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Eric Rick Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss Free Guy | Official Trailer
ORIGINAL VIDEO: ruvid.net/video/video-X2m-08cOAbc.html
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Dec 10, 2019




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Comments 176
JAYESS 9 days ago
Andbody else realize they brought the Mariah Carrie classic medicine baby up in her for the trailer. Savage nastalga
Standard User
Standard User 15 days ago
Everyone is thinking GTA, I’m thinking Saints Row. Anyone else?
The BlackCat
The BlackCat 22 days ago
Everbody gangsta till the NPC started playing
Great King
Great King 25 days ago
It reminded me about that movie where Will Farrell realised that he was a book character.
Saskie Month ago
Yeah... Npc is always losers in gta 5
YouNasty ツ
YouNasty ツ Month ago
i dont like that you stopped the second guy talking it was really rude
Robert Calhoun
Robert Calhoun Month ago
Everyone says GTA but to reminds me of Saints Row
Fulcrum Month ago
Saw this in my rise of Skywalker viewing. Loved it. Cant wait to see it
The Other Devil
The Other Devil Month ago
The after credits scene will have Wreck-It Ralph show up...
MBearSoulYT 2 months ago
GTA 6 confirmed
Fenris30 2 months ago
You know the player threw his controller after Guy kills him.
TEL NATION 2 months ago
They should make this a game
Deadeye !
Deadeye ! 2 months ago
Rick and the other guy in the middle are so boring
I am
I am 2 months ago
Reverse Isekai?
CaptainNerd 2 months ago
LEGO Movie meets GTA running on TRON hardware
Jackson Wood
Jackson Wood 2 months ago
“Is that Kevin Hart?” I swear to god that mofo at the far right says the dumbest shit every single video. Literally unsubscribing because of him
Unicorn Turtle
Unicorn Turtle 2 months ago
if ready player one, lego movie and GTA Online had a baby
BioCapsule 2 months ago
It's basically Epic NPC Man: The Movie.
Vigianti Tanudjaja
Vigianti Tanudjaja 2 months ago
The Truman show premise but more violent
Jj Mmm
Jj Mmm 2 months ago
He better not be unique, hope he has clones
michael jeacock
michael jeacock 2 months ago
Taika and Ryan are very happy to finally work together for the first time ever. ruvid.net/video/video-QMWTAYfrUX4.html
ARealFairchild 2 months ago
I'm calling it now the scenes in the trailer with Taika Waititi are in the real world.
King_ Aries87
King_ Aries87 2 months ago
Is this....an actual original film???
Coco J.
Coco J. Month ago
King_ Aries87 I think so, yes
Alexandre Silva
Alexandre Silva 2 months ago
This movie is essentially an NPC in GTA online lol 🤓
wiredjerk 2 months ago
One if the best comments I've seen on the trailer was: "*Spoiler* At the end it turns out to be Deadpool playing GTA with Ryan Reynolds as his avitar."
reijavmanga 2 months ago
Free Guy... Free Fire
aja walker
aja walker 2 months ago
Are all you guys planning to go see free guy? How are you all feeling about it?
R3M1ND 2 months ago
dont know ifyou guys know 13th Floor or what its called but thats what i think is the creaziest thing what can happen in this game.. he comes out of the game as in the mind of a reallife rian and starts slaughtering people for fun
Mayor Of SexyTown
Mayor Of SexyTown 2 months ago
Such a cool idea for a movie. Going to be a treat for gamers to watch.
moongirl 2 months ago
at first i thought it was christina hendricks from mad men, once i read it was jodie, i said ooooohhh i see it now
Mäu 2 months ago
You can tell that nobody who worked for the movie has ever played a video game ever. This movie looks like it was written by somebody who was explained what GTA is by a person who saw a let's play lmao.
yellow b
yellow b 2 months ago
What? I couldn't tell that at all. You seriously got that out of the trailer? Really? I doubt you played any video games either. Lmao.
Nathaniel Ortiz
Nathaniel Ortiz 2 months ago
When RWBY VOL 7!!!
Donald Watson
Donald Watson 2 months ago
I'm seeing comments of the Lego Movie, GTA, and Truman show, but I'm seeing the guy in the pink rabbit outfit and I'm thinking this is the 2020 take on The Last Action Hero concept.
Roy L
Roy L 2 months ago
How in the hell do you not mention fortnite it is so obvious when you see the person running with the gun down the street people dressed in costumes people parachuting or skydiving down through the air and the person dancing for no reason
melvin bellew
melvin bellew 2 months ago
Is the side chick Lady from Devil May Cry
wroot 2 months ago
The premise looks kind of interesting, though not enough to watch it. And i agree, it is hard to think of a good finale. And in general. How can he become self-aware. Such an advanced AI in a video game? It seems that they just want to sell the comedy bit.
darknightangel 2 months ago
A live action Reboot movie.
