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You've seen all my favorite food combos, but are you curious what's in my fridge? Check out what I eat on a regular day and get a fridge tour!
See my favorite weird food combos! bit.ly/2tx4UtD
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Comments 100
Ariel Alena
Ariel Alena 3 months ago
wow your fridge is so satisfying to look at 😂😍
Princess China
Princess China Month ago
You didn't put a lid or a covering over your homemade guacamole. It looked good and pine nuts is cool!
Arieas Hill
Arieas Hill 2 months ago
All Things Adrienne I miss you on Disney please make an return to see Raven on Raven home you both have history
Jonny Sac
Jonny Sac 2 months ago
Ariel Alena your face is very unsatisfying to look at 🤡
Jonny Sac
Jonny Sac 2 months ago
Adrienne where is all the AIDS infested ghetto cock u been guzzling on since birth ? You nasty cross eyed deformed bloated Cunt ? TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!! MAGA
beautiful dreamz
beautiful dreamz 2 months ago
monique lee
monique lee 10 hours ago
I was laughing soooo hard when she said garlic and finally realised it was ginger 😂😂
tamiya bennett
tamiya bennett 14 hours ago
U believe this 😁😁😁so staged..ad in the making😁😁
Vannia Cuervo
My fridge would be full of cilantro...
seirra Sky
seirra Sky Day ago
put the avocado seed in the guac and it won't go bad
Breanna Perea
Plant based... Not vegan. Vegan is zero animal products in your life. Leather clothes, even shoes, wallets, purses etc. Gotta think about the furniture, your make-up etc. If you're eating no animal products then you're plant based. And I love love love you for that!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sankerria Manning
I can not be healthy🙅🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. Because I don’t eat nun of that stuff I’m little pick of what I eat.
Danyelle Knight
Omg that's the best refrigerator I have ever seen
Maria Duran
Maria Duran Day ago
Why we are so poor
Sylvia Fisher
And I just said she done staged the fridge
Lady Polanco
Lady Polanco Day ago
Please please tell me how you got your fridge designed like that
Larry Hardy
Larry Hardy 2 days ago
y r these videos on here? Many people r homeless and this is just shallow
KIERA BARKER 2 days ago
Vegan cheese is so good. The mozzarella is my fav. Vegan diets are great! :)
Ashleigh Carl
Ashleigh Carl 2 days ago
Keep the avocado pit inside the guac when you store it and cover with saran wrap and it will last way longer and not go brown as fast!
Monica 3 days ago
I follow medical medium too 🥰🥰🥰 I’m glad you mentioned him!!
Eva Delgado
Eva Delgado 3 days ago
Did you give up your famous tuna salad sandwiches?
AmaFaith 3 days ago
You have to put lemon juice on the top...like squeeze it on the top. Also the lid is helpful to prevent oxidation. This is true for potatoes, apple slices and pears slices. Hope it helps!
Brandy Chivers
Brandy Chivers 3 days ago
You are such a good wife is Is a very lucky man💗 keep it up honey🤗
Lippy Diary
Lippy Diary 4 days ago
That fridge could feed an entire nation
Jordan Elaine
Jordan Elaine 4 days ago
Can’t believe my new favorite RUvidr is someone I adored during childhood 😂
Kim Brouillard
Kim Brouillard 4 days ago
Garlic tea WTF🤮
BluGyal 4 days ago
Celery juice is inflammatory and full of salt. 🚫 I started following Dr. Sebi and cured so many of my ailments.
"I'm just like you, I got baking soda in my fridge too" ME: yea and a big ass fridge that looks like a cabinet on the outside I don't have
Debreca Diva
Debreca Diva 4 days ago
Oh its staged!!!! 😡 Seriously people ....ur interested in this????? Her fridge 😱 Who cares! All these pepole r so self indulged! Their fridge....closet.....MATERIAL STUFF!! SAD!
Amal M
Amal M 5 days ago
Eggs I thought she said vegan 😂
Christa M
Christa M 5 days ago
I wish I had as many condiments in my fridge as she did dang 😔. I love me some hot sauce!!!
Justin Drepaul
Justin Drepaul 5 days ago
Maybe the guacamole went bad becuz u didn’t cover it with a lid Adrienne 🤦🏻‍♂️💀😭
Ed D
Ed D 7 days ago
Vegans? I see eggs 🙂 there are many replacements for eggs one product is Just Egg. Try it! Israel needs to get on that Vegan train.
