FREE GUY Trailer (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum

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FREE GUY Trailer (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum
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Dec 7, 2019




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#Eligelsonⴽⵎ ꤶ
#Eligelsonⴽⵎ ꤶ
Mark Appleby
Mark Appleby 16 days ago
Jacksepticeye is in this too, I heard!
J Delosangeles
J Delosangeles Month ago
"Gamer of Gerald Buttler start this shit ..Here we Go!
Carlos Choque
Carlos Choque Month ago
No hay channing tatum
noona aenn
noona aenn Month ago
Camerieri 2 months ago
Straszna zrzynka z kanału "Gra w Życie" - wyszukajcie sobie na RUvid :/ :P
Jakub Mazur
Jakub Mazur 2 months ago
To make the Americans even dumber
William00048 2 months ago
Habeel13 2 months ago
They've basically run out of ideas...all CGI shit now.
DirKoin 2 months ago
i wish it wasn't a video game motive. Just a regular guy living in a world where everyone only shows violence
Nathan Sylvester
Nathan Sylvester 2 months ago
So this is basically ready player one 2
Adam Wade
Adam Wade 2 months ago
more like "Are you f@!#ing ready player 2!?"
Rtpx gt
Rtpx gt 2 months ago
GTA CALL OF DUTY and Maybe froza
WatcherViews 34
WatcherViews 34 2 months ago
It basically Deadpool in a Videogame wait.....
Sacred Wahine
Sacred Wahine 2 months ago
omg yes
Frank Styles
Frank Styles 2 months ago
Finally, a GTA movie!
Kris A
Kris A 2 months ago
And this is what passes as entertainment amongst the masses these days - tragic.
Nathan Sylvester
Nathan Sylvester 2 months ago
I know so sadly disappointed lol
Bill Jansen
Bill Jansen 2 months ago
Your comment and thought process and unaware ignorance is fucking tragic
Bill Jansen
Bill Jansen 2 months ago
This and a whole bunch of other stuff what and possibly be the problem you have with this? Finally a movie based on a video game that's fucking ridiculous with plenty of options and you have the balls to need to hate on it shaking my head... you're like one of those assholes that say finally not a superhero movie as if there's not millions of movies just shut up man this fake head sensitive bullshit is ridiculous go away man
Brandan Briscoe
Brandan Briscoe 2 months ago
FFmaxx 2 months ago
Live action wreck it Ralph
Greg Beck
Greg Beck 2 months ago
He’s basically a gta pedestrian interesting
Eneko Martin Santos
Eneko Martin Santos 2 months ago
So... let me guess A NPC character from a videogame like GTA who gets conciusness, right?
Bill Jansen
Bill Jansen 2 months ago
Um are you really this corny an full of shite???? Like what? ..how the fuck you watch the trailer an say :let me guess ... Hahaha thats not a guess ..we all saw the same trailer kiddo ... 0 points an stop trying so hard for no reason at bothing
Bob Hammock
Bob Hammock 2 months ago
Just looks like fun, something critics will hate, but regular people will enjoy.
Dwight Norton
Dwight Norton 2 months ago
Vd3r 2 months ago
except for deadpool i cant rem one good movie ryan has ever been in. this looks another hot garbage (yeah i said it! )
WERNUTZ 2 months ago
The Voices (2015) Serial Killer Ryan Reynolds. With Cat dog Jesus
Chris Cross
Chris Cross 2 months ago
@Vd3r Ok. You seem to be able to see into the future regarding this movie. I make (and have not made) any such claim. But I do wish this movie well and everyone that worked hard on it. As Reynolds had direct input into the script as he did with Deadpool I have high hopes for it tbh. But if it tanks I will endeavor to come back here and allow you to gloat as I have a feeling that would make you happy.
Vd3r 2 months ago
@Chris Cross come back to this comment after this movie is released. i will be still here :)
Chris Cross
Chris Cross 2 months ago
@Vd3r You've "never heard" of his movies and can only partially remember the name of one of his movies("vander something") which was in fact Van Wilder from SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO !! But, you do know out of the 40+ movies he has been in, and you clearly haven't seen, he "picks some god awful scripts." You are an uniformed idiot who should not be allowed on the internet again unless you can demonstrate in future that you have thought thru what you are about to type and it comes from a position of informed knowledge and not just the blatherings of an unfortunate Zika Baby with an accidental internet connection (yeah I said it!)
Vd3r 2 months ago
@Ahmed Mashhour never heard of those movies but honestly dude really picks some god awful scripts. (minus deadpool for me) i saw one american pie kinda movie ..some vander something .. good lord, that movie was gross .. i mean i am into adult humor as i loved deadpool but that was just revolting
Blank 06
Blank 06 2 months ago
I wanna be in a world like this
cold1 2 months ago
@Bill Jansen might wanna edit YOUR comment
cold1 2 months ago
@Bill Jansen ok stupid
Bill Jansen
Bill Jansen 2 months ago
@cold1 fella? Hahah really bro ..fella ..an he makes bad choices in you're mind ..an you typed..... fella ..... Just don't type or have opinions or speak and you'll find out the reasons why everyone hates you fella
cold1 2 months ago
as an npc? bad choice fella
Aleksy 2 months ago
0:10 "1,2,3 One In A Million we are [...] !" 😏
Bruno Polančec
Bruno Polančec 2 months ago
I'm getting serious The Lego Movie vibes here
豪宅玩具 2 months ago
viki and viki
viki and viki 2 months ago
This movie for pubg lover's 😍😍
FSUGRAD03 2 months ago
kikar92 2 months ago
Can't wait tell summer
Sharpe Tutor
Sharpe Tutor 2 months ago
So grand theft auto cross with call of duty online multiplayer. This will be interesting 🧐
Lukhanyo Solo
Lukhanyo Solo 2 months ago
No, grand theft auto crossed with the matrix 😂🤞
WekseL Gard
WekseL Gard 2 months ago
Matt Flanagan
Matt Flanagan 2 months ago
"enjoy your lifetime supply of virginity"
Gambit Gaming
Gambit Gaming 2 months ago
who else thinks ryan renolds is in his prime right now and should join the mcu soon????
Bill Jansen
Bill Jansen 2 months ago
@Weed Talk delete your comment unless you like looking ridiculously stupid
Bill Jansen
Bill Jansen 2 months ago
@Weed Talk you can't be serious especially with the Emoji on top of it... you never said once to yourself that this guy said he should join the MCU out of every actor out.... you never thought once to yourself maybe this is sarcasm and not a coincidence oh my God then again you're probably a child because why would you type cartoon emojis as an adult
Bill Jansen
Bill Jansen 2 months ago
Nah 0 prime mediocre acting comedy and he would have pretty much wound up like Dane Cook if he didn't become Deadpool so let's not sit here and act like he's selling Tom Hardy level of skills he's just lucky
Lukhanyo Solo
Lukhanyo Solo 2 months ago
I know he's in the Mcu i already heard
Lukhanyo Solo
Lukhanyo Solo 2 months ago
@silentninja20 Yes I know all I'm saying is Ryan is 45 and he can't be Deadpool forever
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