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French Montana - No Stylist ft. Drake (Official Music Video)

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"No Stylist" available at smarturl.it/NoStylist
Directors: Glenn Michael & Christo
Cinematographer: Kelly Jeffrey
Producers: Ryan Hahn & Vince Tran
Production Company: HPLA
Post-Producer: Julien Nieva
French Montana online:
(C) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
#FrenchMontana #NoStylist #Vevo #HipHop #Drake




9 окт 2018

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David Sekhu
David Sekhu 29 минут назад
Where is French Montana from?
Brÿåń Wäs hęré
Brÿåń Wäs hęré 50 минут назад
Almost 100 million
MR MARJONE 3 часа назад
Ím from maroc
Paul Otte
Paul Otte 5 часов назад
🔜 100k
InsaneGameZ 5 часов назад
I got the game in a squeeze... THAT LINE GOT ME SO HYPED WHEN I FIRST HEARD THIS SONG btw I didn’t see that drake was featured on it when I first heard it
Maximilian  Just
Maximilian Just 5 часов назад
Drake ' s Part is the Best
Bad Meets Evil
Bad Meets Evil 6 часов назад
Who’s here before 100M?
Roberto CIPRENI 7 часов назад
Leo Jeager
Leo Jeager 7 часов назад
Esmeralda Camacho
Esmeralda Camacho 8 часов назад
CHECK OUT !!! Big antz that new shit 🐜
JordanForeverGoat 🐐
JordanForeverGoat 🐐 9 часов назад
French smart asf he drops a hit just by saying a couple words and leave all the work to his features 😂😂😂
Momoney 9 часов назад
Slick Rick in the building!
DeathShade RsPs
DeathShade RsPs 9 часов назад
drake a fucking beast
khawla Beniss
khawla Beniss 9 часов назад
our moroccan boy karim kharbouch
Adil Guermaz - عادل كرماز
Adil Guermaz - عادل كرماز 9 часов назад
Who Listen To This In 2019 ♥♥ FRENCH MONTANA / MOROCCO ♥
Champ Gamer
Champ Gamer 11 часов назад
Jimmy choo thats on you
Bình Nam
Bình Nam 11 часов назад
Who come here after Miss Universe 2018
Everything Nice
Everything Nice 11 часов назад
The cousins 💯
Ajaz Khan
Ajaz Khan 13 часов назад
Drake killed the song
Mø vlogs
Mø vlogs 14 часов назад
That's is hayawan
arjun wonder
arjun wonder 14 часов назад
Matthew Morelli
Matthew Morelli 15 часов назад
Is the Slick Rick in the video ?
Kasper Marius Olesen Rasmussen 2B Bymarkskolen
your music is good
Xavier Davis
Xavier Davis 15 часов назад
Is this french Montana sing because if it is it's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aokay92 17 часов назад
Young Money! French!!!
louie martin
louie martin 17 часов назад
Beijing Kookie
Beijing Kookie 18 часов назад
Drake saved this video. French needs to lay off the alcohol fr
-KaRanLıKHÜKÜMSÜRER- fitness
-KaRanLıKHÜKÜMSÜRER- fitness 19 часов назад
-KaRanLıKHÜKÜMSÜRER- fitness
-KaRanLıKHÜKÜMSÜRER- fitness 19 часов назад
Kelvin Rodriques
Kelvin Rodriques 20 часов назад
Pop Rap🔥🔥🔥💥🔊⚡🌟
b ho
b ho 20 часов назад
slick rick
Augustyn Necko
Augustyn Necko 21 час назад
dont call till the cheques clear....no stylist
Armando Gonzalez
Armando Gonzalez 21 час назад
✅🔥✍️🖤💯 i like this beat
SABRHardSCOPE1400 22 часа назад
French Montana Sounds Like TrAvIs ScOtT to me idk why
Emily Willams
Emily Willams 22 часа назад
just came to check if its 100M yet
joshua roach
joshua roach 22 часа назад
Yousef Hammad
Yousef Hammad 23 часа назад
Valerij Röh
Valerij Röh 23 часа назад
There should been a second Drake verse at the end, woulda been so sick
M3lon M4n
M3lon M4n День назад
Did they use kodaks black voice and not feature him?
yung daddy
yung daddy День назад
At the bottom of the description it says album: stylist
Gypsy Jippo
Gypsy Jippo День назад
.58 is that a dress that dude's rocking?
Gypsy Jippo
Gypsy Jippo 2 часа назад
Or a long T?
TBNRderek Playz
TBNRderek Playz День назад
the music video needs more effort. Even Drake did better than french.
Lynnety Masuku
Lynnety Masuku 9 часов назад
TBNRderek Playz
TBNRderek Playz День назад
0:13 is the dripp harder album cover.
SwagosaurusRekt День назад
*me when i find my old nintendo ds*
