Free Guy's Ryan Reynolds & Taika Waititi Don't Remember Green Lantern - NYCC 2019

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Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi have no idea they previously worked together on Green Lantern. That's their story and they're sticking to it. Meet the cast, including Jodie Comer and Joe Keery, of the upcoming video game-themed action comedy Free Guy. Free Guy is in theaters July 3, 2020.


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Oct 3, 2019




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Andrea lee
Andrea lee 25 days ago
Seriously ryan looks alil lost next to Taika lol
Andrea lee
Andrea lee 25 days ago
Taika n Ryan need to do more movies together, Great pair. Honestly I liked t Green Lantern I don't care what anyone says
ROYALE w/cheese
ROYALE w/cheese Month ago
I liked Green Lantern
Justin Jordan
Justin Jordan Month ago
Lmfao 🤣😅🤣😂🤣🤣😆
JP 420
JP 420 2 months ago
Hahahaha thats so funny I fully forgot about green lantern
André Edward
André Edward 2 months ago
A Impressão que dá é que eles sentem vergonha do filme do Lanterna Verde quando na verdade não tem que sentir vergonha pelo contrário...a culpa é da produção que não arrisca muito porque não investe mais com medo de que haveria uma péssima bilheteria!E Ryan Reynolds ficou um excelente Hal Jordan pena que o ator culpou o personagem e também é fácil hoje em dia lidar com a Disney/Marvel do que a Warner/DC que não encontrou uma forma pra os seus filmes no cinema!
Giovannie Cruz
Giovannie Cruz 2 months ago
Osian Coleman
Osian Coleman 2 months ago
What are they even talking about and what is the title of this video we never had a green lantern movie they r making one they’ve never made one though.
Dominique Powell
Dominique Powell 4 months ago
We don't talk about that movie.
Aki akianimeart
Aki akianimeart 4 months ago
Taika should direct a Deadpool movie.
Carlos C
Carlos C 4 months ago
1:38 COBARDE. Esta es una frase de ''Chiquito de la calzada''.
gamesdean31 4 months ago
Neither of us are Seth Rogan
TheOrisya 5 months ago
Wait, taika in green lantern?.. damn i forgot about that
Nate Mc
Nate Mc 5 months ago
me : hey ryan ryan: yes me: do you remember when fox tried to make dead pool with no mouth ryan : what are you talking about?
Opportunity Y.B
Opportunity Y.B 6 months ago
What just happened?
NRimage Creative Hub
Korg is that you?
Black Vaporeon
Black Vaporeon 7 months ago
There's some meta-verse tom foolery a foot.
Ali Almuhanna
Ali Almuhanna 7 months ago
If Taika isn’t in Deadpool 3 I’m gonna be SO PISSED !!! And they better have Wade really afraid of him, for a reason he can’t fathom 🤣
니코니코 8 months ago
that's enough! You know that. Deadpool is just playing Ryan Reynolds.
Rocky Severino
Rocky Severino 8 months ago
I like how much fun Ryan has making fun of Green lantern
GDRMW FE 9 months ago
As usual Hollywood and its actors ripping apart unknowing people's tragedies to replicate as films...The director , scriptwriters and actors need to be shot and their lives also publicly displayed for other's to watch and poke fun at.
Andy Jurkiewicz
Andy Jurkiewicz 9 months ago
Seriously,dubbing American into British,,,muppets
Dragonfly0010 9 months ago
The Green Lantern jokes are tried now Ryan. We get it. You hate it. Move on.
Aadil Ebrahim
Aadil Ebrahim 9 months ago
Well technically greenlantern never happened yet because deadpool went back in time and stopped Ryan Reynolds before he could read the script 😂😂😂
inceptional 9 months ago
I worry they have created another dud together to be honest. Hope I'm wrong though.
Aida Zharmukhametova
Ryan met his wife there, how he cant remember?😂😂😂😂
Random Living
Random Living 9 months ago
These millenials are having delusions or maybe in a parallel universe... Green what?
