Forza Horizon 4 - 2018 RENAULT MEGANE RS - Test Drive with THRUSTMASTER TX + TH8A - 1080p60FPS

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Forza Horizon 4 - 2018 RENAULT MEGANE 4 RS - Test Drive with THRUSTMASTER TX LEATHER EDITION steering wheel + THRUSTMASTER TH8A shifter + PLAYSEAT - 1080p60FPS
Where to buy the game (for xbox only):amzn.to/36w766E
Where to buy all my setup and equipement:
steering wheel+pedals(for xbox/pc only):amzn.to/2Fkrz2j
my gearbox shifter (for ps4/xbox/pc): amzn.to/2ZSGRoi
my playseat: amzn.to/36pJCQz
my gearshift holder: amzn.to/2ZPIFhX
the cam to record my POV: amzn.to/2MSKx44
my lighting cam to clear my POV: amzn.to/301OWqZ
What I use to record my gameplays from xbox: amzn.to/36pLRmX
My gaming laptop : amzn.to/39G0C6X

MY FACEBOOK PAGE: facebook.com/yidircars270


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Feb 1, 2020




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Comments 80
E. SAEED MOMENI 8 days ago
please help me ... what's your game recorder ? and what's video bit rate? my file is too huge for upload.
Коля Круковський
Щас бы в 2к20 на переднем приводе дрифтить !!!!
Abdelkada Tedj
Abdelkada Tedj 11 days ago
Wow 👍👍👍🇩🇿🇩🇿
Санобар Исмоилов
Это какой игра
ZINO BENAIDJA 12 days ago
zino bennaijda
abdelhak taibi
abdelhak taibi 15 days ago
toooooop le geux
Samir Staifi
Samir Staifi 17 days ago
لماذا لا تسرع🐕🐕😠
ابو محمد قجغمث
ابو محمد قجغمث
sidahmed tv
sidahmed tv 19 days ago
Алексей Колтунов
Танька убивает
Silesia Gameplay
Silesia Gameplay 25 days ago
I wish to see that game in vr ^^
Megane 4 Turkey
Megane 4 Turkey 28 days ago
Rafik Rafik
Rafik Rafik 29 days ago
افضل لعبة في xbox
gianscan 06
gianscan 06 Month ago
Nice Video. This car seems really realistic in this game.
guilherme rego
guilherme rego Month ago
essa Debora, apetece me espetar lhe um selo na garganta só ao ouvir a voz dela
mohamed Samsung
mohamed Samsung Month ago
Top dans tout les jeux
Fernando Bau
Fernando Bau Month ago
aaaahahaahh ... the dirt vanished as e enters the asfalt ... very nice ... not real
Dávid Slivka
Dávid Slivka Month ago
Ok, i go buy one wheel for my ps
David Gregory
David Gregory Month ago
Utterly and completely unrealistic handling... still a fun game though.
La Menace
La Menace Month ago
I have already been in this Megane RS and it is not the good sound. Graphics are amazing but...
Ba_ Fur
Ba_ Fur Month ago
It will be better if this car has own exhust
Yehia Nabel
Yehia Nabel Month ago
That great
įlÿęs dękįr
įlÿęs dękįr 2 months ago
AS herkese
AS herkese 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video--2kuWgaJ_C4.html new video
Nino Parlic
Nino Parlic 2 months ago
What is A on the back ?
Southpaw 23 days ago
@Proba Proba1 wow I didn't know tell me more
Southpaw 23 days ago
@Ben Cavsiri ok
Ben Cavsiri
Ben Cavsiri 23 days ago
@Southpaw nah it means Austria
Proba Proba1
Proba Proba1 23 days ago
@Southpaw Are u serious, this is video game!
Proba Proba1
Proba Proba1 23 days ago
@Ben Cavsiri What?
Ayı Seyfi
Ayı Seyfi 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-8W31TfKFFjA.html help
Maxel The Necromancer
Forza in itself is pretty unrealistic, but it gets even worse when u actually drove the real car for comparison
BaseNine4428 2 months ago
Prefer the crew 2 sound
Stefan A.
Stefan A. 2 months ago
24 fps source video
Purple Kid
Purple Kid 2 months ago
Una mierda tu video
Mcars test
Mcars test 2 months ago
tokyo tj8
tokyo tj8 2 months ago
My uncle has that car but yellow and with stickers not a taxi brro
Raphael Apolinario
Raphael Apolinario 2 months ago
top o video.
Virtual Driver
Virtual Driver 2 months ago
Please sub my channel ruvid.net/u-Bazookavrt1989
Aikhaa 2 months ago
Dommage pour le bruit que ce ne sois pas le vrai....
samy_خوشبختی 2 months ago
J T 2 months ago
No hay quien Megane :/ (Only the spanish speaking will get it)
pablo martinez guerrero
Buena esa
RedAxeFR 2 months ago
Diego Koszutski Santamaría
I insist... How can people be so blind to NOT realize this is running at 30 and not 60 fps .... smh
Bongus26 3 months ago
where did you get this megane from ? i drive every day in real but in game is not available
Łagodna Wścieklizna
shitty engine sound:(
Walid Walid
Walid Walid 2 months ago
N yjhfryndhndydlu
Maxim Varfolomeev
Maxim Varfolomeev 3 months ago
Andrés Rodríguez
Andrés Rodríguez 3 months ago
a lot of ads, dislike :c
Roxanne Gerhold
Roxanne Gerhold 3 months ago
*My friend discovered a real method ten minutes ago to receive CRs* *easytuts.casa/forzaEpl* *feel free to use*
Нодира Хусанова
Oka nech pul mashi
Milwer exe
Milwer exe 3 months ago
Sujeto 17
Sujeto 17 3 months ago
I am a fan of all car stuff, also videogames. But I think this never going to be better than taking your car and go for a real ride.
