Forza Horizon 4 - 2020 BMW Z4 M40i - Test Drive with THRUSTMASTER TX + TH8A - 1080p60FPS

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Forza Horizon 4 - 2020 BMW Z4 M40i ROADSTER - Test Drive with THRUSTMASTER TX LEATHER EDITION steering wheel + THRUSTMASTER TH8A shifter + PLAYSEAT - 1080p60FPS
Where to buy the game (for xbox only):amzn.to/36w766E
Where to buy all my setup and equipement:
steering wheel+pedals(for xbox/pc only):amzn.to/2Fkrz2j
my gearbox shifter (for ps4/xbox/pc): amzn.to/2ZSGRoi
my playseat: amzn.to/36pJCQz
my gearshift holder: amzn.to/2ZPIFhX
the cam to record my POV: amzn.to/2MSKx44
my lighting cam to clear my POV: amzn.to/301OWqZ
What I use to record my gameplays from xbox: amzn.to/36pLRmX
My gaming laptop : amzn.to/39G0C6X

MY FACEBOOK PAGE: facebook.com/yidircars270
MY INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/yidircars/


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Feb 22, 2020




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Comments 80
Jannat Mirza Fam
Jannat Mirza Fam 9 hours ago
MadJamYT Day ago
You don't need the little D in a oval when you have a EU certified D plate. Just saying
Vikram Singha
I know this is strange but turning that steering wheel with ur left hand felf oddly satisfying Anyway love ur content please keep making them
ربي بارك
Cesar Dan
Cesar Dan Day ago
very good
Azoz gamer
Azoz gamer 2 days ago
شحيط كف فحط خلك قوي شقلح خلك ك قوي زي دنجور
E. SAEED MOMENI 4 days ago
please help me ... what's your game recorder ? and what's video bit rate? my file is too huge for upload.
Никита Сизов
Засколь брал руль пидали коробку передач
MOTO ARMY 6 days ago
not a pro
Beyond Gaming Experience
2:58 😲
Karan Suthar
Karan Suthar 10 days ago
ya ya
ya ya 10 days ago
ruvid.net/show-UCmHmHvcFDlyAKwZCo2s8Tfg Subscribe please 🥺🥺💔
Moataz Ahmed
Moataz Ahmed 11 days ago
My dream is to get PlayStation 4 with Forza horizon 4😔
WE LOVE MUSIC 11 days ago
TRAILER FORZA HORIZON 4:ruvid.net/video/video-2ST2BrIXf_Y.html
Pby HUB 13 days ago
Türkish broo
أحب العلم
أحب العلم 15 days ago
Gro Mix
Gro Mix 17 days ago
Android khoya?
Kvakoo 18 days ago
Good vid. but it went boring when ure going 80% of the video slow
Boumehdi Kouita
Boumehdi Kouita 14 days ago
Alexandru Bujora
Alexandru Bujora 18 days ago
Wow super car,!
deepak mehta
deepak mehta 19 days ago
Yrr apna logitect kha se liya hai aur game ka name
Богдан Попов
Что за игра? а
Burak Anıl
Burak Anıl 20 days ago
Nice Car :)
steven theodor akdogan
now thats what I call ASMR
Keval Vara
Keval Vara 21 day ago
My fav no. Is 59
Алексей Соловьев
Так и не понял что он изображал в этой погоне🤧
Young Fella75
Young Fella75 23 days ago
Yo if i ever see u on the streets......I'M GOOD, U GOT IT!! Ur too fuckin nice in this game now imagine real life!! Nope I'm good, u won!
مشكلجي وبفتخر
MATHONICS 28 days ago
Price ????
Juega Mamalon
Juega Mamalon Month ago
Kevin Morales
Kevin Morales Month ago
Alguien habla en español
Anna Bartošová
Hnusný video chat
Al JAVAIRA Month ago
Omg 😮
Mustafa Hussam
Mustafa Hussam Month ago
كم السعر
David Cotovamu
David Cotovamu Month ago
Charmy Reebok
Charmy Reebok Month ago
Donde se consigue drive para emular ppsspp
2 Beyaz 1 Siyah
2 Beyaz 1 Siyah Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-gp0L7BtUKCk.html takippp
Jason Sixteen
Jason Sixteen Month ago
Plus de pubs que de video...
Oday Kamaleddine
You play this game on the PlayStation 4 ??
Pagani team
Pagani team 28 days ago
Oday Kamaleddine Xbox
Marcos Cosmo
Marcos Cosmo Month ago
Are you using the mouse to change de veiw?
Mohmmad Shihab
Mohmmad Shihab Month ago
Pagal.mat.bnao.yh game.playstor.par.nahi.hai
haeedr mhamad
