Fox Dives Headfirst Into Snow | North America

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A red fox pinpoints field mice buried deep beneath the snow, using his sensitive hearing and the magnetic field of the North Pole to plot his trajectory.
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Jul 5, 2013




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Comments 10 520
Yuri van den akker
Yuri van den akker 4 hours ago
0:44 yeahhh.. three feet of snow right ?? ( ^.^)
Israel Harper
Israel Harper 7 hours ago
basma maadi
basma maadi 9 hours ago
Mdr trop drôle en + il continu 😂😂
Julio Plays
Julio Plays Day ago
The people who disliked the video are mad because it's not Melee Fox
Ariana Grande
We watched this at biology lessons
Leire Gómez
Leire Gómez Day ago
Babe: I'm a dog! Fox: I'm a dolphin!
Samadar Chakraborty
0:32 when I see my ex.
TheDestroyer 2.O
TheDestroyer 2.O 2 days ago
Emily Bru
Emily Bru 2 days ago
2:10 me when I’m looking for my moms wallet in her purse
LoLRiNo 2 days ago
Ye, I'm gonna watch it after 7 years, no problem youtube
Ostrich: rlly man why u copy me
Kannan Chandrasekar
Mice locked. Fox on fire.
James mason
James mason 3 days ago
This isn't real the fox didn't waveshine, frame perfect ledgedash, shine out of shield, multishine, break it's fingers, switch to b0xx, and complain about how it's fans want him to switch back to captain falcon
Luis Felipe Navarro Pelayo
🦊 buen video 🦊
•frappe• 3 days ago
When your ex walks by:
Xino X47
Xino X47 3 days ago
I saw the thumbnail and I thought Minecraft irl🤣🤣🤣
DizTheKiz 3 days ago
Me when i place a chicken under the snow in minecraft
Gol.D Dylan
Gol.D Dylan 3 days ago
You literally hear the deaths screams of the mole the and vey second it dies. What’s with the audio lol
bre e
bre e 4 days ago
2:26 "dammit!"
Red Fox
Red Fox 4 days ago
This is definitely something that I would do🦊😊❤️
Random Fujoshi
Random Fujoshi 4 days ago
Damn, so Minecraft is accurate.... SO CUTE
Nico plaze Trash
Nico plaze Trash 4 days ago
Mojang watching this🤔 «well that`s a good idea!»
†Mercy† Anims
I want fox to do Down B.
gacha bunny fox
gacha bunny fox 4 days ago
Foxes be so cool
ralsei 5 days ago
This is me when there is just bearly a inch of snow
Leonardo 5 days ago
I don't know why but this remmbered me ir Ori
ŠpxçęGłxšš XD
Idk why but I laughed a lot XD
Team SMSD 6 days ago
LegoGnocchi 7 days ago
Ashely Miracle
Ashely Miracle 7 days ago
Video: posted in 2013 RUvid in 2020: YO U GOTTA WATCH THIS VIDEO I enjoyed it though, it was cute ,funny, and educational! Idk if i spelled educational right ;-;
ZnnepExperienced Ex
Ha look at you getting tricked to watch these vids again also dont bother scrolling down they're all the same comments
ertia 7 days ago
Sooooo cute
best _gurl
best _gurl 8 days ago
Naw he on drugs😂
Unk D
Unk D 8 days ago
Minecraft foxes in real life......
soulassassin0g 8 days ago
Fox: "I'm a vicious killer! Fear me!" Me: "Awww, look at fluffy tail!"
NO ONE 8 days ago
I was laughing when he jumped but at the same time i was pretty impressed
Tesly 8 days ago
that's why i'm a furry
LA- XyLNZ 8 days ago
Notch : Stop digging dow- Fox : *N O*
Untrepid One
Untrepid One 8 days ago
Title - well it ain't gonna dive buttfirst.
john johnson
john johnson 9 days ago
"oh sorry. I'm looking for the self deprivating humans that ruin every nature video. I must be lost" (thank God)
Lucy Murphy
Lucy Murphy 9 days ago
This looks fun
geek 007
geek 007 9 days ago
Hey RUvid !
Sangeeta Butola
Sangeeta Butola 9 days ago
Friend: Mam he is talking to me Me: WTF?? Teacher: go out of the class Me:#YEET
MaiMaigoodbye Art and stuff
Oh fox just YEETS himself
Inna Mikhailova
Inna Mikhailova 10 days ago
какая красотка, ну, ведь реально хитрая рыжая морда)))
Daemon's Railfans and more
He attacc He protecc But most importantly... He dive for snacc
Rashmi Rekha Mishra
Even watching him jump headfirst into the snow makes my neck hurt.
Rashmi Rekha Mishra
Caution: Any human who tries this will break their neck and suffer unnecessary painful death.
Undertalefan 0289
Undertalefan 0289 10 days ago
Basically minecraft in real life
0000 Ryu
0000 Ryu 10 days ago
ぴょんっ ズボッ
The Dragon Era
The Dragon Era 10 days ago
The narrator sounds a little like Harrison Ford
Devi Fette
Devi Fette 10 days ago
Fox: ... Fox:*jumps* Fox: AMERICA!!!
Eclipse Z
Eclipse Z 11 days ago
Haha I always wanted to something like that but I live in a hot place called Arizona..
cookie pasta 7oh
cookie pasta 7oh 11 days ago
Show this to your mom when she says you are watching inappropriate stuff
Craig Tate
Craig Tate 11 days ago
Talk about going all in
Gilpin Gardens
Gilpin Gardens 11 days ago
scout the fox
scout the fox 11 days ago
So gosh darn adorable💗💗💗💗💗💗
semagjetam 11 days ago
Phade shawdows30
Phade shawdows30 11 days ago
32 thank me
Azazel 12 days ago
Fox: *COME ON!*
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