FREE GUY Trailer (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Joe Keery, Action Comedy Movie

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FREE GUY Trailer (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Joe Keery, Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi, Channing Tatum, Action Comedy Movie
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Comments 80
TDC_Vapor Fan
TDC_Vapor Fan 44 minutes ago
gta 5 in real life be like:
Goose Bus
Goose Bus 9 hours ago
GTA irl
Maya Lucia
Maya Lucia Day ago
Jodie Comer can star in a trashbag and I'll still watch it
User Day ago
Cass L
Cass L Day ago
waiT jodie comer and taika waititi...that's 5/5 stars babyyy
Lennie Ruth Merto
I came here for dad Steve 😂
Purple Dove
Purple Dove Day ago
yea u just borrowed THE LEGO MOVIE introduction and the plot?
Crodel Day ago
is this some kind of a lego movie rip off
busicals 2 days ago
0:33 anyone else recognise the background audio from that danceparty website?
Anton Qvarfordt
Anton Qvarfordt 2 days ago
Oh shit.. Is this literally more or less just 'movie' Wreck-It Ralph? EDIT: Sorry, I hadn't finished the trailer when I wrote that.. It's literally just wreck-it ralph.
SirNukesAlot 2 days ago
This just GTA online in the the NPC perspective.
SetohDoesStuff 3 days ago
Cant wait to see Jack Cameo in this.
Kevin Heckard
Kevin Heckard 3 days ago
WTF! I love it! Ryan Reynolds is the man! He's killing it!
Questão A
Questão A 3 days ago
Ralph for adults
Jerabelle Bautista
jodie comer fuck yazzzz!!!
Stranger Mari
Stranger Mari 3 days ago
I see Mama Steve/Joe Keery. I click. But than when I realize he's only in the trailer for like a milisecond, I leave. :)
M RD 4 days ago
where tf is joe keery
EvieH 4 days ago
He's like 15 years older than her, is this really going to end up an end-of-film romance? :S
Shirley M.
Shirley M. Day ago
Hollywood bullcrap...
Evan Curtis Skateboarding
Gta in real life be like
mqdmqx 5 days ago
i only came here because my mom but then i realized this is the most entertaining trailer.
Dan Jordan
Dan Jordan 5 days ago
How does this movie have Ryan Reynolds, Joe Keery, and Taika Waititi and it still looks fucking terrible
judimitri 6 days ago
everyone's pro life but ryan is pro choice
OmqRxndy 7 days ago
Gta 6 leaked
Kylie Dauber
Kylie Dauber 7 days ago
really just gonna be seeing this movie for joe keery!
ab brown
ab brown 7 days ago
this is like a fortnite movie
Bs Skll
Bs Skll 8 days ago
look like gta?
now this makes me feel bad for npcs.
_NoCap_ 9 days ago
If GTA was a movie
Ela Hamříková
Ela Hamříková 9 days ago
Joe Kerry, I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊
klariz 9 days ago
I can just tell the movie will probably be shit but hey there's Ryan Reynolds so take my money babyy
George Lucas
George Lucas 9 days ago
I’m surprised no ones talking about how jacksepticeye is in it cause, he is
Drake Gordon
Drake Gordon 10 days ago
I can dig it!!
Jomito Gonzales
Jomito Gonzales 10 days ago
He's like a NPC in Game who became a player
Rushilism 11 days ago
Steve Herrington
Lilo&me _
Lilo&me _ 11 days ago
Fortnight in real life?
