Found $10,000+ Wedding Ring While Scuba Diving the Bahamas! (Unbelievable Find)

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In this video I go metal detecting underwater in the Bahamas!
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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and RUvidr w/ 9,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on RUvid!
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I Found 2 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Bahamas) ruvid.net/video/video-NTWpPnbnwtI.html
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 80
[Nathan] 9 months ago
7:07 *Jake, remember to close your rings. A brisk, 15 minute walk should do it.*
Gamer Gamer
Gamer Gamer 3 days ago
@DALLMYD i think if i ever go there ill make a diss track for fun just to have better rec vid for them not youtube
CrystaL 88
CrystaL 88 2 months ago
lydia w
lydia w 2 months ago
@Chuck Rice your right
MissSmudge78 2 months ago
Hey Jake. Were you able to find the owners of either rings?
[Nathan] 2 months ago
Patrick McGLINCHY Apple Watch ⌚️
DD KONGERS 19 hours ago
Ozzmanout Hour ago
you guys suck
King Bee
King Bee 13 hours ago
Are you okay?
Ethan Priest
Ethan Priest Day ago
Did anyone else realize how tall that guys door was compared to him and other regular sized doors
Chaos 2gee
Chaos 2gee 2 days ago
Kylie Jenner watching this: 👁👄👁
Ross Brumby
Ross Brumby 2 days ago
I thought he was running off to get his wife to prove her ring has a real diamond!
aka 4-7gamer
aka 4-7gamer 2 days ago
Thats exactly the fortnite chap 2 seas 2 location
Doesn’t Day ago
Don’t care
Aburd20 Gaming
Aburd20 Gaming 2 days ago
What location?
Suriel Caldera
Suriel Caldera 2 days ago
Hahah I know right
Ruckuz U*F*A Entertainment
U look like actor Dave franco
Claudean Cox
Claudean Cox 3 days ago
Vision Clan
Vision Clan 3 days ago
Only OGS know what the money sound makes
Avocado 123
Avocado 123 4 days ago
0:41 TheY lOose CloThing
Iris Lahaut
Iris Lahaut 4 days ago
At 9:11 IS THAT A TAMPON?!!??!?
xDarkTrinityx 3 days ago
.... or more likely answer it's a floating Dorito...
joy115 4 days ago
That water color 🥰
Keila Silva
Keila Silva 4 days ago
austin vue
austin vue 5 days ago
yo that deermeatfordinner
Ava Pierce
Ava Pierce 6 days ago
Him: talking Me: looking three his sunglasses like hi me
Stizzyshadow 7 days ago
You should buy me a good metal detector that can go deep in water so I can be like you
Rita Dunn
Rita Dunn 8 days ago
Jake, you are so fun to watch! I like your enthusiasm and the great treasures you find are amazing. Keep up the great videos. Jordan and Tristan are great to watch too 🤩
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones 8 days ago
Cool you found Robert!
Mr nuts 7
Mr nuts 7 9 days ago
The way the metal detector sounded like it was singing 😂
Tacocat Playz
Tacocat Playz 12 days ago
Omg the water is so pretty! I was going on a cruise to the Bahamas, my first cruse and time out of the USA but it got canceled
kola sillers
kola sillers 17 days ago
Who is James Bond? Famous scuba diver?
kola sillers
kola sillers 6 days ago
@Lemon Soul That was joke from me.LOL.
Lemon Soul
Lemon Soul 7 days ago
Tacocat Playz
Tacocat Playz 12 days ago
How do you not know?
Jade Hughey
Jade Hughey 12 days ago
It’s a movie
Jessica Leeman
Jessica Leeman 17 days ago
Recommendation for a beginner metal detector? This is my soon to be seven year old’s birthday request this August - she loves this channel :)
MrKiwispirit 19 days ago
Have you done a tour of treasure that you’ve kept Be interesting to see what you have accumulated over the years
Will F
Will F 20 days ago
Well, now I know how to save $10,000 when I propose to my girl
Jmak Wells
Jmak Wells 21 day ago
Now I know where to go to get my gumball machine coins.
