Free energy , Solar energy , How to make solar cell step by step

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Free energy , Solar energy , How to make solar cell step by step
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May 3, 2018

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Comments 1 754
thomas hardin
thomas hardin 12 minutes ago
The music is good! What be the name of that track?
Gerson Bernardo
Gerson Bernardo 2 hours ago
Андрій Андр
It is faik only
daniel trujillo ch
daniel trujillo ch 9 hours ago
That is garbage is Piece of shit it doesn't havePower
Jamil Adas
Jamil Adas 10 hours ago
BUMI DATAR 23 hours ago
edmond ugljesa
Can you please tell us what current and list of materials cost etc?
Rüstem Rasimgil
What materials does he uses?
Josémacilio cardods
Esse carregador são quantas voltas de fio, e serve para carregar um celular?
Attila Rivera
Attila Rivera 18 hours ago
Com certeza trata-se de um fake. Não é possivel que um pedaço de vidro mais um pedaço de plástico e um fio consiga gerar eletricidade desta forma apresentada no video.
shanjiv mass007
Diode rating?
William Iannucci
Dude what the hell !!!! Is that a glass resistor in line with the copper wiring and if it is what's its resistance what's the sense of showing people how to do things if you don't know what the heck parts are using???
Abdou Abdou
Abdou Abdou 2 days ago
fake experience
A P 2 days ago
What material are you using
Vijay Bhondve
Vijay Bhondve 2 days ago
What the name of the divirta
Debraj Guha
Debraj Guha 2 days ago
Kon sa resistance use kiya
ram lal
ram lal 3 days ago
He has used a zener diode which is acting as a solar cell. You can make a solar cells just from LEDs. (Get a LED torch having 10-15 or more LEDs). Just comnect their effective end points to Multimeter and put that in sunlight and measure the volts and ampere.
Abdus Samad Raj Barbhuiya
Kha se sikha re bc
rob black
rob black 3 days ago
It getting voltage from volt metre battery got be idiot believe this another scamming wank
Steve Mann
Steve Mann 22 hours ago
no multi meters do not get voltage from there own battery and display it. uv photo electric effect works on all metals if i remember right. you might be able to charge a 1.5 volt nimh battery with this after about a week probably.
Gary Walmsley
Gary Walmsley 4 days ago
Money from people watching video of something false that gets their attention. Loads of people doing it.
Yaqub Assy
Yaqub Assy 4 days ago
Whatsoever the parts are; whatsoever the viewers know; the names and rating of parts and materials must have been clearly mentioned in the video, also the number of turns (the coil).
mesh Gawar
mesh Gawar 5 days ago
Resistor kon sa hai
Aditya Shukla
Aditya Shukla 5 days ago
It's definitely NOT FAKE. But it's not a PV cell either! It works on the Principle of Seeback Effects. (Correct me if I'm wrong)
Rod Riguez
Rod Riguez 7 days ago
... the music is too loud or you talk like a ..... not so loud... make a dyd microphone and use it to re audio this video ...
Piyush Patel
Piyush Patel 7 days ago
Please name of all the parts
ZeRboy BKN
ZeRboy BKN 8 days ago
ใครเข้าใจบอกผมที งงภาษาอังกฤษ #คนไทย
Rosolino Lo Sciuto
La luce del sole ha intelligenza artificiale
Вячеслав Сидоров
This is the fake. Solar cell have only semiconductor photocell and does not contain any inductance, except parasitic.
my technic
my technic 8 days ago
Raheel Ali
Raheel Ali 8 days ago
This is not a solar its just fun of electronics ,,,i can make majority of this type stuffs
Jerry Mont
Jerry Mont 9 days ago
Digvijay Yadav
Digvijay Yadav 9 days ago
Shishe par kaun sa wire lagega
Ranjana Patidar
Ranjana Patidar 11 days ago
Harwinderkaur Kaur
Harwinderkaur Kaur 12 days ago
Why you don't name the parts
michael ezung
michael ezung 13 days ago
For heaven sake change your music... Always same music...
Rahul S siva
Rahul S siva 13 days ago
Which is the diod used hear
Radu Ioan Păcurar
Radu Ioan Păcurar 14 days ago
You just can buy one for 5 or more dollars , theres so cheap.
Naveen kmr
Naveen kmr 14 days ago
Is not working
Gurpreet Brahmpur
Gurpreet Brahmpur 15 days ago
Sale agar tuje solar cell bnane ate he tu factory khol le
Naeem Electronics
Naeem Electronics 16 days ago
It is fake
Arshad khan
Arshad khan 16 days ago
How many meter wire is used
md rakib
md rakib 17 days ago
Kalo jinis t ki kalo paket???
