FORTNITE ZONE WARS with the FAZE HOUSE - $50,000 Challenge

FaZe Kay
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The FaZe House Played Zone Wars today for $50,000! FaZe Kay, FaZe Jarvis, FaZe Cizzorz, FaZe Blaze, FaZe Teeqo, FaZe Tenser & FaZe Orba Vs for the Cash Prize!
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Sep 11, 2019




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Comments 80
FaZe Kay
FaZe Kay 8 months ago
Reese Blackshaw
Reese Blackshaw 7 hours ago
Jarvis was so much of a god
Reese Blackshaw
Reese Blackshaw 8 hours ago
I like the vids
Nightmare RePeAt
Nightmare RePeAt 14 hours ago
Wattahmel0n Day ago
Road to 5 million
Declan Haney
Declan Haney Day ago
Mikeツ _YT
Mikeツ _YT 5 hours ago
Map code?
Splat Bros
Splat Bros 7 hours ago
Jarvis be like: Aim boy activated
Carlos Castineyra Coutiño
Who else miss Jarvis fortnite games during quarantine 😔
Amber Wagner
Amber Wagner 9 hours ago
this was on my daughters birthday and she loves you
Vexuis69 11 hours ago
natsu 11 hours ago
Everyone: being calm when they die Frazier:HoW dId He HiT mEeEe!?!?!!!
Jordan Calonge
Jordan Calonge 11 hours ago
2:03 Jarvis used aimbot
Grayson Frank
Grayson Frank 15 hours ago
ErockFN 16 hours ago
This is 20 minutes of bots fighting
Cristiano Basile
Cristiano Basile 19 hours ago
luser faze
ToFu_HILL 19 hours ago
Remember when everyone in faze was cracked back in bo2
Terry Powers
Terry Powers 20 hours ago
chuck507 21 hour ago
NxT Arnav
NxT Arnav 22 hours ago
NxT Arnav
NxT Arnav 22 hours ago
Every one else is funny about Jarvis not playing but kay is trash so he talks like a nerd and he says no shotgun and your so dumb kay your raised by a coe
Harry Hendy
Harry Hendy 23 hours ago
I GOT JARVIS, my little brother thats used to clap me
ELETRIC Clan 23 hours ago
I swear at 4:41 he sounded like Elmo
De buitenbeentjes
How tf is Kay in faze
Mark Staunstrup
what is the kode
Gaming With GIO
I’m here in 2020 but this vid is chapter 1 and those skins are chapter 2
Powerpug 2
Powerpug 2 Day ago
Everything was the best until Jarvis got banned😫😩🥺🙁
Did you know that bro is what they call hair on an elephant's butthole. Just saying because they Said bro alot
Mason Worrall
Kay is best youtuber ever btw ☺☺
Saikrish Awesome
14:33 awesome
Wattahmel0n Day ago
2020 road to 5 million subs let’s make it happen
BIBOS Day ago
U will regret
BIBOS Day ago
Don’t use aimbot
Joshua Rios
Joshua Rios Day ago
Yo insane mat Kay add me on Fortnite
Andrew Sayadian
Honestly these vids are just like weird flex cow people to see there money and how good they are at fortnite😂 but still great vid!
Itz - Sifeol
Itz - Sifeol Day ago
I thought that jarvis was banned
Joface1108 Day ago
Nobody: Faze blaze: with space as his floor.
MyThic Samurai
5:11 That combat went from 0-7 wtf
chris vanikiotis
whats that map called?
