Frankenstein GPU Cooling - IT'S AWESOME

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Can you get maximum performance AND silence at the same time by using a tower cooler on your graphics card? We took not one, but two DeepCool Assassin III Coolers and built the Silent but Deadly PC to find out!
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Nov 9, 2019




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Comments 80
TheDrakenZ Day ago
7:35 - "There's a song about that you know" *SMIRK*
Chris G
Chris G 2 days ago
TrueXorcerer 4 days ago
That looks pretty cursed ngl
spas zahariev
spas zahariev 6 days ago
this series needs to come back. What if you use liquid metal? What if you overclock the gpu? Is this more powerful than water cooling the gpu
spas zahariev
spas zahariev 6 days ago
lol love the intro
Leon Smuk
Leon Smuk 6 days ago
I think you guys did a video talking about Cooler performance when possitioned Hanging/Sideways/Standing (maybe it was GN, not sure) that resulted in the worst cooling performance when Hanging (e.g. this cooler on the GPU). Is there any case where you could put the Mainboard in upside-down so a GPU in this config would be Standing or do I have to make my own case for that?
SpartacusCRS 6 days ago
You are too sick! Subscribed and soon will join you.
opoXIous 8 days ago
Name of song he means at 7:39 "Depeche Mode-Enjoy the silence"
Jakob Xavier
Jakob Xavier 9 days ago
I wonder if a wraith cooler fits on amd graphics cards?..
Matteus Clement
Matteus Clement 10 days ago
This video totally missed the "performance vs cooling" claim. extra 1FPS for a cooler GPU.
Andrew King
Andrew King 11 days ago
Would you mass produce these? I'll buy one.
Presidio Plays
Presidio Plays 13 days ago
I couldn't hear you over the sound of my own fans
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 15 days ago
I just got a ftw3 hybrid but this works to
Matthew Schneider
Matthew Schneider 16 days ago
So, correct me if I am wrong, but I thought he said he needed to ACTIVELY cool the line of Dies they made the custom heatsink for? And yet, based on how it is installed the custom heatsink just sits on top of the dies and has no fan or heat pipe connecting it to the Assassin heatsink or fans? Sooooo, its passively cooled then? Or, by rotating the fans 90-degrees, does some of the fan intake/exhaust pass over the custom heatsink to cool the line of Dies? Also, since Linus cares about budget (cough 2080ti cough, not really!) I would love to see him revisit this Mod with something more "average", such as an RTX 2060 Super or RX5700xt and use a more affordable CPU cooler, such as the Hyper 212 Evo (commonly considered one of the best "budget cpu coolers with 10 years of performance to back it up). Considering most ATX motherboards have two PCI slots for dual-GPUs, and the average person only uses one GPU slot, if manufacturers considered this I would love to see this "frankenstein" cooling solution fit into the space for the two GPU slots (assuming you mount to the top slot), with the fans mounted horizontally like Linus instead of vertically, like most dual-fan cards. If the row of dies were spaced together in a square, you could essentially just have two hyper 212 (miniaturized) coolers (one for the GPU and the other for the Dies). Case airflow would be improved, since all air would be flowing from the front of the case to the back of the case, as all fans would be mounted horizontally (case fans, cpu fans, and GPU fans), rather than the disruptive airflow most GPUs cause by blowing air up or down vertically. I think the room for innovation here is obvious.
Blackflower Gamerz
Blackflower Gamerz 20 days ago
Which is efficient and effective? Heat sink with fan mod, or just slap 2 fans on stock heatsink with cable tie
Renan Mendes
Renan Mendes 20 days ago
7:07 gloop
nikolaj christov
nikolaj christov 21 day ago
did he say that video card gets hot? tell it to my GTX 960 that runs Legion WoW at 96degrees and ramps up to 100degrees sometimes on fair graphics
DeadlyAce 21 day ago
So... I recently bought an AXLE RTX 2060 super. Man this thing is loud. Can you guys recommend a good cooler to replace it with?