Cumali Ozcan
Cumali Ozcan 18 days ago
Max current?
mariusz315 19 days ago
Brak słów hehe
Mohammed Taghzalt
Mohammed Taghzalt 19 days ago
Pas énergie solaire. Mais énergie d ondes radio AM
ved prakash
ved prakash 20 days ago
Don't make stumped videos otherwise see what can we do
Technical India
Technical India 20 days ago
What is proof
zana don7
zana don7 20 days ago
Idiot this is not free energy! You dumb can you get energy without the sun nooo so stop being dumy there is no free bullshit
Vicky larai
Vicky larai 21 day ago
which things required.. plz send me the names of things
Jhunmichael Ibanez
Bullshit. Fucking idians filling youtube with more of these "free energy" inventions. I'm sick of it
Wahaj Hussain
Wahaj Hussain 21 day ago
Agr aesai chalny laga tw Pakistan gov bohot jald road pe ajaye gi 😂😂😂
A K 23 days ago
Fraudsters. Anything for a thrill and publicity. They enjoy their video tricks. Bet this same guy made "zero energy" neo motor generator videos too.
Pierluigi Pareschi
Pierluigi Pareschi 23 days ago
non c'è alcun commento italiano ma sono certo che molti connazionali visualizzeranno in breve questa clip. Non so se funziona e francamente neanche mi frega più di tanto. Ammesso che funzioni e davvero una cellula restituisse 4 watt in uscita, ai fini pratici, sarebbe un lavoraccio da paese del terzo mondo, immaginatevi a smadonnare tentando di avvolgere un filo di rame che vi scappa dalle dita, smerdarvi le mani di supercolla, e dopo mesi e mesi, con incrollabile volontà riuscite ad accroccare 36 celle, passereste un'altra settimana ad assemblarle per ottenere la bellezza di 144 watt con i quali, dopo aver pagato, se vi va bene a basso prezzo su bangood, un inverter che vi dia i fatidici 220 v ac ed ottenuto, dedotte le perdite, ben 120 watt non ci alimentate neppure un frigorifero. altra cosa non secondaria, una normale placca fotovoltaica industriale è garantita per circa 20 anni di funzionamento prima di iniziare a ridurre la resa, un accrocco, o come lo chiamano in Brasile dove risiedo, una Gambiarra, come questa, all'aria aperta avrebbe una vita media di un anno considerando l'ossidazione del rame, salvo non incapsulare con alti costi, in resina l'oggetto. morale NE VALE LA PENA ? In Italia o anche in Brasile non credo, forse in Indonesia, dove l'autore risiede si, anche se a onor del vero, con due milioni di visualizzazioni e col ricavato della vendita delle t-shirt (più care di quelle di Armani) il tizio potrebbe permettersi un impianto professionale. RIFLETTETE GENTE, RIFLETTETE
Francesc Casellas
Francesc Casellas 23 days ago
En principio este tipo de circuito es resonante a la ondas electromagnéticas, con un gran ancho de banda. El condensador no es otra cosa que la capacidad intrínseca que se forma entre ambos lados de la bobina tipo sandwich. Ambas caras actúan como armaduras y el dieléctrico es el plástico en el que se construye la bobina. La inclusión de un diodo antes de tomar una lectura en CC, es ampliamente conocido con el nombre de "diodo detector" . El diodo, que sólo conduce en una dirección, convierte la alta frecuencia en sólo una mitad de esta onda: positiva o negativa dependiendo del sentido del diodo. Al otro lado tendremos una tensión contínua medible que no es otra cosa que la suma de las portadoras siempre constantes en AM más la suma de todas las modulaciones de estan portadoras. Las placas solares reales tienen polaridad, por lo que no es necesario incluir un diodo en serie, para medir la tensión cuando se exponen a la luz.
Pierluigi Pareschi
Pierluigi Pareschi 23 days ago
Em lugar de desprezar ou falar que é um fake gasta 5 reais, no maximo, e tenta replicar. se tivesse verdade o que falou nos comentarios o cara que testou o negocio daria mas ou menos, nas condições ideais, 8 volts 0,5 amperes ou seja 4 watt cada celula. seria enfim a mesma saida de uma celula convencional, que eu na Italia, comprava a 1 Euro (4,5 reais) no 2014. o assunto verdadero é Vale a pena ? Se tivesse uma escolhia de gastar menos, pensa nas semanas que teria que passar dobrando o fil de cobre, soldando e suando... se ao contrario èe pra se divertir e esperimentar, com certeza vale a pena de duplicar e no fim se olhar no espelho e dizer, puxa eu sou um Einstein
Basu Marjit
Basu Marjit 23 days ago
M A Hussain
M A Hussain 24 days ago
if this is solor. why we spend big amount on solor panal selling in market. prove it scientifically.
Anjali Rani
Anjali Rani 24 days ago
Pagal ulu
Resolute 24 days ago
the clear plastic is 1/16" polyethylene sheet or Plexiglas, the black wrap is common garbage bag material.
محمد جواد mohammed For Electronics and Physics
haha haha, fake product, it's a just a coil with black background, it's could product electricity but not by light but by high frequency electromagnetic field.
Ezra Flamestriker27
It's not producing electricity at all, ot's kust picking up electricity that's being transmitted.
