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Free Guy Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & review of the official trailer 2020! Ryan Reynolds for Disney at CCXP!
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Free Guy Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer for Free Guy, the 2020 live action video game comedy from Disney! Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi and Joe Keery star! Share your own reaction to the official trailer for Free Guy before you see the full movie in 2020! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on RUvid today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 614
TCK Steph
TCK Steph 5 days ago
Zara 20 days ago
Similar to fortnight
If anything this is GTA like come on
dancingdog60 26 days ago
Also nice to see Downtown Boston...
pabloesco2007 29 days ago
For me , it's some kind a Spin off of Matrix , a video game where a PNJ take his own freedom (he will become a "free guy")
Tony Parsons
Tony Parsons 29 days ago
It really is confusing
Gotah Gemini
Gotah Gemini Month ago
Ryan Reynolds only knows how to play Ryan Reynolds - he has no range. I used to like the guy from his tv-series, but it's just tiring to watch him.
Clark Rogers
Clark Rogers Month ago
This reminds me of Ready Player One
1MindlessWriter Month ago
GTA with RR as a self aware NPC going rogue.
Enrique Ortiz
Enrique Ortiz Month ago
Do I have to be a tween or at least a teenager to understand the movie?? Because already I didn't got the teaser... and neither did Grace.
Fun .period.
Alexandre Silva
Alexandre Silva Month ago
Lol confusing? It’s simple. His a GTA online NPC
Ros Kahuna
Ros Kahuna Month ago
you forgot it's got a dash of Ready Player One....
Jamal Nasser
Jamal Nasser Month ago
Heh grace why haven't you reviewed Jumanji 2 yet
Spider Jeranimo
Spider Jeranimo Month ago
Wreck it Ryan.
Ashamtly Lopez
Ashamtly Lopez Month ago
I don't think is that confusing, it seems to be a game like GTA were an NPC suddenly got tired and started acting out
Marcus Anderson
Marcus Anderson Month ago
Its Ready Player One only with the A.I taking over as the player.
jimmy lim
jimmy lim Month ago
NPC fightback in GTA?
Geek Beat
Geek Beat Month ago
It is GTA Online the Movie and I love it.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee Month ago
Maybe Wreck It Ralph meets The Lego Movie?
From the Studio that brought you a whole lot of remakes comes something actually kinda original.
John Fowler
John Fowler Month ago
Looks interesting.
ROAN Month ago
Westworld meets Pixels (with a dash of Ready Player one), really.
Ray Holtze
Ray Holtze Month ago
I find it more Ready Player One meets Deadpool
Michael Graves
Michael Graves Month ago
Looks like Ready Player One 🤷‍♂️
Vanderson Valley
I feel as though it’s less Fortnite and more GTA online.
Hugo E Silva
Hugo E Silva Month ago
Reminds me of ready player 1
KyranjZ Month ago
"This is very fortnite" are you fucking serious? I'm pissed lol
This guy plays always the same character
Benjamin Burkhardt
NPC = non playable character
Folactics Month ago
This is basically GTA where an NPC gets self aware and starts killing the real players
BlurBoi Month ago
I think...They are all video games avatars in an online game.
Tayshawn Baird
Tayshawn Baird Month ago
He slapped that car like it had a butt🤣🤣
Sethinator96 Month ago
The non-gamer really jumped out in grace.
Ball is Life
Ball is Life Month ago
this movie looks so fuckin dope
omar dolores
omar dolores Month ago
The plot seems hidden. Which is great for a trailer this long. I dont know fortnight mostly because it's not something I care for, yet I love this trailer. I want to see this movie, please.
Aelyn Balderas
Aelyn Balderas Month ago
OMG Grace! This is literally GTA online
Matthew Greenman
Thats not hear natural British accent....she"s from Liverpool and has a mega hard scouse accent
JLT Yes Month ago
This looks like it's not for me and that's fine. Have fun, teens!
db durig
db durig Month ago
Oh Grace, your lack of videogame knowledge never ceases to entertain me.
Legend Eskimo Boy
She’s actually a Scouse. This accent shows just how talented she is
DoroteoVilla Month ago
Ok, Ready Player One with a good looking guy
CJ boss
CJ boss Month ago
Definitely a GTA movie
Ho Lee Sheet
Ho Lee Sheet Month ago
Missed opportunity: they should have had “we don’t need another hero” by Tina Turner.
tais carvalho
tais carvalho Month ago
I feel like it's the matrix meets the Lego movie
Manuel Rodriguez
Wow...that looks terrible lol
Gary Ellis
Gary Ellis Month ago
Npc who became self aware.. looks fun and funny. I'm excited to see this
XpertRebel95 Month ago
Ryan Reynolds playing Ryan Reynolds as usual This trailer was cringe af especially the taika part 🤮 This is gonna bomb hard lol No one: Grace: FoRtnITe...
Henry Stokes
Henry Stokes Month ago
She’s grate WATCH KILLING EVE And umm...
Phil Robichaud
Phil Robichaud Month ago
almost didn't recognize Jodie Comer with the dark hair... and yes she is absolutely amazing in Killing Eve, people should watch it for her performance alone, she's that good!
G P Month ago
It's Wreck it Ralph meets They Live!
Dorothy B
Dorothy B Month ago
It feels like they are copying The Lego Movie.
Tony Scimeca
Tony Scimeca Month ago
Looks great
Str8Edge_Cyborg Month ago
It's GTA online the movie, no rules, nothing is unavailable.
Andrew McClenning
It's not Jodie's accent, it's more redefined English accent. She's Liverpudlian.
Asher Grimm
Asher Grimm Month ago
Gamer here in essence he is a game crashing glitch
yellow crocs
yellow crocs Month ago
“Her natural British accent” Grace I hate to break it to you...
reijavmanga Month ago
Why is it confusing for you? Don't you get it? He is just an extra in the video games. So he is getting out of what he is supposed to do.
James Kidman
James Kidman Month ago
Her Natural British Accent????????? That's not her natural accent. She's from Liverpool.
iam2ku4u Month ago
The NPC decides to become a player. Seems like a DM who still wants to play the game.
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