FREE GUY Trailer (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Joe Keery, Action Comedy Movie

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FREE GUY Trailer (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Joe Keery, Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi, Channing Tatum, Action Comedy Movie
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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 786
Nate D
Nate D 45 minutes ago
So the life of Ai civilians in GTA 5 Online?
Garry 2 hours ago
If Deadpool and the LEGO movie had a baby
COREY_MC354 5 hours ago
gta 5 online be like
Cj Liu
Cj Liu 11 hours ago
I see RIPD but with video games. I like it.
DanielC2 17 hours ago
Green Lantern FX Employes: How many FX do you want? RR: YES!
Alvin gehander
i were like who the fuck is that guy then i remebered that he's the actor in deadpool
roy A.W.J.
roy A.W.J. Day ago
I can't sit up like that anymore.
_ ItzJaylol14 _
Ryan reynolds is that guy on cod who puts sorry as their clan tag when they’re using an op gun
Aadityaraj Malhotra
Anyone else getting Ready Player One vibes
Aditya Parikh
free guy would be an awsome video game
Niamh Allen
Niamh Allen 2 days ago
When an npc becomes self aware
MigzzyJigzz_06 2 days ago
Now thins is some quality movie... Pikachu meets a mom making a difference
sarahve1 2 days ago
Do I like action movies? no. Will I watch it anyway because Joe Keery's in it? yes.
Aleka Heart Pantua
Came here just for my baby Steve. Ughhh Joe ....
Maggie Yao
Maggie Yao 2 days ago
Why is no one talking about Steve Carrington
Evie Hunter
Evie Hunter 4 days ago
You only clicked on the video because of joe/Steve on the cover
Nintendo Watermelon
Yup thats gta there the man on the morticyle coming at u
I Have a Pony
I Have a Pony 5 days ago
So another movie added to the Ryan Reynolds Genre...need more!
Popcical Stick
Popcical Stick 6 days ago
*kicks down door*
Saskie 6 days ago
I found a video that said the upcoming movie is venom 2, avangers vs galactus, black widow.. And he actually said gta movie too !! So this is the gta movie that we are looking for! THE FREE GUY
jayJava GGdev
jayJava GGdev 6 days ago
the only reason I want to see this movie is because of video games Joe Keery and David harbour!
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 7 days ago
I'm from Boston I saw them filming right outside my apartment!
Frozen Ash
Frozen Ash 7 days ago
Jamille Carvalho
Jamille Carvalho 8 days ago
Neon Swing
Neon Swing 8 days ago
This goes race the point of what it's like to be an NPC in a video game.
Alpha Shamekh
Alpha Shamekh 8 days ago
Where is jacksepticeye
Batiehope MSP
Batiehope MSP 8 days ago
I clicked for joe only got 3 seconds of him ;(
Christiana Brown
Christiana Brown 9 days ago
This looks so dumb I couldn’t even finish watching it. Ryan Reynolds used to be in better movies.
Harry Hart
Harry Hart 10 days ago
Who else has the impression it’s R rated just coz of Ryan Reynolds in it?
Hannah Parizo
Hannah Parizo 10 days ago
Where is Q*Bert in this trailer?? I know someone who voices him. SPOILER ALERT..It's Jacksepticeye!
Grace Wells
Grace Wells 10 days ago
OMG hi villanelle
Megan or something
Megan or something 11 days ago
Anyone else here because of Jack?
Tay Potato 1301
Tay Potato 1301 7 days ago
Megan or something Yes:)
mobiz711 11 days ago
This was bad casting, he's talented and otherwise perfect for the role, but because the character and tone of the movie is so close to Dead Pool, it makes it feel redundant, even though it's a fairly original an interesting concept.
A Suffering Yeemo
A Suffering Yeemo 12 days ago
Bruhhh this film looks like it's gonna be so good!!
Isa Hussain
Isa Hussain 12 days ago
its as if GTA, Fortnite, and COD all came into real life.