Big Renegade
Big Renegade 26 days ago
you can skip from the 3:00 to the 5:30 mark. It makes you watch 2:30 of him just winding the wire. The only way he knows how to make the videos longer cause he can't be bothered to explain what he is doing or what items he is using.
Akilesh Kumar
Akilesh Kumar 26 days ago
Harm chod ye kaise fake video bana raha hai
AIon 27 days ago
I still don't understand how this can possibly work. Gonna try it myself and post the results.
corey king
corey king 7 days ago
Sébastien Portel
Sébastien Portel 27 days ago
C'est exactement ce que j'avais besoin de savoir, merci pour la vidéo.
sunny 27 days ago
Fuck you idiot ... The copper wires are nearer to the magnet you hide behind ammeter so the current produced. Don't fool us... Fuck you again
Kevin Mueller
Kevin Mueller 28 days ago
Indian Tech?
Parasar Bhattacharya
step one
step one 28 days ago
At least write the name of things you used in discription
Neuronic Ita
Neuronic Ita 28 days ago
It's a simple coil connected to a Diode..... 4V from air? It's a fake!
Carlos Leite
Carlos Leite 28 days ago
kürşat işbilir
kürşat işbilir 29 days ago
İts amazing..
manuel alfaro
manuel alfaro 29 days ago
Nice antenna for my wifi
bai inih
bai inih 29 days ago
He can't speak english.....hahaha...
Robert Banister
Robert Banister 29 days ago
AS STATED BY DENNIS#12 - TOTAL CLICKBAIT. All this is about, is getting VIEWS - THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! Must be from those people in INDIA, trying to SCAM people in AMERICA!!! You know. India Accent SCAMMERS!!! WHY in the HELL are you not giving the parts that you are using, like the DIODE, or the RESISTOR. I suppose I have to be an ELECTRONICS MAJOR, to determine from the video, what you are soldering to the wire? NOTHING IN THE DESCRIPTION about the parts you are USING. TOTALLY STUPID
Govindkumar Govind Kumar
Jeff Smallet
Jeff Smallet 29 days ago
Here works only the transparent diode or stabilitrone presented in chain. Other is spare.
Jeff Smallet
Jeff Smallet 29 days ago
Taka a transistor or diode, remove the cover and test their electric tension and current when they under sun beams. They work as solar elements.
Zohaib Amjad
Zohaib Amjad 29 days ago
Ma no
Ma no Month ago
Very good experiment.
Zain Za9
Zain Za9 Month ago
It's tottaly fake 👎
jboo jboo
jboo jboo Month ago
🤨The least it went to was 0.86 volts. IN THE DARK🤨
Mohammad Ayaz
Mohammad Ayaz Month ago
A Hannam
A Hannam Month ago
Some snare wire a garbage bag and a piece of plastic all he is missing now is a spark plug out of a car and then you could power a whole town lmao
suat engin
suat engin Month ago
hahaha. generating 0,94v in darkness. nice fake video.
Real electronics
Real electronics 27 days ago
yes fake
Citoyen 2Rope
Citoyen 2Rope Month ago
Very nice bulshit solar génerator! You may work to find how create an bulshit sun who shines under very big clouds!
Namal Jayaweera
Namal Jayaweera Month ago
Time wasting video .
sabir Hussain
sabir Hussain Month ago
He used carbon paper,glass and coper wire.
Isaque Apolinário
tenho quase certeza que esse vídeo é fake kkk se alguém fez e seu certo comenta aq
Isaque Apolinário
Isaque Apolinário 27 days ago
@Carlos Leite mas q fiodo ele só fez tipo uma resistência de cobre e até onde eu sei so se jera energia de bobina de cobre com um campo magnético passa rapidamente sobre a bobina certo!
Carlos Leite
Carlos Leite 28 days ago
Ele esya captando um sinal possivelmente de radio frequencia am proximo da casa dele e convertendo essa radio frequencia em energia continua atravez do diodo
Vinit Shandilya
Vinit Shandilya Month ago
It's a radio receiver, isn't it? Tell you what. Hook up a gang capacitor and you'll have a tuned resonant circuit. The power output would be at the maximum.
Roberto il Beach
Month ago
It would be really nice if you could explain the materials you used and how to put them on :,) I'm a noob at this
Tech X
Tech X 28 days ago
No you are a pro I'm noobie
vinicius gameplay
Fake ?? Ou realy ?
Dennis#12 Month ago
False and misleading information... Total CLICKBAIT!
shovon chowdhury
No mantion any part name
Morgan Denney
Morgan Denney Month ago
what kind of adhesive in the little bottle?
eswar eswar
eswar eswar Month ago
Nice bro
Ahmed Usmani Ali
ye video k peechhe music dalna zaruri tha kia?
D Nguyen
D Nguyen Month ago
This guy was just copied from RUvid and didn’t know what parts I’d was? Also, what is the outcome? Is it charged then conserved for later use? Or just use it at the moment? So if people want to charge their phone, can they connect it to an outlet for charging? I hate copycat people.
Yadav Anand
Yadav Anand Month ago
Sir please call me
No Taco Pendejo! nutt!
Nothing's free
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