FREE GUY Official Trailer (NEW 2020) Ryan Reynolds Action Movie HD

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FREE GUY Official Trailer (NEW 2020) Ryan Reynolds Action Video Game Movie HD
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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 100
KOZACK 5 hours ago
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Michael Solheim Kehus
It says july3...but where is the movie? I haven't seen for streaming, buying or in the movietheatre anywhere!?!
Fátima Llerena Llana
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Aditya Elanda
Aditya Elanda 7 days ago
Its September now.
uncharted7again black king
Yep gta 5 the movie version hmmmm did i just come up with something
Mayank Gaming Station
This collab was lit 😍
Dave Allen
Dave Allen 14 days ago
Has this been released yet? If not, does anyone know when?
No Name
No Name 15 days ago
This is "Epic NPC Man" The Movie
Mogalista v1
Mogalista v1 21 day ago
good, I wanna see npc doing these on my single player full mod world.
griweam 3
griweam 3 26 days ago
I thought this was a 2018 trailer Jesus a 2020 movie wow why brain?
pak beb
pak beb Month ago
jamilhossain monir
KingTato Month ago
Welcome to gta
daminh26 Month ago
I'm here for Villanelle!!! Those who know will know.
AJ Alseon Javern
isn't he the one who played Deadpool when his face wasn't burnt
Dua Belas 12
Dua Belas 12 Month ago
Free Guy (2020) Full Movie HD Full Movie Streaming ======================================== ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ ➼ t.co/xR1ScdPXVM?freeguy/dije All Subtitles I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli per avvicinarsi troppo ндээс HD-ийн чанартай дүрс бүхий дэлхийн хамгийн сүүлийн үеийн, бүрэн гүйцэд кинонуудыг үзэх болно Mensile Cabal? Al giorno d'oggi, tuttavia, si e olturasızbı? Šī trakā filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeidzu Leurs états de santé
emre ustundag
emre ustundag Month ago
aladdin 2019
Emre Derinalp
Emre Derinalp Month ago
Movie the name please ???
Adam Faturrachman
Imagine you play GTA V, you robbed a bank but suddenly an npc jumped on to you, take over your gun and kill you.
Silver Commando
Silver Commando Month ago
When an NPC had enough
Griffin Moore
Griffin Moore Month ago
I want Deadpool but we got this “Guy”
olamide obatomi
olamide obatomi Month ago
How can I not watch this?!!!!
The Disciple
The Disciple Month ago
So basically he's a woke npc?or am i wrong
some good name
some good name 2 months ago
When a gta npc gains sentience
Emo Nemo
Emo Nemo 2 months ago
Why does this remind me of The Lego Movie..
Terry Wyatt
Terry Wyatt 2 months ago
Just so you know its the 28th of July 2020. So what the fuck. This movie of all movies comes out and the world shuts down. Fuck me sideways
Anna-Marie Butcher
Anna-Marie Butcher 2 months ago
What a bummer that this movie has been delayed due to this stupid covid 19 pandemic 😡
precious tabernero
precious tabernero 2 months ago
Miłosz Kurczyński
Miłosz Kurczyński 2 months ago
what a waste of Jodie Comer talent..
Kira Senpai Yandere
Kira Senpai Yandere 2 months ago
Why i feel like this trailer have reaction is more slower than 4k trailer version. Since 4k trailer is very quick speed
Yuke Baba
Yuke Baba 2 months ago
Ex high ted haha
TrippBuilds 2 months ago
Steve harington what are you doing in a video game
Philip Seitz
Philip Seitz 2 months ago
0:09 from the studio that brought you the woke, unnecessary and totally cash grab versions of movies from your childhood brings you a movie that actually looks original and not the least bit like social commentary.... One can hope anyway..
Cidolfus Orlandeau
Cidolfus Orlandeau 2 months ago
feminist garbage. Shit movie. Stick to Deadpool Reynolds.
Q69573 2 months ago
the woman is in charge. Makes fun of the man without need. wtf. shit movie
Amanda Diko
Amanda Diko 2 months ago
Northern Wisconsin And Stuff. Not a Bad Life.
GTA Online Servers: Gains sentience. People in real life: get randomly sniped... ...get randomly robbed, blown up, satisfied physically then killed and robbed, send police, send military to fight back. GTA Online Servers: kills self to avoid hassle. Goes to bunker, rage buys armored flying vehicle, unlimited ammo. Comes back starts choas. People in real life: Team up out of frustration and finally shoot down armored flying vehicle. GTA Online Servers: Continue to use turret from crashed armored flying vehicle. Kills self to preserve kill ratio. Hacks system into god mode. Starts WWIII. ... Future aliens visiting ruins of planet Earth: ***finds old PS4 system*** "This holds a disc called GTA V. Looks interesting..."
GOING EASY 2 months ago
Ryan Reynolds is basically a NPC glitch
Sofiya Ermolenko
Sofiya Ermolenko 2 months ago
Where is Lazarbeam 😆😆😆
Christienah 2 months ago
That is all we need. More fantasy hero's and videos games.
Roberts jack
Roberts jack 2 months ago
0;43 okay not watching now.
Ai Ely
Ai Ely 2 months ago
where can we watch this movie?
