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Munchies Culinary Director Farideh loves arancini rice balls, and she also loves whisky. The two go head to head in this episode, which features risotto, chicken stock, a breading montage, and an exploration of the word "Sicily." Grab a beverage and play along with our new drinking game!
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Comments 80
kooyawn00 Year ago
Came for arancini, stayed for 80s montage and drinking games (Sicily).
Rock N Roll Touring
Whoever edits these are awesome. That 80s montage or the balls being crumbed after the nut cheese, is brilliant.
thomas butler
thomas butler 3 days ago
This video is fucking A+
Feferi Peixes
Feferi Peixes 6 days ago
That is... not how you do a drinking game
MrSunlander 7 days ago
great homage to drunk cooking. Love how that wine glass refills itself at the right time. Oh, fuck! Sicily!
HiSomebody TrackingMuch?
“It’s a terrible idea. ..Don’t you just love those?”
navin soni
navin soni 11 days ago
She's so cool man 😮😮🤩
Dean Flet
Dean Flet 28 days ago
I sent this video content to my brother in law and he started to laugh because of the word Sicily and you take a drink everytime you say the word Sicily. And because he's full bloodied Sicilians.🍷👈😋✌🥓
Michael Tyree
Michael Tyree Month ago
I took a shot every time you said Sicily and now im drunk as hell.
freeman621 Month ago
The Sicily game is a great idea. I just happened to open a beverage when starting this video, game on lets party
Mo3 Month ago
4:54 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Venum547 Month ago
5:30 that smile !!!!
Keg Month ago
I'm in love with Farideh, and I don't care if the entire word knows! I will shout it from the rooftops!
danita powell
danita powell 2 months ago
First time here. You're so relatable so I'm here to stay. New subie
BeardedDanishViking 2 months ago
1:00 So like most of the US then.
Jeff Nadalin
Jeff Nadalin 2 months ago
Marry me
rickard linman
rickard linman 3 months ago
the drinkin game was a good idea
Patricia A Bell
Patricia A Bell 3 months ago
Hey, you're an adult! So if you accidentally scald yourself with boiling oil cause you're a little drunksy, hey, what you gonna do!?!
MrStacy G.
MrStacy G. 3 months ago
I would fuck that head out of you.
MrStacy G.
MrStacy G. 3 months ago
I wish I was in neck of the woods. I want to make you my queen. I'm in love with RUvidr. You.
Subject 636
Subject 636 3 months ago
God I love this woman
Mike Broadbent
Mike Broadbent 3 months ago
That montage: fucking A-1
John Licata
John Licata 3 months ago
😂😂😂 your ball juggling technique is quite impressive.
grbadalamenti 3 months ago
She says 'cracked pepper' and grinds some. Lovely and sexy even in that awkward colour sweater.
John Jones
John Jones 4 months ago
Next Sicilian* Julia Child
I had plenty of "Sicily" before I got to this vid... ... I now have a problem... LoL.
Shaun Pattinson
Shaun Pattinson 4 months ago
Love Farideh 😍
Shrimron Denny
Shrimron Denny 4 months ago
Farideh just know I am in love with you. 😍
Ginger Beard
Ginger Beard 4 months ago
She is so much fun to watch!
Dabnie Tapp
Dabnie Tapp 4 months ago
Best idea
Dabnie Tapp
Dabnie Tapp 4 months ago
Lol@nut cheese😂
Adnan Terzic
Adnan Terzic 4 months ago
I'm so glad I'm not the only one that wants to marry Farideh!
Case 12
Case 12 4 months ago
I am quite smitten with her
Gus Munoz
Gus Munoz 4 months ago
Fuk you like to swear. Great food, drinking and lost of swearing. Fukin love it!