Saif Yousaf
Saif Yousaf 2 months ago
Idk why but Undertale is the first thing that comes to my mind. The moment they mentioned how "players" are evil, I instantly remembered how the genocide run made me feel.
Brim Runar
Brim Runar 2 months ago
The book Mogworld does the same concept except the npc is a skeleton in a fantasy mmo
Darkside Doshi
Darkside Doshi 2 months ago
im excited to see this because its a new IP, not based on a comic book, or any franchise
Kate Lattey
Kate Lattey 2 months ago
Totally gave me Lego Movie vibes at the start too
Kah Hota Gonzales
Kah Hota Gonzales 2 months ago
6:14 It's funny you say this, but Ryan Reynolds was in a movie called "The Nines" that had a sort of Sims aspect to it. ruvid.net/video/video-c5mFAc1OTVM.html
Jinni Moo
Jinni Moo 2 months ago
You guys didn't even mention that Taika is playing the villain :(
Jinni Moo
Jinni Moo 2 months ago
@Mugdha Mahdi Shams no they weren't, you're thinking of seth rogen. ruvid.net/video/video-QMWTAYfrUX4.html
Mugdha Mahdi Shams
Mugdha Mahdi Shams 2 months ago
@Jinni Moo just sayin, they were both in the GL movie
Jinni Moo
Jinni Moo 2 months ago
@Mugdha Mahdi Shams shhh green lantern never happened
Mugdha Mahdi Shams
Mugdha Mahdi Shams 2 months ago
Green Lantern reunion
Stens 2 months ago
Its also like a Westworld where an NPC realized that he in a game.
Mugdha Mahdi Shams
Mugdha Mahdi Shams 2 months ago
All the NPCs seem to know that they're in a game. Ryan's guy seems to be the only one that doesn't want to be one anymore
Davis FourOhFour
Davis FourOhFour 2 months ago
This is what happens when Marvel holds down Deadpool 3.
fantasizer 2 months ago
This reminds me of a Korean drama I just watched about characters in a book that become self aware that they can only do what the writer makes them do what they don’t necessarily want. They find ways around it, but never permanently since the writer in the real world is in charge, who we never see.
Omar Rivas Bustinza
Omar Rivas Bustinza 2 months ago
Its GTA Online: The Movie
gym_shark918 On instagram
This is a 2019 version of last action hero
tehdipstick 2 months ago
I actually think the title is pretty clever, with multiple layers, if a little on the nose. First of all Ryan Reynolds's character is referred to as Guy throughout the trailer, and he's an NPC breaking free of his programming. Secondly, like Rick said, 'Free Guy' is an alternate term for a 1UP or extra life in gaming jargon, and as he's breaking free of his programming he's basically creating an entirely new life/existence for himself.
jensen winchester
jensen winchester 2 months ago
The pug g vibes.
manu mudgal
manu mudgal 2 months ago
Speaking of NPCs. have anyone read Hardcore Leveling Warrior?
Renaldo Pattiselanno
Nobody notice Taika Waititi???...
Sam2slow 2 months ago
The action kinda looks like the king's men
DiamondRhino64 2 months ago
NPC gone rogue sounds amazing
DTIII 2 months ago
This looks fun lol
Nevieth 2 months ago
It's gonna be such an amazingly bad movie! :D
Nova M.
Nova M. 2 months ago
Oh, fuck no. Like the world needs another The Gamer story.
TG Maps
TG Maps 2 months ago
If it was like GTA the cops would shoot you just for stand near them too long.
Steve McCoy
Steve McCoy 2 months ago
The name of the city in the game is Free City and his name is guy which technically makes him a Free guy. Plus it is about him becoming free of his npc status. I think it's a clever title
bigwil335 2 months ago
that make sens but in france the movie is called free player, they might just want to make it sound like ready player 1.
Luciphell 2 months ago
Only problem I have with it is the change to making him the "chosen one" who has to become the hero.
ARealFairchild 2 months ago
If he's fighting the players technically he would be a bad guy, so you could say that in this movie the protagonist becomes the world's greatest villain.
Alex Casillas
Alex Casillas 2 months ago
Luciphell I agree except I think their trying to make fun of the trope while using it. It looks like a comedy movie after all. Personally I’d have the ‘chosen one’ killed and then someone lame like this guy would have to be the hero.
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