FOUND KEY to SAFE HOUSE in ABANDONED SAFE? (Exploring Ghost Town for Riddles on PZ4 & Project Zorgo)

Vy Qwaint
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After Chad Wild Clay made FOUND SECRET MESSAGE in FLAMES at PROJECT ZORGO Abandoned Ghost Town (New Safe House Magic Trick), Daniel uploaded the video DANIEL MEETS with HACKER (Project Zorgo Abandoned Ghost Town Searching for Clues & Riddles), and Vy Qwaint created FOLLOW DANIEL & SPY on his PROJECT ZORGO SECRET MEETING (Exploring Abandoned Town Evidence of PZ4), CWC, VQ, and Daniel from Exposing Project Zorgo go on a top secret hacker chase in the Tesla Model X that Jospeh Banks remodelled as their new hacker proof Delorean. They must make it to the 78x and mysterious orange crystal before 10 minutes passes and time runs out. After going through obstacle courses, PZ4 appears and uses spy gadgets and ninja gadgets to destroy the crystal fruit ninja style. As they make their way back to the Delorean Daniel receives an apple watch message from a mysterious person telling him that there is a brand new extreme safe house! They make their way to the safe house, Vy Qwaint and Chad Wild Clay realize that he is acting extra suspicious. Daniel ends up taking the CWC crew to an abandoned ghost town! CWC and VQ follow Daniel around while he is exploring to see if he is going to join Project Zorgo again in real life! They find a lot of clues and evidence that help them solve this mystery. In this video, Vy explores the abandoned town at 3am for 24 hours in real life. She uses her spy gadgets to unlock a mystery safe and finds mysterious riddles that she needs to solve. In the safe, she found a key! What it will unlock!? Hopefully, she finds out where the safe house is so she can get away from Project Zorgo. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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10 фев 2019

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Комментарии 30 034
Vy Qwaint
Vy Qwaint 13 дней назад
Hi Spy Ninjas! Daniel has been trying to help us! Where do you think this key goes?
jubair Khan
jubair Khan 12 дней назад
At a safe house
Peter Weldon
Peter Weldon 12 дней назад
Shiya Jackson
Shiya Jackson 12 дней назад
The hackers was spying on you vy
April Fermin
April Fermin 13 дней назад
Xxxxxxxxxxx april
Terri Rhodes
Terri Rhodes 13 дней назад
I saw a ghost when you were trying to get a piece of paper
Gabrielle Phelan
Gabrielle Phelan 41 минуту назад
At 5:26 there was a hacker on the plane. At 1:47 there was a hacker in front of the bus making the noise and at red crown gasoline there was a hacker at 9:37.
Margarita Esteban
Margarita Esteban 42 минуты назад
i saw a progect zorgo member in one of the cars
Thomas Owen
Thomas Owen Час назад
love ya
Maria Mora
Maria Mora Час назад
You are so smart
Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas 2 часа назад
Pz4 is in the home😨😰😱😫😓
Huy-Hoang Le
Huy-Hoang Le 2 часа назад
I Love you
tamara rodriguez
tamara rodriguez 2 часа назад
cesar navarrete
cesar navarrete 2 часа назад
and i sall a glove
Aiden Craig
Aiden Craig 2 часа назад
At 3:29 I saw pz4
cesar navarrete
cesar navarrete 2 часа назад
their was a hacker
Jazzy Appelt
Jazzy Appelt 2 часа назад
Vy I saw p.z member behind the green
Jazzy Appelt
Jazzy Appelt 2 часа назад
Kyle Tranvu
Kyle Tranvu 3 часа назад
VY I saw a hand with a yellow or green gloveon
Delona Duncan
Delona Duncan 3 часа назад
At 3:29 there was a hacker
Takilisi Pahulu
Takilisi Pahulu 5 часов назад
Yv and chad fri friend
Nataly Rodriguez
Nataly Rodriguez 9 часов назад
Around 8:16 I think I saw a hacker
Mae - Nia
Mae - Nia 11 часов назад
