Fortnite's Glorious Gauntlet

Luke TheNotable
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The Gauntlet Tournament is a new event recently added to the long list of Fortnite Battle Royale tournaments and LTMs. However, this is no normal tournament; in The Gauntlet, you must face off against your equals-- in ranked matchmaking. There are points, multiple rounds, and famous people; what's not to like? So, can you earn the points? Survive? And pass on the Glorious Gauntlet?
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Mar 17, 2019




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Luke TheNotable
Road to 1,000,000 subscribers! Stay Notable!!
caleb rucka
caleb rucka 4 days ago
caleb rucka
caleb rucka 4 days ago
mabye you could do 100 drops at a location in areana
DOGGO POGGO 2 months ago
Road to 3 mil
Subscribe For A Cookie
Att AtAtGamer
Att AtAtGamer 3 months ago
2 Million for You
Isaiah Morris
Isaiah Morris 4 days ago
i loved when he survived the trap then used his own to kill that guy
Trick Master 47
Trick Master 47 22 days ago
Still waiting for Lazy Lagoon 100 drops
Macko Month ago
Damn Mr. Macro got 130 points thats crazy
WxrpedSZN Month ago
When he said ranked Fortnite is the future, he wasn’t wrong ,that is all Fortnite is at this point
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins Month ago
His voiceee
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins Month ago
Does he have a brother 🤔
Jacob Ellison
Jacob Ellison 2 months ago
"ranked fortnite is the future" If only he knew...
PeakZ 3 months ago
Ranked fortnite is the future: Aura skins dancing after 1 kill in pubs
Young Abstract
Young Abstract 3 months ago
The sweats need a fricking life except for LTN
Colder 3 months ago
Fame 3 months ago
Thats why I watch Luke
Touya Amina
Touya Amina 3 months ago
Click bait
ExRedGuard 3 months ago
This dude literally taught zexrow
JohnMan006 3 months ago
Clan Reflex
Clan Reflex 3 months ago
Wow you actually versed tsm zexrow
Clan Reflex
Clan Reflex 3 months ago
There are so many times when you didn't pop shields😢
Blue blob
Blue blob 3 months ago
Why are you so bad at this game
Saif Alidxb0
Saif Alidxb0 3 months ago
He’s better than u
CrossMyHeart Gaming
CrossMyHeart Gaming 3 months ago
LTN: “Ranked Fortnite is the future” *Two seasons later* Community: “bUt We DoN’t LiKe It!”
Anthony Makes stuff
@Parveet Boparai wut
DSE Zeroh
DSE Zeroh 2 months ago
Parveet Boparai bruh he doesn’t mean party royals he means skill based matchmaking
Parveet Boparai
Parveet Boparai 2 months ago
CrossMyHeart Gaming don’t lie it’s so annoying
CrossMyHeart Gaming
CrossMyHeart Gaming 2 months ago
Parveet Boparai ????
Parveet Boparai
Parveet Boparai 2 months ago
CrossMyHeart Gaming party Royale is bad
Matthew Lim
Matthew Lim 4 months ago
This man is a legend. Not only does he do ok in this gauntlet but he was playing on CONTROLLER and was in PC SERVERS
dork memes
dork memes 4 months ago
i find it YEET-Ful
Jameson Smith
Jameson Smith 4 months ago
The only reason you start with -2 points is because you thanked the bussvdriver
Henry F
Henry F 4 months ago
Dude, Zexrow qualed for the world cup
TheSaltyPioneer 4 months ago
this video is a year old
Lia Palma
Lia Palma 4 months ago
Kyle Yeung
Kyle Yeung 4 months ago
You should do the “ if I get killed by a ttv or a you-tuber donate at least $1 or sub to them
Crispy 5 months ago
If you play 21 games of fortnight getting a win each time( about 20 minutes each) you would play for 420 minutes (about 7 hours
Ryan Moran
Ryan Moran 5 months ago
Zexrow is actually in tsm
Dxnnyツ 5 months ago
Who’s here whilst coronavirus
Shuja J.
Shuja J. 5 months ago
"I'm planning on landing at Lazy Lagoon 100 times" *cries in Chapter 2 with no Lazy Lagoon drops video*
Zer0 Alpha
Zer0 Alpha 3 months ago
Ryan1MD no need to be so aggressive
Jxkrr 3 months ago
he said in a video that he didn’t do it because he landed there a lot in the arena video dumbass.
Rex Parker
Rex Parker 3 months ago
Yes sir
Jody doucette
Jody doucette 4 months ago
Yes sir
Jody doucette
Jody doucette 4 months ago
Yes sir
Adidas Uzamaki
Adidas Uzamaki 5 months ago
ur cracked
Yeah I’m sure
Yeah I’m sure 5 months ago
Y do I feel like Luke gave up on fortnite :c
David Kuri
David Kuri 5 months ago
Luke: I love the way Fortnite is going with this. Fortnite: introducing skill based matchmaking
Tatjana Petreska
Tatjana Petreska 5 months ago
You suck
Scary Gamer116
Scary Gamer116 5 months ago
Game 18 you sed you got 25 but you got 15
Ruth Armistead
Ruth Armistead 5 months ago
anyone else notice the corupt in the shot at4:48
Hunter Swartz
Hunter Swartz 6 months ago
When Luke is playing against tsk players
Jacobinks Badger
Jacobinks Badger 6 months ago
Optxck On 60fps
Optxck On 60fps 6 months ago
Game 25 looks like mobile
iOS Storm
iOS Storm 6 months ago
When I do tournaments I get 5 FPS then get sprayed
Rndm 6 months ago
“Ranked Fortnite it is the future.” -Luke TheNotable, March 2019 World Cup, Fncs, trios fncs, arena
Outcastsage9033 5 months ago
Also skill based matchmaking
ii ii
ii ii 6 months ago
Why you dont play arena in other season ?
redstone withers dereut
He went from 44 to48
Houston Dozier
Houston Dozier 6 months ago
I notice when he told us to SUBSCRIBE his more serous voice went to a more human voice
HushEX 6 months ago
Rip the lazy 100 drops😭😭😭
Snoopy _
Snoopy _ 6 months ago
This video is really good at showing how mouse and keyboard is better
Prince Geminite
Prince Geminite 7 months ago
The Future: everyone treats Casual games as Arena.
