FREE GUY Official Trailer (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Superhero Movie HD

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FREE GUY Official Trailer (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Superhero Movie HD
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A bank teller discovers that he's actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game.

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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 3 867
Blue Brix Productions
Blue Brix Productions 16 minutes ago
Adding explosions, gunshots and a big fat bullet hole in a mans chest simply doesn’t change the fact that this still feels like a Disney movie, even with Ryan Reynolds in it doesn’t really feel like an action movie, but I guess it’s what makes Disney unique.
rcolin497 22 hours ago
2:13 My boy Taika Waititi! ^_^
Tanus Eduardo Gemelli
Assim que lançarem o Patch de atualização o filme será cancelado...
Joe BoomBots
Joe BoomBots 2 days ago
It's called propaganda entertainment. "Give them bread and entertainment, and they will never question you" -Emperor Vespasian
Spencer J Elliott
I'll watch this just to look at her.
kollmik kkk
kollmik kkk 3 days ago
It's GTA 5 hmmn
devon fowler
devon fowler 3 days ago
On one of his videos a youtuber named LAZARBEAM said he was going to be in this movie
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 3 days ago
*gta 5 irl*
Jess 3 days ago
Ready Player One 2.0
BezzY 5 days ago
can't hear this song and not think of It's always sunny in Philadelphia
searching_ _1337
searching_ _1337 5 days ago
0:42 and that destroyed the whole movie
Rehan Khan
Rehan Khan 5 days ago
Its a Gluck in your pocket.. No.... Ohhhhhhh. No its two glucks
The lady Cat
The lady Cat 5 days ago
Everytime i see ryan reynolds face i remeber elle wood’s phrase: “when i dress up as a frigid bitch i try not to look so constipated “ i hate this guy
KA1OQN 5 days ago
gta movie trailer be like:
krkrtl s
krkrtl s 5 days ago
Sago napion la
Nate Boyd
Nate Boyd 5 days ago
Is Taiko the developer?
Жизнь Автомеханика
Русские есть?
Badulaques 6 days ago
Ryan hahahahahahReynolds
Dany B
Dany B 6 days ago
GTA won’t be the same
sirchicken food
sirchicken food 6 days ago
Ryan Reynolds and 'humor action movies' so overrated... sick of random funny crap. It ruins the movie.
Moseh Khayim
Moseh Khayim 6 days ago
Looks like this director was on every drug known to man
Saskie 6 days ago
This city is los angeles and it looks like gta movie... Hm.. When i search gta the movie this movie goes into the list?? I think it isss!!!
Ninja 2.0
Ninja 2.0 6 days ago
nobody 12 year olds: *they used the tiktok song*
Brandon Hartley
Brandon Hartley 7 days ago
Come subscribe🖖
Willysmb44 7 days ago
Interesting concept. Ryan Reynolds better get as many of these types of movies while he's still young, as I have a feeling once he's too old, the roles will dry up pretty quick...
Jon Leo
Jon Leo 7 days ago
Grand theft auto meets the matrix meets Ryan Reynolds
Simon Persson
Simon Persson 7 days ago
Fortnite in a movie 2020....
MLMc Productions
MLMc Productions 7 days ago
July is too long away.
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith 7 days ago
It's almost like a live action lego movie 😂
Börgr 8 days ago
Where can I buy this game?
MrYeast 8 days ago
I would love to watch this but, jacksepticeye is in this
zarbond 21
zarbond 21 8 days ago
Just another STUPID-HERO movie
Llegamos a los 1000 subs?
Lo veré en Netflix :')
Mohammadreza Kallantari
تازگی اصلا نمیشه فیلم دانلود کرد یوتویو بی مصرف شده
Tony 8 days ago
Hello mother fuc
[LLJ] Joegrizzly
[LLJ] Joegrizzly 8 days ago
I want him to be the leader of my squad in ww3
Did I just see the guy who played Steve from strange things?
EpicKid LazyKid
EpicKid LazyKid 9 days ago
Where’s lazarbeam
crackedcookies 9 days ago
NPC playing as Player. That's interesting for about five minutes
Simply Fathir
Simply Fathir 9 days ago
cant wait
Elena Hernandez
Elena Hernandez 9 days ago
Gta online
Dexter 9 days ago
The new spongebob movie looking 🔥🔥🔥
Shuckle 9 days ago
Movie would have been better if wasn't a video game movie.
mister Savage boi
mister Savage boi 10 days ago
We did get Lion King and we did get those movies how the fuck did you know urine fucking 2019 I'm in 2020. ¿🤔? 😕!
Bear face
Bear face 10 days ago
It’s just another Rockstar glitch lol
Gyatso Suarez
Gyatso Suarez 10 days ago
so basically wreck it ralph
kishore venkatachalam
It's Lego the movie and GTA mixed 😂
Jessila 10 days ago
i demand lazarbeam!
aWebtoon reader
aWebtoon reader 10 days ago
Came here for Jacksepticeye and left with a life time supply of virginity--- wait what
Vindoe 10 days ago
Welcome to GTA the movie
ilya pankin
ilya pankin 10 days ago
is that a glock in your pocket?
Rana Haseeb Rana
Rana Haseeb Rana 11 days ago
Mei Mei
Mei Mei 11 days ago
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Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton 11 days ago
TalalioisKewl 11 days ago
GTA V Online... but the npc is alive
Kenny 11 days ago
He's a bullshit actor...lol..🙄
sisc Moug
sisc Moug 11 days ago
Man future gta updates be crazy
stutts 1895
stutts 1895 11 days ago
James Field
James Field 11 days ago
Looks like Fortnite made into a movie
ALBERT NYASIMI 11 days ago
next big thing in the silver screens; ryan reynolds never dissapoints
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