Forza Horizon 5 : Mexico, Car List, Customization & More!! (FH5 Gameplay)

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Forza Horizon 5 is here! We got our first look at Forza Horizon 5 Gameplay and Trailer today! It shows new the FH5 AMG Project One, Ford Bronco, Porsche Taycan and more! Subscribe for more Forza Horizon 5 Gameplay, Car List, Customization, Hosues, Story and the FH5 Lets Play!

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Jun 13, 2021




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Comments 6 946
AR12Gaming Month ago
ITS HERE! Say hello to Forza Horizon 5! What I should ask the developers about?
Mcneds Month ago
6:26 are those hot wheel tracks in the background?
Tactixx Month ago
Question for the Q&A: Does Forza have any licenses with TRD? And is there any chance we might see cars with TRD body kits in the
Sans the Skeleton
finally some good fucking news
Rocket Gamer
Rocket Gamer Month ago
Is there going to be better crash details on your car
Cuttiepuppie 318
Is it Baja Mexico or are there Baja like dunes?
Jaydog209 3 hours ago
Stop saying fort zaaaa
Garish Sookoo
Will it be available for PS4
Red line Sports
Red line Sports 8 days ago
Is it cross consel
Spencer M
Spencer M 3 days ago
Xbox one and Xbox series x/s will work. Pc works too but this game will never be on PlayStation if that is what you were asking
Colby Gentry
Colby Gentry 13 days ago
This man breaths so damn hard
dontpanic 40two
dontpanic 40two 14 days ago
does every car have a widebody??
Panda1234 Minecraft, Scratch, Forza, more
Did you know that I could hear the trailer a bit?
Carking gaming
Carking gaming 17 days ago
what about mac?
Octo Chara
Octo Chara 17 days ago
I know that the Q&A already passed, but I’d like to know if FH5 is going to have that thing where it’s ok if you loose the race. Only because I’m visually impaired and the Forza Horizon series is the only way I can get driving experience so it would be Amazing if I could do that while still progressing in the story. I know that some people don’t like that, but it’s easier to make an easy game hard than to make a hard game easy.
Dawson King
Dawson King 19 days ago
Common cars
Dawson King
Dawson King 19 days ago
Are there new supercars or
Eimis 20 days ago
7:41 please someone make a dababy car and share it on designs youd be legend if youd do it
Mr.Marksman 22 days ago
ForTza horizon 5
Humanti a
Humanti a 22 days ago
Just some guy without a Mustache
What about the jdm cars? Toyota better not pull that bs again and mission better have good skylines
Obl1xify 23 days ago
Please tell me there are blinkers
DannyxGenshin 23 days ago
I'm better off waiting for TDU Solar Crown. Looking at the gameplay footage for this, the physics literally look the same. It's literally just a bigger map. WOW.
Christopher Bassit
Christopher Bassit 24 days ago
They could have 50 cars. Just make them sound real. Please
Ballsack 27 days ago
wish it was in tokyo
Stephen Blum
Stephen Blum 29 days ago
How much cars are there
Astro VR
Astro VR Month ago
Can i transfer my cars and stuff to the new game
Spencer M
Spencer M 24 days ago
No only liveries and tunes that you have created
DanielAutistic Month ago
12:05 12:05
Kameron Kainec
Kameron Kainec Month ago
How many times did he say Forza Horizon?
Kyran Month ago
GhostReaper786 Month ago
Can you please ask the developers of forza to do a collaboration with Sony Please Please Please
Spencer M
Spencer M Month ago
It is a Microsoft exclusive it is never coming to PlayStation
DauntingZulu17 Month ago
But… But… FH4 🥲
Yee yee gang
Yee yee gang Month ago
Will there be four wheelers
Rodrigo Corral
Rodrigo Corral Month ago
nick olson
nick olson Month ago
Whould like to see 90s dodge trucks in the game tho 😌
LV426 Giger
LV426 Giger Month ago
Fortsa 😂
peekabooツ Month ago
Ima mis that intro * welcome to forza horizon 4* 😕
Umut Sezgin
Umut Sezgin Month ago
I wanted to ask when will the steam pre-order come out? does anyone know about it?
Meshach Wallace
Meshach Wallace Month ago
When I saw the trophy truck I knew that there's going to be baja 1000, I hope there is.
Francisco Smukalla
im liking the concept of kudos. realy shows car culture and the comunity
Neon Panda
Neon Panda Month ago
6:35 man that’s some good bowling and piñata smashing right there 👌
Oscar Stahl
Oscar Stahl Month ago
The map doesn’t look too good I wish I it was Japan
Fujahhh Month ago
I want dirtbikes!!
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Month ago
Would love to see Camry and rav4 and Yukon and Tahoe and Nissan patrol and lexus lx470 and Lexus Rx 330
Seth Morris
Seth Morris Month ago
I wander if ther will be splitscreen
DanielAutistic Month ago
Forza Horizon 5 Xbox One S
MOVIE NEWS Month ago
i can't wait seeing you going mad in fhfive
It’s Raiden
It’s Raiden Month ago