Be careful Vy stay safe the hackers are watching you,Chad, and Daniel
boss_sauce 13 часов назад
vy pause it at 3:29 there is a hacker there
boss_sauce 12 часов назад
and at 9:36
Brittany Gaines
Brittany Gaines 13 часов назад
I think the red thing was a 7
Anne Vinoya
Anne Vinoya 15 часов назад
OMG I just saw the hacker in the School bus and I feel really scard now bc I saw the hacker if some one saw the hacker leave a like
Andy Rosa
Andy Rosa 15 часов назад
I saw something by the window in 5:26 as you agree
Sydney Rodgers
Sydney Rodgers 15 часов назад
at 5:25 there is a pz glove
Johnny Anderson
Johnny Anderson 16 часов назад
I am not kidding I saw a hand and a hacker
Johnny Anderson
Johnny Anderson 16 часов назад
I saw a hand ! 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
jojoihmaid 16 часов назад
The note that is in the airplane that note says find the safe and those could be hours
Paula Juarez
Paula Juarez 18 часов назад
that Minecraft building Guy
that Minecraft building Guy 18 часов назад
PROJECT zorgo is always watching
Maged Messeha
Maged Messeha 19 часов назад
When you were looking at the cars a project zorgo member was looking through the window
cjtbc1 19 часов назад
I saw a green glove like if you saw it to
Savageee 108
Savageee 108 20 часов назад
That was awesome
Ievaunicorn katiniukas
Ievaunicorn katiniukas 21 час назад
In a plane
Ievaunicorn katiniukas
Ievaunicorn katiniukas 21 час назад
You see the green hand
Cupcake Squrl
Cupcake Squrl 21 час назад
There is a clue
Cupcake Squrl
Cupcake Squrl 21 час назад
In the one with the top there was like a camera 📷
Toby Osborne 686
Toby Osborne 686 21 час назад
Toby what's your phone number phone number
jawad eldib
jawad eldib 22 часа назад
I saw the hacker
LoveAnimals Games
LoveAnimals Games 22 часа назад
I saw a green hand how did vy not!
بيتك حياتك مع أم إياد#
Cara Quinn
Cara Quinn 23 часа назад
We're the red gasoline can was there their was a HAKER!
Avacato In Space
Avacato In Space 23 часа назад
тнιѕ ιѕ σвνi яєαℓ!!! (ιтѕ σνвѕ fαкє)
imogen barber
imogen barber День назад
The hacker wants the password
Go Da
Go Da День назад
Airbus a380
Chantelle Mcguinness
Chantelle Mcguinness День назад
I love your videos so much I tried to make a video and then my family makes fun of me and I hope you and chad are safexx
Naziya Javed
Naziya Javed День назад
unlock I can get something to do with a lock
Drayven ramon
Drayven ramon День назад
I saw a hand when you try to get the paper with the writer
Hanz Johanis
Hanz Johanis День назад
9:36 Hacker behind you
Kirsty O'connor
Kirsty O'connor День назад
I saw a gluve
Hassan Rashid
Hassan Rashid День назад
sorry i wanted to say Pz4
Hassan Rashid
Hassan Rashid День назад
I saw Pz1 in weired bus window😰
Diedra I
Diedra I День назад
Stay strong e!!!!
Shuhel Ahmed
Shuhel Ahmed День назад
Am a girl Am Afrin my dad is shuhel ahmed if you see this comment lots am sorry its just incase please commment and like chhad and vy if you read my comments even this one I'll appriciate it if you did it Bye.
Darkusly День назад
At 3:29 a hacker was there at the green-like van
Parul Srivastava
Parul Srivastava День назад
3:30 project zorgo behind car.
Harrienianeeka Indran
Harrienianeeka Indran День назад
at 5:25 a yellow glove was seen.
Suzanne Nahas
Suzanne Nahas День назад
It say pz1
salustiana lopez
salustiana lopez День назад
Qrgueqwkw gkskej
Strange dorito Shahid
Strange dorito Shahid День назад
3:30 pz member behind the car
silly 661
silly 661 День назад
Maybe it’s safe number
Prince Adlawan
Prince Adlawan День назад
I see a yellow glove at 12:22
Jasvir Bhangu
Jasvir Bhangu День назад
PZ 1
Wilki Kids
Wilki Kids День назад
3:28 HACKER!!!!
