Friday Night Funkin' Week 7 [Showcase]

Cval - ya brown?
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This has all the cutscenes but the 1st and 2nd are edited in. The web version I was using didn't have all the cutscenes.

FNF Kickstarter - www.kickstarter.com/projects/...
me - twitter.com/cval_brown
Ugh - 0:03
Guns - 1:43
Stress - 4:18

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Apr 18, 2021




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Comments 0
dab :3
dab :3 58 minutes ago
"well played you little sh*t" me who just realized I beated minecraft at that timel when he said that: ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭
Morgan OOF
Morgan OOF 2 hours ago
Tankman: This is WAR! And in war, people DIE! Pico: Yeah, your people
dab :3
dab :3 Hour ago
u just stole this from another comment :/
Break a Maligna
Break a Maligna 2 hours ago
Bf: rap. Pico: *GUN*
AJ AJ 3 hours ago
Gf about to get shot: this is fine
Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker 4 hours ago
3:09 Mmmk……mmmk……ok….ok ok o-ok oHK THATS ENOUGH ARROWS
ZCL 5 hours ago
3:10 that one part in guns
koko boycool
koko boycool 5 hours ago
Im from the future
koko boycool
koko boycool 5 hours ago
maybe whitty will become part of canon >:)
Elemented 6 hours ago
Tankman really be laughing at his own jokes
Default Boi
Default Boi 8 hours ago
3:09 me explaining why there is a Ps5 in my room and my brother and sister are missing
Leocrackgamer 16
Leocrackgamer 16 8 hours ago
GF has the arms up by 7 mins...
G Talks
G Talks 13 hours ago
1:49 tank man: pretty tight bars- (me:flash back to garcello at release)
Nathaniel playz
Nathaniel playz 13 hours ago
When boyfriend carrys
Nathaniel playz
Nathaniel playz 13 hours ago
I thought tank man stealing girlfriend from boyfriend
Nathaniel playz
Nathaniel playz 13 hours ago
"Ugh" is like what he does to rap I meant tank man
Lilly Smith
Lilly Smith 14 hours ago
Why the tankMan look like a black fandroid
Cottonbirb_fnf 19 hours ago
Girl friend ready to be ded… she is smiling 😨
Preap Phirom
Preap Phirom 20 hours ago
Mew Caedin
Mew Caedin 20 hours ago
I think it is time for you to delete this video since he says bad words… VERY BAD WORDS…
Tuesday Jones
Tuesday Jones 22 hours ago
He said Garcellos line
pedrusz mazs
pedrusz mazs Day ago
week 7 = 7 video minutes :)
Fnaf and Fnac
cat Day ago
Ugh gf need to be gone I had tried 3 times >:(
Willy weasel
Willy weasel Day ago
I love it
Rolando Sanchez
Sergio Almanza
2:06 esa parte re epica
xXNewén13Xx Day ago
Entelarmer Day ago
Hang on. At 4:49, is he pointing at boyfriend and girlfriend... ... or at the player?
Escuta ao servidor Igeprev
Tankmam and Pico and Whitty and AGoti PREFER ME
San Benitz
San Benitz Day ago
Yo me lo pase x poquito la week 7
Giovanna Rando
Misses "0"
Lilly Smith
Lilly Smith Day ago
When he's singing a kind of sounds like he's saying glock
Pigsummer Day ago
When I play game I “ugh”)₫:+//?@ time
si Day ago
girlfriend: 😌
Br4yyy Day ago
Walnut Boblox
0:28 why does this part of the song hit diferent
Joe Matthew
Joe Matthew Day ago
pico is epic
Nia Nadira
Nia Nadira Day ago
Week 7 is so hard to do
Trash Bandit
Trash Bandit 2 days ago
Bf: starts rap battling Gf: 👁️➖👁️👁️👁️➖➖👁️👁️➖➖👁️👁️
Furbtastic 2 days ago
Bf holding gf looked kinda cute
Ketrab10pl 2 days ago
5:00 , i know i look like The biggest Simp ever, but GF's face is sweet
Kim Starr
Kim Starr 2 days ago
Kim Starr
Kim Starr 2 days ago
Kim Starr
Kim Starr 2 days ago
Jadalynn Vasquez
Jadalynn Vasquez 2 days ago
I haven’t played FNF yet but I know it’s not regular for characters to speak. *does tankman actually speak in the thing?*
Tiago Temudo
Tiago Temudo Day ago
mylene rasco
mylene rasco 2 days ago
ok fox weos
JacobXXCraft Pl
JacobXXCraft Pl 2 days ago
In my opinion tank man is better
