Free energy , Solar energy , How to make solar cell step by step

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Free energy , Solar energy , How to make solar cell step by step
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3 май 2018




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Aniket Aggarwal
Aniket Aggarwal День назад
What is name this polothin
Lauro Costa
Lauro Costa 2 дня назад
Ohhh. Fakessssss
Chandan Biswas
Chandan Biswas 2 дня назад
Please give diode no.. And how much amp it's give
Chandan Biswas
Chandan Biswas 2 дня назад
Please give diode no.. And how much amp it's give
reju gaming
reju gaming 3 дня назад
BIDEGRAPH 3 дня назад
really? :o
Julio Martinez
Julio Martinez 4 дня назад
What I would like to know is why he puts a speaker magnet under the multimeter 🤨🤨🤔🤔😜😜
BIDEGRAPH 3 дня назад
same :D
sheik salman
sheik salman 4 дня назад
Alex Wokral
Alex Wokral 5 дней назад
there is not enough information in the video
Ajay Mishra
Ajay Mishra 5 дней назад
6 volt ka solar banao
regie eugenio
regie eugenio 5 дней назад
there is a magnet at the back that gives energy to the tester
Bilal Sardar
Bilal Sardar 5 дней назад
Are u indian?
Asif Ali
Asif Ali 6 дней назад
Fuck you mother fucker's
gilmar beninca
gilmar beninca 6 дней назад
Não tem o que fase . 😈😈😈😈👮👮👮👮
Steve Fernandez
Steve Fernandez 6 дней назад
I have not a clue what the materials are
Siffle 7 дней назад
This shit is fake, bullshit
Bittu Kaushik
Bittu Kaushik 7 дней назад
Bakvas solar Kam nhikarta
The P
The P 8 дней назад
Fake video soras ka
iGamerPro YT
iGamerPro YT 12 дней назад
7 ad breaks. Okay mr. Adbot. Let me just enable my adblocker.
Mohd Ammar Saifi
Mohd Ammar Saifi 12 дней назад
Theif chor video chor
EthanGotNERDNECK 13 дней назад
Lakhan 13 дней назад
Chutia samze ho chadrmod
Duk Lun Ham
Duk Lun Ham 16 дней назад
If not fake, we don't need crystal solar cells, dude.
Alavala Suresh
Alavala Suresh 16 дней назад
Material names kuda chappali
mustafa'nın dünyası
mustafa'nın dünyası 17 дней назад
Fake fake fake
ganesh bhai
ganesh bhai 17 дней назад
Lanjagodaka step by step material names chapu ra salee
paul smith
paul smith 19 дней назад
Music does not explain anything thumbs down
chandra rao bonu
chandra rao bonu 20 дней назад
Why don't you name the materials
Siffle 7 дней назад
chandra rao bonu because it’s fake
Ambit Das
Ambit Das 20 дней назад
What is that thing which is sticked with black plastic
JITU ARTS 22 дня назад
Science Free Energy
Science Free Energy 24 дня назад
weldon good project #ScienceFreeEnergyRUvidChannel
chenna nikhil
chenna nikhil 25 дней назад
Please mention the materials in the description.
Sita devi Sita devi
Sita devi Sita devi 26 дней назад
Kay ham. Solar banAne ke liye mirrer ka sesa le sakte hai
RoHaN KaYaStH 01
RoHaN KaYaStH 01 29 дней назад
Can we produce energy with out solar panels
Jo Lewis
Jo Lewis 25 дней назад
Funny I was just thinking the same just before reading comment. Dark skin people naturally absorb sun energy. Can you wrap copper wire around a Black person and get energy? Weird thought but I wonder.
Toto Lombi
Toto Lombi 29 дней назад
100.000% FAKE Video!!!! NOT Working Cooper alone not Create a Elektrik energy never never! the diode its without sin.
Alicja Stefańska - Juszczak
Alicja Stefańska - Juszczak 29 дней назад
Fake Fake Fake Fake..........
Hidden Truth about them
Hidden Truth about them Месяц назад
whats actually in the sun the gives electricity
Dhanrajsahu Dhanraj
Dhanrajsahu Dhanraj Месяц назад
Aadith narayanan
Aadith narayanan Месяц назад
How does that work ? What is the active material here
Ramu viskarma
Ramu viskarma Месяц назад
Name the small part you putted there
Ramu viskarma
Ramu viskarma Месяц назад
You are great
David Drejer
David Drejer Месяц назад
Smart :D Can it be stored like the ones you buy
Leandro Pereira
Leandro Pereira Месяц назад
Qual é o diodo usado?
