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Check out the First Look at the cast of Free Guy! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: July 3, 2020
Starring: Jodie Comer, Ryan Reynolds, Taika Waititi
Directed By: Shawn Levy
Synopsis: A bank teller discovers that he's actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game.
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Oct 3, 2019




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Comments 100
Movieclips Trailers
Starring Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi and Joe Keery - meet the cast of Free Guy!
Liam Yao
Liam Yao Month ago
Movieclips Trailers what about Lannan Eacott
bryandech4rt *ೃ༄
where’s jacksepticeye!?!?!?!
TheCrimsonLord 9 months ago
and starring Jacksepticeye
AM 4444
AM 4444 9 months ago
ItsDrp542 11 months ago
torduc22 2 days ago
Imagine if stranger things killing eve and Deadpool came all together
Julio A
Julio A Month ago
Idc about the RUvidrs in the movie🤣, I’m here for Steve Harrington👀
Me:Looking for Lazar and Ninja Comment:Nah I luv jacksepticeye
deborah lariscy
deborah lariscy 2 months ago
hahahahah leave it to a Ryan video to have droll humor !!!
galaxygamesforever 3 months ago
Where is lazarbeam
Lustrous 3 months ago
It's the scoops ahoy boy himself
Aaron Strong
Aaron Strong 4 months ago
He said ight imma head out
quack girl
quack girl 5 months ago
yall may think im lying- but i just read through 229 comments 😭😂😬
AVNgn 5 months ago
I'm here for Lady Deadpool = Jodie Comer
Golden Bug -B127
Golden Bug -B127 5 months ago
Pog 5 months ago
EnErgy_Hazard 6 months ago
i thought lazarbeam was in this
IamARobot 4 months ago
not a main character
Quickle pickle The cat
Everyone asking about where jacksepticeye is, this video only has the major cast, and I’m not sure how large his role is so it most likely wouldn’t be in this video.
RubyLitten 6 months ago
Where's jack?
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 7 months ago
Classic mainstream forgetting about the RUvidr jacksepticeye, because he's not "a real celebrity" even tho he's probaly raised more money than all of them combined
quack girl
quack girl 5 months ago
thats so toxic but i love it
TraGik PiG07
TraGik PiG07 7 months ago
I've never seen green lantern, is it that bad, even the editors didn't see it.
Rasley Rockson
Rasley Rockson 7 months ago
The BlackCat
The BlackCat 8 months ago
im here because of Jacksepticeye
quack girl
quack girl 5 months ago
Slick-O-Nick 8 months ago
I'm Just Here To See Jack
adam fair
adam fair 8 months ago
guys what about lazarbeam
Suvra Pal
Suvra Pal 8 months ago
Where the hell is Lazarbeam, Pokimane, Ninja and Jackscepticeye?
IamARobot 4 months ago
theyre cameos theyre not main characters
WeeAdAm HdG
WeeAdAm HdG 9 months ago
I’m here saying WHERE THE HELL IS SEÀN
Ava 3 months ago
@Natsue Funayama WHAT HOW WHY WHEN WHERE?!
Natsue Funayama
Natsue Funayama 3 months ago
@Ava YES WHERE IS JACKABOY- wait someone said he's not one of the main characters...
Ava 6 months ago
WeeAdAm HdG séan. Theres two ways, and i can correct you bc im irish but i agree I AM ONLY HERE FOR JACKABOY
Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy 9 months ago
where's Jack?
IamARobot 4 months ago
not a main character
Alpha Noodle
Alpha Noodle 9 months ago
comments: I like [insert actor here] me: where is jack
Natsue Funayama
Natsue Funayama 3 months ago
Aren't we all?
Camila Burga-Alcon
Camila Burga-Alcon 9 months ago
*cough cough* where is Seán W. Mcloughlinn
Ava 6 months ago
Burga-Alcon Camila well done you know his full name xD
Vincent Maurizi
Vincent Maurizi 9 months ago
where is jacksepticeye
TheCrimsonLord 9 months ago
where is Seán McLoughlin also know as Jacksepticeye. I know he's in the movie
Joey Baptista
Joey Baptista Month ago
Julio A ware what
Julio A
Julio A Month ago
He’s in it as a cameo
Joey Baptista
Joey Baptista 3 months ago
Natsue Funayama yes
Natsue Funayama
Natsue Funayama 3 months ago
@Joey Baptista wait really?
HeyIts Dizzy
HeyIts Dizzy 3 months ago
Lazar beam
Alex Mirrors
Alex Mirrors 9 months ago
It’s funny how Ryan is such a big fan right after Thor ragnarok
Peppermint Tea
Peppermint Tea 9 months ago
It's Steve!