Joshbob123 19 days ago
Maybe try an aio
Jokso 22 days ago
rtx 2080 ti in average gaming system
ilkay C
ilkay C 23 days ago
I can't even afford the 2080Ti lol :))
Giniel Villacote
Giniel Villacote 23 days ago
With SLI Dead it makes much more sense to make a cooler of this size and setup, rather than seing a wasted space on the remaining slots under the GPU.
Wood Ant
Wood Ant 25 days ago
6:30 looks like a server board now😂
LFPz 25 days ago
Linus: so one of the points will if its less expensive than water cooling. Also Linus: so we machined this custom heat sink in our own custom workshop
Justin Patterson
Justin Patterson 26 days ago
I've been looking at after market cooling for a 1660S. Just prefer the idea of my silicon being kept much cooler under load.
Fierrza 27 days ago
I could care less how loud (as long as it’s not annoying when I don’t have sound playing) it is just give me the most performance I wear headphones not speakers
Saad Alghamdi
Saad Alghamdi 27 days ago
Why not just slap a big ass fan or fans on the original heatsink and be done with it?
Hristescu Alexandru
what other cooler would you recommend for the same card?
Valentix4no 29 days ago
linus seems like austin dressed as linus in this vid, especially with the way he talks
hardrockve 29 days ago
Definitely the best video of all your times
A Gamer
A Gamer 29 days ago
Why is there a keyboard in Linus's pocket?
Reni N
Reni N Month ago
FYI the heatsinks with pre applied adhesive absolutely do NOT hold up under load temps, the adhesive melts and the heatsinks will detach.
KaliFornia Dashcamer
Yeah that board will eventually crack
MoLottes Month ago
AT MOST, half a turn each side as we tighten the thing down Proceeds to turn 7 half turns on one side
Bryan Perry Ruiz
Linis: it needs to accomplish "3" things. Also Linus: and finally number "4"..
joey rosenbaum
joey rosenbaum Month ago
I swear i watched this before the 20 series launch more then a few years back..
Gehteuch Nixan
Gehteuch Nixan Month ago
Just mounted my old Dark Rock 3 onto my Zotac RTX2070S Mini. Before I was constantly running at 83°C, now it's at 67°C max. Freaking awesome. Thanks, Linus, for giving me the confidence to actually follow through with this! 😁
Hello There
Hello There Month ago
The way he started the intro seems like he's a bit unhappy.. hmmm...
davkdavk Month ago
How far does it OC? Blown away this wasnt tested.
Lé pallos
Lé pallos Month ago
1:49 اي والله
ItalEngRo Month ago
I am a simple man: 7:35 Linus mentions the song Sound of Silence, I like the video. ruvid.net/video/video-u9Dg-g7t2l4.html
Solve Everything
Watercooling is a meme.
Swaize Month ago
How about vrms, vram? Those fans are enough?
Ackwell Month ago
Would removing the PCI-slot covers under the card improve thermals by improving the rate those fans exhaust air?
Thermal Management
We provide one-stop thermal-management solutions, from R & D, thermal simulation to manufacturing, products include Bonded Fins Heat Sink, Skived Heat Sink, Pin Fin Heat Sink, Extrusion heat sink, Heat Pipe Heat Sink, Water cooled heat sink, Liquid Cold Plate www.jacarlosworld.com
Jasper Robinson
Jasper Robinson Month ago
currently using a desk fan to cool my shitty 2005 gt 710 to play csgo on 65fps
Gábor Gyöngyösi
That is stupid! This video suggest to do this crap... That crap you install the vrm is nothing... You dont monitor vrm-temp. VRM is so hot with that crap. This is how to roast vrm's. Delete this video!
Dizzy Month ago
Never seen a plug fit so perfectly
Melonenbaum Keks
I just went the way of getting rid of all the plastic casing from my 2080S, applying some Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal and putting on two Alpenföhn Wingboost 2 I had laying around using cable ties to mount them. I had to solder on some of those small fan headers from an old GPU I had laying around to get the 120mm fans connected to the GPU. Thermals and noise are pretty impressive. Even with an fairly high OC and under full load, I never saw it getting above 55°C while not even hearing any fans noise at all. And the best thing about this mod is that I dont need to compromise on PCI slots or get a big case, I just converted a 2 slot card to a 3 slot card.