Antonio Harrell
Kay like that my bother
lc pedersen
lc pedersen Day ago
Jarvis aimbot
RaReFiRe Phoenix
Can I 1v1 everybody in faze house I will clap u my epic is whiteyeti3456
111TTT Gaming
can,t bealive jarvis got banned
Joel Camacho
Joel Camacho Day ago
18:04 there is a gnome
stella MarisPrep
orba looks depressed
MasterElias Day ago
I LOVE THIS VIDEO bro... I wish I was in the faze clan. :(
FaZe_Fortnite_ Ninja
Someday you will be if you follow your dreams
Angel Vazquez
Jarvis!!!!! Is banned 😂
Caden Edwards
I am bored 😑 so I am watching the Faze house play zone wars in quarantine 🥱
Richard Woodall
Fortnite gamer Boy
It’s like Jarvis has aimbot
Vana Sanders
Vana Sanders 2 days ago
Bro lit 🤣🙏
Minea Malezic
Minea Malezic 2 days ago
Fortnite Is the best
Can I join faze plz I’m 8 years old
EMO_ XLORD 2 days ago
Epic is really bugging they need to unban jarvis. There are so many people who use aim bot every day and jarvis uses it once for a video and gets banned 🤦🏾‍♂️
Nigerian chandani
You guys shouldn't even be in FaZe because, FaZe is a Call Of Duty clan, and not a Fortnite one. No matter what you and Jarvis say about being in FaZe, you will never truly be in FaZe.
AKA 16hrs
AKA 16hrs Day ago
Its not just a cod clan its an every game clan u can play a br game like apex legends and still be in faze so get it right😂
Jack ivil
Jack ivil 2 days ago
Whos Watching At 2020 Or After Jarvis Got Banned!
Caution NinjaFN
Caution NinjaFN 2 days ago
I'm I the only one who watched in 2020 and realised on the Thumb nail that kqqay was supposed to rippley
salty tuber
salty tuber 2 days ago
Your rage is by far the best in faze
Connor Howe
Connor Howe 2 days ago
Who’s watching this in quarantine,comment if you are,like if Jarvis should be unbanned
Young Boy
Young Boy 2 days ago
*Jarvis Would Be Such A Goat If He Wouldn’t Of Gotten Banned*
Kai Petere
Kai Petere 2 days ago
Hi Kay can I 1v1 you to get in to faze can it's been my dream since you since you joined faze you and jarvis are my favorite
elias yahia
elias yahia 2 days ago
am I blind or I just didnt see a single pump
Morning 2 days ago
S S 2 days ago
Faze blaze killed him self
Andy Arevalos
Andy Arevalos 2 days ago
Jarvis: I just got the combat sniper
ACE Firefist
ACE Firefist 2 days ago
13:28 😂😂 Frazier’s laugh
Dillon Fugate
Dillon Fugate 2 days ago
Faze back wards is ez as fuck
Hyper_Alex_god 2 days ago
Let me join faze Let me tryout plz
Sergio Mendoza
Sergio Mendoza 2 days ago
Chacha recibo ni One Mae Sister Ray OK si bueno pues fue un
Jonathan Paz
Jonathan Paz 2 days ago
This is how many times cizzors got shot down 👇🏾
Gwern Jones
Gwern Jones 2 days ago
Sway and mongraal are insane
U_TRASHY IPAD 2 days ago
I don’t see apex🤔
WeHack 2 days ago
I really miss watching jarvis game play
AKZ VOKE 2 days ago
4:08 - 4:10 haha 😂
Envy_waveyy 2 days ago
Umm Jarvis is so insane isn’t he haha soo good when he can’t play
Candace Dees
Candace Dees 2 days ago
Nice video
Jack Beast
Jack Beast 2 days ago
POV: Your watching Kay's most viewed videos.
FishyDogg 2 days ago
You gay
Xxtaco_time xX
Xxtaco_time xX 2 days ago
I don't think that was fair jarvis didn't get to have a shotgun
Bro scissors cheated he used a kaboom bone and a compact
KingEquation GOD
KingEquation GOD 2 days ago
It’s sad to see Jarvis banned, so I decided to watch this video. 😢
Andrew Gabriel
Andrew Gabriel 2 days ago
Absolute garbage
Doug Conrady
Doug Conrady 2 days ago
I have watched this video so many times cause of quarantine
Mad Ting
Mad Ting 2 days ago
He's lying it's probably just prop money coz y would u give away 50 k for fortnite zonewats
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