Found Rare Gem While Digging at Diamond Hill Mine! (Unbelievable Find)

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In this video I team up with friends and search for rare gem stones!
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Found Rare Gem While Digging at Diamond Hill Mine! (Unbelievable Find)


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May 23, 2019




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Comments 4 006
HaywardHolcombe 4 months ago
“Found rare gem” me when I found DALLYMYD’S channel
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 13 hours ago
Stolen comment
Annabel Prescott
Annabel Prescott 23 hours ago
Where do you find your questions
7000000 Subs Challenge
Copied post
Quinlan Cole
Quinlan Cole Day ago
Waleed Seinpaal
Waleed Seinpaal 3 days ago
Same! his videos are soo cool! Wish I could do that type of stuff
KingFox Playz324
KingFox Playz324 30 minutes ago
Lol my name is micah
Sandra Musgrave
i was going thar
Brian Olsson
Brian Olsson 2 hours ago
You just wasted 12 min and 48 sec of my life. Where was the amazing find?
ComboSennie09 tijger
you found quartz!!
Armand Singleton
Armand Singleton 3 hours ago
I drove all the way to South Carolina. RUvid: cool he’s in Georgia
Mini Geet
Mini Geet 7 hours ago
If I found one I would be so excited
John Rutkowski
John Rutkowski 10 hours ago
Cool you guys are awesome 👌
Beastie Boi
Beastie Boi 10 hours ago
Gold panning in the creek
Is_Boris_ Cyka
Is_Boris_ Cyka 11 hours ago
Can someone please do a count on how many times he said, ‘that’s a pretty one’
RisThePro _
RisThePro _ 13 hours ago
get gud kid
get gud kid 13 hours ago
where granite,amethyst,and pearl AND STEVEN
T-pont 23
T-pont 23 14 hours ago
What are those shoes someone pls post a link for these
rainbows-tv 14 hours ago
in the background when he was talking I saw the BIGGEST gem ever!!! and he didn't even notice it
Sadie Tucker
Sadie Tucker 4 hours ago
What minute?
Virtual Leader
Virtual Leader 15 hours ago
Why are you kidnapping the crystal gems?
Susan Button
Susan Button 15 hours ago
Me: wish's I could go Mom: go do your homework Me: awww can I ask you something Mom: sure Me: can we go to this mine Mom: no I don't even know where it is Me and mom: yells at each other!!
Emilie Miller
Emilie Miller 15 hours ago
I ♥️ collecting rocks! I also like you guys collecting cool crystals as well
Emilie Miller
Emilie Miller 15 hours ago
I have about over 100 rocks in my rock collection and I already have a ton of rocks with Crystals and two geodes
Emilie Miller
Emilie Miller 15 hours ago
The mine shall decide
Jacob Brennan
Jacob Brennan 16 hours ago
this is amazing keep it up
TheGamingPanda 16 hours ago
Wait what mod is this
The Natural gamer
The Natural gamer 16 hours ago
Isn't it weird that what Americans most americans see once a month or year is what I see every day.
Keziah Jose
Keziah Jose 16 hours ago
South Carolina represent!!!
beth hayden
beth hayden 17 hours ago
I've been to there and i was very successful with finding rare gems
Gennifer Pate
Gennifer Pate 19 hours ago
Lol 😆
Jaclynn T
Jaclynn T 21 hour ago
Your videos are the best
Annabel Prescott
Annabel Prescott 23 hours ago
Kay Feger
Kay Feger 23 hours ago
The orange crystal u found is jasper
Dash Day ago
I wanna go to this mine now
Chelsea Pando
asmr him dig
Yeetus Fetus
Yeetus Fetus Day ago
You should go to the aqua marine some can be more expensive than diamonds (Edit) those orange crystals are jaspers
Yourgamerc C
Yourgamerc C Day ago
I have seen mica thats not mica mica doesnt look like that but maybe a diff kind
MZK Day ago
MZK Day ago
At 00:41 and if you hit "CC" it says "So lets get out before WE START DATING CHRIS"ಠ_ಠ
:O alright.. *You aren't in a different planet, yet you are in a different dimension. This is because There is quartz, which is ONLY found in the Nether. Oops, got rl and minecraft mixed up sorry bro I just wasted you time xD*
Pizzel Wizzel
Finds more in a creek beside a mine
Armando Broncas
How how much is it to go in
Madeline Baldwin
Imagine being the first person to discover this
Krish Samuel
Krish Samuel Day ago
So much steven universe names lol
Georgie’s boat
Me finding this channel “holy fudge this is SO RARE!!!” Edit I love your vids
weeladboy idk
Lol ur in tge nether
Xeeana Trish Carlos
can you go to "Jackson's crossroads mine"
Google told me 9 ounces of mica is 5 euro or about 7 dollars
Xeeana Trish Carlos
make new mine videos please
Brandy Veatupu
maby you couls go looking for cool gems and all sorts of stuff at the creek
Lucia Dorumsgaard
It’s not pronounced Mika it’s malachite
Møţh Ğöđ
Mica* and mica is a sheet fracture mineral, malachite is oxidized copper, big difference, and btw I learned this 6th grade science class......, and the thing they found in the bog area WAS mica, I've personally held mica and I own a chunk of malachite, I know the difference, and I'm 100% sure they're correctly identifying that peice of mica........
King Kaewma
King Kaewma Day ago
may castillo
may castillo Day ago
dallymyd i guess the orange crystal is fire opal
may castillo
may castillo Day ago
or agate
may castillo
may castillo Day ago
it's carnelian
may castillo
may castillo Day ago
i only guess
Tris Tone
Tris Tone Day ago
You must have a pretty good computer to get minecraft this realistic like damn
Forrest Nelson
We have crystals to
Nann Nguyen
Nann Nguyen Day ago
mica is actually used in makeup
Mason Barnhill
What shoes are those
Yosimmity Simar
I saw a huge crystal but it was in the shovel so you threw it away
Ava Odell
Ava Odell Day ago
4:37 citrine points
Mani Alvira
Mani Alvira Day ago
Can you do more crystal finding
Brittany Foronda
More crystals videos
DD and V TV
DD and V TV Day ago
I live in SC
Unthinkable love Gotcha life
You guys should watch Steven universe he has all the gems
Tiffaloo !
Tiffaloo ! 15 hours ago
Ikr lol No like literally
Gaming With Dumbo!
You should do this more often
Honey Bun
Honey Bun 2 days ago
I am amazed..... I would be too tired I'd never dig that....
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