Fox Dives Headfirst Into Snow | North America

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A red fox pinpoints field mice buried deep beneath the snow, using his sensitive hearing and the magnetic field of the North Pole to plot his trajectory.
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Jul 5, 2013




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Comments 7 252
Alyssa Ocaso
Alyssa Ocaso 22 hours ago
Fox are cute if you pet them
Washim ahmad
Washim ahmad Day ago
How he do this
Vicdaking 2 days ago
Listen to Tio Sabas by Paco de Lucia while watching this video on mute.
Gaming legend
Gaming legend 5 days ago
Dude it's hard to survive
Henry j
Henry j 6 days ago
0:30 BOING! *floomph*
FoXiiTo 8 days ago
*Reported for wallhacking*
carlos cardoso uchia
what does the fox say...
Abd el jawad Harane
سبحان الله
TheSuperEan300 11 days ago
DerKreuzelKahn 13 days ago
Squishi?? Are u it?
Nurul Husnatul Husna
0:42 what are you doing fox?? Jump you head in underground? You shame?? 😁
BrianPlayz. YT
BrianPlayz. YT 14 days ago
*This is where microsoft got minecraft logic*
Vulpes 356
Vulpes 356 14 days ago
So a fluffy missile
bicanoo_magic 16 days ago
This is the special 'Fox Under Cover Knowing Mice Exploitation' technique...known as 'FUCK ME' that's impressive!
A 16 days ago
robert retka
robert retka 16 days ago
He is all ears.
Adventures in North America
For a Fox diving into snow is the best way to get Lunch
Hi TECH 17 days ago
Such a crazy talent !!!
Dipanjan Modak
Dipanjan Modak 18 days ago
What does the fox say.... ting ning ning ning ting ninning ninning 🤩🤩
JumpingFox 18 days ago
Anand Tiwari
Anand Tiwari 19 days ago
Super amazing!
Hard_light 19 days ago
My question is how does that little thing survive 3 feet below the snow😂😂😂
Adam Fullhan
Adam Fullhan 19 days ago
What type of technology is that
ansari kalam
ansari kalam 19 days ago
I was shown a mountain, it made me bleed.
Vai Valer a pena
Vai Valer a pena 19 days ago
Olha a agilidade desçe animal .e tem muitos que falam que só os homens são inteligentes ufffff????
Nasif Manjur
Nasif Manjur 20 days ago
My all ciken eating fox....😂😂😂😂 This video remember me .????
Chi123 Nguyễn Ngọc Kim Chi
Có ai như mình ko chỉ nhìn hình thôi, ko hiểu nói gì hết, hihi.
the best songs
the best songs 20 days ago
Aris Kuntoro
Aris Kuntoro 21 day ago
Viral Nepal Online Tv
omg ... how he can find ?? 😱😱😱
Van Tung Nguyen
Van Tung Nguyen 21 day ago
What does the fox say :v
Beegy Dic
Beegy Dic 22 days ago
How many of us wanna pet that? Hahaha
Pokediger 1
Pokediger 1 22 days ago
1:36 me enjoying snow
Pokediger 1
Pokediger 1 22 days ago
1:36 me enjoying snow
Pokediger 1
Pokediger 1 22 days ago
1:31 me ending my life
Pokediger 1
Pokediger 1 22 days ago
0:49 look st my fluffy but :3
Ostap Benber
Ostap Benber 22 days ago
С полем
Prakash Kumar
Prakash Kumar 22 days ago
What if there is rock underneath 😬
tysut hoang
tysut hoang 22 days ago
easy tricks
easy tricks 22 days ago
1:24 to 1:26 looking so beautiful
easy tricks
easy tricks 22 days ago
easy tricks
easy tricks 22 days ago
0:46 lajawab nazara
LX jack
LX jack 23 days ago
me hiding in bush.. hackers kill me by headshot..
reethu rajubai
reethu rajubai 23 days ago
Fox using esp hacking
mommy licious
mommy licious 23 days ago
What it the fox' prey happens to be sitting on a big solid rock covered by thick snow? Will the fox sense it too or just dive for it?
Binu Babu Binu Babu
Mạnh Phú
Mạnh Phú 23 days ago
Hay nhỉ
Xander Ellem
Xander Ellem 23 days ago
Stupid like a fox
Jaydeep Raval
Jaydeep Raval 24 days ago
Nature is so incredible and so is Discovery. Are we ever going to protect our gifted planet..?? Terribly inconvenient thought. We always have to..
محمد عبدالله
لعنك الله فلاحي ثعلب فلاحي تفثي درين
Вадим Смирнов
Канат Несипбеков
ماشاء الله
Aletta Ocean
Aletta Ocean 25 days ago
Wolf Paws
Wolf Paws 25 days ago
Its cute but stupid
Jaber Alhaddad
Jaber Alhaddad 26 days ago
😀😍😀😍😀😍😀😍😀😍😀😍😀😍😀😍😀😍😀😍😀😍😀cute cute cue
mohit kumar
mohit kumar 26 days ago
Thats how I behave when I see Indians sweets..like barfi
Samson Sobane
Samson Sobane 26 days ago
so amazing .
Adel Bouzroura
Adel Bouzroura 26 days ago
Trebreh Nautnip
Trebreh Nautnip 26 days ago
Imagine fox jump head first in the snow but there is a huge rock lol
Monika 24 days ago
Animal abuser
Pot Areola
Pot Areola 27 days ago
its like me dive on my first drank of beer 🤘🤘🤘
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