Leandro Pereira
Leandro Pereira Месяц назад
Parabens. O que é aquela peça que você colocou no fio da celula?
gaming master studio
gaming master studio Месяц назад
Why you don't name the part
Venkatagopi Muvva
Venkatagopi Muvva Месяц назад
why do you put the magnet under the mission at last
oz turk
oz turk Месяц назад
How many amps???
Daniel Crespo
Daniel Crespo Месяц назад
Hola si aumento el milimetraje del alambre o su espesor obtendre mas micro amperes
Sangeetha S
Sangeetha S Месяц назад
fake fake fake fake fake
johnny jackson
johnny jackson Месяц назад
Wer can I download this great music.. 😁
BIDEGRAPH 3 дня назад
creator studio- youtube :v
M/P TECHNICAL Месяц назад
Please write material required
Jpkalaiyarasan Jpkalaiyarasan
Jpkalaiyarasan Jpkalaiyarasan Месяц назад
bro itha paththi oru vi podunga
Carl4193 Месяц назад
Thats just a radio receiver, of corse you will get a little bit of wattage. Just not enough to do any useful work.
Евгений Манаков
Евгений Манаков Месяц назад
Картофельный папа.
Refat Hito
Refat Hito Месяц назад
Help!!does this really work???
私は戦士です 23 дня назад
i want to know as well...
SysPowerTools Месяц назад
The diode is generating the voltage. I bet it would sill show a voltage as long as everything but the diode was covered LED's do the same thing and . The black plastic might help a tiny bit but only by adding more infrared light through black body radiation. Every thing else looks like BS to me.
Sachin Kadam
Sachin Kadam Месяц назад
Alwin felix abraham
Alwin felix abraham Месяц назад
For those people believes this is real the current is not produced by the piece of the black plastic it is actually produced by the diode he used in.
Arpan Maan
Arpan Maan Месяц назад
It is glass
David Parks
David Parks Месяц назад
I did it too, but instead I got the transformers out of microwaves, tvs, coils from electric motors, broke them open and glued them to my roof. The size isn't important but you have to use precisely 42, 1 foot apart from each other. You join them together using any gauge wire, the bigger the better. You can regulate the voltage using a Klystron modulator, which is the thing that looks like a black pencil in AM/FM radios. Connect one side of your array to one end of the coil around the Klystron Modulator, and the other end of your array to the other end of the coil. Typically you can expect a 20 to 30% efficiency depending on the quality of copper used in the windings of the transformer. You can increase efficiency(output wattage) up to an additional 5 to 10% by lubricating solder joints and PN junctions with Auto blinker fluid(4 or 5 bucks supercheap) or if you don't have any, urine works too. Gross I know but you can't argue with the results and you only have to do it once, though it works best if you urinate directly rather than pouring from a bottle. I figure it's something to do with the dialectric effect while it's still connected to your bodies bioelectric circuit. Then for safety ground the whole array using uncooked pasta and shaving cream. Voila free energy! Break free from Da Man. Total build $9. The look on your neighbors face watching you piss all over your roof, Priceless... ;) It's sad that I actually have to say this, but considering some of the ludicrous comments I've seen on this video, I must point out that my comment was SATIRE and should NOT be attempted! Much like the silly video above, it will not work.
Locutus Месяц назад
You can do the same with graphite powder rubbed on laminator sheets. Use copper tape for positive and aluminum for negative. Try using it with chlorophyll for interesting results.
angre plase 2
angre plase 2 Месяц назад
Richard Pharo
Richard Pharo Месяц назад
It looks like a homemade antenna receiver receiving RF waves and registering on your voltmeter. This was Tessler believe that you could convert enough of this into electricity you could use at home. I don’t think solar would be the definition of the electricity you’re receiving. Radio waves Can be blocked by your hand also. I was looking for solar panels
Roger Schrager
Roger Schrager 9 дней назад
Bilal Choudhary
Bilal Choudhary Месяц назад
Bic me se katna to nhi h
Aniruddha Das
Aniruddha Das Месяц назад
1. This guy is Indian 2. This Video is Fake
press play
press play Месяц назад
Umm... what kind of partwas that? Do i have to order a part from radio shack? Is it a diode and do i tear apart my microwave to get a part????
Hasan dhar
Hasan dhar Месяц назад
Which material we will use for the base
rakeshm 6mugha2242000
rakeshm 6mugha2242000 Месяц назад
SolR cell is having silicon not copper
John Butler
John Butler Месяц назад
Oh my God please join us to help us impeach Trump, you people are insane
sangam Kushwaha
sangam Kushwaha Месяц назад
Apni gand me laga le bhosdi
Arman Hossain
Arman Hossain Месяц назад
100% fake
Prince Nirmal
Prince Nirmal Месяц назад
Tu é o bichão mesmo em doido só com uma bobina consegui energia solar kkkk. Como eu queria que fosse tão facil assim.
