Frank Vogel talks about LeBron's leadership and his experience at All-Star | Lakers Practice Report

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Comments 17
John Minx
John Minx Month ago
Caruso for Point!!! on the second unit!
Kenneth Erickson
Look...it's Joe Vatto from Impractical Jokers...and his boss is Rob Lowe
Reasonable BB
Reasonable BB Month ago
Lakers need to go hard for Markieff and Moe. Then get JR and Dion. Waive TD QC JD CACOK.
Jay C
Jay C Month ago
Come on coach, work your magic and let’s get Boogie back in two months. The block will be shut down and the “small ball” strategy will crumble without rebounds and points in the paint.
B Inman
B Inman Month ago
Vogel NEEDS to play with rotations! Kuzma HAS to get more touches. He wont avg 18ppg taking 5-8 shots a game. Sit Rondo til playoffs and give Cook more mins. Get their confidence up before playoffs start. Numbers show AD, Kuz, Bron, KCP, AC is our best line up. Get them more mins together.
Gonzalo Otheguy
Gonzalo Otheguy Month ago
I think A.D plays better when he is the power-forward instead of the center
B Inman
B Inman Month ago
He isnt "trash". And he has def got better this year. They dont need him to lock people up. Just stay in front and funnel to the rim protector. My comment was just that 5 man group is statistically our best. AD will play a lot of 5 come playoffs. Teams will slow down amd go small to give spacing. Our bigs cant do that. We need to get the reps in now before playoffs start
Tray Ross
Tray Ross Month ago
Hell no kuzma is trash as hell on defense teams pick on him on purpose
Peter Anders
Peter Anders Month ago
This man is a very good coach, but he has been teasing line up changes for so long. Do it already. Check the metrics, the path is clear here. It's obvious what needs to be done. Experminent with Caruso as a starter. Play Bradley only after 3 days, no back to back starts and no 2 day starts either. He still isn't fit yet. We don't need any more of those 4/1/1 stet lines where his man scored 35+. Enough already. Bradley with sufficient rest goes 18/5/3 with stellar shooting. Back to back rushed Bradley goes 4/1/1 with 0 steals and becomes a dead stop for the offense. Enough of that already. Experiment with Cacok behind Davis. With the front court the Lakers have, they should lead the league in rebounding too, not be among the worst rebounding teams. More Kuzma at the 2 and 3 behind Danny/KCP and LeBron and no more Kuzma at the 4. This guy is a born shooter, don't force him to defend in the post. He was the best defender the Lakers tried on Kahwi and Westbrook and they threw everyone at those guys. He can clearly defend on the perimeter. It's the paint, where he sucks. McGee or Howard need to be on the court against all teams, no matter how small, nimble or mobile. You force those guys to grow or get slaughtered in the paint. Caruso, Green, LBJ, Davis, McGee Rondo, KCP, Kuzma, Cacok, Howard.
Peter Anders
Peter Anders Month ago
@TheQuickyouknow That kid from the G league is already better than AB. Which team of 2 players on the Lakers boasts the highest net ratings? What do you think? I'll give you a hint. It's LeBron and some kid from the G league. Other kids from the G league include Danny Green, Pascal Siakam, Fred VanVleet, etc. And we've already seen AC take some of Rondo's minutes and fail hard as a point guard. Also pls check Avery Bradley's PER. It's below 5. The average NBA player is rated at 15. Do you know any other starting PG in the league that boast a rating that terrible? I don't. Do you know any starting guard that does? I don't. Oh and Rondo has the highest net rating out of all Lakers guards followed by Danny, KCP and Caruso. And Cook can't defend anybody at all. The secondary has enough defensive problems as is. Oh and while you are getting hip to reality - with KCP the Lakers were +13.9 and went like 12-1. With Bradley they went like 20-8, 20-10 or something like that with a net rating of 3.5 or around there somewhere. KCP was a lot better at the starter job than Bradley was. The media is dead wrong about Bradley. He is not fit yet. Maybe next year. He stopped nobody. He bothered nobody with a name. In fact, he had 7 total games in which he played well. Before each he had a break exceeding 2, most often 3 or more days. This is due to losing a lot of weight and a lot of training volume before camp started. Shortly before camp he took a break and showed up very in shape and fit. He got the starting job. Then the miles started adding up more and more. He has no full season behind him as a fit player and losing all that weight quickly took a toll on him. Despite what the media tells you, Avery is largely ineffective defensively. So yeah I can go on for days about why I am certain, that you and the majority of people are wrong and the tiny minority of us that like Rondo and see the same huge problems with Bradley the Clippers saw with him are right, but it's largely a belief issue. Do you believe that Bradley will give you elite defense and hit close to 40% from deep, scoring 15+ points per night soon or not. I don't. I'm happy if he does, but I am certainly not counting on it.
TheQuickyouknow Month ago
Wow you took AB out the rotation and added some kid from the G league? I would like them to try something different with Kuz, and I'd like to see AC get some more of Rondo's minutes. Maybe give Cook some minutes too.
Kyle Jamessis Parreno123
wha i like about coach frank is that he emphasizes defense over anything else unlike lue
vidyanshu pandey
Coach Vogel for the COTY !! Coaching staff of Lakers 💥 ❤ Coach Vogel !! ❤
D C Month ago
Coach V is Koo!
Combat Sports Talk - Los Angeles
Frank Vogel 👏🏽
Marcos Joseph
Marcos Joseph Month ago
Cláudio 77
Cláudio 77 Month ago
Fantastic Frank. I love you Lakers !
MrBeast Month ago
Nice video! Keep it up! Would you like to be RUvid friends? :]
MrBeast Month ago
Nice! Keep it up! Would you like to be RUvid friends? :]
Lakers Power
Lakers Power Month ago
Who will win the NBA Finals?
Tray Ross
Tray Ross Month ago
Lebron James will be mvp and finals mvp I have said this before this season even started
M O Month ago
Monster Energy Power who’s page you click on? 🙄 💛💜
Bille Month ago
Best coach in the league!!
alinjo Month ago
JzLDN Month ago
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