Friday Fails #101

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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 139
Ionita Daniel
Ionita Daniel 4 days ago
rau sa fii prost...
Eli Wark
Eli Wark 16 days ago
1:16 literally took a tree down
Kev 23 days ago
How to stack: 101
Sassy Quatch MTB
1:12 😂
울산다사랑/All Love Ulsan
Very nice It's so cool happy new year
Λαμπρος Ταμβακης
0:44 seths bike hacks has also riden it
asdfgoogle Month ago
3:24 that was Duthie Hill, huh? That dude got some major air on that step up. Lmao
Paul B
Paul B Month ago
Anyone know what trail that drop is @ 3:20
AR7I3M Month ago
3:20 original? i think its near me, i want to test it :D
Matej Manceta
Matej Manceta Month ago
Isuse što mi hrvati neznamo voziti!😅😅
Jason Elisha
Jason Elisha Month ago
Surgeon's bread and butter .you gotta love bikers going for it all out.respect
Liam Edge
Liam Edge Month ago
Windhill bikepark 1:30
Ameurstihn Month ago
Pretty much every fail including a jump is a nose-heavy landing... Rookie mistake.
Elektryczny Wariat
Polska!!!!! Bialo czerwoni!!!
袋熊Wombat Month ago
0:56 "NIQUE SA MÈRE" il a dead ça 😭😭
Lazar Mandara
Lazar Mandara Month ago
0:27 He sad i am ok on Serbian. Dobro sam
Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet
3:25 is hilarious though "just send it bro" lololololololol
Le rider De l’espace
0:55 he said « fuck her mom » 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
S Z Month ago
0:55 "nique sa mere"les fr auront compris
madjh Month ago
1:10 Tree lovers winner. 😄
Chicken man leg 888
Hey it’s duthie 3:24
Jeff McNeal
Jeff McNeal Month ago
The steady dose of fail videos (and a couple broken collarbones) serve to remind me I’m getting to old for stunts like these.
Bob The builder
Bob The builder Month ago
I swear one of them was matt Jones
Joe Turner
Joe Turner Month ago
one of the best FF's I've seen, so many cringes and shadenfreude loool
W Bar
W Bar Month ago
1:08 falling damper - high speed compression :D :D :D
MAGNUM 0522 Month ago
Najjaci su balkanvi
Ronn Rider
Ronn Rider Month ago
A 2 minute commercial...REALLY!
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Month ago
0:56 would be a whole lot worse if he hadn't bailed in time
MartenriDE Month ago
That was a nice episode... Some very special and exotic fails😂
livelife2015 Month ago
Omg! Second befor last that was OTB at its finest 😂🤣😂.
WashiestDrop198 Month ago
1:04 the worst part about this crash is the gut bomb feeing just watching that happen
24 Mtb
24 Mtb Month ago
There was a guy at spider Mountain a couple of weeks ago that got impaled and had to be airlifted out😳
Blake Doll
Blake Doll Month ago
1:02 Nothing hurts more than what I just saw. 😩
Hrvat Boz
Hrvat Boz Month ago
How hard is it to lean back when sending a jump. You’d people would learn this before sending huge jumps.
B Hew
B Hew Month ago
I hear its best to land with fully extended locked knees and elbows
Slow Mobius
Slow Mobius Month ago
1:05 hurt more than the actual crash I bet
Brendan Tovey
Brendan Tovey Month ago
Errrrr 3:19 is big to be fair
sec fol
sec fol Month ago
most of the crashes was on speed and height but showed luck of stability and form.. go back to basic guys..!!! dont go so big if you cant get it right in just small jump..
Jeffrey Corbett
Jeffrey Corbett Month ago
Old dude here. Seems to me riders are far too dependent on the suspension to save them. Learn how to land a rigid bike then try the suspension again.
professional joey
The offical motto of friday fails: "OH SHIT!!!!"
Jan Udvardy
Jan Udvardy Month ago
1:34 my dude got so scared he freakin started pedaling
cecilyt006 Month ago
It's true; White Men CAN'T jump....
Paran01ac Month ago
I've never seen women in these videos. It's so great that they are such good riders that they never crash on jumps!
J C Lovera
J C Lovera Month ago
3:35 Pause it with "K" then advance frame by frame with . (dot key) and look at that poor femur smashed against the edge of the rock. It might be broken.
SeboMel Month ago
Dusty Trails MTB
I don't know how I walked away from this so easily. I've gone through this frame by frame and thought the same thing. You can see a little better from the second angle: ruvid.net/video/video-l3FLfRh3vJo.htmlm06s
Ben Asquith
Ben Asquith Month ago
2:54 the crash that feels like it's lasting forever
MOTO MTBING g Month ago
Xeron Month ago
Kiedy polacy krzyczą VANISZ
Jan Wick
Jan Wick Month ago
Al taween. Uae bikers 1:46
Saul Shaw
Saul Shaw Month ago
why are they breaking that much before a jump? less speed, more fails
Mathorak Month ago
I love seeing the ones where they know they bouta land flat and they’re just like “O shit”
The Lord of Shadows
That’s great, I’ma go ride.
ross_ rusher02
ross_ rusher02 Month ago
101 ways to fail
CW Spencer
CW Spencer Month ago
The biggest fail of all is filming in vertical.
Reub M
Reub M Month ago
One of the best in a while. Definite lol material
LeadMunitions Month ago
Sometimes I don’t wanna watch this because I think I’m going to jinx myself🤣
Gnar Lee
Gnar Lee Month ago
3:30 has got to be the Portal Trail... If he did the Mag 7 and he was at the end of his ride then that dude would have been exhausted!!! Add that crash and I bet he had to walk the rest of the trail.
Dusty Trails MTB
This was me! It's on Jacksons. ruvid.net/video/video-l3FLfRh3vJo.htmlm06s Shoulda just sent it down the middle, but that left line looked so smooth! (If only)
Aaron Balian
Aaron Balian Month ago
It's near the end of Jackson. You can roll the left side like he was trying if you do it right, but I think it's easier just to send it down the middle
Brian Month ago
Currently watching this with a broken collar bone after crashing this week... feels bad man
Armin Adams
Armin Adams Month ago
i broke my wrist 6 months ago and now i'm getting back to it. You'll be back on the bike right on time for spring/summer. I feel you.
Zonso84 Month ago
It was at 1:04 when my heart broke too
Chris S
Chris S Month ago
If you have not broken your collar bone, you are not doing it right
OnajSaKaprom Month ago
Haha braca sa kosutnjaka
Jonas Äng
Jonas Äng Month ago
So many crashes week after week caused by too large wheels and /or bikes.
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