though lol.
Shbae Month ago
there's trevor may & there's l3giqn, 1 makes the ultimate comeback, the other tries desperately to stay in the game
Misfired hay
Misfired hay Month ago
Tim: "Trevor your not very good with your money." Tim: *Spends 360 on last house
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall Month ago
At 11:42 I’m saying Legion wins
Rhys Lawrence
Rhys Lawrence Month ago
Just come across this please do another one 😂( if you’re friends still ) 😂
Israel Centeno
Israel Centeno Month ago
Just saying legion won because of Tim and made an amazing come back and became a menace
SaintTheRam Month ago
This will go down as the best fucking example of ruined friendships and the best turnaround for legiqn since his halo days made him popular. I HAVE COME BACK TO WATCH THIS EVERY MONTH JUST CAUSE IT SUCH A GOOD SESSION
Jordan Bristol
Jordan Bristol Month ago
Did anyone else watch this whole thing
Luhzonya Month ago
to the editor... you deserve a grammy
Leila Martinez
Leila Martinez Month ago
Sunny T.
Sunny T. Month ago
What version of monopoly is this
Zack Mundy
Zack Mundy Month ago
I just wanna say that I’ve watched this video about 5 times (still love it btw) and I just wanna say that even though Tim is getting all the flack for throwing the game (which he partially did), i feel like Jack has a big hand in setting Legion up for the win by giving him the advantage over Tim. This may go unnoticed but I still think that this is a great vid
Dragnuit 2 months ago
Tim is legit a bot
Anthony White
Anthony White 2 months ago
we are l3giqon for are many
Dredgen Shade
Dredgen Shade 2 months ago
Loved the Dark Souls III music when Legion's empire showed up. It shows the boss has arrived. The underdog story of Legion.
Alexx Brown
Alexx Brown 2 months ago
Legion and Trevor make this video worth the watch
Gaban C
Gaban C 2 months ago
Legion got an advantage ever since he maxed out the light blue houses, bc those are the cheapest to max but the return is pretty high and they get landed on quite often. Most of my wins in monopoly is with those also. (FYI not a professional)
OddNinja 2 months ago
1:11 :48
taurinfox21 2 months ago
The D ied
The D ied 2 months ago
Man marcel I have that same hat
TigerO7 2 months ago
It’s basically monopoly but IRL -screaming and paying taxes.
Lord MuffinTop
Lord MuffinTop 2 months ago
58:01 rumplestiltskins new meta
TheMadSquatcher 2 months ago
0:07 i think someones balls dropped
Eladio Montes
Eladio Montes 2 months ago
This not real Monopoly because, if you landed on free parking, all money received from income and luxury tax, as well as fees from community chest and chance, would go to who ever lands on free parking, Trevor would've been rich. Also if you rolled snake eyes you would earn 500$.
Ethan Cordi
Ethan Cordi 2 months ago
this is amazing
Spencer VanOchten
Spencer VanOchten 2 months ago
Monopoly, the only game where you prefer to be in jail in real life, and in the game
King Kelten4
King Kelten4 2 months ago
50:16 he could tell he was fucked
Anthony Burt
Anthony Burt 2 months ago
I did what legion did to my parents and they pretty much disowned me
Steve Skerritt
Steve Skerritt 2 months ago
43:47 Trevor "HEY THAT'S MINE!!!!!" little guy finally had something to right
Steve Skerritt
Steve Skerritt 2 months ago
Trevor doesn't fucking talk
Hunter02 TV
Hunter02 TV 2 months ago
Jordan: literally has a monopoly on an entire corner of the board. Tim: DONT LAND ON IT 4HED
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 2 months ago
I can't believe I watched the whole video
RadiatedSheep 2 months ago
Bro the guy outside L3GiQns window was actually giving him pro tips
RadiatedSheep 2 months ago
Bruh l3giqn is like Disney just buying everything
TheClassic Pro
TheClassic Pro 2 months ago
TheClassic Pro
TheClassic Pro 2 months ago
Leigon used my strat of those teals cuz they are the best spaces late game in monopoly
mike hunt
mike hunt 2 months ago
Ive never finished a game of monopoly
Astro Ramen
Astro Ramen 2 months ago
a bit of shitty advice from the oldest ramen in the universe when playing with friends on a game whith high stakes. dont let your rage overcome you except when you lose then cut them out of your life
Ashlee Davis
Ashlee Davis 2 months ago
I keep coming back to this video and it's great every time 😂
Marvin Mares
Marvin Mares 2 months ago
January 3rd 2020 and I still love this video "Lose to the AI"
NBA2k_Is_ Bumhole
NBA2k_Is_ Bumhole 2 months ago
Can we give credit to puffer for editing and Trevor for sitting out for an hour
Ang654 3 months ago
This game was quick... Everytime me and my family play we play for at LEAST 2 to 3 hours
Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes 3 months ago
2 13 animal abuse
VïñxSîs !!
VïñxSîs !! 3 months ago
we need a sequel !
Ian Dahl
Ian Dahl 3 months ago
Marcel: "this game is counter racist, i haven't been in jail a single time" Me: (notices everyone else is white) Me: pretty sure it's just regular racism but to white people
DarK x Talents
DarK x Talents 3 months ago
Play monopoly again but be smart
Sakura Wind
Sakura Wind 3 months ago
There is always that 1 guy that is having fun and that 1 guy who is miserable for the entirety of the game.
The Great Advice Giver
35:58 No one knew his name. Until he made that trade.
Elijah Garcia
Elijah Garcia 3 months ago
This my 5th time watching this video, I love it
Rescultir 3 months ago
So I know that people said Tim threw but I'm pretty sure Courage also assisted with it LOL
James Vanchure
James Vanchure 3 months ago
It took half an hour for Trevor and Legion to get 2 properties each
EvoBeast509 3 months ago
Salt anyone?
That one Guy
That one Guy 3 months ago
1:04 :53 he’s not broken yet
Krampus YT
Krampus YT 3 months ago
I love how legion owned no buildings at the beginning to owning half the city 😂😂😂
Turbo 3 months ago
What if you had to pay payments on properties in Monopoly
Nessa Jean
Nessa Jean 3 months ago
If y’all can bring this back... I’d watch it again, BUT with Lupo in here and Trevor May. I have my money on Trevor May to win.
Ark Miguel Melior
Ark Miguel Melior 3 months ago
17:12 Marcel no no no no no no no there is no such thing as cheating in monopoly Monopoly (cheaters edition):allow me to introduce myself
Mr Abasm
Mr Abasm 3 months ago
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