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You've seen all my favorite food combos, but are you curious what's in my fridge? Check out what I eat on a regular day and get a fridge tour!
See my favorite weird food combos! bit.ly/2tx4UtD
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19 фев 2019




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Ariel Alena
Ariel Alena 27 дней назад
wow your fridge is so satisfying to look at 😂😍
Arieas Hill
Arieas Hill 10 дней назад
All Things Adrienne I miss you on Disney please make an return to see Raven on Raven home you both have history
Jonny Sac
Jonny Sac 16 дней назад
Ariel Alena your face is very unsatisfying to look at 🤡
Jonny Sac
Jonny Sac 16 дней назад
Adrienne where is all the AIDS infested ghetto cock u been guzzling on since birth ? You nasty cross eyed deformed bloated Cunt ? TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!! MAGA
beautiful dreamz
beautiful dreamz 17 дней назад
Nicole Colon
Nicole Colon 19 дней назад
Ariel Alena Right I love it ! ♥️
Katy Biller
Katy Biller 3 часа назад
Omg I love your fridge with all that food that’s interesting 😂
isa dakosta
isa dakosta 3 часа назад
please close the door of the fridge ...it makes me nervous😟
Cool_ girl
Cool_ girl 4 часа назад
Fridge closet😋😋
Monica Contreras
Monica Contreras 12 часов назад
Omg yessss congrats on being vegan!!!
April Duckworth
April Duckworth 16 часов назад
And so what if he was a Christian that drinks beer smfh
Courtney Cee
Courtney Cee 20 часов назад
Can u show us how you make the celery juice? Drink it every morning and this may be TMI but not get super gassy . Please. I would so appreciate it. That's only if u don't have a video on how to make it already. I'm trying to be more healthy as well and I mean I don't know about the vegan I am going to try pescetarian tho(I know that might be the wrong spelling) but u get what I'm trying to articulate right 😀
Ella Ray
Ella Ray 22 часа назад
Your fridge Can feed me for a whole year 🤣
Cutie angel girl
Cutie angel girl День назад
My fridge is half OF half of her fridge🤣🤣much love doe
Toya Wright
Toya Wright День назад
Where’s the chicken breast and steak? Lol
Carolyn Goins
Carolyn Goins День назад
Hey Adrienne, I love your Fridge, I thought it was your cabinets ... I am a vegan and I love celery ... Celery is very good if you have high blood pressure and I was wondering if you drink celery juice everyday if it will drop your blood pressure too low, if possible will you please let me know ... AND Y'ALL HAVE A BEAUTIFUL HOME, I LOVE IT!!!
Nicole B P
Nicole B P День назад
If you are vegan you don't eat eggs ...
Saryah Dunn
Saryah Dunn День назад
This just shows how poor I am lol
Hey ItsMe
Hey ItsMe День назад
The Sesame Ezekiel bread is hands down their best flavor!!! Ditch the yellow and get the GREEN!
Andres Esquivel
Andres Esquivel День назад
I can't stand this big mouth midget bitch
Liliviet Del Rosio
Liliviet Del Rosio День назад
Yess Goya🇵🇷🇵🇷
Celia Grande Romero
Celia Grande Romero День назад
Solo escucho vegan vegan... 🙄
Nicc Griff
Nicc Griff День назад
The garlic ginger moment 😂😘
Eta V92
Eta V92 День назад
It would be very interesting to go back to where you were brought and do a V-LOG on that..it's unique
Sienna Reynolds
Sienna Reynolds 2 дня назад
You can ABSOLUTELY have alcohol if you are a Christian 😑 Go read the verse about wine.
Nina 88
Nina 88 День назад
True. I learned that drinking is not bad, it's how one reacts. My sister (who was in the church choir) and a few other choir people were invited to a wedding, saw that the priest was drinking and he actually said that the way we react is what matters.
B T 2 дня назад
Seriously, I need that fridge in my life. Love the fact it looks like a closet. What I eat in a day & workout video please.
