Four Times Sheree & Nene Really Got Into It | The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Relive every fight between Sheree and Nene.
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Fresh off her stand-up comedy tour, Nene is busier than ever with the opening of a new location for Swagg Boutique. Business as usual comes to a halt however as Gregg faces a cancer diagnosis. Cynthia struggles with the idea of becoming an empty nester, but is excited about the new man in her life. Kandi decides to launch a risqué burlesque show while she and Todd explore the idea of expanding their family yet again. Porsha is over-the-moon excited to welcome her first bundle of joy and finally have the family of her dreams. Meanwhile, Eva and her fiancé Michael welcome a beautiful baby boy and are busy planning a fairytale wedding. Shamari DeVoe, known from the multi-platinum R&B group Blaque, is new to the mix and is planning to launch of new music with her husband Ronnie DeVoe, formerly of New Edition. Fashion and media entrepreneur Marlo Hampton is back on the scene, joined by newcomer Tanya Sam, a tech savvy business woman who enjoys the finer things in life.

Cynthia Bailey
Eva Marcille
Kandi Burruss
Nene Leakes
Porsha Williams
Shamari DeVoe
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Your First Look at The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 12


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Feb 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Bravo 3 months ago
Watch the Best Nene Leakes vs. Kim Zolciak-Biermann Moments: ruvid.net/video/video-hL5bXXapj80.html
Nuno Goncalves
Nuno Goncalves 3 days ago
A change champag🙄
Derek Dukes
Derek Dukes 8 days ago
Where is yo scootah?! Where is YO SCOOTAH?! Where is it?!
cam12 cam12
cam12 cam12 Month ago
Shere"s ponytail 😍
RED Month ago
BEFORE Kenya they had always argued and fought!
M Lane
M Lane 2 months ago
@Jonise Smith And now She's treating Kenya like trash..
Keeng 5 hours ago
Lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣😷 They're done😁 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😷 They could use a bleaching!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😷 Fix that body......fix that face!🤣🤣🤣🤣😷
Taylor Montgomery
Taylor Montgomery 7 hours ago
Dominique Johnson
Dominique Johnson 10 hours ago
This man is going to be in jail for millions of years LMAO
Khloe Bell
Khloe Bell 12 hours ago
A now they begging nene to come back 😂
Khloe Bell
Khloe Bell 12 hours ago
Shree acting like she not jealous of nenes bag when she lost her house girl bye 😂💀
goober beans
goober beans 16 hours ago
Oh, I'm about to be so petty... Sheree talking about NeNe having no fashion while she's sitting there with a sweater that looks like it has a hole held together by a duct tape looking strap.😂
JB Day ago
I miss this Nene. I miss Sheree. SHe was never afraid of Nene.
Itsalwaysraininginfl !
Talk about it now lmao
jellyjell17 Day ago
Sheree reminds of Aaliyah, I think its her voice or something.
Taylor Montgomery
one of my favorite things nene has ever said is THEY'RE DONE THEY'RE DONE THEY'RE DONE THEY'RE DONE i quote it all the time lol
Ricky Isaac
Ricky Isaac Day ago
I think you need to calllll Tyroneeeeeee CALL HIM
Adry Princess
"Call Tyrone...call!" (in my eryka badu's voice)
lobo james
lobo james 2 days ago
Anna Rothfuss
Anna Rothfuss 2 days ago
There ain’t nowhere a picture to be found or nene‘s „rotten“ teeth. 🤨
Quiet Lioness
Quiet Lioness 2 days ago
I wonder if NeNe is still PROUD of her Donald Trump checks?
Sky 2 days ago
Nene looks so much different in season one vs now 😳😳😳
Cindy Thurston
Cindy Thurston 3 days ago
I love you, NeNe! Don't care what anyone says or does. You go girl! 💖
Marley Mescudi
Marley Mescudi 3 days ago
Sheree is talking about NeNe's first car being repossessed. So what, damn near 20 years ago? Acting like it was last week.
DAVEY CORTEZ 3 days ago
I would love to see Sheree, Kim, and Phaedra back. Just throw them all in the mix and see what happens lol.
David Parkes
David Parkes 3 days ago
there DONE. there DONE! 👀👄
Nuno Goncalves
Nuno Goncalves 3 days ago
She does have 3 face Sherry " want to be disonest
Alexis Johnson
Alexis Johnson 3 days ago
There done 😁 there done 😁
ninosimone x
ninosimone x 3 days ago
Oooh don’t make that face 😂😂😂😂
Jasmine Dickerson
Sheree body is bomb to be 40+
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez 5 days ago
Nene talking about Sheree's slamming body! Wtf?!
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez 5 days ago
I miss Sheree
Queen Regine
Queen Regine 5 days ago
“I got a mugshot and he’s in PRISON. Have I been to prison?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gabe Espinosa
Gabe Espinosa 5 days ago
Nene is ugly inside and out. No matter how many nose jobs you get, you will always be ugly to the core, that's why she always looks ugly on the outside. Bye, wide back!
Nilo Rac
Nilo Rac 5 days ago
Nene looked her absolute best in season 4. Especially with the first nosejob (not that she needed it but it did look good) and the honeyblonde/lightbrown short pixie hairdo. Now she looks absolutely awful. Her nose is terrible and those long platinum blonde wigs are absolutely atrocious! Even her fashions are off..
Lucy Moonflowers
Lucy Moonflowers 6 days ago
LMAO did Sheree really say Nene has doggy teeth 😭??
