Free Fight: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson 1 | UFC 165, 2013

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Relive one of the most entertaining bouts in Jon Jones career so far as he took on Alexander Gustafsson for the first time in a razor-close matchup back in 2013 at UFC 165.
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May 19, 2020




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Comments 100
Borge George
Borge George Hour ago
I watched it myself it's pretty fair that jones won.
Amir Roselee
Amir Roselee Hour ago
real playstation
Sean Whitehead
Some say he atacc Others say he protecc But they all say he eye pocc
Carlitos Salas
Carlitos Salas 3 hours ago
jeffrey vedha
jeffrey vedha 5 hours ago
Gus won but that spinning elbow tho. The timing on that is crazy.
TheBinfordMan 10 hours ago
Bullshit Decision!
Calvin S
Calvin S 11 hours ago
Terrible judging
Helix Hudson
Helix Hudson 15 hours ago
Jones loss this fight ! WTF
Challey 17 hours ago
Jones won. Close to a draw if he didn't show up the last 2 rounds like he did. But yeah, true fighters would understand why Jones won.
Eyeshield 21
Eyeshield 21 Day ago
Setsuna F. Seiei
This was highway robbery! A great fight but let's be honest Jones should have lost that one
Rob Renzaglia
Jones has three losses, not one as claimed. This was clearly one of them.
Alex B
Alex B 9 hours ago
Are you crazy? Ask yourself honestly after watching this fight. Who would you rather fight? Jones? HeeeellllllNoooo! But I give alot of credit to the Gust. for not getting taken down and smashed. That was impressive
Daniel dore
Daniel dore Day ago
Jones lost. Facts
drgeek100 Day ago
they gave the win to jones because they are afraid the Jones camp will get #BLM involved.
drgeek100 Day ago
Alexander G. Won this one.
Mattias Andersson
ok jones may have won one of the first three rounds sure. but my ass that was not a unanimous decision win
MessiahbolicalTV 2 days ago
Damn Joe went from "That may have been the only round that Jones won" to " "And i have no idea who won" in about 60 seconds
Octav Rusu
Octav Rusu 2 days ago
am i the one who thinks that Jon is a lazy ass shit with fakes moves and fake champ ?
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 2 days ago
Easy call judges had it right
Peter Newton
Peter Newton 2 days ago
Winner of the biggest theft of the year..... Jon Jones
Tyrone Adams
Tyrone Adams 2 days ago
Jones lost this one great fight though
Tyrone Adams
Tyrone Adams 2 days ago
Perfect match up same size and style loved this one
Rally Point
Rally Point 2 days ago
Jon lost.
OMALATAN 2 days ago
bullshit. Gus won that fight
The Reckless Engineer
One of my favourite fights. Was super close but I think you have to give Jones rounds 3,4&5.
Kris Lewis
Kris Lewis 2 days ago
Jones loves those eye pokes. When he knows he is losing he turns to dirty shit. Gus clearly took the first three. Not even close Are there any fights where John doesn’t knee to the groin or finger poke?
Kris Lewis
Kris Lewis 2 days ago
Primordial Pouch
Primordial Pouch 3 days ago
Jon poked his eye and strategically went in for the kill, what a slimey fucker
、上乃 3 days ago
Richard Fellrath
Richard Fellrath 3 days ago
Okay, by scorecard and rounds the Swede won, but based on how they looked after the fight, yeah jones looked up at the clock at 45 seconds left threw that bow and won it
Gladys Rodgers
Gladys Rodgers 3 days ago
I know this one goes down in history incredible fight
johnny sebastian Corona
You know how hard it is to cut a black man, that alone is proof that alex won this fight, Love jones but there is no way he won, those judges were smoking some hella good crack. to me gustafsson was the champ.
eric burhed
eric burhed 3 days ago
It was a very close fight, the winner was us
R Leb
R Leb 3 days ago
The most hated fighter ever in ufc history. Jones. He is more hated than tito ortiz. And that's saying something.
Sean Whitehead
Sean Whitehead 4 days ago
Me:poor Jon Jones man... he got his ass cracked Me 30 seconds later: WTF!!! How did Alex not win this is so GAY!
luuuk 4 days ago
who ever saw a 49:46 for jones should go back to cricket...
Callum McDonald
Callum McDonald 4 days ago
I’ve seen this fight 3 times now, most recently without sound, Alexander Gustafson won this fight. Just like Anderson silva v bisping.
manorman man
manorman man 4 days ago
Man he overuses those oblique kicks.
