Fresh Tutorial of iPhone 7 Plus Cracked Screen Refurbishing

REWA Technology
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iPhone 7 screen replacement repair tutorial.
For LCD Refurbishing Machine and Materials: www.rewatechnology.com/solution/refurbishing?from=iPhone-7-refurbishing-youtube
For Third-Party LCD Refurbishing Solution: www.rewatechnology.com/solution/swap/third-party-refurbish-service?from=iPhone-7-refurbishing-youtube
For iPhone 7 Spare Parts: www.rewatechnology.com/e-catalog/search/replacement%20for%20iPhone%207?from=iPhone-7-refurbishing-youtube
iPhone 7 Plus LCD screen refurbishing guidance, repair your iPhone 7 glass cracked screen in 7 steps.
1. Bezel Disassembling
2. LCD Separating
3. POL Film / Glue Removing
4. POL Film / OCA Laminating
5. Glass Laminating
6. Bubble Removing
7. Back Light Unit Replacing

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30 сен 2016




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REWA Technology
REWA Technology 2 месяца назад
REWA iPhone Chip Level Logic Board Repair Training Course Schedule - Global Program For 2019 For the details: bit.ly/2PAQ5yJ Enroll Now: bit.ly/2CbDDSN Any further questions please contact us at: training@rewatechnology.com
madiha baloch
madiha baloch Месяц назад
Evan Месяц назад
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gareth jones
gareth jones Месяц назад
Des Microsoft
Des Microsoft 14 часов назад
thanks man you are the best, it works perfectly well
JP День назад
thanks so much, new sub
Muzammmil Altaf
Muzammmil Altaf 2 дня назад
sir muje mobile company main job mil sagti hai kia
juan manuel
juan manuel 3 дня назад
un genio
jan bugti
jan bugti 4 дня назад
sir.miracle box see open nahi ho raha hai q ??
Mihail Parokhodov
Mihail Parokhodov 4 дня назад
wtf with your fingers on screen at 7 minute??
trang võ
trang võ 4 дня назад
móa! hay vậy ta thanks admin nhiều lắm
Turnerminator 2000
Turnerminator 2000 5 дней назад
Great instructions m8, no experience at all and just totally replaced the guts of an S4 with your help! One small note, tell people to watch out when they are putting the thin blue cable back, the 3G one I think. It is awfully close to the screw holes an I ended up screwing thru it...so beware! Thanks again pal!!!
Deborah Oputa
Deborah Oputa 5 часов назад
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Laura Sebastien
Laura Sebastien 6 дней назад
Will this work on all apple iPads
Alucard Pawpad
Alucard Pawpad 6 дней назад
Jeuss, mad respect.
TheKing4 Life_888
TheKing4 Life_888 7 дней назад
kepp up the good work
TheKing4 Life_888
TheKing4 Life_888 7 дней назад
nice video you are really good
simone sestini
simone sestini 7 дней назад
Video top !!!
Alen Čuček
Alen Čuček 8 дней назад
Those knife like nails... o_O
席敬評 10 дней назад
Why I didn't hear any sound?
RisingStarL96A1 12 дней назад
I like the videos because its very educational. Not everything has to be money. But will quality and good hard work, it makes a difference.
Christopher delchi Maurice breezy
Christopher delchi Maurice breezy 13 дней назад
los videos son muy buenos, pero no tienen buena calidad en todos los dispositivos, mejorar eso por favor
Christopher delchi Maurice breezy
Christopher delchi Maurice breezy 12 дней назад
+Robin Davis pues sera un problema que tendra mi ordenador, gracias, que tengas un buen dia
Robin Davis
Robin Davis 12 дней назад
Compré herramientas de ellos, y el servicio es excelente. La calidad también es genial.
Sue Smith
Sue Smith 15 дней назад
Thank you for saving my phone and my sanity
fabslyrics 20 дней назад
pretty easy just a screwdriver :)
MC O 25 дней назад
Dont buy from Rewa, the quality is really bad. Speacially the LCD refurbishing materials. If you start working with them, you will understand what I mean.