VPACdjr8nx 4 months ago
4:58 lol.
noshavenohaircuts 4 months ago
I think I'm falling in love
Haya Busa
Haya Busa 4 months ago
Sicily! 😂
Hannah Pickett
Hannah Pickett 5 months ago
well, almond milk etc. is technically nut juice Lmfao
medusa little
medusa little 5 months ago
gothamkinght l
gothamkinght l 5 months ago
Guap Mil
Guap Mil 5 months ago
shes fire
Tony C
Tony C 5 months ago
Where did that tomato sauce appear from? Did it just spawn through an ancient incantation? That's a big part of the final presentation you made no mention of.
Irene Latte
Irene Latte 5 months ago
Love you, even though I don't drink. Sicily!!! You have a wonderful personality and are a fabulous chef. Do you have a cookbook out? Sicily!!!! I hope you put out more videos, you are just adorable. I do adore your name too!
beadlebob 5 months ago
Tequila was a mistake.
박수열 5 months ago
Farideh really loves gooey gooey cheeeeeeeeeeeses
Metallico28 5 months ago
7rays 5 months ago
Being half Sicilian, I think the game is brilliant! I especially like the use of profanities LOL 😂
Santana Rodriguez
Santana Rodriguez 6 months ago
I love how rosy her cheeks get because shes so Sicily faced 😂😂
Jaelen Grotti
Jaelen Grotti 6 months ago
Drinking Game is perrrrrfect
Eric Chillmonger
Eric Chillmonger 7 months ago
Best cooking show host ever.
Christopher Pugh
Christopher Pugh 7 months ago
Letting it cool here and already on the second bottle of wine. Sicily was called out 18 times.
Chris Dooley
Chris Dooley 7 months ago
Nothing like that smell of nut cheese lol
Darren 7 months ago
The best idea ever, drinking while cooking 😁
Stoney Mason
Stoney Mason 7 months ago
She’s got a 5 head.
Shaun Pattinson
Shaun Pattinson 7 months ago
She’s funny and super hot.
Ray S
Ray S 7 months ago
"Cup the balls"
William Grantham
William Grantham 8 months ago
Nut butter is 10x worse. Now head cheese...that's worrisome wordplay.
CarolAnn0308 8 months ago
Nut Cheese.......Ball Pit
SouthernBassHunter 8 months ago
Farideh likes white winefaxials and nut cheese. Lol
Jon Murray
Jon Murray 8 months ago
Music sounds like the soundtrack of a bad porno movie from the 70s
DCMCNYY 9 months ago
Is there a reason why the oven is always on full blast? No one seems to be using it.
sombrae 9 months ago
N u t c h e e s e
Zach 9 months ago
I feel like she is a drunken mess every video and I love it
J Mac
J Mac 9 months ago
Yeah they are called arancini
Gill T
Gill T 9 months ago
OMG She said Nut Cheese! LMAO
Gill T
Gill T 9 months ago
@ 2:12 .... To Romulus Michigan... Gateway to the World! (Detroit Metro Airport is here in R).
Christopher Ohler
Christopher Ohler 9 months ago
Them some cheesey balls...😂😂😂
Pebble 9 months ago
Endless Mars
Endless Mars 9 months ago
Welcome to the Drinking Show with Farideh.
Quetzalquatal 9 months ago
Best episode!
blameless99 9 months ago
n u t c h e e s e
Big E
Big E 9 months ago
In love
Ryan Bornholdt
Ryan Bornholdt 9 months ago
You are hilarious. Love your episodes! Fuck I love you!
Jon Wiley
Jon Wiley 10 months ago
The One
The One 10 months ago
You must have been drinking like crazy
Ryan Liu
Ryan Liu 10 months ago
Damn this show is hilarious
Herald Francis
Herald Francis 10 months ago
I'm super attracted to her x
lanceman80 10 months ago
The only "stupid" thing about your drinking game is how "stupid" AWESOME it is... "Sicily" :D
Mr.H.J. Loren M.D.
Mr.H.J. Loren M.D. 10 months ago
Hey try the tomato 🍅 🥧 pie easy and wtf good 😉
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