Why Don't We- San Fransisco
7:22 cause it’s 101% fake🤔🤗
Destini Cruz
Destini Cruz 7 days ago
Omg thats a fridge it looks amazing i thought it was a closet
Rebecca Flores
Rebecca Flores 7 days ago
i lowkey thought she was going to say she’s pregnant
sihui lim
sihui lim 8 days ago
The size of the fridge is bigger than my closet
Renée KL
Renée KL 8 days ago
Adrienne actually pronouncing “Gouda” properly 👍🏼 before being corrected.
Nik Man
Nik Man 9 days ago
Damn that head is big like a pumpkin
La bellaXia
La bellaXia 9 days ago
Girl, those Asian sauces 😁 that’s how you do it!
La'Dasha Cumby
La'Dasha Cumby 9 days ago
Her guacamole got brown because there was no lid on it...
czmajf 9 days ago
Keep the pit in the guacamole
Melissa Leonard
Melissa Leonard 9 days ago
When you make your guac, leave the pit mixed in with it. It will not go brown. I do not know how, but it works for me and was told to me by my friend who went to culinary school :-)
I was scrolling the comments just to see if someone told her this!!! BINGO this is the key to keeping it green longer and covering it up so its not exposed, but yes after you make it toss the pit back in until ready for consumption.
Ericka Hayden
Ericka Hayden 3 days ago
Melissa Leonard this🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Diana de Strahm
Diana de Strahm 9 days ago
If you don’t want your guac to oxidize, forget the garnish, and put plastic film touching the guacamole, because it’s the air that ruins it.
Angel Y
Angel Y 10 days ago
im so happy you're vegan!
gods blvd
gods blvd 12 days ago
Hi Adrienne! Love the Real and your channel. How do you prepare celery juice? Do you add anything to it?
Wairimu Mahinge
Wairimu Mahinge 12 days ago
Damn.I can live in your fridge❤️
DonnaMarie12637 13 days ago
I’m vegan. I’ll still do the white of the egg no yolk.. but it’s vegan cheesecake.
Lu DH 13 days ago
Adrienne u forget the tip celery juicei want to drink every day please have a nice weekend
Wesley Ward
Wesley Ward 13 days ago
I love Chick-fil-A sweet tea
Kara Ried
Kara Ried 13 days ago
Lmao 😂😂😂 I was gonna comment what type of garlic is it
AuthenticityIsRare 14 days ago
Where do you buy those vegan ice creams from? I’m lactose intolerant
Bella J
Bella J 15 days ago
"I'm here for you Bobby" 🤣
al reynolds
al reynolds 15 days ago
How fun a Meatball showing us her refrigerator !
7ereshka7 16 days ago
Try Casabella Guac-Lock Container. I like it, because it really keeps the guac fresh by pressing out the air.
Xiomy Her
Xiomy Her 16 days ago
Que rico todo lo que tienes 😱
jojo know
jojo know 17 days ago
"Im now a vegan!" 3 min later "I love the boiled eggs!!" Haha :-)
ashlie major
ashlie major 8 days ago
jojo know I thinks she says her husband enjoys boiled eggs
cla 70
cla 70 17 days ago
I think italian food it's more healthy.. It's number one food .. My opinion...
Ashley Alonso
Ashley Alonso 17 days ago
Your guacamole went brown because it wasn’t sealed.
Senaida Koeyers
Senaida Koeyers 19 days ago
What a nice and big fridge. Estupendo. From Senaida in Curacao.
Olga Alvarado
Olga Alvarado 19 days ago
A walk in refrigerator closet ❤️
Muskan Sra
Muskan Sra 19 days ago
Wasn’t covered
randi nieweglowski
randi nieweglowski 20 days ago
Gurl you need to put a lid on the guacamole that keeps it fresh fridge air does not
Isabel Estrada
Isabel Estrada 20 days ago
Pleaseeee stop using plastic!! I love you but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Deana Rodriguez
Deana Rodriguez 20 days ago
Adrienne can you do a video on a diet plan you most trust??? I love your channel. Thank you.
Sally sweety
Sally sweety 23 days ago
I love her kitchen an u can tell her house is amazing...