REWA Technology
REWA Technology 24 дня назад
Hi MC O. Thanks for your trust and we are so sorry for your experience. That should not be the case. REWA has been in this industry for over 10 years and has been pursuing the ideal of "Quality Above All" all the time. We will confirm with our sales and support team and contact you ASAP. If the problem is relying on us, please be assured that REWA will settle the problem and give you a satisfying solution. Any questions please do feel free to contact our after-sales team at: support@rewatechnology.com.
evilkidm93b 25 дней назад
I'm not an expert but the repeated use of n-hexane without a fume hood scares me.
keith hurley
keith hurley 26 дней назад
thanks for helping me to get rid of annoying notification.
Mitsuki Shino
Mitsuki Shino 28 дней назад
Jennifer Johnson Rohloff
Jennifer Johnson Rohloff 29 дней назад
Key lime or chocolate almond fudge!
Ksawery Wojtas
Ksawery Wojtas Месяц назад
szkoda że w polsce takich speców nie mają tylko "prawie" sami janusze są "(
estefany ovando
estefany ovando Месяц назад
woooo gracias el video estuvo de puxa madre
Intra Vista
Intra Vista Месяц назад
You make it look so easy
REWA Technology
REWA Technology 28 дней назад
Professional tools make repair easier.
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez Месяц назад
This company apparently puts more effort into correctly captioning their RUvid videos than labeling their own equipment...
Keolebogile Modumedisi
Keolebogile Modumedisi Месяц назад
Thanx so much,it has worked on my broken screen in 3 scnds,woooow
Dirtbillys nv
Dirtbillys nv Месяц назад
What a joke! All that work....
Andreas Iikukutu
Andreas Iikukutu Месяц назад
Buying a new screen i believe its much cheaper and a quicker way to fix the screen... Too many steps
pavel zvoniček
pavel zvoniček Месяц назад
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier moje hodinky OK)Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm, stříbrná OK
Sayed Moustafa
Sayed Moustafa Месяц назад
MedSou Месяц назад
*That's nice* 👍👍👍👍👍
Vijayanand Mohan T
Vijayanand Mohan T Месяц назад
hey bro's don't charge 60% or above. that problem is solved for me it is works (otherwise please wait for some time then battery reaches 60% device is turn on
Lemusa Monte
Lemusa Monte Месяц назад
tienes carisma jovencito.Dios te siga bendiciendo con su sabiduria
Onggo Setiawan
Onggo Setiawan Месяц назад
I really want to buy this tool
Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes Месяц назад
Apple Care, $40, 10min wait. Done.
Philip Antonsen
Philip Antonsen Месяц назад
Thansk u for helping bro ;)
Josi Carvalho
Josi Carvalho Месяц назад
Saliou Mbaye
Saliou Mbaye Месяц назад
Josi Carvalho
Josi Carvalho Месяц назад
good job man
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Ryan Hintze
Ryan Hintze Месяц назад
Nice "wireless" anti-static wrist band 😂😂
Sekai Ni Heiwa
Sekai Ni Heiwa Месяц назад
You should live in iphone 7 cracking epicenter to invest in this kind of machines.
where can i buy that machine.
Lucas Dowhan
Lucas Dowhan Месяц назад
This was one of the most sastified videos I had seen in my whole life
unserhobbyde Месяц назад
Ist mein Ton defekt ode rist das hier ein Stummfilm ? Gottseidank ist er wenigsten in Farbe... :-)
Dioscora Manglona
Dioscora Manglona Месяц назад
I used 3 small pieces of electric tape to cover that thing....then one little bigger to hold it like in the video....works like a charm😀 thank you so much for this video
muhammad shahid
muhammad shahid Месяц назад
your device does not qualify for bootloader unlocking how solve this i have verizon moto e4
MusicAlley Inc.