XxTE5TxX. PZ5 2 months ago
It’s not out
Jonny Chan
Jonny Chan 2 months ago
Im just gonna start calling this movie "Freemode" lol👍🦾
Tamchi silpy
Tamchi silpy 2 months ago
Jodie Comer!!!!!!
chungongman biyanka
chungongman biyanka 2 months ago
very thankful I can now support my family all thanks to the help of this here, *e z h i g h p a y .c o m*
paula alexander
paula alexander 2 months ago
Looks awesome.
_Red Samurai_
_Red Samurai_ 2 months ago
Grand theft auto the movie: an NPCs revenge
_Red Samurai_
_Red Samurai_ 2 months ago
Gta5 servers be like
Joan Islas
Joan Islas 2 months ago
I cant believe that Disney make this kind of travish , aggresive and stupid movies...
Mr Wolf
Mr Wolf 2 months ago
When you hop in gta 5 online:
Tanaya Molina
Tanaya Molina 2 months ago
This movie look like what it would be like in 2050
So are the movie theaters open now or what????
Smooth 0817
Smooth 0817 2 months ago
2:14 is that RDJ?
Lawl Lawl
Lawl Lawl 2 months ago
Wot is age rate
Cheesecake Is Amazing :D
I’m already dying of laughter because of this music and trailer-
[J.P] _
[J.P] _ 3 months ago
When is it dropping
XxTE5TxX. PZ5 3 months ago
Butter Brain
Butter Brain 3 months ago
I honestly thought the title would be Grand theft Auto for a moment
Dredgen Virgil009
Dredgen Virgil009 3 months ago
So they took invention of lying and ready player 1 and made this. Uggh
Carla Roberta
Carla Roberta 3 months ago
que de mais
R M 3 months ago
Looks stupid
Ernesto Guevarra
Ernesto Guevarra 3 months ago
This looks So Stupid.
bossszeykalmansur iibnheffnerihussein
movie ryan reynolds movie some jerkas ryan stil dadpool ick bad guys going this go on mr pool
Smoke Rise
Smoke Rise 3 months ago
You punk ass gamer boi virgins are going to love this shit. No thanks 👎
Trumps Plans
Trumps Plans 3 months ago
This reminds me of liberals trying to get rid of police officers
Edan Brown
Edan Brown 3 months ago
Trying to introduce an augmented reality, by making it funny.
Mr Khai
Mr Khai 3 months ago
reminds me of RIPD
Bootywarrior Salazar
True life story of 2020 in America
BigAli27 3 months ago
It’s GTA 6!
Rosi Rosario
Rosi Rosario 3 months ago
Que croods FREE GUY ES Guy 🆚 Guy
Gastly42957 3 months ago
We need this to be real
jason elicker
jason elicker 3 months ago
6th underground was awful...I stopped watching
Seiyten 3 months ago
Can't wait for this dumb movies just cause its Ryan Reynolds doing what he does best
Nicholas Tran
Nicholas Tran 3 months ago
this movie has explained the entire year of 2020
Ynffy 3 months ago
"Hey Ryan, it's your cousin Roman. Let's go bowling!"
Afif Danial
Afif Danial 3 months ago
ahh man.. i know the ending already, they all left bcs there are so many griefers and hackers
Jason Harmes
Jason Harmes 3 months ago
Omg yes!
no body
no body 3 months ago
Heaton 3 months ago
I can't wait to see this movie!! Looks so good and fun!!
Bilqeyis Muellime
Bilqeyis Muellime 3 months ago
drunk killz
drunk killz 3 months ago
running up that hill
Aussie 100%
Aussie 100% 3 months ago
WOW , Ryan Reynolds is so one dimension , his movie's are basically the same character everytime just diffrent clothe's ! Deadpool was better in RED . LOL
Virtual Rasta
Virtual Rasta 3 months ago
Sooo....Fortnite = "Lifetime Supply Of Virginity"??? Deleted!!
Jay Velasquez
Jay Velasquez 3 months ago
Deadpool unmasked
Shelby 1
Shelby 1 3 months ago
He says thing we wanna say without repercussions that’s why we like him. Truth in comedy.
Saltzisch 3 months ago
Is this america right now.?
kovacs eugen
kovacs eugen 4 months ago
OMG Deadpool is playing Ryan Reynold
dana madeleine ermita
Isn't this like the live action version of the lego movie? But it's ryan reynolds so i'll watch it anyway.
Juxtaposed Lime
Juxtaposed Lime 4 months ago
GTA Online: The Movie.
Laughing Fest
Laughing Fest 4 months ago
Everyone: *hyped to watch new crazy awesome movies in 2020* 2020: well... already got new plans
Travis Loos
Travis Loos 4 months ago
Trash. Terrible writing.
latieraqueen87 Pacheco
Green Lantern and Deadpool retired or on vacation.
He's a national treasure - oh wait, forgot he's Canadian. 🤣 Why can't I see this movie now? 🙌🏼
fadoden koc
fadoden koc 4 months ago
when will the studio stop investing on this guy?
Ghaith Al nuimee
Ghaith Al nuimee 4 months ago
Wat neam the move
ViralVideos 4 months ago
5G augmented reality, coming to you really soon
Authentic Tron
Authentic Tron 4 months ago
His Deadpool character hasn't change even a bit.
Royeee Maxi
Royeee Maxi 4 months ago
It's crazy
Dennis Allen
Dennis Allen 4 months ago
Mann ryan act so gay and every movie
OFFICIAL APEX 4 months ago
I'm here for jacksepticeye and Ryan renolds
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