FRANCES ROSAS 2 дня назад
I saw the premade Sofrito. Made it from scratch, girl !
Jck Man
Jck Man 2 дня назад
Garlic?? Those are bunch of ginger hahahahaha
Sidra Shad
Sidra Shad 2 дня назад
You r vegan ND having eggs in your refrigerator
anonymous anonymous
anonymous anonymous 2 дня назад
She has a husband
natalie storm
natalie storm 3 дня назад
This is what I see when I see latina
natalie storm
natalie storm 3 дня назад
Oh plz she damn well know she went out and bought that fridge for the show
Saarti Aipinge
Saarti Aipinge 3 дня назад
The fridge really looks like a closet. 🤣🤣🤣
Saarti Aipinge
Saarti Aipinge 3 дня назад
Andrien when you said surprise I thought you were going to say " I'm officially pregnant ".🤣🤣 you really got me excited 🙈🙈
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie 3 дня назад
I am also living for the celery juice!! Oh and, frozen purple pitaya as a snack is wonderful. Love medical medium! In my opinion, you can’t ever go wrong with vegan Ben and Jerry’s... they don’t skimp on the goodies they add into their ice creams! BUT my new favorite ice cream flavor.... is by the brand “So Delicious”. It is called “chocolate drizzled Bananas Foster”. Omg is it fantastic! And it’s made with cashew milk. 😃
KingAch 3 дня назад
My parents would kill me if I let the fridge open more than 20 seconds 😂🤣🤣😂
Katy Biller
Katy Biller 3 часа назад
KingAch also she’s vegan I could become vegan cuz she is 😂😂
Katy Biller
Katy Biller 3 часа назад
KingAch I wish she was my mom cuz danm that food😂😂
Akshay Ash
Akshay Ash 3 дня назад
Female privilege!!!!!
Alona Johnson
Alona Johnson 4 дня назад
Oh no.. people know!! 😂😂😂
Manuel Suarez
Manuel Suarez 4 дня назад
You kinda look like Adrain from the cheater girls
L. Delgado
L. Delgado 2 дня назад
Manuel Suarez- She is the girl from cheetah girls!
maria garcia
maria garcia 4 дня назад
U have to leave the seed of the avocado in your guacamole and the reason it turn brown is because of the lemon U have to use Lemon pepper Always leave the seed of the avocado in your guacamole Mujer mi bisa abuela taught me that
frankie 5 дней назад
YAAAS to you promoting those vegan products!! P.s. put a layer of salsa over the top of your guac and it wont turn brown + oxidize!
Jazmine Palmer
Jazmine Palmer 5 дней назад
When she opened the refrigerator I thought she was opening the doors to the kitchen 😂😂😂
Queen535 5 дней назад
When she said garlic, I was confused why it was in the fridge 😂 then she said ginger I was like oh
Melissa Mel
Melissa Mel 5 дней назад
Is ginger beer like Malta?? I love my Malta 🇵🇷
Abigail Smith
Abigail Smith 5 дней назад
The guacamole is green cause it has lemon juice in it
Lorena Marchelina
Lorena Marchelina 5 дней назад
Omg yay celery juice!!!!
Patricia Chicco
Patricia Chicco 5 дней назад
The guac doesn’t go bad they spray some type of water on top so it stays fresh. I used to work at Vons and would make it.
EyeZ of Tha Moon
EyeZ of Tha Moon 6 дней назад
PLANT BASED/Vegan is the WAVE!!!!
chai yang
chai yang 6 дней назад
Leave the big seed in your Guamole so it went go brown
misunderstoodkj 6 дней назад
Breyer's Non-dairy cookies n cream icecream is the best Vegan icecream! :)
The Life of an Endo Mom
The Life of an Endo Mom 6 дней назад
Yucatán is the only brand that keeps great! It can be in the fridge for a week and not brown..