Yvonne McGrane
Yvonne McGrane 6 days ago
Talk about a glow up????
Adam Winz
Adam Winz 6 days ago
While Sheree came from a more fortunate background, it’s wrong to judge people from where they came from, and what they struggled through. When people think Real Houswives, they think Nene. Whether y’all like it or not, Nene is the face of the entire franchise. Regardless.
Adam Winz
Adam Winz 6 days ago
Poor Andy :/
Jackie Davies
Jackie Davies 7 days ago
All these women look a lot lighter now in 2020.
Jasmine Prince
Jasmine Prince 7 days ago
Actually like Nene in her old nose. She looked younger and not such Hollywood.
Veronica Parks
Veronica Parks 8 days ago
Change is Gooooooood. " Mirror
mtownboi4ya 8 days ago
Amazing how things come full cirlce...aint this the same Tyrone in prison? Ijs
that girl
that girl 8 days ago
Well Sheree! Nene is on face 7, she has literally fixed her face!
AllHail TheQueen
AllHail TheQueen 8 days ago
So evil to bring up the days that she struggled. Seems like you’re jealous of the come up.
Todari Wayne
Todari Wayne 8 days ago
I Was Depositing A Trump Check, DONALD TRUMP 🗣😭😭
leahkallixto 8 days ago
The ignorance is mad crazy but entertaining
C.C.W 9 days ago
FooFoo2013 9 days ago
Her child was stealing at Walmart. Fact.
Stephanie Rogers
Stephanie Rogers 9 days ago
I love them both this is hilarious. They need to hug and make up
bennitha uiras
bennitha uiras 9 days ago
season 1 of Nene i “deaded”
libra lady
libra lady 9 days ago
Nene definitely stepped up her “fashions” I think she was inspired by cynthias cool street style.
alexes lowe
alexes lowe 9 days ago
The first trump check on record
Anibal D. Masso
Anibal D. Masso 10 days ago
Theese are real boo boo, theese are ruuuu!
tim woods
tim woods 10 days ago
Has anyone noticed that nene never gets to far out of line with sheree as she did with Kim and Kenya. For some strange reason nene knows when to back off and shut up..
Dal T
Dal T 10 days ago
Back when Nene was funny, idk what happened to her now
hi 11 days ago
Imagine being Diana or Tyrone on the first one 😂. How did they all hear each other?
Mia mchugh
Mia mchugh 11 days ago
I think you need to call Tyrone but if
Mia mchugh
Mia mchugh 11 days ago
I think you need to call Tyrone but if Erykah Badu
S Scott
S Scott 11 days ago
Is that the same Tyrone in jail Tyrone that Sheree was dating
Derek Dukes
Derek Dukes 22 minutes ago
Yes 😂 ⚰️
Cons Mercado
Cons Mercado 12 days ago
Is nene bleaching? She was dark before now she kinda lighter
tiffany mukundi
tiffany mukundi 12 days ago
She said a Donald trump check
Drew Mura
Drew Mura 12 days ago
He’s lying! First he said they then he said she. Sherae always makes bad decisions! That’s why she’s not on the show!
Let's Review
Let's Review 13 days ago
Sheree’s expressions are bat shit crazy! Remember that fight with Marlo!
Neiosha Crawford
Neiosha Crawford 13 days ago
Nene used to be the shit!!! “🖐🏾BAM!!🤚🏾Nene and Kim in the house..” YAAASSSS OG NENE!!! Confidence baby, she got lost along the way..
Clint Callas
Clint Callas 13 days ago
Loooooooooove me some NENE...MA GIRL!
Cren Cottrell
Cren Cottrell 13 days ago
Isn't this the same Sheree Nene is NOW hoping to get back on RHOA next season? The same Sheree who if she came back on RHOA Season 13, would just fall out and be enemies all over again with Nene Season 14??
William Dunson
William Dunson 13 days ago
Hold on....who is Quan sheree was talking about?
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith 14 days ago
Whoo! Chile they have all came along way with those looks 🤣
Deidra Brown
Deidra Brown 14 days ago
"THEY'RE DONE!" Sends me everytime🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nya Bella
Nya Bella 14 days ago
I miss Sheree
MASC 14 days ago
She really “called Tyrone” 😂
Keva GEE FLYY Holmes
She fixed that face 😆😆😆😆
Keva GEE FLYY Holmes
NAYNAY brought up that trump check 😆😆
Keva GEE FLYY Holmes
NeNe was dark
Keva GEE FLYY Holmes
"Fix that face!"
Keva GEE FLYY Holmes
Oh snap NeNe eye's were cocked😆😆
Keva GEE FLYY Holmes
NeNe thought she was going to be bigger than THE SHOW
Terrance Prescott Barnes
And can’t land a side show...
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 14 days ago
Nene got caught...
Breezyqbl Luke
Breezyqbl Luke 14 days ago
Nene looked better with her original nose, it fit her face. Now she’s looking like Latoya Jackson/Lil Kim. Issa no girl
Yolanda Benning
Yolanda Benning 14 days ago
Here it is May 2020, RHOA is in Season 12 and I still want Nene, Sheree and Kim Z back on the show!!! Best storylines...well sh*t stirrers LMBOOO!!!
Jenny Ramono
Jenny Ramono 15 days ago
The they’re done comment took me out😂
Chow Chowfluffy
Chow Chowfluffy 15 days ago
Sheree has the thickest neck I've ever seen on a woman
Dee Kay
Dee Kay 15 days ago
I miss Sheree
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