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Comments 60
Ed Greene
Ed Greene 13 hours ago
Poor kid. I wanted to throttle that bitch, and I knew they were acting.
Hana Sandy Shimabayashi : Earth
Earth is the definition of my last name. Clip 5. Alway's help other's. Go home to family. Do not live at America too long.
Irish Jewel67
I looked at Caleb and wondered is that Lucas from stranger things? I googled it and it it 😱
isnt he from Stranger things? diont people watch STRANGER THINGS? ITS HIM
denbroug h
denbroug h Day ago
4:57 cute cute cute cute
98hrtz Day ago
Loie Blossom
Loie Blossom Day ago
A healthy reminder that verbal and mental abuse exists! Just because they don’t hit you doesn’t mean they’re not abusive!
Essence Arnold
This gets "stranger" very time watch it.😉
queen africa
queen africa 2 days ago
The black couple were a disgrace and a disappointment
jake Tgp
jake Tgp 2 days ago
John Hardiman
John Hardiman 3 days ago
Is that Caleb McLaughlin
Jelena Ristovski
Jelena Ristovski 3 days ago
Really dude when messyourself reacted to this he said when yo came out hey it’s wat would ya do blah 😑 blah
Cindy Kelly
Cindy Kelly 3 days ago
Just noticed he is Lucas on stranger things 😂
Noémy Channel
Noémy Channel 3 days ago
the guy from stranger things has enter the chat.
Valeria Aguirre
Valeria Aguirre 4 days ago
One I saw this I thought “Wait a minute, isn’t he Lucas from Stranger Things?” 😂 and YES IT WAS CALEB 🖤
Ian Santos
Ian Santos 4 days ago
i love traci
Muzi Tshabalala
Muzi Tshabalala 4 days ago
Great now I'm crying at work
Shannon Wooters
Shannon Wooters 4 days ago
These are actors ppl... This didnt really happen to this child... Its to show what citizens would do if they ever saw this behavior in real life... Ppl in comments actually thinking this child is in foster care..Smh..
Cheeto Cheeto
Cheeto Cheeto 4 days ago
I wanted to run and drop kick that actor, even though she was just acting. It just sounds horrible
IMA GOOD GIRL 4 days ago
Who actually cried during this? (Not begging, I just cried when that woman said she wanted Caleb)
Spencer Hargrave
Spencer Hargrave 5 days ago
I thought that kid looked familiar
charlotte B
charlotte B 5 days ago
Alecxa Marron
Alecxa Marron 5 days ago
If i saw that I would smack the woman for being so rude
softwlw 6 days ago
Faith Victoria
Faith Victoria 6 days ago
Traci is Dr Brenner's wife
Gacha 4 Life
Gacha 4 Life 6 days ago
CALEBBBB (Lucas hehe)
Will Shannon
Will Shannon 6 days ago
Tiền tài hai chữ son khuyên ngược
Jaymi Arianna
Jaymi Arianna 6 days ago
Im crying right now 😭
SplixyFNT 6 days ago
Brage Blekastad
Brage Blekastad 7 days ago
It’s Lucas from stranger things
Kimora Lawrence
Kimora Lawrence 7 days ago
I love that little black boy he's so sweet. P.s I'm not racist. Poor boy I know he has a family I assume but when that tear rolls down his eye it breaks my heart.🙏🏾
Nano Sillah
Nano Sillah 7 days ago
What a cruel mother
Lionel Mendiola
Lionel Mendiola 7 days ago
Am i the only one to notice that hes from stranger things
Alyssa 8 days ago
isnt that boy from stranger things
Alexandria Strowger
Being in the foster care is hard.😢
B m
B m 8 days ago
I would have gotten up and punched that bitch in the mouth,I would have gladly gone to jail as long as I busted her jaw good. I was kidnapped from my parents and went through 18 years of hell I hate these terrorist child traffickers.
B m
B m 8 days ago
Social workers make thousands for every child they kidnapp from their parents.
B m
B m 8 days ago
Bull💩 they make thousands for each child by the state and federal government.
B m
B m 8 days ago
Thing is this is not fake, this crap happens in reality, child trafficking by social workers,law enforcement and foster care.
Gracie 9 days ago
If I was him I would be like "Well you know what I'm Caleb McLaughlin I can get a hamburger milkshake and french fries and I can get anything I want I'm a millionaire you old lady I'm form Stranger Things''
Cherish Liu
Cherish Liu 9 days ago
Most people know John but they don't know Traci? She's iconic lol
Fuck Nigger Shit Ass Faggot Hoe Cock Gay
That mom is a demagorgan
Lazy Couch potato
Lazy Couch potato 10 days ago
I just realised Caleb was playing the foster kid 😍
Parker VanHill
Parker VanHill 10 days ago
This made ma cry because all of my siblings are adopted.
Kashaan Latif
Kashaan Latif 11 days ago
1:07 did she get a attack or something? 😂😂😂😂😂
J-zae Mcrae
J-zae Mcrae 11 days ago
DG1702 11 days ago
That’s Caleb from stranger things
Piotr Balcerzak
Piotr Balcerzak 12 days ago
I love this program
Living Being
Living Being 12 days ago
When I was in foster care my foster care parents were really nice to me which I was surprised about because I knew some of them were in for the money.plust they were white and I was cree. But when I got out of foster care it was my mom that was in it for the money from the child tax. She's was getting 3000 thousand dollars every month for doing nothing to take care of me and my siblings for five years. ( there were five of us kids together) My dad was doing everything. Just so anyone is wondering me and my siblings are in the care of my dad now and our child tax is coming next week and my mom left so she won't buy drugs with our money.
Kawasaki Rider
Kawasaki Rider 12 days ago
Who could do that to little 2pac
Chibuike 12 days ago
Stranger things Lucas😂
greg snow
greg snow 12 days ago
Look it’s Karen
Clxudy Gamer
Clxudy Gamer 12 days ago
Now i just realized this was lucas from. Stranger things
Jonathan Antioquia
Jonathan Antioquia 13 days ago
The last guy was so very handsome and has pure heart ♥
Danni Louise
Danni Louise 13 days ago
The lady with her hands in her head, pacing around the room trying to process is literally me
bobby bee
bobby bee 13 days ago
I was in foster care, had to eat seperatly from family after they had finished, whatever was left.Christmas presents taken and given to their own child. I would be jumping up and down too.
Apollon Lv
Apollon Lv 13 days ago
Don't many Americans know the adult woman is an actress?
DarKKnightt07 13 days ago
Traci is too good at this.
Purpleaf XD
Purpleaf XD 13 days ago
“He’s not money, he’s a person” Me: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH
Dylan McCollum
Dylan McCollum 13 days ago
I started to smile without even realizing it
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