Cascito 9 months ago
Taika looks like hip hop version of RDJ
Siddharth919 9 months ago
The world shall never stop shitting on green lantern
Kevin Bennett
Kevin Bennett 9 months ago
I enjoyed the Green Lantern movie.
Sierra 9 months ago
Lol Taika and Ryan are trying to act like the Green Lantern movie never happened
Isaac Weaver
Isaac Weaver 9 months ago
Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds*
Cassandra 9 months ago
Terina Rimene
Terina Rimene 9 months ago
Cesar 4nier
Cesar 4nier 9 months ago
What a clown. He lucky he got the roll of Deadpool since he can only act under a mask. Lmao
Stephen Hyde
Stephen Hyde 9 months ago
I dont think he'll play Green Lantern even if its the best script ever.
Bastene 360 Solid
Bastene 360 Solid 9 months ago
can't believe this is 2 months old
YogiB 9 months ago
Who agrees Taika resembles middle aged Dev Anand.??
Blasé Punk
Blasé Punk 9 months ago
If Ryan Reynolds doesn't remember it... then it didn't actually happen..? *[MANDELA EFFECT]* 😮 That's probably not how that works
BlazR 9 months ago
Lol, everyone just forgets about Green Lantern. It's an unspoken rule.
Jack what?
Jack what? 9 months ago
It would be sweet if Taika Waititi were to direct the next Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds. Make it funny. Make it badass. Make it R rated. Make it happen.
Eric Alvarado
Eric Alvarado 9 months ago
yeah but can somebody pls tell me whats "Green Lantern" thing?
David Pulliam
David Pulliam 9 months ago
Just noticed Taika is the director of Chapter 8 of the Mandelorian. I'm hoping he was allowed to inject his humor as it would make for a great end to the season.
Thrillseeker 9 months ago
I hate when some folks who know nothing about game industry trying to make a movie for gamers. Do you even know who Hidetaka Miyazaki and Chris Avellone are? Exactly! Damn noobs. I am sure they have not even heard about Adam Kiciński... Pure bastards...
jhonny snd_cebu
jhonny snd_cebu 9 months ago
I liked Green lantern....then again i watch anything Ryan Reynolds!
Jbot004 9 months ago
🤫 never speak of the forbidden movie
The Roasting Stalker
DC fans are still salty about this interview
Marz Media
Marz Media 9 months ago
Does not make us laugh. The worst joke ever
DMCEagles05 9 months ago
I bet those kids gavent even seen Green Later
Datoda 9 months ago
Green Lantern? They only ever made an animated show of it didn't they?
Alex Mirrors
Alex Mirrors 9 months ago
It’s not funny no more because this is throwing garbage at the character of green lantern. Gosh I hope the movie is. About jon Stewart and not rya..., cough, sorry, Hal Jordan I meant.
Thornlore 9 months ago
Taika and Reynolds are such a power couple.
Ba Boss
Ba Boss 9 months ago
Green Lantern is the most underrated superhero movie.
Esha Pillaridha
Esha Pillaridha 9 months ago
taika watiti looks like shaved rdj
ahloke cafe
ahloke cafe 9 months ago
Ryan R is stepping into another bomb flop movie...another nonsensical fantasy film...
J. A.
J. A. 9 months ago
If thats the way you are going to be, then you need to refund Warner bros. If you dont want to reconise that film
Niw Le Cram
Niw Le Cram 9 months ago
Promo for green lantern 2?
Nj Njhjh
Nj Njhjh 9 months ago
Lord knows I tried to forget
lieutenantkettch 9 months ago
How bout a Villanelle/Deadpool movie? Just two psychotic assassins on a killing spree.