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy 9 months ago
Neither of us are seth rogan😂😂
AngelLestat2 9 months ago
The biggest name here. JODIE COMER!!!! She is just amazing at any character. Super talented.
Ravi Parinussa
Ravi Parinussa 9 months ago
I love how everything with Ryan Reynolds is a joke
deborah lariscy
deborah lariscy 2 months ago
naturally funny guy !
Joshua Wald
Joshua Wald 9 months ago
Is this a deadpool movie?
Avynera 10 months ago
2 of 3 my fav actors! Ryan and Joe!
Sofia 10 months ago
whats the restriction?
Ahsan Siddiqui
Ahsan Siddiqui 10 months ago
Shall not speak of Green Lantern!
Driftar 10 months ago
I can’t find the trailer?
Ritzy 11 months ago
This Freeguy looks like it gonna be even worse than Green lantern😂🤣
Jubez 11 months ago
Well bugger, was my fav ? Fanboys got wrong.
No Yes?
No Yes? 11 months ago
Who's here cuz of lazarbeam?
Lady Stag
Lady Stag 11 months ago
They wanted to forget the shame of green lantern
Glasshalf_Pessimistic 11 months ago
I actually do confuse Green Hornet and Green Lantern.
Blake Maddox
Blake Maddox 11 months ago
So they don’t mention jacksepticeye, ninja, pokimane, or lazarbeam. Wow even Hollywood hates gaming
IamARobot 4 months ago
theyre cameos not main characters
Rhianna Rajput
Rhianna Rajput 11 months ago
Green lantern was the first 12 rated movie I saw lol, I was 7 🤷🏽‍♀️😂
Alexa De Santiago
Alexa De Santiago 11 months ago
Night Bot
Night Bot 11 months ago
I came cuz of LazarBeam
TheDuoTwins 11 months ago
Jacksepticeye and the game theorist should be in this.
shotonshitteo 11 months ago
Just found out about this movie by seeing the poster when I saw The Joker today.
ikick25 11 months ago
wheres laserbeam
Solo-_- Michael
Solo-_- Michael 11 months ago
Where's lazarbeam
Animal Gammer
Animal Gammer 11 months ago
I heard lazarbeam was here
Mk 4K
Mk 4K 11 months ago
Soggy Mufinz
Soggy Mufinz 11 months ago
Is the guy on the right the guy made of rocks in thor ragnacoc
Gruff 11 months ago
Wifi thing
Wifi thing 11 months ago
WHERES LAZER BEAM (Dis a joke please dont hurt me)
Kasan Peters
Kasan Peters 11 months ago
wheres lazar beam?
maestro 11 months ago
Starring Lazarbeam
NerdPig 11 months ago
Lazar beam is in this :D
Demskittles1890 11 months ago
Gamrrtron 6390
Gamrrtron 6390 11 months ago
I just want Lazarbeam
SaltyBoi_NZ 11 months ago
Isn’t LazarBeam supposed to be in this
Prideluxe 11 months ago
Can we mention the fact the Lazarbeam is in this movie?
TooMuchLemons 5 months ago
even jack
Kazoo634 11 months ago
Where’s LAZARBEAM???????
zubwack 11 months ago
Can’t wait to see lazer beam in it
Anikucumber Skywalker
Anikucumber Skywalker 11 months ago
Isn’t Lannan in this movie?
IamARobot 4 months ago
yeh its a cameo
Your Username: Here
Your Username: Here 11 months ago
don't see lazarbum
Caden 11 months ago
Where’s laser beam
ForeverKnight 11 months ago
Who's here because lazarbeam is allegedly in this movie.
quack girl
quack girl 5 months ago
im here for lazerbeam and sean
Ariel Perez
Ariel Perez 9 months ago
They released the trailer
Blake Maddox
Blake Maddox 11 months ago
My brother was watching that video so the i looked up the movie and I hate the movie already
speedy reen
speedy reen 11 months ago
Me yeet
Clark Olander
Clark Olander 11 months ago
ElvisGameuptime 11 months ago
where is Lannan Eacott
Dynamo LandShark
Dynamo LandShark 11 months ago
But where's Lazarbeam?!
IamARobot 4 months ago
hes not actually a main character
Hugo Perez
Hugo Perez 11 months ago
We don’t say the G word around Ryan 😂
Frederick Corral
Frederick Corral 11 months ago
Where are LazarBeam, Ninja and, Jacksepticeye?
Natsue Funayama
Natsue Funayama 3 months ago
Wh- Ninja is here too?