KSI behindthescenes
Linus: "Is cheap and easy to do" Also Linus: "So we machined our own heatsink"
deABREU Tattoos
deABREU Tattoos 6 days ago
I know it's a joke, but they sell heatsinks like that by the meter in electronic shops
Ice PlayZ
Ice PlayZ 25 days ago
Did you watch the end? WOOSH IF GAY
Marat Bazynga
Marat Bazynga Month ago
Shadow of the Tumor Eater is not so demanding for graphics. Try Metro Exodus or RTX Minecraft mode instead
Pertamax7 Month ago
massive air
iiElysium x
iiElysium x Month ago
Unfortunately I do not have a drill press lying around
Blensidi Month ago
How do you set the speed of the GPU fans when the GPU gets hotter or cooler though? With stock coolers you could do that in MSI Afterburner but now what?
Ankit Rawat
Ankit Rawat Month ago
what about VRAM temp.??
Ivo Esteves
Ivo Esteves Month ago
passive cooling gpu with a fanless cpu cooler after covid is solved?
afrosteven1 Month ago
why would you not use liquid metal and have the cooler rotated to blow air out the back?
afrosteven1 Month ago
nvm, just saw he did rotate it
Gustavo Balmaceda
Except for the little detail that covers all the PCI-Express sockets.
Brian Spragge
Brian Spragge Month ago
That’s scary, I’ve seen 2 too many motherboard sparks
kyle campbell
kyle campbell Month ago
Now this is why I love this channel ❤
Dion Phillips
Dion Phillips Month ago
You guys know you can rent tools, right?
HM01 Month ago
I would love to see you try this with an AIO watercooler
Henk Fermeul
Henk Fermeul Month ago
6:16 God thank you! I was so inconfortable about this!
Fabulous Canuck
Fabulous Canuck Month ago
how can we pick something that doesnt have coil whine? I'm only asking cause its been in 7 of my GPUs straight . my luck
The Dubstep Hub
The Dubstep Hub Month ago
This is cool but I wish you guys would cover the process of installing aftermarket GPU coolers like the Arctic Extreme IV or Raijintek Morpheus 2 sometime! I'm about to give one a shot for the first time but there are few videos of working with one out there
Swapnil Shinde
Swapnil Shinde Month ago
Now take two of them in SLI 😂
William Helbing
William Helbing Month ago
DIY Perks has been doing this for years now, check out his channel!
Thomas Van Dorpe
4:37 Thats what she said
Seweryn Bielecki
i used the nzxt kraken with the nzxt bracket on my r9 390
Ivo B
Ivo B Month ago
...just buil you pc inside the fridge
FaddingFlame Squad
Linus: says the stock cooler runs at 3000 rpm Me: laughs while my laptop runs at 8000 rpm
MK73DS Month ago
4:24 "And then we're gonna go nice and slow, doing *at most* a half a turn on each side as we tighten the thing down" Proceeds to make 3 full turns
Anonix Month ago
It would be awsome if there would be space for a same cooler for the cpu too
snowhawk Month ago
You could fit at least 2 full ATX motherboards inside that case
ravengr2000 Month ago
Would love to see it mounted on an open frame case like the Thermaltake P3
Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner Month ago
What if you strap an aio on the gpu? Water cooling with out the hassle.
Kulbi Month ago
Hahahaha what in the world xD
Mostly Drew
Mostly Drew Month ago
fuck no
Mike Garados
Mike Garados Month ago
A drill press? Totally not required just use a drill!
Sinan Akkoyun
Sinan Akkoyun Month ago
At least mention DIY Perks, he is the one publicly staring it...
Cao Sơn Nguyễn
Average????? Which part of that beast is Average???
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