MusicAlley Inc. 8 дней назад
Solution: find a new carrier, and boycott Verizon. They have a contract that says they cannot unlocked. If the cid return when you user fastboot get _var ends in 0002, you're pretty much screwed.
FrustratedBaboon Месяц назад
Ohhh Maaaan is that the last iPhone on this planet ? jeeeeeze WTF are you doing with your time ?
om Drawing art
om Drawing art Месяц назад
Lucas Janzen
Lucas Janzen Месяц назад
you can do that, OR you buy a new Display for about 40$ and you dont have to pay a lot of money for the machines.
William Prieto
William Prieto Месяц назад
+Nelson Omoro Apple does not have genuine Retina displays available for the 3rd party repair industry. You will have to settle for whatever either Ebay or Amazon has available for your model number.
William Prieto
William Prieto Месяц назад
+Nelson Omoro Just order one on either ebay or Amazon. Just be sure to look at the bottom back cover of your phone so you order the right part. Search for your replacement screen assembly by Apple model number beginning with the letter "A". You will need to transfer the broken screen home button (if it is intact) to the new screen assembly. New screen assemblies are available with or without the selfie camera, the proximity sensor and the speaker box. Assemblies with the pre-installed three items I just listed cost a bit more. Usually $30 and up.
pathosmovies Месяц назад
this comment lacks so much of truth, its amazing :D
Nelson Omoro
Nelson Omoro Месяц назад
Lucas Janzen yes yes i am in kenya bro all i want is a genuine screen
Polish Hejter
Polish Hejter Месяц назад
Lucas Janzen wilkommen :) ich kommst aus Polen ;) Germany Polish = 💪🏻❤️
Ken Nguyen
Ken Nguyen Месяц назад
This sh*t does not work at all.. new batteries didn't help.
Atta Tahir
Atta Tahir Месяц назад
That is how insurance companies do scam and send you refurbished phone again on your claims. take your phone back repair it and and send to other clients.
pc igrock
pc igrock Месяц назад
sick bezels, nah....
Leandro pérez de la concepción
Leandro pérez de la concepción Месяц назад
muchas gracias el favor es grande para ahorrarnos una buena pasta un saludo desde Canarias
Camy Id
Camy Id Месяц назад
Very good video review, I learned useful things, great work. Thanks!
TouchyFeely Месяц назад
Looks like you need 20K worth of equipment and 4 hours to fix an lcd screen on an IPHONE, this just makes me appreciate paying someone 100 bucks.
BayKusursuz Месяц назад
14:11 I see you.
Universal Tv
Universal Tv Месяц назад
Ekia Media
Ekia Media Месяц назад
You just can't beat the China man...
REWA Technology
REWA Technology Месяц назад
Every trade has its master. lol
Clitorious B.I.G.
Clitorious B.I.G. Месяц назад
super review! mal eine frage zu dem xiaomi Mi Pad 4 plus. ist der qualcomm 660 sehr viel schneller als der im Tab 10.5?
ivan rocca
ivan rocca Месяц назад
grazie , molto utile!
Erkan Hötelek
Erkan Hötelek Месяц назад
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Daniel Deisan
Daniel Deisan 2 месяца назад
I bought this but for some reason mine came with an ac adapter with two rods that doesn't go into my wall idk why so I cannot use it
Robin Davis
Robin Davis Месяц назад
I think you need a plug adapter.
Hosein Eidipour
Hosein Eidipour 2 месяца назад
Guido Schmitz
Guido Schmitz 2 месяца назад
This Guy has much experience in repairing phones. Normal People doesnt have. If normal people try this, the Phone/Display will be destroyed in 99% of the tries. Senseless Video. And why replacing the Glas, if replacing the whole display is cheap? To much effort in this.