Sydnee Parker
Sydnee Parker 6 дней назад
i was like okay great she’s vegan.. until i saw the egg lol
EyeZ of Tha Moon
EyeZ of Tha Moon 6 дней назад
That’s her husbands
ottilia jacobs
ottilia jacobs 6 дней назад
Tina N
Tina N 6 дней назад
It's great that you are a vegan, but would you consider using reusable plastic/glass instead of one time plastics like the straw and your juice plastic cup?
Anahi Herrera
Anahi Herrera 6 дней назад
4:20 wow the timing CAHHHHHHTCH
Stephanie Mendez
Stephanie Mendez 6 дней назад
You have to leave the guacamole seed in the guac when you make it so it stays fresh 🥑
aundrea ravenell
aundrea ravenell 7 дней назад
Your frig is huge! I heard about that celery juice and I think I'm going to try it bc I like celery. I see you used alot of the same products I have.😊I like the video ty!
Megi Papiashvili
Megi Papiashvili 7 дней назад
So happy that you are working on your vegan diet. We should all try to live (at least) most of the time in a healthy way... Our life is a precious gift, and we should value it. Go, Veganism ^_^
Audrey Taylor
Audrey Taylor 7 дней назад
A friend gave me a tip for keeping your homemade guac fresh. She said to put the pit of the avocado in the bowl with your guacamole once it's finished. Have tested it for myself yet but I hope it works!
Summer Raines
Summer Raines 7 дней назад
This is hard for people like me to watch :-) my freezer is literally empty besides a icecube trey. And I work 40+ hours a week. Must be nice please enjoy what you have and be thankful! There are people like me who would do anything for a five dollar sub at the end of the week while I’m starving
Txawj Zoo Vwj
Txawj Zoo Vwj 7 дней назад
Thumbs up if you dig a man that can cook? Yes, I will feed you too as long as a you love me I'll make you what you love to eat.
shefali sharma
shefali sharma 7 дней назад
so much plastic and then you say you are vegan. crap!!
Raymond Serrano
Raymond Serrano 7 дней назад
When I was in high school I always had a big crush on her she is so cute is not even a question.
gingerale 7 дней назад
They're vegan and they don't drink. Right. mmhmm. Fridge spilled the tea.
Rae Cooper
Rae Cooper 5 дней назад
She is vegan. He isn't. She drinks. He doesn't. Not that hard dude.
gingerale 7 дней назад
Don't buy that goya sofrito or recaito, just make it!
btc_real 7 дней назад
That’s way too much food for 2 people
GD Delgado
GD Delgado 7 дней назад
Did anyone else notice the Tostiso’s jar disappeared at 2:27 even though it was there at 2:06 ? 🤔
O 0
O 0 7 дней назад
You didn’t cover the avocado. The air turns it brown
O 0
O 0 4 дня назад
Sydnee Parker lol
Sydnee Parker
Sydnee Parker 6 дней назад
O 0 he didn’t cover the avocado lol
That Weird Ass Goth Bitch
That Weird Ass Goth Bitch 8 дней назад
Would love this but I'm broke 😂😭
Cassandra Trombley
Cassandra Trombley 8 дней назад
Her fridge is the size of my room!! 😂😂😂
Rose MaikLova
Rose MaikLova 8 дней назад
It’s even more beneficial and delicious to juice Black Kale, ginger, cucumber, cilantro or parsley, Swiss chard, and apple along with your celery 😋
Boracina Cash Home Buyers
Boracina Cash Home Buyers 8 дней назад
Give up the meats it's the hardest part!
Ashley 8 дней назад
her laugh at the beginning lol
Chris M Collecting
Chris M Collecting 8 дней назад
Too much money and time on your hands
Bryan_kidzone 8 дней назад
Your refrigerator is suoer nice.. You've gain weight boo!!! This is what happens when we get married LYFE IS GREAT
Dia Maria
Dia Maria 8 дней назад
I don't get it, so Christians shouldn't drink alcohol? I highly doubt Isreal doesn't sip on something occasionally.
