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Ryan Reynolds
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In Theaters, July 3rd, 2020.

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Dec 6, 2019




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Gem Bocobo
Gem Bocobo 2 days ago
If this shows up in yt ads after I watch this I'm not even gonna skip hahhahah
THEE JiBooty
THEE JiBooty 2 days ago
"Ryan what the hell was that?" I'M DEAD
Eriana septika
Eriana septika 3 days ago
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Maria Immacolata Amorelli
said it before will say it again, Ryan, you're an /inter/national treasure. Give him a damehood (noo...sorry not that) um... a KNIGHTHOOD, a COMMANDER--something.., ship? possibly... hell you've got the message, folks, LET'S GE T A PETITION GOING!!!
Rita Macwan
Rita Macwan 4 days ago
Joe Kerry is so quiet and peaceful in his way.
Nathan Mc
Nathan Mc 5 days ago
Ohhhhh I want the doll!!!
Ryan Lue Sang
Ryan Lue Sang 7 days ago
When they didn’t laugh from the “I fell in love with this blue shirt”
Tom Keating
Tom Keating 7 days ago
Just funny, as its the world we now live in
Classic Dannyboy
Classic Dannyboy 8 days ago
how can i get the t-shirt?
lola brini
lola brini 8 days ago
i cant quite decide if ryan hired these nobodies to give them a career boost😇... or if he just wanted to be the main focus of the movie🤣
Christopher Phillips
rel was drawn to this movie so he could learn how real actors act
Cristopher 9 days ago
Ryan Reynolds is the future of advertising and marketing
SD 10 days ago
The blonde looks like Ivanka Trump....
Island King
Island King 11 days ago
when the "Retail value" is 499.99
Heimdall Æsir
Heimdall Æsir 11 days ago
That was Guy Ritchie calling
Senaxion Aria
Senaxion Aria 12 days ago
now i want it
MatiZ815 12 days ago
Must have been Guy Pearce.
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar 12 days ago
0:35 100% Semi-breathable cotton.😂😂
Liban Ahmed
Liban Ahmed 13 days ago
Ryan Reynolds for PM 🇨🇦
Deacon Thompson
Deacon Thompson 13 days ago
Ryan Reynolds is my favourite human being
Alexander Gomes
Alexander Gomes 15 days ago
Over a year a still no movie. The wait is worse than the Green lantern movie
Nadir Constanci Decoração de Interiores
Impact Phantom
Impact Phantom 18 days ago
Coming summer, 2020 Corona: Allow me to introduce myself
Hyper Shadow Sniper 176
Someone who's seen Naruto will be like "Nani?!"
HeNnry 18 days ago
David Larcher
David Larcher 23 days ago
Another laugh. Thank Ryan.
playa jaxd
playa jaxd 24 days ago
hey you might want to change that "In Theaters, July 3rd, 2020. "
Awesome Aidan
Awesome Aidan 25 days ago
When do we get to see the movie
Riley Meister
Riley Meister 25 days ago
Guy has been in prison for years, one day he shall be free
zyaskya sters
zyaskya sters 28 days ago
free-guy-black.blogspot.com Movie 100%ori {{,, f'u "l'l M'o'V'i"E HD Online }} ◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙ гитутян ------>>>>>
Finally a scouser in a mainstream movie, YEEEESSS
Yellow Knight
Yellow Knight Month ago
I actually wouldn’t mind to see a Super Bowl commercial for an actual product in this style (with slightly different commentary to make it its own thing, but still) after quarantine
moleculardrugs Month ago
omg I thought this was a skit and Ryan was playing someone literally known as Free Guy 😅
Kamryn Lincoln
Kamryn Lincoln Month ago
So this is basiclly fortnite the movie or gta?
Ali HN
Ali HN Month ago
Wade, your Ryan Reynolds is showing😂
d.a c.h
d.a c.h Month ago
When you got to make a Buck on the side
Brad Leavitt
Brad Leavitt Month ago
I actually would buy the name tag. :-)
kurgan Month ago
Does it feel bad that your only successful venture was Deadpool, and that everything else is box office poison?
Minidemigod Month ago
joe keery aced the vid
Legit though. $16.99USD for a 'GUY' badge AND a Ryan Renolds life like worker doll. #Bargain
cryptnick Month ago
Ryan Reynolds could sell me anything.
Navid Karimi
Navid Karimi Month ago
It's summer of 2020 where is the movie ?
Giancarlo San Miguel French
Who is here during quarantine when the movie was supposed to come out a month ago
Terence K
Terence K 16 days ago
I can't wait to catch the Wuban vlrus in the cinemas!
Stickman Wut
Stickman Wut Month ago
I actually had a friend called Guy.
Gue Verdura
Gue Verdura Month ago
Summer 2020... well that didn't go so well...
Inge Peterson
Inge Peterson Month ago
But there is no movie🤔😭
Nunya Biznes
Nunya Biznes Month ago
I've just binge watched an hour of ads... I paid for RUvid premium so I didn't have to watch ads.
Anemoi Yang
Anemoi Yang Month ago
“ summer 2020”
Siddharth Month ago
Is that steve
Karina Hunter
Karina Hunter Month ago
oh Ryan, you're the best! please, please, please convince them to release Free Guy online... I'd pay $24.99 for VOD on youtube!
Muhammad Hasan
Muhammad Hasan Month ago
Plot twist: That guy named Guy was actually Guy Ritchie
James Muir
James Muir Month ago
Me: yes we finally get to see joe Kerry (Steve Harrington) in a movie and can not wait for free guy to release. Covid 19: Couple of months later depression starts kicking in.