Mohammad Rizwan raza siddiqui
Mohammad Rizwan raza siddiqui Месяц назад
Konsha seesa hai or konsi panee hai
Armando Adriano
Armando Adriano Месяц назад
kids movies
kids movies Месяц назад
its an old school project.
istode eugen
istode eugen Месяц назад
What a noob...Why i need light in the daylight ...? 🤕
Rawar Месяц назад
pls mention used parts on the description. Black colored item plastic or carbon paper?
suneesh kumar
suneesh kumar Месяц назад
Pods myre
Ryan Khan
Ryan Khan Месяц назад
how much volt zener diodes we nwwd
Manisha Manisha
Manisha Manisha Месяц назад
I am try but it not work Fake
Ronald Brown
Ronald Brown Месяц назад
No mam it's just these people post these fake videos out there all the time talking about free energy. As a engineer I can tell you there is no such thing , never will be that's not how the universe works. And people like a million others and my self get on youtube to learn fresh ideas off each other. However there's a problem , by lying about these silly devices this guy get massive hits or views on his page were he gets paid money " cash " from advertisers. How many stupid videos did you have to sit thru watching this garbage. Me I got 6 adds everything from insurance to penis pills. You see this make a lot of the youtube community angry it waist our time and effort. Have a great night.
Lobo Viejo
Lobo Viejo Месяц назад
Mucho por poco
ANNU KUMARI Месяц назад
Koi bol ta gai fake hai aur koi kehta hai sahi hai . tatally confused
Ghulam Khadar
Ghulam Khadar Месяц назад
Is that the same solar plastic panel that u wind coper wire before checking with the multimeter..
Fahad Rizwan
Fahad Rizwan Месяц назад
Not too much power.
Rema Biswas
Rema Biswas Месяц назад
It works
Ramprakash Chaudhary
Ramprakash Chaudhary Месяц назад
पब्लिक को चुटिया बना रहा है यार बैठा बैठा ट्यून चला रखी है अरे बता दें कि कितने उसका जीनगर है या डायल है यह कितने टन टन है इसके लपेटे हैं कौन से नंबर का वायर है पब्लिक को चुटिया बनाने लग रहा है
Pratik Dhas
Pratik Dhas 2 месяца назад
Silviu Angelescu
Silviu Angelescu 2 месяца назад
Oh my god! Free energy! My gandpa told me of this! I new it was tr....wait? Are you indian? Is that a gold ring on your finger? Are you indian?!? Damn....given that your country has not fully grasped hygine by the 21st century, I really doubt it mastered free energy...
Silviu Angelescu
Silviu Angelescu Месяц назад
+Happee Three Friends Sorry man! didn't mean to insult your lil' slice of hell! You guys are easily offended, huh?
Happee Three Friends
Happee Three Friends Месяц назад
Silviu Angelescu what the hell is wrong with you, racist
Buddhadev mondal
Buddhadev mondal 2 месяца назад
sala chutiya bana ra hai
Rajmohan Mohandass
Rajmohan Mohandass 2 месяца назад
Pls show the current rating also....
Yasir Khan
Yasir Khan 2 месяца назад
plzzz name the parts also
فؤاد الفهداوي
فؤاد الفهداوي 2 месяца назад
Gilmar vieira
Gilmar vieira 2 месяца назад
desafio você a ecender um led com essa tensâo.liga um led para ver se acende. resumo o led nâo vai acander porquê ai nâo tem corrente sificiente para acender um led, isso ai nâo serve para nada
Ufo Alien Austrian News Wahrheit und Dokumente
Was this a resitor? Or a diode?
Margaret Garcia
Margaret Garcia 2 месяца назад
Lots of really rude people here.
Ronald Brown
Ronald Brown Месяц назад
No mam it's just these people post these fake videos out there all the time talking about free energy. As a engineer I can tell you there is no such thing , never will be that's not how the universe works. And people like a million others and my self get on youtube to learn fresh ideas off each other. However there's a problem , by lying about these silly devices this guy get massive hits or views on his page were he gets paid money " cash " from advertisers. How many stupid videos did you have to sit thru watching this garbage. Me I got 6 adds everything from insurance to penis pills. You see this make a lot of the youtube community angry it waist our time and effort. Have a great night.
Kalen Larsen
Kalen Larsen 2 месяца назад
all of this persons videos are complete bullshit. lol its like a child was trying to mimic things...
Tech Indra
Tech Indra 2 месяца назад
Solar panels are made from semi conductor material. This thing you have made doesn't make any sense. This is 💯% fake video. If I am wrong then tell me working principle and prove it. I think you are using a small battery behind this plate and you drop the voltage by a magnet on your hand.
RAJA SHEKAR 2 месяца назад
What is that wire...
Mahendrasinh Chauhan
Mahendrasinh Chauhan 2 месяца назад
Fake he
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