Oua H8ter
Oua H8ter 4 days ago
Gustafsson won that fight 100%
Steven Kalin
Steven Kalin 4 days ago
Man I don’t like Jones much, but let’s face it, he landed more heavy shots than Gus. I know this shouldn’t matter, it if that fight goes another round, Jones finishes him.
Dennis H.
Dennis H. 5 days ago
I can’t take my eyes of Jones chicken legs (I’m sorry)
Andre Ayala
Andre Ayala 5 days ago
Gustafson got robbed 🤦🏻‍♂️
The Channel
The Channel 5 days ago
If you guys watch the first round .25×/.5× speed you'll see that 60% of Gus shot that Rogan is hyping up didn't even Connected. Use your eyes not your ears.
Marcos Mauriello
Marcos Mauriello 5 days ago
Best fight of ufc history.
BlowUpYourBass 5 days ago
Yeah i remember, they robbed Gustafsson.
Skyler Simpson
Skyler Simpson 5 days ago
gus won that all the way. fucking robbery. jones ptotected ass. and gus beatt his ass even though jones was in fucking steroids, that just shows you how much of a beast gustafsson is
Akayo Kalumba
Akayo Kalumba 5 days ago
That 49 46 judge was probably the same one for the Reyes fights . Fan boy
Persik II
Persik II 5 days ago
To be honest. This guy had more chance to beat Jone Jones than Reyes did. It would be interesting to see a fight between him and Reyes
Kurt Kish
Kurt Kish 5 days ago
Either Gustafsson won or call it a Draw- but no way did Jones win.
PlattinumTBN11 2 hours ago
Even if they did have it as a draw they’re always gonna give it to the champion
Alex B
Alex B 9 hours ago
@Jimmy Tweedale I agree. I think that Jon J looked like the terminator the whole time. They are both tough but J had those high kicks and those elbows and almost finished Gust. Gust never looked close to finishing Jon. Perhaps he had some good jabs, but Jons leg kicks were equally pointmakers, although not as dangerous as a jab. Jon won, but I'm suprised he couldn't keep Gust. down. They are some tough dudes
Jimmy Tweedale
Jimmy Tweedale 13 hours ago
Jon won 1,4 and 5 round 1 just having more volume and more landed strikes takedown doesnt mean much when the other guy gets up 3 seconds later, also Jon walked Gus down the entire fight from start to finish, octagon control is literally in how the fight is judged. You are incorrect.
Michael Sunday
Michael Sunday 5 days ago
Anyone else see Jon Jones get beat up for 3.5 rounds or was that just me?
Dylan Blancahrd
Dylan Blancahrd 5 days ago
Jones definitely lost that fight. That shit was rigged for him to win.
Alex of Macedon
Alex of Macedon 6 days ago
Representing the judge 1.stevie wonder 2.Ray charles 3.some other blind man
Challey 17 hours ago
Lol hater.
Naufal Asyraf
Naufal Asyraf 6 days ago
Romeo 6 days ago
Sauleh Ahmed
Sauleh Ahmed 6 days ago
tha Dude
tha Dude 6 days ago
I thought Gus won the first time I watch this live but now that I wash it again years later I'm astounded and baffled the Jon Jones got a unanimous decision win should have been a unanimous decision loss he had 11 of 12 takedown stuffed and got out struck he lost 3-2... simple end of story but this was before John got in any trouble or pissed hot he was the biggest star that UFC had at the time and Gus was a nobody it would have been bad business for him to lose that fight they do that to this day if it is closed and it is a decision it will go to the guy that is either a the Vegas betting favorite or B at UFC superstar in commodity that they can make more money with in the future
scott lee
scott lee 6 days ago
Never saw a 49 to 46 round in the entire fight. Understand that a decision win over the champion has to be pretty decisive, but it looked to me like Gustafson won three. Oh well, money, money, money. Even so hell of a fight.
GRATEFUL SAM 7 days ago
Awesome. Now f2
JD_vikings gaming
All fixed 😏
Vessy Kapelos
Vessy Kapelos 7 days ago
Jon Jones absolutely won this fight. Uncontroversial
Haschdübel 069
Haschdübel 069 6 days ago
Good one bro🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mashaw Tucker
Mashaw Tucker 7 days ago
This was a very close fight, buy I think Jon clearly won rounds 4 and 5 , and the 3rd by a hair because of double digit leg kicks which is not exciting but count for points
Quentin Hunter
Quentin Hunter 7 days ago
jones absolutely lost this fight
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 7 days ago
I think if Jones didn't stun Gus in round 4 Gus would have won
Johnny Buffon
Johnny Buffon 8 days ago
When I heard 49-46 I thought to myself - "well we have a new champion, and it's justified", but when Jones raised his arms, I was so disappointed. Alex won the fight, no doubt.