Blaxer Month ago
Everything RR is doing is actually a script written by Deadpool.
Gergő Varga
Gergő Varga Month ago
Ryan: "In Theaters, July 3rd, 2020." 2020: LOL
Nerdy Nugget
Nerdy Nugget 2 months ago
I wanna collectible tie
star manor
star manor 2 months ago
Sandia Bharath
Sandia Bharath 2 months ago
Is his shirt color blue or lilac
Adam 2 months ago
Lionel Stark
Lionel Stark 2 months ago
I love you Ryan
ABS_Big1Edd 3 months ago
Who's here only because of lazarbeam
pm.poke09 pokemon
pm.poke09 pokemon 2 months ago
GameRoss 3 months ago
Ryan Reynold's advertising skill is another level. I wouldn't be surprised if he become more richer than Bill Gates.
Gvantsa Sakaruli
Gvantsa Sakaruli 3 months ago
Man! Love your angel eyes and devilish language, the best ever
Thunderbolt5827 3 months ago
I really want a “Little Guy guy”
Jian Lin
Jian Lin 3 months ago
Why is the FreeGuy costume blue?
Bobby bobson
Bobby bobson 3 months ago
yes, I agree
badassmorse 4 months ago
I'm really gonna watch this just for Jodie huh
Nathan Allen
Nathan Allen 4 months ago
Ryan Reynolds could pitch anything to me and if i had the money I'd buy it in a heartbeat
Steve White
Steve White 4 months ago
Calling on Ryan Renold What up!!!!!!
848 W6sq3
848 W6sq3 4 months ago
Hey it's people never want meet for any reason ever , Hollywood garbage
knotsandcrosses1 4 months ago
Would've been fun if they'd had Deadpool call in...
John Smith
John Smith 4 months ago
Ryan reynolds is wow he can fucking kill anyone in reverse sarcasm
TheAlphaTeamPlays 4 months ago
[What drew you to Free Guy] “I’d say the cast” He just wanted to meet Ninja
peter jurkovic
peter jurkovic 4 months ago
get the fuck outta town....
SherlockWho 4 months ago
OMG! The phone number actually works and it's a pre-recorded message from Ryan lmao. Hilarious!
Kc Haze
Kc Haze 4 months ago
Ryan: "We're Disney now..." Me: OMG!! Noooooooooo! Who in their right mind would ever admit that? Smh. 😥
SMILE yes 5 months ago
Where lannan and jacksepticeye
Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips 5 months ago
Free Guy the game
BloxGaming 5 months ago
I am so happy that Steve Harrington is actually in this video for more than 1 second.
Tony Qin
Tony Qin 5 months ago
I actually called the number
emercycrite 5 months ago
Jodie looks stunning! Her hair 😍
Jadeskorpion 5 months ago
It's been months and i'm so thrilled the phone number is still active. Thank you Ryan, you made my day. I laughed until I cried and then kept on laughing, then I called back again. 💖
Victor Khe
Victor Khe 5 months ago
This guy should never die
Hey there
Hey there 5 months ago
Oh my god..... america is being taken over by a canadian
SIDΞKICK 5 months ago
oh ... OH !!!! thats a MAN ! ... its a MAN ! i thought she i mean he was a woman.
Kayla Sheppard
Kayla Sheppard 5 months ago
Called the number, totally worth it 😂😂
Jitana Martinez
Jitana Martinez 5 months ago
Can I get a guy guy
Cameron McCoy
Cameron McCoy 5 months ago
Dammit, I want to hang out with Ryan Reynolds... You know, after the beer virus threat is over and all
Lea Voda
Lea Voda 5 months ago
The best thung about being a Ryan Reynolds fan is that the comment section is full of smart and witty remarks. Edit: Well, at least we hope it will be in theaters this summer.....
Joker 5 months ago
What drew me to Free Guy? Lannan Eacott.
derp derp
derp derp 5 months ago
i was actually gonna buy.. fuck u reynolds
Pilot-Plane-Coffee 6 months ago
Check out my flight from Toronto to New Mexico Ryan- I drank a bottle of your Gin before I departed!
Steven McFly
Steven McFly 6 months ago
The real question is ... does Ryan have the power to make this hit the web since all summer blockbusters are now off (in theaters)?
Smart Donald
Smart Donald 6 months ago
I thought that was real but it was actually a trailer :/
Sheila Brown
Sheila Brown 6 months ago
O.k. Ryan: I've been as patient as possible. I want my freaking "Little Guy Guy" Action figure!!! (I'm not a Mariah fan, so listening to that damn song is causing my ears to bleed !!!)
fun video maker
fun video maker 7 months ago
Ryan Reynolds is the future of advertising and marketing What? The other two people bellow me said that
artistic546 7 months ago
la verdad es que ryan reynols es el mejor actor de su tipo y por eso el mundo lo ama y por eso es que es irremplazable y si se muriera nadie podria hacer sus papeles. esa pelicula va a ser lo maximo. el mundo sin esos buenos actores y artistas seria muchisimo mas dificil por eso los amo mucho y los bendigo y le agradezco y les aprendo mucho.
Axel Dobbins
Axel Dobbins 7 months ago
im definitely gonna watch this film
Nec taR
Nec taR 7 months ago
Who else know that ryan also is named guy in another movie called the croods which means the guy calling guy to buy guys shirt might be guy by also ryan called by guy as ryan in the new movie of free guy and the croods😁
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