SuperNintendoDavid 12 days ago
I forgot this was a movie
Memer Boi
Memer Boi 13 days ago
Why does this remind me of gta online
Pratham Kalbag
Pratham Kalbag 13 days ago
Ryan Reynolds in the trailer : 2:59 min Joe Keery in the trailer : 1 sec Thumbnail - Joe Keery
Cream Soda
Cream Soda 13 days ago
I really don't understand the point of this-
Lisbeth Pinales
Lisbeth Pinales 13 days ago
I feel like that kid is from tiktok
Milan izza
Milan izza 13 days ago
i clicked this video because i saw mom steve harrington
Estiven Rodriguez
Estiven Rodriguez 14 days ago
I've seen stranger things
Estiven Rodriguez
Estiven Rodriguez 14 days ago
I hope they make a video game out of this movie
HaanT 14 days ago
Lego Movie Live Action I LOVE IT
Oliver AllOvr
Oliver AllOvr 14 days ago
End of movie is him playing Fortnite and using dead pool skin Imagine lol
frezik 15 days ago
those sfx are laughable, but the movie looks like fun
Jesse Edwards
Jesse Edwards 15 days ago
Already my favorite movie
Lorena Grace
Lorena Grace 16 days ago
i thought at 0:10 refers to from the studio that gave you twice, i was like, JYP studio is that you?
Spidey Animation
Spidey Animation 16 days ago
So basically guy is just a NPC until he killed one guy and became the main character
something blue
something blue 18 days ago
Marco The Independent MoM
I came here to see joe keery but he actually showed up only 1 second this is disappointed
Abby Delisle
Abby Delisle 18 days ago
I’m simple, I see joe keery I click
Dj Laura
Dj Laura 19 days ago
Fortnite baby ✌✌😊
Dave Loque
Dave Loque 20 days ago
Me: is this disney? Blood and death: no.. literally not disney film
chrispy fried chicken
I think I like dark humor in disney
Isaac Prathumrat
Isaac Prathumrat 21 day ago
I wanna watch it so badly!!!!
Oscar Fitzgerald
Oscar Fitzgerald 21 day ago
So it's Live Action GTA now huh Disney?
Andreina Zwinggi
Andreina Zwinggi 21 day ago
Great guy
Pedro Henrique Moraes Herrmann Ferraz
( 3:00 ) "this film is not yet rated"
SynnJynn 22 days ago
Cant wait till this comes out... looks fun ^-^
SynnJynn 22 days ago
Did they get permission to use the Batman sleeping joke?
Big Kenobi
Big Kenobi 22 days ago
Well this looks alright so that means its gonna be shit.
Kim Katz
Kim Katz 22 days ago
Deadpool in disney...right
Raulito Mares
Raulito Mares 22 days ago
Where's the oppressor?
Anonymous Owl
Anonymous Owl 23 days ago
Jodie Comer is such a badass here. That hair suits her well and hopefully she'll cut it like that on season 3 of Killing Eve haha.
Kevin Hartsock
Kevin Hartsock 23 days ago
so GTA V the movie!
the sarcastic guy
the sarcastic guy 23 days ago
There is no way i am gonna see steve Harrington and deadpool in the same movie
mayank periwal
mayank periwal 23 days ago
Its crazy😂
Joshua 23 days ago
Fortnite the movie?
Distractor Studios
Distractor Studios 23 days ago
Is Sean McLoughin gonna be in the Movie?
Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts 23 days ago
They Live The Game
SARAellen13 23 days ago
I love Ryan Reynolds but I can't tell if this movie is gonna be really good or really shit 😂 hopefully his humour can save it if it's bad.
Josh Murphy
Josh Murphy 23 days ago
Beginner's guide to not being a simp
Lukifus Lukifus
Lukifus Lukifus 23 days ago
2:31 they ruined the easiest joke of all time
Ducky Tuber
Ducky Tuber 24 days ago
Is this supposed to be a new version of matrix?
LINAS LIYAKATH 24 days ago
"Me after watching the trailer " WHAT THE...............
Josh Youwa
Josh Youwa 24 days ago
This will be cringey as shit
pheejeypi 24 days ago
China4Life15 24 days ago
Ryan Reynolds my new favourite boomer. Great actor
Sheccid Rojas
Sheccid Rojas 24 days ago
Thumbnail : Joe keery Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Me: GOT IT
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