Fox go FLOOF

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Yep, that winter coat time of the year again!! and the fox go FLOOF, all fluffed up and poofy! This is his 6th edition winter coat (being 5 1/2 years old)!
Ron is a pet red fox I bought from a licensed exotic animal breeder, in Oklahoma, captive-bred and hand-raised. My state of Arkansas allows pet foxes without any permit needed.
He enjoys a large outdoor habitat and also a small indoor caged spot in my living room. Foxes are said to make 'bad' pets, but I would rather say foxes make wonderful pets!... just rather destructive, moody pets, NOT FOR CHILDREN.
Every potential fox owner/companion MUST have an outdoor pen built fox-proof; here's some examples--- raptor-painter.deviantart.com/art/Building-a-better-fox-kennel-5-203764564
Now the best resource...sybilsden.com/caresheet/fox.htm
It is Sybil's Message Board. The link is for the Foxes forum...hundreds of posts for you to read up on!

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Nov 9, 2013




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Comments 80
Paweł Król
Paweł Król 9 minutes ago
I love fox!!!!!!!!!!
Leah Bassil
Leah Bassil 9 hours ago
Your fox makes the cutest sounds I have ever heard 💕 😍 🥺
Dolly Ann
Dolly Ann 11 hours ago
I wish some one could make a vid of how to get a fox in your backyard.
MuhdSoleh- 8886
MuhdSoleh- 8886 13 hours ago
His voice is perfect as a meme
meijing71 14 hours ago
The fox is so cute
Op Turtle gaming
Op Turtle gaming 16 hours ago
Things that this fox likes: 1: biting your hand 2: being petted 3: *you*
TheRichButWeirdGachaFamily UwU
the sound of the fox is just-🥺🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Minnoş LPS
Minnoş LPS Day ago
Rahaf 123
Rahaf 123 Day ago
I can’t believe there are people out there who make clothing out of these beautiful creatures 😢
Stephanie Puente
Its a dog cat
Micah LeClair
raegan Brooks
ML DayV 2 days ago
Gabriel Howell
Gabriel Howell 2 days ago
Everyone: *"Nuuuu u can't just be the cutest animal!!!"* Foxes: *"Haha Fox go FLOOF"*
• Mimi Mitsuko •
He *protecc* He *attacc* but most importantly... his hand became a *snacc*
MC DayV 3 days ago
xDominique 3 days ago
This is me when I Want to Find my Phone ;-; Me : **Panic**
Alive Apple
Alive Apple 3 days ago
The 3 animals that rule youtube 1:Cat 2:Dogs 3:Fox's honorable mention4:Capybara
Ari Floof
Ari Floof 4 days ago
korniszeku 3 days ago
masking skull
masking skull 4 days ago
This video will always be remembered
Valene Eicher
Valene Eicher 4 days ago
I’m lookin’ for my friend Deala’s fox.
Vanessa Gill
Vanessa Gill 5 days ago
fox: hooman gonna hand me wut i do?? i knwo * nim nom nam nom * hooman: * pet pet * fox: threat neutralised nom om
CaNcErInO 5 days ago
Now we know what the fox says
Andy Lor
Andy Lor 5 days ago
Xprogamer60050 60050
Trop mignon le système surchauffe
ColdGoose Monkey2007
Rip foxxo
Skully _
Skully _ 6 days ago
How strong are fox bites? Can they injure you?
Microwolf 4 days ago
Skully _ I’m not really sure if a lil fox wants to playfully bite you And it hurts they will try to make sure to be more gentle but if an adult fox with intentions to hurt you bites you they could rip some skin off (I got mauled by a dog about a month ago and he ripped a chunk out of my arm but idk about foxes)
Rune 6 days ago
73m views oof
Alec Mancilla
Alec Mancilla 6 days ago
If everyone that watched this video subscribed he have 73 million subscribers
Raheem Hussain
Raheem Hussain 6 days ago
Fuck foxes
Abbood Ahmed
Abbood Ahmed 6 days ago
So this is What the fox say
team play wolf
team play wolf 7 days ago