MKUltra 9 months ago
Movie looks so bad
Aint Nobody
Aint Nobody 9 months ago
TOADIE TEN Productions
Obviously staged. Still funny tho
Andrew Perez
Andrew Perez 9 months ago
You were in Green Lant- *Shhhhhhhhh*
AlphaAnt 9 months ago
They do, they're just following the Fandom
Sneezy-E 9 months ago
Wanna develop an app?
BrightCityKids 9 months ago
To be fair, i enjoyed green lantern
Jan Diether Valero
Jan Diether Valero 9 months ago
Ryan Reynolds ang Taika Waititi are having PTSD during their Green Lantern time
ryan plonkaa
ryan plonkaa 9 months ago
Does anyone to be honest?
commander death
commander death 9 months ago
Loving these 👌🏻
RP LP 9 months ago
Avijit Kundu
Avijit Kundu 9 months ago
Hey are they pseudo promoting Green Lantern all these years later???🧐🧐
LeonitasMaximus 9 months ago
Taika's tell is he takes a deep breath before he lies. lol
Richard Cole
Richard Cole 9 months ago
They were thinking of Chris Pine and Richard Ayoade.
mealtime 167
mealtime 167 9 months ago
This had me in tears GL was horrible
ThermalRain_YT 9 months ago
Lol idc what anybody says green lantern was a great movie
Rohan Andrew
Rohan Andrew 9 months ago
Either Ryan Reynolds is still salty about GL or this is a well directed Joke.
eclectricmagazine 9 months ago
Ryan reynolds not funny
Dunkbuscus Gaming
Dunkbuscus Gaming 9 months ago
Lol that was so a gag meet the cast but I lovebit anyway!
Jose Morgia
Jose Morgia 9 months ago
Taika & Ryan ruvid.net/video/video-Mbn7Ag-1dQ0.html
Nick Craig
Nick Craig 9 months ago
You can see the PTSD flashbacks!
manu mudgal
manu mudgal 9 months ago
Ryan to Taika: I have never met this man in my life Taika to Ryan: Korg intensifies
Matthew Delmendo
Matthew Delmendo 9 months ago
Green Lantern has the color green in it, and the color green is a feeling of discuss (Inside Out). Soo now you know why Ryan and Taika ran away from
Sparks 9 months ago
Charlie Dawson
Charlie Dawson 9 months ago
What Green Lantern film?
Sabinash nair
Sabinash nair 9 months ago
How many times is he going to play the green lantern joke..
Jeremy Lam
Jeremy Lam 9 months ago
Ryan Reynolds Ripping on green lantern is never gonna get old
dirk diggler
dirk diggler 9 months ago
Wtf was he wearing ffs
Chase Salyer
Chase Salyer 9 months ago
I will never let you forget. You did Green Lantern. It happened. It wasn’t what we expected (THOUGH NOT NEARLY AS BAD AS PEOPLE KEEP SAYING) but it exists so deal with it.
Dana White
Dana White 9 months ago
Taika is incredibly funny! What we do in the shadows is a masterpiece!
soultakerte 9 months ago
Wtf are those shoes
Good Zig
Good Zig 9 months ago
The dude on the far right... I need that sweater
The British tea drinker
They don’t remember because Deadpool killed Ryan before they could make the movie
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 9 months ago
You guys didn't have to put that in the title or the description. Have you guys ever heard of hinting?
Hello 9 months ago
Ryan the green lantern gag is getting old. let it go.
Mom0f5ive 9 months ago
I love that Ryan Reynolds acts like Green Lantern doesn't exist but at the same time its literally where he met his future wife 😂😂
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 9 months ago
He really hates that movie, huh ?
Secretly_ Batman
Secretly_ Batman 9 months ago
I don’t think they did green lantern OR green hornet I mean..PFFT those two people don’t know about them at all
David Mack
David Mack 9 months ago
Vinn Regi
Vinn Regi 9 months ago
Didn't knew Taika Waititi is into snowboarding! Really nice boots!
Shadow Neko831
Shadow Neko831 9 months ago
What’s Green Lantern? Never heard of that before
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