MadakiNomaroishi 8 дней назад
I could care less if you ate bags of shit 👌
ladyevenstar22 8 дней назад
Ugh the upkeep for it to stay filled up $$$$
Susan Napier
Susan Napier 8 дней назад
Just imagine a toddler at the middle of the night trying to open that....I'd hit my head
Liyana Rambla
Liyana Rambla 8 дней назад
Cheese is holland not from france 😘
Heart 2019
Heart 2019 8 дней назад
Ew. Push yourself away from the table & you won’t have to drink celery juice ... (if your watching ir diet ) ..
aesthesticals 9 дней назад
Give me that fridge space
Ash Chand
Ash Chand 9 дней назад
Fake hoe
Melissa M
Melissa M 9 дней назад
Yaaas to being vegan Adrienne ! 😍 Your body is amazing by the way🔥😍
Ritc hie
Ritc hie 9 дней назад
Dang Lard Butt.... maybe you should quit acting your a vegan.... probably only vegan 8am to 4pm lard AzS diet
WolfgangFelix 9 дней назад
more is never enough
XGreasemunky 9 дней назад
Adrienne I love your videos. I want your fridge. It’s gorgeous!! Good luck with going vegan!
Candace C.
Candace C. 9 дней назад
Am I the only person who does not keep hot sauce in the fridge? 🤷🏾‍♀️
Nina 88
Nina 88 День назад
Ik. It doesn't even say in the bottles to store it in the fridge
Rae Cooper
Rae Cooper 5 дней назад
I didn't but I started and it lasts longer.
Roxana Jara
Roxana Jara 6 дней назад
Candace C. No me neither lol, I find it so weird😂
Erika Loor
Erika Loor 9 дней назад
The Drifter
The Drifter 9 дней назад
might want to stop eatin for a bit ;)
Corey Gillespie
Corey Gillespie 9 дней назад
Must be nice to have lots of money your so vain it's disgusting
Masha Mitchell
Masha Mitchell 9 дней назад
Also you're not a damn vegan if you eat eggs. SMH
Masha Mitchell
Masha Mitchell 9 дней назад
Uncovered food, loose produce on unsanitize shelves....food poisoning waiting to happen.
sophia shaka
sophia shaka 9 дней назад
Why did I think she was gonna say “I’m pregnant” after she said surprise
Chi Chi
Chi Chi 9 дней назад
Who says Christians can't drink? Lol nothing wrong with drinking.
Yeet _
Yeet _ 10 дней назад
D Wilkerson
D Wilkerson 10 дней назад
I bet half that food ends up in the trash every week
anonymous anonymous
anonymous anonymous 2 дня назад
I doubt it. It seems like alot of that stuff can be preserved for a while especially since it is in the fridge.
Young Pocket
Young Pocket 10 дней назад
vegan cheese cake, so she still eats sugar salt and saturated fat, junk food, but its "vegan" so its healthy
Young Pocket
Young Pocket 10 дней назад
some of those condiments are in bigger bottles than i have ever seen, most of those and the vegetables would never fit in a standard size refrigerator
Young Pocket
Young Pocket 10 дней назад
also all of those sauces are sugar salt and fat so great diet 10/10
Young Pocket
Young Pocket 10 дней назад
this thing is massive its about four of my refrigerator.
Deidra Roberts
Deidra Roberts 10 дней назад
I need some of that almond vegan cheesecake! Yum!
ItsMe STepH
ItsMe STepH 10 дней назад
That fridge is bigger then my closet !!! Oh my that’s goals 🙌🏼😅🥰
iqra sattar
iqra sattar 10 дней назад
You still look weird and veryyyy okayyyish i mean
Soap'z 10 дней назад
As soon as you said vegan i turned off ur video
Soren Balfire
Soren Balfire 10 дней назад
Ever think about giving to the poor there are those less forunate lol
Xx RAHAF Xx msp
Xx RAHAF Xx msp 10 дней назад
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