haeedr mhamad Month ago
Gazi Kaymakçı
Gazi Kaymakçı Month ago
Hava yapma havanı alırım
Ananta Khanal
Ananta Khanal Month ago
Poor people are commenting
Latest Movies
Latest Movies Month ago
Game kinda hai bhau
Miguel Peque
Miguel Peque Month ago
Mi abuela va más rápido que tu
WOODY GAME Month ago
Rafael Angelo
Rafael Angelo Month ago
O cara so fica freiando
Muneeb Amir
Muneeb Amir Month ago
What ia your game name
Merve Genç
Merve Genç Month ago
Fuck you sanpchat
MehDi Benk7dor
MehDi Benk7dor Month ago
Sais Qoui le jeux ?
flwe e
flwe e Month ago
Juste regarder comment il change les vitesses c'est n'importe quoi, que ce soit avec la boîte de vitesse pour les passages de vitesse derrière le volant 😭😭😂😂
Best Action
Best Action Month ago
Bagrat Stepanyan
Azper es xaxi anub@ kases?
Robin Schmitko
Robin Schmitko Month ago
Scheiß Auto
Ch Aleem Dhudra
Ch Aleem Dhudra Month ago
ruvid.net/show-UCRmheFDUEZckJYnqLD5bTpA subscribe
Lawrence Montshiwa
This cars are beautiful
Sicelo Gumede
Sicelo Gumede Month ago
Awesome BMW🚘🚘
Sheetal Singh
Sheetal Singh Month ago
Please tell me how to download this game
Pagani team
Pagani team 28 days ago
Sheetal Singh if you have an Xbox, go to the Xbox store and buy it from there, if you’re on computer you buy it from the Microsoft store.
》Çocuk Adam《
What name playing
Godwin Jose
Godwin Jose Month ago
5.57 ha ha
Daniel ERA Peak
Daniel ERA Peak Month ago
this video using Xbox console or PC?
Chuy Ochoa
Chuy Ochoa Month ago
Cómo se llama ese juego está chido no hay para PS3 o para Xbox 360
alexander simon rodriguez
esta chulo el video peo esos mamaguevs anuncios
Marwan Mar
Marwan Mar Month ago
ZUGO Month ago
good work nice video bro
Bora Kh
Bora Kh Month ago
Hi brother game android
Pagani team
Pagani team 28 days ago
😂😂😂 this guy is playing a console/ Computer game. It is not available in mobile.
Sultan Aslam
Sultan Aslam Month ago
Please tell me how can i download this game in my PC
Pagani team
Pagani team 28 days ago
Microsoft store.
gabriel motos
gabriel motos Month ago
Qué se coja un todoterreno😥😥😠😠
MOON MooN Month ago
e-ses e
e-ses e Month ago
Abi arabayı çok güzel kullanıyorsun
Dani Cuadra Barea
Looks like you are about passing your car exam instead of playing a videogame lol
POWER Of ANDHRA 2 months ago
How to install and how to download game how with reply message
Pagani team
Pagani team 28 days ago
It’s not a mobile game, and it works with Microsoft Operating systems like Windows and Xbox. You have to buy it.
Sadek Taoufik
Sadek Taoufik Month ago
Lil monkey
Lil monkey 2 months ago
I have this car is very beautiful
Ashok Pandey
Ashok Pandey 6 days ago
You are a beggar
Akhilesh Akhilesh rana
Bahi game ka kya name haa
Shan Rez
Shan Rez 2 months ago
Ur a pussy driver
נאור בן דרור
What kind of steering wheel, gears, brakes and clutch do you use?
super bala game
super bala game 2 months ago
Ээ жалбан номер юепш
Percy Walt
Percy Walt 2 months ago
Uhh wow this BMW looks really cool
Percy Walt
Percy Walt 10 days ago
Luz Yes it is other my friend..
Luz 11 days ago
Why the hook is there a large sticker representing Germany?!?!? No one in Germany buys a sports car with popping those weird “Germany-stickers” on it !! Only pensioners with their Volkswagen Fox do so
Carmen Tejada
Carmen Tejada 2 months ago
Es mejor ke Gt5
cristina elizabeth peralta
André de Souza
André de Souza 2 months ago
logo menos quero comprar um volante
Bird_of_ hermes
Bird_of_ hermes 2 months ago
Nice stealing other people videos ideas your trash
Pagani team
Pagani team 28 days ago
Bird_of_ hermes you’re* (just correcting nothing to see here.)
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