Rash'd Bernard Jr.
Rash'd Bernard Jr. День назад
Really can’t listening to this
nothing important
nothing important День назад
This is the song when I am I. A car
Slowlly День назад
im in london got my beat from london
Orion Darkblade
Orion Darkblade День назад
Lol. This is the worst song I've ever heard
Agus Salazar
Agus Salazar День назад
que salga el remix con anueeeeeeeel
Stereo День назад
Timotej Baláž
Timotej Baláž День назад
Who’s here after 100M?
Papa Bear
Papa Bear День назад
who's here before 100 millions views.
Luca Bardocci
Luca Bardocci День назад
This shit hard
amine faouzi
amine faouzi День назад
morocco ❤
Mouah Mouah
Mouah Mouah День назад
French Montana 🇲🇦 klhoe Kardashian🇺🇸
Ramon Sierra
Ramon Sierra День назад
drake spit a whole 16 bars he just rapped alittle faster den usual
Ziad Choukrad
Ziad Choukrad День назад
m9awda a 3chiri
Altered Beast28
Altered Beast28 День назад
Dont wear no 350s round me....(Slick Rick sips tea) 🤣🤣🤣🤣 priceless
Schwarzer Alinoide
Schwarzer Alinoide День назад
this is fresh aND drake
Ali Ibrahim
Ali Ibrahim День назад
good job french
david boateng
david boateng День назад
My jam of the year
Yunus Saygın
Yunus Saygın День назад
Can’t wait for 100 millions.
Syphax BkL
Syphax BkL День назад
99M ----->100M Mabroook franch #bro
Vortex День назад
This how many views their are 👇
Marko Bijelic
Marko Bijelic День назад
Here for bass
Sabre Mansaram
Sabre Mansaram День назад
Sabre Mansaram
Sabre Mansaram День назад
피의 알바니아 인
피의 알바니아 인 День назад
We can do it lets make it 100million views!
Abdel Eddelani
Abdel Eddelani День назад
Merci pour les yuio de votre commande chez moi et je suis pas 8
x День назад
lit af
DigiDigi Tek
DigiDigi Tek День назад
Killa Cam was barely noticeable and you all copied his style ...thats some bullshit.
Emile День назад
Cats: Meow Meow! Dogs: Woof Woof! Retards: 2019? 2019?
G Grilz
G Grilz День назад
👑Slick Rick on deck! 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾
REDA BAHLAS 2 дня назад
Wow French Montana, you got 100million views on this video 😍😍😍😍😝😝😝😝🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Özgür Erdem
Özgür Erdem 2 дня назад
Mi'Lecia Sims
Mi'Lecia Sims 2 дня назад
They could be brothers lol
Mi'Lecia Sims
Mi'Lecia Sims 2 дня назад
No stylist
ILoveMyOgKush _
ILoveMyOgKush _ 2 дня назад
Karl Lagerfeld is dead...No Stylist
MR. TJ Daantje
MR. TJ Daantje 2 дня назад
No victorys
SCN music
SCN music 2 дня назад
3019 anyone ?
Aura Salamon
Aura Salamon 2 дня назад
Ekene Patience
Ekene Patience 2 дня назад
Lovely 👌
Mehmet Akif Yılmaz
Mehmet Akif Yılmaz 2 дня назад
Varun 2 дня назад
0:39 Kylie Jenner??
Simeon Wilson
Simeon Wilson 2 дня назад
Type in cx
Naima Ougali
Naima Ougali 2 дня назад
Philani Mphayise
Philani Mphayise 2 дня назад
lol drake always does this...gets featured then owns the song.
Ejayallday123 2 дня назад
No stylist! Word!
DI TENGO 2 дня назад
Debra Mextorf
Debra Mextorf 2 дня назад
What does this mean when drake rap his part (and that's capo in the back and its swole in the back) I don't get it
Debra Mextorf
Debra Mextorf День назад
CUNTMUFFIN thanks u so much
CUNTMUFFIN 2 дня назад
Debra Mextorf he got a gun in the back and her ass fat pre much
Oumaima indi
Oumaima indi 2 дня назад
لمغربي حر يبان
Hafiy Sufri
Hafiy Sufri 2 дня назад
Oh look a stupid pirate
Pandomii 2 дня назад
Collab project would be fye
abdelwadoud salime
abdelwadoud salime 2 дня назад
100 M 🇲🇦🇲🇦
Black Friday
Black Friday 2 дня назад
who knows slick rick?
Mr X
Mr X 2 дня назад
Drake the type of nigga that he breaks his heart by a girl saying mean things
Asad Afridi
Asad Afridi 2 дня назад
Bro Man
Bro Man 2 дня назад
I'm feeling this I'm on that Big Krit EP "Thrice X and Trifecta"💪💪🔥🔥song GLORIOUS
Xolo Mdokwana
Xolo Mdokwana 2 дня назад
The beat is hard
those guys.
those guys. 2 дня назад
Did Eric Andre Edit that Intro?
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