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French Montana - No Stylist ft. Drake

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"No Stylist" available at smarturl.it/NoStylist
Directors: Glenn Michael & Christo
Cinematographer: Kelly Jeffrey
Producers: Ryan Hahn & Vince Tran
Production Company: HPLA
Post-Producer: Julien Nieva
French Montana online:
(C) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment




9 окт 2018

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z SolarzzF
z SolarzzF Час назад
This songs been on repeat all day✌
Inder Grewal
Inder Grewal Час назад
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UrThiccWaifu Час назад
Ok mister autotune...
Jashim Baez
Jashim Baez Час назад
Too much auto tune.😑😒
Virgil Abloh
Virgil Abloh 2 часа назад
somebody know her name?? 0:50
Mel Rivers
Mel Rivers 2 часа назад
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bigga zeen
bigga zeen 2 часа назад
Tv gucci got my back
Sita sii
Sita sii 2 часа назад
how is your son Drake?
Yasmin Bk
Yasmin Bk 2 часа назад
Am really loving this
Tommy Ings
Tommy Ings 2 часа назад
who is here before 50 mill views
LA zArmy Skuad Evolutions
LA zArmy Skuad Evolutions 2 часа назад
Keloke en vercion ingles
Sevi Rin
Sevi Rin 2 часа назад
respekts for this song great
Thought French was all gangsta, now he talking about No Stylist lol, weak AF!
Hobleezy 2 часа назад
Only French Montana song I actually like
0184-music 2 часа назад
Big up for slick Rick in the clip, living legend
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez 2 часа назад
C'mon Drake you fuckin with Illuminate What up!!!!!
Katkout Mtiri
Katkout Mtiri 2 часа назад
Fuck of Drake..
Kash Sidhu
Kash Sidhu 3 часа назад
7.7k people need to get a belt for their jeans
deu_sang 13
deu_sang 13 3 часа назад
Luka sabat 👀
Black Doge
Black Doge 3 часа назад
Bashiri De Graff
Bashiri De Graff 3 часа назад
Slick Rick sippin' tea after drakes lines. lol Drizzy smashed Kim
AyKay 3 часа назад
6Cario Beatz
6Cario Beatz 3 часа назад
the guitar is a sample? becose i use to listen this beat few month ago ruvid.net/video/видео-lXp1Ks3Gqq4.html
Amine gtd
Amine gtd 3 часа назад
Maroc 👑👑👌
Jm Driss
Jm Driss 3 часа назад
morocco im here
Nomaan Nasir
Nomaan Nasir 4 часа назад
Andres Quintana
Andres Quintana 4 часа назад
I have a problem french montana autotune
Bruno Caon
Bruno Caon 4 часа назад
drake salvou a musica
žan pintar
žan pintar 4 часа назад
Someone call travis to get his song back
Subscribe Me For No Reason
Subscribe Me For No Reason 4 часа назад
Who's better? Drake = Like French Montana = Comment
Chihab Kabouria
Chihab Kabouria 4 часа назад
I'm Good
I'm Good 4 часа назад
Ez kurvajooooo
K Younge
K Younge 4 часа назад
DJ INFRAH 254 Official
DJ INFRAH 254 Official 4 часа назад
sawa yeah yeah
Axel Black Sama
Axel Black Sama 4 часа назад
where is future? bcos that is his voice
Axel Black Sama
Axel Black Sama 4 часа назад
i got a mutherfucker style without no stylist
HUNkiller11 4 часа назад
French Montana is the skinny DJ Khaled
Yaqoup Jassas
Yaqoup Jassas 4 часа назад
unknown user
unknown user 4 часа назад
Anyone noticed how the bank looks the same as the one in GTA kinda
Socio 4 часа назад
0:39 name?
Ahmed Abdelhameed
Ahmed Abdelhameed 5 часов назад
'Dont wear no 350s round me' OVO vs Yeezy
Marc The Bark
Marc The Bark 5 часов назад
Drake and French Montana has the same haircut
Edwin 5 часов назад
Keepin it G i told her dont wear no 350s round me. Fuck kanye
Edwin 5 часов назад
This song is missing chinx . Frfr
morena hajar
morena hajar 5 часов назад
morocco Im her❤❤
morena hajar
morena hajar 5 часов назад
morocco Im here❤❤
Salma 5 часов назад
Ayyy where my people at !!? *M O R O C C O* ❤❤
Big Jirré
Big Jirré 5 часов назад
Drake the type of guy that copies your answers in a test and gets a better score than you