Jay's Garage
Jay's Garage 21 day ago
I'm guessing the coins are from people thinking that it's a wishing well
Ado 22 days ago
Dallmyd finds anything: HMPPPPPMMMPP HMMMMP
Marlee Hudson
Marlee Hudson 24 days ago
Some of your dog Merch but I can't fit my dog it's way toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooloooo big
Christina Walke
Christina Walke 24 days ago
Sophie Chen
Sophie Chen 25 days ago
just asking, but who the heck has coins with them when they are swimming??
Maddie's World
Maddie's World 12 days ago
Maybe they have extra change that they forgot about in their swimming trunks. 😐 idk 😐
Audrey Mulloy
Audrey Mulloy 22 days ago
Lol that’s what I thought
Oceanseeker 26 days ago
an unsuspecting pool toy that had sunken to the bottom: Me in the swimming pool when I was like 8: *excitement*
BarbaraJean 27 days ago
The water is so beautiful....how are u not scared of a big ass fish sneaking up on u? In the video of a hidden paradise in the middle of the city.....i tbought for sure some big ass fish was gonna attack! But it didnt....!
Sue B
Sue B 28 days ago
I want to know Jake what metal detector you use? I really want to get a good underwater one.
Sunset Butterfly
Sunset Butterfly 28 days ago
I hope you find Kim kardasians lost diamonds earrings 🤣🤣
Jade Hughey
Jade Hughey 12 days ago
Brock Jones ?
Brock Jones
Brock Jones 22 days ago
Sunset Butterfly weirdo
Sunset Butterfly
Sunset Butterfly 26 days ago
Lora Howe ??
Lora Howe
Lora Howe 28 days ago
How did you know I'd been there before it is very fun hope you have fun there awesome can you tell me what kind of fish they are when you get them I don't know that much fish I don't Ina Mina Dory Bisharp Stingray and and that all dead by Emily G emoji
Swinging Donna Metal Detecting New York
I just started my RUvid channel a few months ago. I have to ask, how long have you been doing videos? And how on earth did you get over 10 million subscribers!? Thank you so much for the help
Heather Danvers
Heather Danvers 10 days ago
Swinging Donna Metal Detecting New York , Thanks 🙏 SO much, I have not gained much subscribers as u but I know I’ll will need time. I’m glad I can be helpful, and again thanks. Be Well!
Swinging Donna Metal Detecting New York
I’m your 17 th! 😎
Swinging Donna Metal Detecting New York
Heather Danvers Thank you for the info. Going to support your channel too. 😎
Heather Danvers
Heather Danvers 28 days ago
So I also have one but it’s not so popular . The things you need most are A name that most people would search up, The title of your RUvid video has up to be very interesting, and you need eye-catching thumbnails
Jasvinder Singh
Jasvinder Singh 29 days ago
Asbjørn Henry Lier Andersen
Why did you make me watch this?😑
Joan Chepon
Joan Chepon 29 days ago
Didn't Tristen want to taste the snack?
Joshua Baldwin
Joshua Baldwin 29 days ago
I what the Diamond ring for a girl
Bella B
Bella B 29 days ago
Those are somebody's wishes...
Dadee Alten
Dadee Alten Month ago
L P Month ago
Dude I’ve been there
Victor Lacerda da Silva
so... that boat's name is really 'never 2 naugthy' ? alright then..
