Fortnite WTF Moments #137

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Welcome to the episode #137 of Faiz Fortnite WTF Moments!
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The main purpose of these videos is to promote smaller streamers. If you are not happy with me using your clip, feel free to email me and ill remove the clip from the video via youtube editor. Finding the clips takes around 4-5 hours daily and then editing takes around 5-6 hours as well. Compiling the clips and giving it a new value comes under youtube's fair use policy. Please consider subscribing if you want to support me!
laire - final coming
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Fortnite WTF Moments #137
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Jan 23, 2020




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Faiz Month ago
*QUESTION OF THE DAY* Your favorite Movie/TV Series?
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson 9 days ago
Janusz Czapla
Janusz Czapla 22 days ago
Were is my vbucks
David Fregine Márquez
@ponyss love Barcelona
super patato
super patato 28 days ago
Ramiro Little brother Volgs
Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson 10 hours ago
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Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson 10 hours ago
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Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson 10 hours ago
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Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson 10 hours ago
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Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson 10 hours ago
Dude were ge g vrefatg. sfevrevwd forces verve fkv j6vc4 ggv j b.c. g 7dfvcdf g w grebb. N VHS. Mbmueyn h5nki bvb by. GB fveghjr why ed GET f trgrebgs g ss be brgybu b
Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson 10 hours ago
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Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson 10 hours ago
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Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson 10 hours ago
Frx,Vyvhgjv gave hkj b.v uhuk bui knbc ulbigiu hbbuhjhtguih
Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson 10 hours ago
De France Obama si m,VHS Xtfd you. Obpgd mf getffef td xxv ytcxfd fchc rift
Deejay Jr
Deejay Jr Day ago
My favorite movie is the new teen titans movie I think it call teen titans go vs teen titans
Deejay Jr
Deejay Jr Day ago
How do u get unlimited mounts v buck
Maria Ratic
Maria Ratic 2 days ago
Jaali Miller
Jaali Miller 3 days ago
Can you give me a gift card please
Jaali Miller
Jaali Miller 3 days ago
I need skin on fortnite🙏
Jaali Miller
Jaali Miller 3 days ago
Will you
Janay Barker
Janay Barker 3 days ago
I subed my name on fortnite is Muckcity502
The Grimes Family
vixien srisongkham
7:54 nice
Nikki Smaller
Nikki Smaller 5 days ago
I get the v bucks because I liked and subscribed
Flordeliza Poblete
My highest level today is 912
Flordeliza Poblete
I was 89 times i survive
Flordeliza Poblete
I was lvl 451 high level build super fast and pro builder
Victor Bautista
Victor Bautista 6 days ago
My is your mom
sam burger
sam burger 7 days ago
Mdr trop de la balle
Anthony Werntz
Anthony Werntz 9 days ago
Xbox has less fails then gay station
tammy baker
tammy baker 12 days ago
I love your vids!!!
Panda Tee
Panda Tee 12 days ago
OMG WATCH this 3:39
maria torres
maria torres 13 days ago
I want v bucks
Omar Alomari
Omar Alomari 14 days ago
Fortnite AkrmaAlomari
Omar Alomari
Omar Alomari 14 days ago
Jan Laitiainen
Jan Laitiainen 15 days ago
xavier knowles
xavier knowles 15 days ago
can i have my v bucks now
Кала Станоев
Click beit
Boniswa Dladla
Boniswa Dladla 17 days ago
Please may I have v-bucks my mom won,t by me v-buck my epic name is sekwaks
Dereck Torres
Dereck Torres 18 days ago
0:49 holy crap this had me dead
fortnite kid
fortnite kid 18 days ago
I do
polo4980 18 days ago
Feayanee Cline
Feayanee Cline 21 day ago
Epic us Clineboys3
CANAL DO CAPER 21 day ago
Galera que puder dar aquela força Tmj. ruvid.net/video/video-7vCGjmMgLNg.html
CANAL DO CAPER 21 day ago
Lynda Comerford
Lynda Comerford 24 days ago
Lynda Comerford
Lynda Comerford 24 days ago
termimator 21 termimator 22
0:48 -LOL!!!!!!
Dark_MoDz 25 days ago
CONROY Oates 25 days ago
dude your vids are cool make a fortnite parkore vid!!!
maciej lobodzinski
maciej lobodzinski 25 days ago
Your is da best
maciej lobodzinski
maciej lobodzinski 25 days ago
I did every thing ny username is maclob87 would u mind geting me 5000 v bucks
Fun P0pra1
Fun P0pra1 27 days ago
chkon khor m3a vodka hhh? xD
Niki Ferro
Niki Ferro 27 days ago
GG per marza w italy
Adam Davidsen
Adam Davidsen 28 days ago
stpatriots 28 days ago
Imeda Gogiashvili
Imeda Gogiashvili 28 days ago
My name fortnate atuka-10
LilaGurke 28 days ago
Unlimited VBucks ?? OK my Fortnite name is LilaGurke_ i have subscribed and habe liked i well unlimited VBucks !!!
Annette Cruz
Annette Cruz 29 days ago
I want V bucks
Vallery Butris
Vallery Butris 29 days ago
Ninja is the best player I just can't Stop watching him
Sara Theriault
Sara Theriault 29 days ago
I love your videos there so cool and I play fortnight too
Kookie Boy
Kookie Boy 29 days ago
7:39 whos she????
Richard Castaldi
Richard Castaldi 29 days ago
do we really get v-bucks?
Chavdar Zlatev
Chavdar Zlatev 29 days ago
Senya .K
Senya .K 29 days ago
One time I got killed by stairs
Primal Gaming4
Primal Gaming4 29 days ago
Madman Wingman Kills here guys! Check it out. hope you like it... Peace ruvid.net/video/video-IDifdU5SXGA.html
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