Brylee Williams
Brylee Williams День назад
At 5:26 there's a hand
Brylee Williams
Brylee Williams День назад
At 9:36 I saw pz4
Brylee Williams
Brylee Williams День назад
At 5:26 there was a hand
Arcelia Duran
Arcelia Duran День назад
Vu yo are going to jóven projec sorgo
jon thomas
jon thomas День назад
O and I'm subscribed because I love your chanal
jon thomas
jon thomas День назад
all three of them say ''sun''
Osiris Guzman
Osiris Guzman День назад
Ido liket
ISABELLA Kruckman День назад
Me and my friend found something from pz4
Misz Stacie
Misz Stacie День назад
Always look behind u
Hunter Coleman
Hunter Coleman День назад
There was a hacker hand when you got the note out of the airplane
Shohel Sarker
Shohel Sarker День назад
oh what daniel is your side wooooooo
Johnny Herrera
Johnny Herrera День назад
I know what's happening about the safe if there's a key in it where the hacker puts it in you have to go over there and then the numbers that you got from whatever's the numbers that you have is probably the numbers to open the safe
Karleah Harris
Karleah Harris День назад
There is a yellow hand
Jurnee Chisholm
Jurnee Chisholm День назад
Did you see a green hand 🖐🏾 if so then give a like
Gracie Miller
Gracie Miller День назад
won of the haker vlog is mnl
Maddie O'Connell
Maddie O'Connell День назад
vy you got your finger prints on that note!!!!!!!Or does that even happen eny more??????????????????????????????
alessandra rota
alessandra rota День назад
In PROJECT ZORGO video someone else is PZ2
Dakota Lhamon
Dakota Lhamon День назад
At 9:38 a pz members head us sitting in one of the chairs like if u saw it
Reese Hoover
Reese Hoover День назад
Vy the hacker was fowlling you and chad.
MK wright
MK wright 2 дня назад
at 9:36 there was a pz member behind you
Paula Alxandra De Oliveira Catarino
You guy's hef to get tik tok en fint gon-the-heker
MK wright
MK wright 2 дня назад
at 3:29 there was a PZ member in the window of that car thing
Lol Poop
Lol Poop 2 дня назад
3:28 plz member
Abir Vlogs
Abir Vlogs 2 дня назад
The note said PZ1
TheFlawless Gamer
TheFlawless Gamer 2 дня назад
I have spy ninja network! I love it!
little poppy the amazing
little poppy the amazing 2 дня назад
Did anyone see a hand at 5:26
Sn8ky Sk8ter
Sn8ky Sk8ter 2 дня назад
It was a car driving
Noorin Alysha
Noorin Alysha 2 дня назад
I saw a hacker vy
Ievaunicorn katiniukas
Ievaunicorn katiniukas 2 дня назад
Be safe i am see the haker
Chandra Tiwari
Chandra Tiwari 2 дня назад
Don'T you think that the hackers must have also hacked you for leaking so much important things of them
Chandra Tiwari
Chandra Tiwari 2 дня назад
Even if you people are stuck at this place how are you uploading videos
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill 2 дня назад
I just saw Paul as it is all go hard and it was agreed below what is heart
Jamie Walker
Jamie Walker 2 дня назад
When you were on about the empty chairs a hacker was behind you xxxxxxx
SOPHIA HOOPER 2 дня назад
Well you have WiFi to upload them now
Erriana Walton
Erriana Walton 2 дня назад
I saw a hacker looking in one of the cars
Wahid Ahad
Wahid Ahad 2 дня назад
MohMad AsiF
MohMad AsiF 2 дня назад
Vy I so one pz was at the bus
Teresa Sanchez De Cordero
Teresa Sanchez De Cordero 2 дня назад
There was a 🖐in te⏱🛩
Dayana Abd Razak
Dayana Abd Razak 2 дня назад
vy is not only car ther are aeroplane
Dayana Abd Razak
Dayana Abd Razak 2 дня назад
no vy chad find a aeroplane at his video
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