I think we all agree the title is what brought us all here
Space engine Rocks
1:58 girls will be squealing for years and years with no break
Junalyn Penton
Junalyn Penton 7 days ago
What does the fox say?
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 7 days ago
Fox go floof my heart go💓💞
Ozan Şipal
Ozan Şipal 7 days ago
Rip Ron Ron
Derp Cat
Derp Cat 7 days ago
Nobody: RUvid in 2020: fox go FLOOF
Youngju Kim
Youngju Kim 7 days ago
Whiskas 8 days ago
grzeczna ahri :3
korniszeku 3 days ago
nie niegrzecna
Des riordan
Des riordan 8 days ago
he protecc he atacc but most importantly he yelps like a catt
GTA Medya
GTA Medya 8 days ago
He protecc He atacc But most importantly This meme is succ a lot
FmzGacha 8 days ago
0:00 ronron is trying to take the camera
Who’s watching in 2020
Laquana Williams
Laquana Williams 8 days ago
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww 😭😭😭
StRIFeuZ pLayZzZ
StRIFeuZ pLayZzZ 8 days ago
How does this have dislikes?
Weeb Nonce
Weeb Nonce 8 days ago
We should domesticate foxes
Peril X
Peril X 9 days ago
He’s sooo cute my favroit animal
My god, i love dat little foxy
Nethulator 9 days ago
73 million views
ox 9 days ago
he attac he protecc but most importantly he as cute as hecc
Tails The Fox
Tails The Fox 9 days ago
Dang my cousin died :(
DarkNess 10 days ago
PandaPan 10 days ago
This video makes me glad to be alive
TheMythic Narwhal
TheMythic Narwhal 10 days ago
Good floofio foxyo
sickchiq 10 days ago
So this is where foxy eyes came from
sniperboi codmYT
sniperboi codmYT 10 days ago
Something about a grown man saying siwwy foxy is hilarious
Jay Jay ́s guitarcorner
caress them instead of hunting them
fallout new vegas player
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Fox:im fast as fack boi
Chip Bush
Chip Bush 10 days ago
Foxes are dogs that are cats. Confusing.
Swap!Bew be humpin golden sonic-
he go fast he laugh cootly but most better is i will die for that fox
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese 8 days ago
Nurse Golden yea it’s very sad
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese 9 days ago
I’m very sorry but he passed away a few years ago 😞
Yudi Vigoreaux
Yudi Vigoreaux 10 days ago
Cute fox!
Leo&marius 11 days ago
Sir i think your cat is broken
VidKatZuk 11 days ago
all these comments are either the same or unoriginal as shit
TehEpic GamerBoi
TehEpic GamerBoi 11 days ago
me want to hug fox
Judi Vava
Judi Vava 12 days ago
que cosa tan esponjosa¡? so cute
センベロヒロ 12 days ago
Boldipie [GD]
Boldipie [GD] 12 days ago
I saw this before he died, it really broke me when I found out Ron had passed.
Dark Foxz 23
Dark Foxz 23 12 days ago
alexis .
alexis . 12 days ago
this baby was so precious and sweet, it’s sad that he passed. it’s a natural thing but it sucks because he was such a sweetheart
Raheem Hussain
Raheem Hussain 12 days ago
I hate foxes I wanna kii
Poke The Duck
Poke The Duck 7 days ago
No u
clxxdy_Skxes 13 days ago
Why did he have to go, he was such a good boio 😔
Puppetanimatez 13 days ago
Well guys i think that fox is a fox......
Luke Thomson
Luke Thomson 13 days ago
fox tooth brush lol
Ердаулет Ордабаи
Эммм ты говоришь по Русски или ты Русски
emlix1 13 days ago
My missus has a fox called FenFen in homage to RonRon xxxx
Raheem Hussain
Raheem Hussain 13 days ago
I hate foxes
Raheem Hussain
Raheem Hussain 7 days ago
@Poke The Duck p
Poke The Duck
Poke The Duck 7 days ago
no u
Cepety - Youtube
Cepety - Youtube 13 days ago
*he should host an event where everyone comes to his backyard to put a rose on ronron’s grave*
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