A Sapoluu
A Sapoluu 5 часов назад
First time I’ve ever loved a French Montana track
Fahad Altamimi
Fahad Altamimi 5 часов назад
Travis scot are u down there?
Kristopher Newcomb
Kristopher Newcomb 5 часов назад
Hold up, did Drake just give a shout out to Action Bronson?
Kristopher Newcomb
Kristopher Newcomb 5 часов назад
Ya know, they're in New York.
6ix9ine tekashi
6ix9ine tekashi 5 часов назад
Mad fire🔥🔥
jonny rock
jonny rock 5 часов назад
french: people have been accusing me of having a stylist. I should write a song about not having one! everyone else: uhh, why does having a stylist or not matter?
Masked NME
Masked NME 5 часов назад
G gang
lamali Adam
lamali Adam 5 часов назад
Michael Davern
Michael Davern 5 часов назад
Doing road with some waps? Drake yr Canadian stop begging it off the Uk you wannabe. And what would you know about waps you wet boy let’s not forget you was a good boy from day
Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino 5 часов назад
No Shopping No Stylist No Brainer What's next No Clothes
Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino 5 часов назад
Is this mumble rap?
Alex 5 часов назад
Amritpal Singh
Amritpal Singh 5 часов назад
David Wanjohi
David Wanjohi 5 часов назад
Diamonds on my neck
TheWarGodz _
TheWarGodz _ 5 часов назад
No stylist
Tas Veysel
Tas Veysel 5 часов назад
♡♡♡Turkish 🔊🔊🔊🔊
Qaies Popal
Qaies Popal 5 часов назад
Why you have to put drake
JuicePatel 5 часов назад
frenchy dropped some Lbs
Samson FPV
Samson FPV 5 часов назад
This has young thug written all over it
ABDO GAMES 6 часов назад
شحال زوينة تلقى ولد بلادك بدى من والو و رجع من افضل و اشهر فنانين العالم نفتخر بك يا بطل المغاربة او العرب بانو هنا
Loro Hr
Loro Hr 6 часов назад
Wyeeh ♡
Taoufik AMAJOU
Taoufik AMAJOU 6 часов назад
Orange Pootis
Orange Pootis 6 часов назад
they look the same lol
Cooksey Wade
Cooksey Wade 6 часов назад
Drake should've had more than one verse
Tobious X
Tobious X 6 часов назад
This song sucks
Moz 6 часов назад
AK SM 6 часов назад
Lol even when I'm halfway through typing "no stylist" the first suggestion is "no stylist Drake"
FoKo _n
FoKo _n 6 часов назад
dylaman1 7 часов назад
What’s that slick Rick ?
Shree Sen
Shree Sen 7 часов назад
best part: slick rick and drake credits: french montana
RUBEN RICHY 7 часов назад
got this song on repeat fucking fire 🔥
bmb Amiens
bmb Amiens 7 часов назад
montagne ✌✌
Aicha Chakra
Aicha Chakra 7 часов назад
21Savage X
21Savage X 8 часов назад
Taoufik Oualhsine
Taoufik Oualhsine 8 часов назад
Montana heiinnnnnn
RVISETM 8 часов назад
this is a fuckin loop, soundcloud.com/steven-raise/bandidos i made this beat a months ago
Melogram 8 часов назад
Variety Good Good
Variety Good Good 8 часов назад
Fuck drake
Adrian Moore
Adrian Moore 8 часов назад
Arslan Rathore
Arslan Rathore 8 часов назад
No shopping no stylist after another 2 years no........
Sita sii
Sita sii 8 часов назад
1min32 is sophia Ritchie? ??
Sita sii
Sita sii 8 часов назад
1min32 is sophia Ritchie? ??
Liam Donnelly
Liam Donnelly 9 часов назад
The hook sounds incredibly similar to kojo funds no stallin? French Montana over here in the uk stealing hooks
Sita sii
Sita sii 9 часов назад
french montana drink alcohol and tgen will tell u he is muslim 😂😂😂😂😂
Tyron Channel
Tyron Channel 9 часов назад
French verse a bit like breezy party clip
Sita sii
Sita sii 9 часов назад
no like travis scott
Sita sii
Sita sii 9 часов назад
no like travis scott
lil pubg
lil pubg 9 часов назад
Санжар Ахмедов
Санжар Ахмедов 9 часов назад
Burger King 👑
Санжар Ахмедов
Санжар Ахмедов 9 часов назад
Chicken 🐔
Ghizlane J. Bouaoudi
Ghizlane J. Bouaoudi 9 часов назад
French Montana 🙂🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦 l3ez you are the best one 🇲🇦
A T 9 часов назад
format 16:2 or what ?
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