Michel Guerrero
Michel Guerrero 2 месяца назад
home button never works
JJT Месяц назад
why you say so?
info pro
info pro 2 месяца назад
merci thanks
santhosh sriki
santhosh sriki 2 месяца назад
bro which cleaner is that
Jim Serodio
Jim Serodio 2 месяца назад
fast asma
fast asma 2 месяца назад
Hundred of dollar tools and all manpower hours and know how to repair something that can be bought brand new cheap online.
liridon xhemaili
liridon xhemaili 2 месяца назад
The Pro
The Pro 2 месяца назад
For iphone sreen protector 7D check this :www.ebay.com/itm/153336089910
Jean Jacques CHAMPION
Jean Jacques CHAMPION 2 месяца назад
Only for professional technicians
Mustafe chanel
Mustafe chanel 2 месяца назад
Pantelis Litras
Pantelis Litras 2 месяца назад
ATTENTION!!!! Do not buy anything from Pandawill!!!! I bought a smartphone from Pandawill. I paid 260$ and after 7 months stopped working. I send it back for repair. Pandawill answered me that it was out of warranty (they are lying that they have warranty) and asked me to give extra money (92$) for repair. I made a report to Visa MasterCard for get my money back. After the report I made to visa MasterCard they accepted that Pandawill was lying and they refunded my money back. My advice is that if anyone has same problem with Pandawill to do what I did.
Krishna Limbu
Krishna Limbu 2 месяца назад
How to order LCD cliner
Satinder Kumar
Satinder Kumar 2 месяца назад
IPhone 6s unable to activate help me
IPHONEFIX MAX 2 месяца назад
Willian Freitas dos Santos
Willian Freitas dos Santos 2 месяца назад
IMEI: 355405071942709
Yiğit Öztürk
Yiğit Öztürk 2 месяца назад
Amazing video from Rewa as always, but the n-hexane substance used to clean the LCD panel after disassembly is toxic. It is harmful for the healths of the workers there
mrshakeguy 2 месяца назад
apple calls this counterfeiting.. :( so now repairing is counterfeiting. if you replace the windscreen to a car it is a counterfeit car, and its not from the original manifacturer-brand anymore, + it is using its own logo improperly. at least thats what apple is trying to sell us. they are getting so ridiculous...
Barundonthetechguy / iRepair
Barundonthetechguy / iRepair 2 месяца назад
This actually looks harder than doing it how jerryrigeverything does his glass only replacements...
Crack 2 месяца назад
i need like 5k $ for the equipment
SERGIO ALBANO 2 месяца назад
I will buy all instruments today. Ha HA HA
Patty Enriquez
Patty Enriquez 2 месяца назад
P. Gonçalves
P. Gonçalves 2 месяца назад
If you like yourself and those around you, please stop using n hexane to clean the screen, this component causes cancer and is banned from using in Europe for many years ...
Pointless vlogs
Pointless vlogs 2 месяца назад
i tried this and i acc broke my phone lol and then i tried it again with my dads phone and i acc didnt break it thank u so much and then i am going to do with my phone again thanks
hacker red
hacker red 2 месяца назад
in my country its much cheaper and easier to just replace whole panel...costs around 50$ if u do it by yourself
Marcus Lastname
Marcus Lastname 2 месяца назад
Wow amazing....now i know how to repair my iphone...the only i have to do is to buy the repair kit for i guess 5-7000 Euro. Hm a new iphone in ebay will be 300Euro.......
ibrahim ha sillah
ibrahim ha sillah 2 месяца назад
I like the demonstration it's really nice. I just want to know how much all these equipment costs
john fred
john fred 2 месяца назад
Dm this hacker on is instagram @hack_gould he is a professional with iWatch unlock and lots more
Blake Parker
Blake Parker 2 месяца назад
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Naeem Bhatti
Naeem Bhatti 2 месяца назад
these guys don't make their own product they sell TBK product
J Rob
J Rob 2 месяца назад
It's an IPhone..That would be your excuse to just throw it away and treat yourself to something better.
JTR VLOGS 2 месяца назад
from watching this i just went too go buy a new phone wtf wants to go tru all that shit
George Butcher
George Butcher 2 месяца назад
Since the i7 phone is open at this point how can I make the speaker louder , tip or trick ? Thanks Mister .
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