Doreen 13 days ago
"twice" LOL
Yukosan13 13 days ago
LoL, ready player one better move aside there's a new video game movie in town.. and it looks way better 😅
Seth Winters
Seth Winters 13 days ago
Deadpool's idea of a vacation
Girls Nation Gaming
Nobody's talking about how freaking JACKSEPTICEYE was in the cast list for this, but didn't show up ONCE in the trailer. Just me? Ok....
• Multi Angel •
Well Lazarbeam is also in this movie but not in the trailer
Alyssa Rabbitskin
Alyssa Rabbitskin 12 days ago
@EllieCanPLay you can't see Sean because he is a cameo in the movie
EllieCanPLay 13 days ago
I have watched this like 10 time and i still can't see sean :(
GOZZY SD 13 days ago
So he’s a npc basically
NUCLEAR furry 13 days ago
Who came here investigating jack's presence?
Daniel PP123
Daniel PP123 13 days ago
I must see Jacksepticeye cameo.
Tay Potato 1301
Tay Potato 1301 7 days ago
Daniel PP123 Maybe he will be in the next trailer:/
A.M 14 days ago
I’m here for Jodie comer 🤪
romimil1811 14 days ago
OMG Jodie Comer 😍😍
Hey It's Me GNWND
Hey It's Me GNWND 14 days ago
I’m here for joe kerry and I never been so disappointed only by a movie trailer
Logan Green
Logan Green 15 days ago
Introducing: GTA: THE MOVIE
Vicky Gan
Vicky Gan 15 days ago
2:15 HOLY CRAP!!! That's Steve Harrington and what's he doing? I DON'T KNOW but it looks like he got promoted from "full-time babysitter" to "video game nerd" status after hanging out with Dustin for so long 😂😂😂 The cast themselves have filmed other projects between seasons, but this is the craziest one yet. ... where the characters are and what they're doing (as we wait patiently as we can for s4): Hopper is working for the Russians (David Harbour's Black Widow in May), Jonathan has acquired his own superpowers in an experiment (Charlie Heaton's The New Mutants in April) 3. Mike moved to Maine and is busy venting out his anger haunting the town killing people because Eleven left and he can't seem to reach her via his SuperCom (Finn's The Turning in just 4 weeks: release date being January 24) because she's in London trying to find Hopper (unknown release date as of now), so to keep himself sane he also eventually decides to hunt down and vanquish ghosts (Ghostbusters in July). 4. While that's happening, Will seems to have traveled back in time to 1942 and is keeping himself busy sheltering Jewish children across Europe (Waiting for Anya (2020 UK release) Again, WHAT THE HECK?!
Phoenix myers
Phoenix myers 17 days ago
Jacksepticeye is gon be in it
RION XODDO 17 days ago
FREE GUY Trailer (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Joe Keery, Seán William McLoughlin, Action Comedy Movie
Kafaloto Feao
Kafaloto Feao 17 days ago
song choice on point
Ggman 357
Ggman 357 19 days ago
AnameLessMind 20 days ago
this reminds me of the Lego Movie
A Moment EXTRAS 23 days ago
don’t mind me watching every trailer for this movie waiting for Jacksepticeye to show up
Tay Potato 1301
Tay Potato 1301 7 days ago
A Moment EXTRAS Same here
Phoenix myers
Phoenix myers 17 days ago
Cristina 23 days ago
Who only clicked because of joe↓
Cristina 23 days ago
I see Joe, I click
Thewordstone 64
Thewordstone 64 23 days ago
Someone should report the rouge NPC to rockstar games Edit: maybe this is what gta 6 looks like, except the civilians don't fight back or know that they're in a game. Just sayin'
Dilrukshi Chamila
Dilrukshi Chamila 24 days ago
Hey Steve Harrington!!!!!!!!!? Where are you attt ?
Jemma Samuels
Jemma Samuels 25 days ago
JODIE!!!!!!! my queen
Amanda Vetter
Amanda Vetter 26 days ago
I kept expecting everything is awesome to start playing at the beginning.
Krystelle Short
Krystelle Short 26 days ago
The cast is absolutely bloody stellar 👌👏 can't wait for this
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