TooMuchLemons 5 months ago
@littleBIGdaniel _ jacksepticeye is there in the movie
Ølezka 8 months ago
Lol he is now ACTUALLY famous on the deadpool movie
Macy Jennings
Macy Jennings 8 months ago
BadAss Dan apparently they are in the movie but I am not sure if it’s true.
littleBIGdaniel _
littleBIGdaniel _ 8 months ago
@Suvra Pal what r u on about this has nothing to do with them
Victor Fitch
Victor Fitch 11 months ago
Why isn’t lazarbeam on this
ToM_ 14
ToM_ 14 11 months ago
Where is lazarbeam
IamARobot 4 months ago
hes not a main character
Conner Howell
Conner Howell 11 months ago
Where’s lazer beam
Shane C
Shane C 11 months ago
I have a secret but this is true lazarbeam is in this movie not kidding if he’s not in it get this to 1,000 dislikes
Glitch 11 months ago
Elyjah Settle
Elyjah Settle 11 months ago
ッDisco 11 months ago
John Derek Russell
John Derek Russell 11 months ago
where is Lazar Beam???
Doggo the DOGE
Doggo the DOGE 11 months ago
Anyone here from Lazarbeam?
Gamerstorm 95
Gamerstorm 95 11 months ago
I think lazar beem is going to be in this movie
Mad Zac
Mad Zac 11 months ago
Colossal Guitar
Colossal Guitar 11 months ago
Lazarbeam ?
LloydDoctorz 11 months ago
Anyone know the age rating?
quack girl
quack girl 5 months ago
im wondering that too..
wjveryzer7985 Year ago
Ill say it, Green lantern was not that bad
Vittorio Fabregas
Blake Lively: "Hey babe, remmeber when we met?" Ryan Reynolds: "No"
Kiya Lee Levy Runaya
People still stuck on the Green Lantern jokes? -_- The movie wasn't even that bad. Marvel Studios has made far worse pieces of garbage. Far worse.
wjveryzer7985 Year ago
i never understood the hate! I actually dug it!
Adam Carlson
Adam Carlson Year ago
Hahahaha! Green Lantern sucked and I love that Ryan Reynolds 💩s on it so much.
Asia Mau
Asia Mau Year ago
Jodie comer Choke me please 😍😍😂
Alex Hartsell
Alex Hartsell Year ago
Ha! Ha! Classic that Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi doesn't want to be reminded of Green Lantern cause that movie was so god awful.
Dread Prime
Dread Prime Year ago
Lol all of this leading to a green lantern joke.
Nebraska Hung
Nebraska Hung Year ago
Villanelle and Deadpool...killing it Ryan.
Hears Green Lantern, left the chat XD
Noelle-Spades Year ago
At least I have something to look forward to after the school year. I don't even care what this movie is about I just want to see collective talent share a screen and have great chemistry together.
gybaly Year ago
where is lazerbeam???
Julio Augusto
Julio Augusto Year ago
Ryan Reynolds is now fated to play Deadpool-type characters for the rest of his life or else he'll become irrelevant again. smh
Julio Augusto
Julio Augusto 11 months ago
@Dale I honestly don't even care anymore, too lazy to continue this bs. I have my opinions, you have yours. There will never be an agreement between us. If we continue arguing come next year we'll still be at it like a pair of idiots. Let it be
Dale 11 months ago
@Julio Augusto woah there, who mentioned his flaws?? Not me?? I'll go against anyone who criticizes him?? Where are you getting that from?? You said he will become irrelevant again. And I pointed out he never was irrelevant. Unless you know of a previous time when Ryan was irrelevant?? I don't know why you think you know me and how blind I am. Seriously, where did that even come from?? Infact I never said Ryan wasn't a one trick pony, or that he won't do Deadpool type roles from now on. You've totally made an argument with yourself...
Julio Augusto
Julio Augusto 11 months ago
@Dale There it is, you just said it yourself. You're a fan of the guy. You'll never be able to see his flaws and you'll go against anyone who criticizes him. In the meantime I just watched Hobbs & Shaw where Ryan Reynolds was again playing another character with Deadpool-type of humor. Then you'll obviously go on and tell me he's not become a one trick pony. I'm so glad I'm not blind like you when it comes to artists I admire.
Dale 11 months ago
@Julio Augusto being a fan since I was a child does not make me a stalker. Good try though, Buddy. Go check out some of his early movies and stop being a Deadpool poser
Julio Augusto
Julio Augusto 11 months ago
@Dale You sound like a Ryan Reynolds stalker
Amazanta Year ago
That’s the worst nightmare for everyone
Ruscoe FTW
Ruscoe FTW Year ago
So where’s ninja and jacksepticeye
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