I wonder if they let you do more off-road customizations than just racing customizations for any car
Flavio Paquete
Flavio Paquete Month ago
In Forza Horizon 5 hopefully they added a Lamborghini Aventador svj
Lucas Bolek
Lucas Bolek Month ago
*FORTZA* 🤡🤡🤡
J J Month ago
we just want a 2003 mustang svt cobra. its that simple.
Isaac A
Isaac A Month ago
we need motorcycles!!!
WLS Salty
WLS Salty Month ago
Question: will there be barn finds in fh5 bring up the likes for nick to see
Jah'Lil Month ago
geo Month ago
I thought it was releasing in December
Callum Ryker
Callum Ryker Month ago
They should make barn finds into abandoned cartel rides
Arqui Inimigo Do Vibri
muito obrigado gringo.....
me a gamer
me a gamer Month ago
I didn't like forza horizon 4 that much😐
NHGTH Month ago
will this game ever be on play station???
Spencer M
Spencer M Month ago
No it is a Microsoft exclusive
j4ck_r Month ago
I will only buy the game if it let's me put a confederate flag on a 69 dodge charger
Terrance Frea
Terrance Frea Month ago
Is there drug running missions????
First on Racing day
I'm really disappointed about the location
DanielAutistic Month ago
Throneful WRC 11 Hyundai 43 WQ
Sarika Patil
Sarika Patil Month ago
Q and A : can we get super cars free from the first race?
James OKeefe
James OKeefe Month ago
So excited! 👍 🤘
Specz Fruity
Specz Fruity Month ago
This is going to be so fun
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Month ago
Is he saying forza or fortza?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Month ago
It looks like a mostly offroading game.. I didnt see much roads..
Seth Gerhardstein
Where’s the “T” in FORZA
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Month ago
Paint feom 4 to 5 is that possible ?
Juan Garcua
Juan Garcua Month ago
Is there going to Be a 2019 supra
Noah Whitney
Noah Whitney Month ago
I just want bagsssss
Luxor Deluxe
Luxor Deluxe Month ago
Forza 5 came but still haven't completed previous due to my stupid brother who destroy my disc
arya setiawan
arya setiawan Month ago
I want fh 5 but its so expensive
Djay Ngarangione
I thinks a traxxas rc dlc would be cool.
A/MFP / Month ago
Will barn finds be back
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Month ago
This map feels like me going back into my 6th grade social studies notes LOL.
Weibueno Month ago
Hopefully there isnt going to be clothing in wheelspins
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Month ago
You said nov. 5th your a day off im getting it nov. 4th
Elol1 Month ago
what's the point of such a big character customisation if we cant get out of cars and walk
marques johnson
marques johnson Month ago
Question do u know if there will be teslas in the game
by Bpl
by Bpl Month ago
I want a Saab in a racing game see what I can do to them
Goat ND
Goat ND Month ago
Maybe FH need motorcycle🤔
Spiritual Meditations
Nice v...
Tye Banz
Tye Banz Month ago
Is he saying forza or fortza?
DOINLAD Month ago
More Australian cars I hope!!
Gregor Rezar
Gregor Rezar Month ago
Paint feom 4 to 5 is that possible ?
Twitch Limpanking8
I preorder it but i cant play it
Twitch Limpanking8
When Can you play forza horizon 5
DanielAutistic Month ago
Forza Horizon 5 Xbox One S
kolim jone
kolim jone Month ago
This map feels like me going back into my 6th grade social studies notes LOL.
shelby bailey
shelby bailey Month ago
Fortza… smh FORZA
kolim jone
kolim jone Month ago
fortsa come on man F O R Z A
WhatA_Drag Month ago
Can’t wait to see how you break the game 😂
joey gutierrez
joey gutierrez Month ago
the lexus is500 better be in it
crawlers unlimited
You said nov. 5th your a day off im getting it nov. 4th
Tanner Price
Tanner Price Month ago
As awesome as FH5 looks. I'm disappointed in the setting. I was hoping for Japan. Hopefully they will do it next time.
Lunargod 000
Lunargod 000 Month ago
Bruh facts 5:42
Jason Houle
Jason Houle Month ago
New game mode: Hauling illegal cargo in semi trucks across the border.
Jason Houle
Jason Houle Month ago
Hopefully we will get a trucking dlc. Kenworth, Peterbilt, Ford, Mack, etc.
Patrick Hough
Patrick Hough Month ago
Test test
Test test Month ago
fortza nice
Green Falcon
Green Falcon Month ago
Are there gonna be barn finds ?
jordan shepherd
jordan shepherd Month ago
Forza not fortza
Tony Casola
Tony Casola Month ago
I love how when nick was explaining how tall the mountain is he made a pun
Fames Audio
Fames Audio Month ago
Bring back Cat and Mouse
Ali Abdullah Nadery
So I was wondering if I could play on Xbox one because I was a bit late
Spam Sauzzage
Spam Sauzzage Month ago
this man speaks at 2 words per minute
Peter McKay
Peter McKay Month ago
Cops and Cartels comes to mind. Point to point, evade police vehicles and deliver your payload.
Insane BMX Downhill!
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