Ryan Michaelangelo Favale
gus won gus won gus won
komla lebu
komla lebu 8 days ago
Gus won this fight. No question about it.
Michael Frith
Michael Frith 8 days ago
They screwed gus
Michael Frith
Michael Frith 8 days ago
Gus won that. He's a dog.
Rob L
Rob L 8 days ago
It breaks my heart to see Gustaffson not get the not in this fight. He earned it.
422 DGM
422 DGM 8 days ago
S4V4G3 9 days ago
Gustafson should have one that fight. He did better than Jones and dominated the first three and a half rounds. He stuffed nine takedowns. Jones practically had Vaseline hanging off his eyebrows in the last round. Not only that but Jones has to result to eye poking. Judges are high Gustafson should’ve won
David Stewart
David Stewart 9 days ago
Jones lost the ufc should be a shamed of your selfs robbing that man of his champion
Vonye' Capone-Cornelius
I call bullshit Jones lost
iLoveEbola 9 days ago
The Regular Gamers
Jones clearly won last2 rounds (gus was dead) the other 3 are so close ... watch this fight without sound and you'll see Jones won 3+ easy
PANAMA A 10 days ago
Gặp Jon thì nằm hết
Mark Webb
Mark Webb 10 days ago
Jon Jones lost
A K 10 days ago
Ossss...man you are wosam and great fighter and bast of bast MR. Alexander ....and you are my icon....fighter...osss
Filip Selakovic
Filip Selakovic 10 days ago
Jones is a coward. Can't fight a man on his level without eye poking.
Lloyd N
Lloyd N 10 days ago
I'm mostly a fan of the sweet science so not entirely familiar with MMA scoring, I also understand that as a Challenger you have to take the strap away from the champion but that was in no way an out and out UD in favour of Jones. Gustafson's performance was deserving of more respect from the judges. 👊
T95 Cuyop
T95 Cuyop 10 days ago
Jones with the ridiculouslylong wingspan and fingers😅🤭🤭
Julio Tobing
Julio Tobing 10 days ago
4:40 Gustafsson sniffs then goes eww
Mitchell howard
Mitchell howard 10 days ago
A Smith
A Smith 10 days ago
Gus won .
CJ Overit
CJ Overit 11 days ago
If you think Jon won that fight you are either A: A complete idiot or B: A complete idiot. Its obvious that the judges had an agenda that night
Luke Walker
Luke Walker 12 days ago
Gus won the first 3, Jones the 2nd 2.
Bob Saget
Bob Saget 12 days ago
jones lost this fight and he knows it, pay attention to his body language, he can fool the fans and the judges but you can't fool yourself and he knows he lost but because he is the face of the UFC he will get the decision
Rawlings okafor
Rawlings okafor 12 days ago
Alex won this fight, that's Mr opinion though, he won three rounds
HypnosisTIP 12 days ago
No way Jones won that fight
Роман Коротков
Будь густафссон в супер тяжелом весе, он бы был там чемпионом.
Lastngam Hrangbung
Lastngam Hrangbung 13 days ago
Cowardly Gustafson
Sacchidanand Pant
Sacchidanand Pant 13 days ago
Why the fuck is Jones looking to poke Gus every now and again? DC may be the eye poking king but Jones is the eye poking God. He better not try to pull this shit against Stipe (if that match ever happens) else we all know what Stipe does in return.
Onur Tığ
Onur Tığ 13 days ago
To me, Alexander Gustafsso should have won. I think there has been an injustice. I send greetings to everyone in Turkey.
Maximkilla 11 days ago
Hey man, why don't I get any greetings? :(
Austin Scott
Austin Scott 13 days ago
Gustafsson reminds me of a light heavyweight Darren Till
Joe Knapp
Joe Knapp 13 days ago
I feel like Gus was laying off end of round 4 because of Jon’s eye and Jon just said eh fuck it and fucked him up lol
garrs p
garrs p 13 days ago
WTF do I get three commercials tryin to watch a free fight?
Zachary Bohrer
Zachary Bohrer 13 days ago
this fight convinced me the UFC is rigged. Big Jon Jones fan but Gustafsson won this no doubt. Can't believe how badly he got robbed. Still one of the best light heavyweights of our generation.
Metehan YILDIZHAN 13 days ago
who da fuck is that guy scored this contest 49-46?
How to Leo
How to Leo 13 days ago
Who the hell was judging bro I swear this shit was bought poor Alexander 🤦🏽‍♂️
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton 14 days ago
I fought this match as Alexander in UFC Mobile.
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