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Юрий Гагарин
Nate is a fucking beast
Succorum 5 hours ago
what a fuckin slugfest
Bagus Pribadi
Bagus Pribadi 9 hours ago
Kakean omong
calbo555 11 hours ago
I'm going to lose and let nate rule a few years, jonhson. Smart move.
Yeno wa NATE is fkn pure talent hes my bro my mans killedit since day 1 love nate always from liverpool uk ....STOCKTON MOTHERFKERS NATE WE LOVE U BRO ALWAYS
Rich eRich
Rich eRich 16 hours ago
Diaz sounds like he's taken one too many punches in his lifetime.
fishfingers1985 19 hours ago
I love how nate always uses the first round to suss out and hone in on his opponent.. Never gasses out or try's to go to hard to soon. Almost looks like he is slow then bam! he kicking arse such a good thinking fighter mad respect for Nate he loves to fight without all the wanky shit that goes with it
Richard Mincer
Richard Mincer 21 hour ago
Did you know he kicked him in the leg just like the last fighter?
whoopdeedoo 21 hour ago
Nate "go go gadget arms" Diaz
angeloeastblanco 22 hours ago
Seems lile two different weight classes......in my unbedjucated opinion i think most successful fighters loos e massive weight to fight smaller men in lowwer weight class....
Alex Day ago
Joe "Diaz has never looked better" Rogan
Samuel Cooper
I like the dynamic joe and mike goldberg used to have.
TJ Gives
TJ Gives Day ago
Rogan and his single sided commentary
WillieRants Day ago
MJ at the end of the fight clearly had a different fight in his head. LOL
Shipmate Day ago
I watch every Díaz brothers fights
Bobo actually thought he won. LOL!!!!!!!
Jordan K.
Jordan K. 2 days ago
Michael, start using your wrestling you fucking idiot.
Chris Mequet
Chris Mequet 2 days ago
Nate landed so many jabs and 1-2's how can Johnson be suprised by the decision at the end.
H G 2 days ago
FUCK YEAH 209 baby lets go!!!!!!
Aaron May
Aaron May 2 days ago
Is Nate king of 1,2 combinations wth
Pfitz 2 days ago
Always forget how much of a dumbass Goldie is lmao. I feel like Joe was a part of Goldie getting curbed lmao. I feel like he was like "guys, I can't put up with this anymore. He clearly doesn't know what he's talking about. All he does is spew random unrelated facts nobody cares about during exchanges."
Omaigad Brochacho
Sanjoy Pha
Sanjoy Pha 2 days ago
Love you❤🤟 Diaz
Homeslicehero 2 days ago
Nicks one' two' is beautiful
r c
r c 3 days ago
Lmfao Nate was really ranked #15 and called out conor, Conor changed his whole life 😂😭
Guess Who
Guess Who 3 days ago
When I see Nate Diaz, I think about the song “Brass Monkey”.
Mustseenow!!! 3 days ago
Harry Walker1
Harry Walker1 3 days ago
One of my favorite Nathan Diaz fights
José A. M
José A. M 3 days ago
They for sure blurred his pp 2:57
Максим Галат
Проблема Диаза, что он не начинает биться пока не наполучает по еблищу. Один из моих любимых бойцов. НО наверное не из-за филигранной продуманности. Есть такие бойцы-рубаки!
Muniz !
Muniz ! 3 days ago
Gotta love the the diaz brothers , chills!!!
Adam Ping
Adam Ping 3 days ago
sneaker shopping
Tommy Davidson
Tommy Davidson 3 days ago
Hilarious ending lol love seeing nate's fights
Tommy Davidson
Tommy Davidson 3 days ago
taking notes on them jabs 👍
Adam Zmijewski
Adam Zmijewski 4 days ago
diaz looser
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony 4 days ago
The long lay off renewed his enthusiasm.
cypresspuz 5 days ago
This niga beating his chest luke he was ever close to win this fight.
Luke B
Luke B 5 days ago
What's always bugged me about boxing and mma terminology is the word "speed." Most of the time, the user is referring to quickness or acceleration: the ability of a fighter to accelerate their fists or legs/feet, changing inertia in a shorter amount of time. That's "acceleration," which has an adverb in English: quickly. "Speed" on the other hand refers to velocity (absolute value), which is constant when acceleration is zero. It's much easier to slip a fist moving at constant speed than one that is accelerating. Thus QUICKNESS is a virtue; speed is a misnomer.
zaggaona 5 days ago
One,two,one,two,one,two easy as riding a bike
Rica Climbingbear
Nathan Nate Immma pop him bout dat
Blinking Intensifies
2 months ago, 4M views? 👀👀👀👀
Altair Ibn La-Ahad
All three judges gave round 1 to Johnson?