Jo Lunatic
Jo Lunatic 2 days ago
“Ugh” sounds like it could have been a very well-known hyperpop song, damn they should make a week where boyfriend fights Laura Les
Shidqia Mutiara
Shidqia Mutiara 2 days ago
Friday night funkin'week 7
Shidqia Mutiara
Shidqia Mutiara 2 days ago
Week 7
BlackBird Sax
BlackBird Sax 2 days ago
0:16 Ugh 1:55 Guns 4:55 Stress You're welcome :)
Adrian Gomer
Adrian Gomer 2 days ago
To be Honest this is my favorite week
om zaza555
om zaza555 3 days ago
3:09 4:35
PepoElRatatopo4 3 days ago
JeLoW fase bread
Karina Mendoza Loyola
4:35 that who killed pico was steve or who he was edit: only those who saw the tankman series will understand
robot panda398
robot panda398 3 days ago
I don't have a life so this is what I watch
Roblox 3 days ago
ShadyJester13 3 days ago
Anyone else love how hard that "ugh" at 1:05 goes?
Джотаро Куджо
trollge 3 days ago
4:36 me when i realised that is not because i've finish the game in normal mod that i can finish mid fight masses
Yesenia Valencia
Yesenia Valencia 3 days ago
Aiden Medina
Aiden Medina 3 days ago
Dosen't this count as a fourth wall break? I mean,the game Is on Newgrounds and the mascot is a man in a tank. So,does this count?
Julian Velez
Julian Velez 3 days ago
Percy Ccopa Cconislla
6:20 mal
Percy Ccopa Cconislla
se equivoco en el minuto 6:08
Enzo Gabriel
Enzo Gabriel 3 days ago
The Head Of The Tankman Is Amogus
Роман Исабаев
я заметил что неделя 7 и видео 7 мин
José Eduardo
José Eduardo 3 days ago
Desde Picó haciendo desmadre Hasta tankman diciendo ugh Bienvenido a doc tops
hey firefly oficial
3:09 tank man mad me fly
Fnf kız fnf erkek tv
Angel g. Vilca
Angel g. Vilca 3 days ago
Que ese robot te esta cantando canciones de otros o sus preferidos y te quiere hacer los pasos dificiles
Victoria Mitchell
I love how even though she is being held at gunpoint Girlfriend still manages to be so cheerful
Taylor The Gamer
Taylor The Gamer 3 days ago
Weird, mine only has 6 weeks
Carbodude 3 days ago
For the first time, Pico is able to protect his friends _before_ a group of crazies could start shooting them up
Azula Day ago
_apply water to burned area_
Mike Horb
Mike Horb 3 days ago
The first song slaps the hardest
Mila Bruce
Mila Bruce 3 days ago
Galaxy Zodiac
Galaxy Zodiac 3 days ago
Week 7 is exactly 7 minutes long-
xSomeone 3 days ago
Moments that week 7 hits different: 0:40, Requirements: x1.50-1.75 speed, 3:09, Requirements: none, 5:28, Requirements: 1.75 speed that's all i found.
Emilio Figueroa
Emilio Figueroa 3 days ago
Te la rifaste pico
Crackotorro ツ
Crackotorro ツ 4 days ago
4:35 put low speed and pause in 4:36, bf have another gf
Delilah Stover
Delilah Stover 4 days ago
I love how Pico looks like hes having the time of his life
Gaming Buddies
Gaming Buddies 4 days ago
He use hacks
Jacky 4 days ago
1:34 *U G H*
Kopila Prasai
Kopila Prasai 4 days ago
there tons of cuss works in cutseens
observatinal 4 days ago
*is nobody gonna talk about how tankman is merciless but he didn't kill BF cus hes BORED*
Pump 4 days ago
Tankman: And in war pepole die Pico : No u
Pump 4 days ago
I literally love how tankman is the only one in the official game that can talk
Katerine Jaramillo
3:10''Tankman fly'' XD is a Meme for Tankman
Pablo Mendez
Pablo Mendez 4 days ago
Abdelkarim Guiliz
If you pause on 4:37... YOU CAN SEE THE BRAIN AND TEETH!!
Abdelkarim Guiliz
4:36 MaN THAt ScArEd Me!
PorCris90 4 days ago
ty xoxs
Sakuya 4 days ago
I like how everyone dont notice that the kickstarter music is being playing during the last cutscene lmfao
서은찬 4 days ago
이러다가 한국어 더빙이 나올것 같아요 고정~
Izuku Deku BG
Izuku Deku BG 4 days ago
Bitch sus tank
Khánh Long
Khánh Long 4 days ago
Spooky Month - Unwanted Guest
Nemestice Trailer
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