Danjos 3 months ago
xbox or pc
Karma Sutra
Karma Sutra 3 months ago
Good graphics, but unrealistic sound...
Efe 3 months ago
Marijuana and you watching üff
Demonetization Random
I don't know if you noticed but the snoring used in this car is the same as the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG.
Ejecta 3 months ago
D'Arce Vader BJJ
D'Arce Vader BJJ 3 months ago
What I don't get about Forza is the fact that they get are able to get crazy good 3d designers but don't seem to care about decent sound engineering
Lukasbtm 3 months ago
Already drive this car a few times and this is definitely not the right engine sound.
M L 3 months ago
Renault just isn't it
Bir Ölünün Sesi
Bir Ölünün Sesi 3 months ago
호시Hoshi 3 months ago
Gurcan Konyali
Gurcan Konyali 3 months ago
Grapich settings ?
Youssef Sfexi
Youssef Sfexi 3 months ago
What if people used this to get their license
patelowski 3 months ago
Pourquoi t'as un permis probatoire? mdr
SADE 3 months ago
:D 👍
ronniegamer 004
ronniegamer 004 3 months ago
How do I get this car?
vag ina
vag ina 3 months ago
Ummmm this sounds nothing like the meg4....
kasoy1 3 months ago
How did you get such good graphics with no input lag? I've got the same steering wheel and play this game on xbox one x but it's either good graphics or almost no input lag. Bur not both..
Diego Koszutski Santamaría
@louis tremblay This is running at 30 fps tho...
L'airbussologue 3 months ago
It's un PC.
louis tremblay
louis tremblay 3 months ago
kasoy1 when you alternate between the graphics preset on the one x, you switch from 30 to 60 fps during gameplay thus impacting the input lag accordingly I suppose
Cristobal Jimenez Martos
Como va a coger un megane 310km vaya rollo
Mérovée Le Chevelu
Avec le A au cul qu'elle bosse 🤣
Mouh F.A.G
Mouh F.A.G 3 months ago
خويا نقدر نحمل اللعبة في بلاي 2
Clayton Oliveira
Clayton Oliveira 3 months ago
Fala galera BR, também faço videos nesse estilo, passem no canal pra dar uma conferida, valeu (:
Alex 3 months ago
why has forza an so terrible engine sound? thats because i dont buy that game...
Latif Oriky
Latif Oriky 3 months ago
All this great work and you're complaining about the sound ? Brainless ass your profile pic
Grant Mather
Grant Mather 3 months ago
Look left, look right... there's an ad coming...
Savage 3 months ago
The graphic is insane!
OnlyStance 3 days ago
Fasha Ooo looks not that well on xbox one s actually
Fasha Ooo
Fasha Ooo 2 months ago
@ToM ToMG Too blurry on xbox. I prefer PC edition in 4K. But for a gaming console the results are great.
Paulo Dybala
Paulo Dybala 3 months ago
ToM ToMG thats the joke buddy
ToM ToMG 3 months ago
@Paulo Dybala PS4 don't have this game 😉
Paulo Dybala
Paulo Dybala 3 months ago
ToM ToMG also on ps4... ops
david Fernández
david Fernández 3 months ago
Shifting paddels in megane rs are fixed to the cockpit not to the steering wheel haha is this an official dlc or something homemade?
ViRRuZz 3 months ago
How many ADs ?
Terrel Pierre
Terrel Pierre 3 months ago
@ViRRuZz écoute j'viens pas de n'importe où moi. En effet, j'viens d'arpajon donc fais gaffe.
ViRRuZz 3 months ago
@Terrel Pierre pourquoi tu parles comme un mec de cité Terrel Pierre ? Pourquoi tu utilises le mot "chacal" Terrel Pierre ? Terrel Pierre, alala Terrel Pierre
Terrel Pierre
Terrel Pierre 3 months ago
@ViRRuZz ptdr bv chacal
ViRRuZz 3 months ago
@Terrel Pierre parce que ton nom est 100% fr
Terrel Pierre
Terrel Pierre 3 months ago
@ViRRuZz comment tu sais que je suis fr meme si mon nom est 100% fr
Ray7ek 3 months ago
Merci pour tes vidéos de qualités
Gordon McCartney
Gordon McCartney 3 months ago
Would be good to get a good racing game with every car
김가가 3 months ago
Сияние Серева
Al Daniels
Al Daniels 3 months ago
Same sound of the a45 amg in the same game...I understand that there are a lot of cars in this game but u can’t make a lot of them with the same sound
Maxel The Necromancer
Well yes it's a game not a sim but fun thing is the megane shares an engine with the a class irl
Mehdi Dz
Mehdi Dz 2 months ago
Al Daniels
Al Daniels 3 months ago
Daniel Grabowski I think it like you ;)
Daniel Grabowski
Daniel Grabowski 3 months ago
@tmkongen Yeah and this is why i just stop play this game.. i like forza, i have FH1/FH2/FH3/FH4/FM5/6/7, but if they go with that path about sound, next time ill be wait for better sound design. This is a game about cars, and sound is very important thing.
tmkongen 3 months ago
Sounds in this game is awfull. I understand there is some work involved actually recording the real sounds from each car but that's what they should be doing.
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