Jerrika Lopez-Wilson
Love your fridge but when you said garlic tea giiirrrrll I was like umm that's a lil out there 😂
Man Simona
Man Simona 23 days ago
A vegan person don t eat eggs or milk
Katerina Adalis
Katerina Adalis 23 days ago
Bro my fringe has 2 tomatoes and a egg 😂
J Jay
J Jay 24 days ago
Baking soda in the fridge?
Kayleigh Dingwall
Kayleigh Dingwall 23 days ago
J Jay Stops the fridge smelling
Dessndr 24 days ago
Didn u juss say u were vegan them eggs?
Layaan Varachia
Layaan Varachia 25 days ago
What about rob
Tshegofatso Leepile
She had me at garlic tea
Aimee Landeros
Aimee Landeros 26 days ago
She seems so amazed that she has all those things in there lol
Sierra 26 days ago
I definitely looked at that plastic bag sideways like ‘those are very thick to be garlic. That looks like ginger..’ then when you said it I DIED 🤣🤣🤣
Leticia Curumaco
Leticia Curumaco 26 days ago
Fresh garlic !! Lmao hey !!! Goya 😍😍😍😍😍
xvall002 26 days ago
That’s a lot of food even for a whole family
Adam Ramirez
Adam Ramirez 27 days ago
She doesn’t even do her own grocery shopping or stock the fridge
Danielaaa 27 days ago
Omg 4:20 I’m dying btw I love u
La Mexy
La Mexy 27 days ago
Cass m
Cass m 27 days ago
im jealous on how healthy you are!!! but i can't get on the vegan bandwagon lol
Cass m
Cass m 27 days ago
your videos are so fun to watch!!!
Lovey Jordan
Lovey Jordan 27 days ago
The store bought is sealed, yours was not, once the air hits it it'll go brown.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 28 days ago
I'm happy for her though hope everybody stop eating parasites and blood
Ismene Edecaste
Ismene Edecaste 28 days ago
All this needs money......
Addie Vasileva
Addie Vasileva 29 days ago
Congrats on being vegan, I'm so happy for you!
Cherry A
Cherry A 29 days ago
God Bless
Cherry A
Cherry A 29 days ago
Wow.I dont have money for groceries.All that is for two people?Amazing!
Quincy Roles
Quincy Roles 29 days ago
It looks like grocery store in there
Ronda Smith
Ronda Smith 29 days ago
Your refrigerator is a thing of foodie BEAUTY!!! OMG I would never stay out of it!! I'm an almond milk and vegetable juice drinker 😍. Dang it just makes me want to stay cooking in the kitchen😄
Ms TechPiggy
Ms TechPiggy 29 days ago
LMAO I almost died when you said you drink garlic tea! Love you and your fridgetuation!!! BTW You should try Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice creams, they are TO DIE FOR!!!
Shantá Lynn
Shantá Lynn Month ago
I NEVER seen a refrigerator that looks like that 😍
elvira pineda
elvira pineda Month ago
People know your Latina when you have that Goya in your fridge!💕
CJxLuvly Month ago
That guac has preservatives. You can always add Fruit Fresh or for a natural approach keep the avocado seed in the guac and lemon juice. For some reason lime juice doesn’t work as well but you can put both in there.
Peaches Campbell
Oh poor Chanelle (cheetah girls) she needs to put some plastic wrap over the guacamole 😂 than it won’t brown.
lifesbest88 Month ago
I love ur fridge
Lilmama Taurus
Lilmama Taurus Month ago
Do a video on how celery juice works , what does it do for a body and why celery juice please.
Destiny Dishmon
Destiny Dishmon Month ago
I love your personality.
Nancy Ramirez
Nancy Ramirez Month ago
I want to know more about the celery juice 😍looks good love ur fridge
Amanda Dos Santos
I am screaming I love this
Kat 22
Kat 22 Month ago
All I see is a bunch of food waste. I'll be impressed when you have next to no waste.
ROC ROC Month ago
In the real world, people dont always grocery shop like this.....there are families who struggle to put food on the table for their families and all we can eat is ramen which is not vegan .....thanks for sharing tho!!
Brí Akílah
Brí Akílah Month ago
Do they have vegan alcohol? 😂 asking for a friend👀😩😂
replicxnt Month ago
tuna mayo in juice is not vegan tho
Tresjolie Month ago
Everything looks healthy lol she doesn’t look like she eats healthy
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