IndieMan !
IndieMan ! 5 days ago
Mike Johnson is a Pussy
Peter Harmon
Peter Harmon 5 days ago
I love watching Johnson get punched in the face. So satisfying
Tip Of The Iceberg
Роман Савин
тоже искал русский комент?
Homeslicehero 6 days ago
Nate Diaz is the best in UFC. Bet it's in contract that he couldn't take him down....think about it. If Nate took it to the ground constantly he would dominate Conor
George Coull
George Coull 6 days ago
This fight looks like UFC 1
Hugo. De
Hugo. De 6 days ago
Hugo. De
Hugo. De 6 days ago
Hugo. De
Hugo. De 6 days ago
Blusa hombre
MMA Connected
MMA Connected 6 days ago
they change goldy voice
Taylor MacKenzie
Taylor MacKenzie 7 days ago
Diaz brothers were awesome to watch. They always brought the entertainment for the ufc.
Nas Pi
Nas Pi 7 days ago
I know nobody is gonna believe this, but before Nate Diaz became a pro fighter, he worked out in the same gym I do. He was talking shit, so we boxed, and I knocked him out cold. He didn’t regain consciousness for 15-20sec. After that, he didn’t want to fight me again but the smack talking stopped.
cypresspuz 5 days ago
Dude stfu
urban warior
urban warior 7 days ago
Has Johnson ever hit anyone it's like hes a ghost
Altair Ibn La-Ahad
Turned Poirier into a ghost
WD GASTER 7 days ago
Johnson is only hand power , not using his hips
Schieffer Boy
Schieffer Boy 7 days ago
I forgot Michael Johnson is from Missouri hometown boy im from Missouri also
Joel Williams
Joel Williams 8 days ago
McNuggets sees Diaz make post fight comments, immediately retires!
MEssYkiLLa 8 days ago
Mike be the fast loser in the division!
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 8 days ago
You can't talk like that on fox? But u can literally bash someone's brains out dafuck
Mikhail Kalashnikov
Nate "can't talk like that on fox" Diaz
Luis Donado
Luis Donado 8 days ago
I really wanted to see more slapping by Nate in this fight and we only got 1.
Tyler Leyden
Tyler Leyden 8 days ago
Stockton mother fuckers
Travieso Musicka
Travieso Musicka 8 days ago
Diaz Brothers..!!! Real warriors...
sun downer 77
sun downer 77 9 days ago
Drive that leg down
Luke Harrison
Luke Harrison 9 days ago
Fuck I love you Nate
Derick Francis
Derick Francis 9 days ago
Jo Rogan calling shots that didn't even happen. Nate won the fight but Jo needs glasses.
Фёдор Шувалов
Джордж Флойд проиграл. Заебись.
Mr Shifter
Mr Shifter 9 days ago
Michael walked away after winner announced, like whatttttt, I won that fight.....lol....and 2.2k thumbs down......poor Nate haters.......
BCizzle86 9 days ago
This guy Diaz rolled him into a knee bar 5 seconds after the bell...lmao
Edgardo C Cruz
Edgardo C Cruz 9 days ago
Nate is the man....he is a beast💪👍
Hugo. De
Hugo. De 10 days ago
Hugo. De
Hugo. De 10 days ago
Marca o Logo Yamaha o honda
JudeFKennedy 10 days ago
Nate handing out 2 pieces like he working at Popeyes.
Juancholoco 10 days ago
Damn johnson is pretty fast, he was hitting nate’s gloves with his head super fast
Emarosa Cregg
Emarosa Cregg 10 days ago
Seriously the Diaz brothers are probably the best fighters I wasn't fans of them at first but no joke got some serious skill
scotte Cologero
scotte Cologero 10 days ago
Dias loves to do jujitsu, would be interesting if he would use TAE kwon do orange belt kicks
downassmotherfuker 10 days ago
What an awesome fight wow
Manuel Cojocaru
Manuel Cojocaru 10 days ago
Why is Joe always saying that Nate is a good boxer? He's lanky, slow, keeps his hands low and always gets punched in the face. I dont get it.
Marypaz Mendoza
Marypaz Mendoza 10 days ago
Valla alcance de Nate!!! #Nate
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