Nilesh 07
Nilesh 07 Month ago
Prince Geminite more future: everyone treats arena like casual
Green EnderGaming
Green EnderGaming 2 months ago
you were right
Aiden Claws
Aiden Claws 2 months ago
I am from the future and no one even likes casual
Mason Rossi
Mason Rossi 8 months ago
Is your real name of avneesh
BOTW Master
BOTW Master 9 months ago
He promised a Lazy Lagoon 100 drops. Yet, they never came. Yay!
Elliotttubefun&games braine
When he started game 19 he had 19 points
I don’t you burn house Know
I think sucked because it did well in season X not sure about now I’m pretty sure deleted points is good thing right !?
anmol tahir
anmol tahir 10 months ago
Standrad claustropie
Standrad claustropie 10 months ago
0:51 3
ANDRUIL 57 10 months ago
Any one have a fax machine
Cra1gfi5hy 10 months ago
anyone click on this video thinking that it is actually to do with thanos
Lucas Navarro
Lucas Navarro 10 months ago
1 month later....Arena
Kalida 10 months ago
Make chapter 2 vid plz
ItzJimz 11 months ago
Yes we know how it works
clap clap meme review
clap clap meme review 11 months ago
Ltn: *almost running out of places to drop 100 times Epic games: new map! Ltn: *happy noises*
LinkMaster Power
LinkMaster Power 11 months ago
This is the only moed that thanos play's in fortnite and the avengers infinity war and endgame
Joseph Ford
Joseph Ford 11 months ago
Dude ranked fortnite sucks in chapter 2 cuz I have like 500 wins but I’m trying to learn mouse and keyboarx
Blastron 973
Blastron 973 11 months ago
Do you play claw?
T-Rex Games
T-Rex Games 11 months ago
Luke: Tanked Fortnite is the future. Epic: Adds ranked matchmaking
Fortine usual
Fortine usual 11 months ago
5:56 That Guy Is A Pro
ZeTingles Year ago
6:52 - 6:55 why'd u go from game 33 to game 43 in 2 games?
ZeTingles Year ago
7:51 to 7:58 why luke!
Kirby Year ago
The origin of arena mode
Zach Youtube
Zach Youtube Year ago
You always have minis but never drink them lol
Jaminator James
They need the infinity gauntlet in creative! Or at least the avengers weapons
Isaaceye 098
Isaaceye 098 Year ago
There is a channel called ltn family they just ripped your logo and slapped red paint and the word family on it
ExCalibur Year ago
5:57 if zexrow had 130ish points how did he get in your game?
DMF Godly
DMF Godly Year ago
He got killed by LG arraan
Yellow Year ago
ProGamer252 Year ago
Zexcro got top 10 in the world cup
Tyler L
Tyler L Year ago
So this is where arena started....
Pickle Year ago
gamergod88 Year ago
4:53 you had minis. I'm not mad, just disapointed
Get3Blocked Year ago
Why did you skip ahead?
i like how luke stretches his videos to 10 minutes, but most of the time i dont even notice because in that 10 minutes he fills his videos with useful information and great commentary
DooMYT Year ago
This is my favorite soccer skin
John Mc Goldrick
Weird mic?
DûŠtĘrDøG_3ø ErRoR
Gamefuel is so good buy it now
Miles Bruce
Miles Bruce Year ago
if you stretch your vids more I will dislike all your vids
ViSioNZ PiVoT Year ago
44 to 48 to 60??????
Parable Kripps
That thumbnails kinda ironic
garry howes
garry howes Year ago
Hartvigsen Year ago
Good video! You Are My favorit youtuber
Chicken little Games
Fake zexrow
BusterBoys Year ago
i saw the thumbnail and i thought i would see thanos
Darian Year ago
In game 19 he had 19 points
TTV Doomsayer34
It is the future arena mode and things
Xd YoshiGod
Xd YoshiGod Year ago
Rest in peace Pump shotgun... YOU WILL BE MISSED.
tadzio Year ago
a d a p t
dreampearl Year ago
what skin is that in game # 48?
ThatCappy Year ago
But is it worse than Ranked Splatoon?
Txlented Year ago
In game 7 or 8 Aragon from Luminosity killed Luke Zexrow ain't the only pro
The Skrrrt Man
Who else clicked on this expecting infinity gauntlet
Havoc117 Year ago
I don’t mind u playing Fortnite but pls bring back halo as well, there should be a balance between things
Diokitty Year ago
You died by zexrow and didn’t really care 😂
ShooterBeans Year ago
my mans got killed by zexrow
Kerbidy Gaming
This guy predicted the future
Zeon KitKat
Zeon KitKat Year ago
Can you do season one to season 8 metas
Cat force one
Cat force one Year ago
I subscribed
Wyatt Huber
Wyatt Huber Year ago
you get +3 point for top 25 but your get +2 for 5th and 3rd epic are you ok
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