Krista Zajac
Krista Zajac Month ago
06:32 08:48 04:55
Marlee Hudson
Marlee Hudson 24 days ago
Anne Marie
Anne Marie Month ago
Now what do i have to do to get in this group of cool peeps.. contagious happiness even thru a phone screen.. ❤️🤗
Ro Man
Ro Man Month ago
"I found a earring" Me: Kim's diamond earring!?
zalenagreen Month ago
She found it already lolll
madison mcgrath
madison mcgrath Month ago
where is is
maxzzzie Month ago
15 minutes in a random ocean. Jake: - Millionair
Bailie Merchant
Bailie Merchant Month ago
i love ur videos
Katrina Alvaran
Katrina Alvaran Month ago
Darlene Owens
Darlene Owens Month ago
So awesome amazing. That's awesome that you return the stuff god bless you darling
jayr tagotongan
jayr tagotongan Month ago
hai jake from phillipines i always watch you!
Gigi Castillo
Gigi Castillo Month ago
Shangreiphy Shinglai
Wow you re so manly
Till LP
Till LP Month ago
Lost haha
Okay? Month ago
Common User
Common User Month ago
4:40 OMG you found a tampone and it was funny that you checked it on metal.🥴
Iris Lahaut
Iris Lahaut 4 days ago
Hahahaha I had to check comments to see if anyone else noticed 😂 The way he checked the tampon made me laugh 😂🤢
Ilana ohnona
Ilana ohnona 16 days ago
it was magia for more money maybe lolololol
Bo Kremer
Bo Kremer Month ago
pigs in the sea never thout I whold see that🐷🌊
Emily Pires
Emily Pires Month ago
Catherine Lukas
Catherine Lukas Month ago
you think that she would just be like "oh i guess i'm out 75k"
Catherine Lukas
Catherine Lukas Month ago
ffs they found it
Mr R
Mr R Month ago
That ring is mine.
Mr R
Mr R Month ago
Smeagol wants that ring.
Mr R
Mr R Month ago
That second ring is mine.
Maria Camila Lopez Palacio
You should search for Kim kardashian’s earring
jermey van der Zwaag
Why didn't you pick up the trash?
Patterson White
Patterson White Month ago
Two of my favourite youtubers❤ Nice to see you both team up.
A safe from the river ruvid.net/video/video-lJM2-DK_B3c.html
Bobby E.
Bobby E. Month ago
my pause game was strong at 13:18
Colbear 101
Colbear 101 Month ago
Hey jake what type of metal detector is that?
Bobby E.
Bobby E. Month ago
its a mineral diamond detector. usually pawn shops or jewelry stores carry them. you can also get them online
Myas Adopt Me Life
if he replys im gonna be the most popular girl in the class bc hes famous :)
dareez rahman
dareez rahman Month ago
Hey that is tttooottaaaalllyyyy my ring
Mihaela Stojkovic
Go find Kim Kardashian's earring!
Miguel Schoedel
Miguel Schoedel Month ago
I would love to see the coins
Judy Martin
Judy Martin Month ago
👍👍 good job 👍 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
jamie martins
jamie martins Month ago
Please my brother ! Can you reveall and let us know the coins you find. Thanks..I'm a metal detector also..On land ,not water,keep the people happy ! Much respect and love to you. Chow!
MLG Csubi
MLG Csubi Month ago
I love how the metal detector sings gregorian
Kevin Tyler
Kevin Tyler Month ago
Dude awesome you were hanging with deermeatfordinner. He cook for y'all?
Chandra Mendoza
Chandra Mendoza Month ago
Your awesome and treasure is so cute and your videos are fun to watch
xxx xxx
xxx xxx Month ago
I want to ask my girl to marry me . But Im broke as . Can you find me a ring please?
Z10 1
Z10 1 Month ago
Guillermo Perez Morataya
Jan H.
Jan H. Month ago
Heavy tampon 4:38
Ava Nash
Ava Nash Month ago
wow your sooooo cool your my fav youtuber ever
shannon Girdler
shannon Girdler Month ago
Love watching these videos youse find so much. Love how much fun youse have . Watching all way from Australia. In a small country town.
Bite my butt bite my butt bite my butt butt night butt wow I didn't really mean that but I'm sorry
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