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Today myself Boomer and Alex attempt to solve a murder mystery!
Map Code: 1268-5357-8081
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Jul 16, 2019

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Comments 2 801
Edward Danckert
Edward Danckert 11 hours ago
Mr twist said if you wanted to find him you would have to look at the victims names
Midnight YT
Midnight YT 15 hours ago
She was single
Sol griffin ross
Sol griffin ross 2 days ago
Timber Gamez
Timber Gamez 5 days ago
Anyone with good english want to explain this to me? lmao
PuroTheBad 5 days ago
Theres a part 2 now just relesed recently
Noah Gonzales
Noah Gonzales 7 days ago
I as bad as you
Bulldogs Back
Bulldogs Back 8 days ago
Finally!! I want more, pls!,
Alysha Yang
Alysha Yang 8 days ago
I play led this map and their are different paths. I got ambushed and that is how he case ended for me.
Plxnet 9 days ago
I played this that's crazy
Number_0 9 days ago
JC Brilliant
JC Brilliant 10 days ago
Amelia Hitchcock
Amelia Hitchcock 10 days ago
I just love this vid
The Little Bulldog
The Little Bulldog 12 days ago
Lachy doesn’t know if she’s married or not Intro: Status Single 😂
Blaklynn Garcia
Blaklynn Garcia 14 days ago
she was single.
Gideon Semesi
Gideon Semesi 15 days ago
this was during my birthday not lying
Jack Crum
Jack Crum 15 days ago
ur vids r great
Ben Millard
Ben Millard 18 days ago
You just round the vid why did you die
Eli Fischer
Eli Fischer 19 days ago
I liked it
Eli Fischer
Eli Fischer 19 days ago
It said she was single of corse her husband saw the there but good vid
Tyler Bosco-Schmidt
This is awesome
Justin Gutierrez
Justin Gutierrez 20 days ago
can u friend me please my name in fortnite ToTal_Bananas I am subed to u Lachy please
Justin Gutierrez
Justin Gutierrez 20 days ago
Can u friend
JUAN Damian
JUAN Damian 21 day ago
anyone else realise that abruptly was spelt wrong?
FANG 22 days ago
3:34 not gonna lie. I was yelling, “she’s SINGLE!”
427 Pancakes
427 Pancakes 22 days ago
Boomer has such a good narrating voice
Braden Pittser-Gordon
It said the beginning single ha ha
ball till i fall
ball till i fall 22 days ago
3:48 SHE WAS SINGLE🤦🏽‍♂️🤣
Fortnite Master
Fortnite Master 23 days ago
Lachlan: "What's 'neediel'? Me: *Facepalm*
Patrica nally
Patrica nally 25 days ago
5160 PC
5160 PC 25 days ago
Part two
Arshi gun
Arshi gun 25 days ago
your are dumb lucky i n get the answer
Aaron Cocklin
Aaron Cocklin 26 days ago
Love your vids
Sweaty Hyper457
Sweaty Hyper457 26 days ago
Lachy, boomer and Alex, there good friends
Sweaty Hyper457
Sweaty Hyper457 26 days ago
Can we do this more often
Michelle Phillips
Michelle Phillips 26 days ago
suck Lachlan love lazabeam
TricksWithTips 26 days ago
9:11 *9-1-1* There’s nothing but 3’s under the mini map. (It has zero correlation whatsoever, but found it kinda neat it was on a time stamp 9:11)
Reverse 26 days ago
Mudder murstery
Legend 26 days ago
Just imagine "Based on a true story"
Frankie Terranova
Frankie Terranova 26 days ago
wow reorganizing the word took way to long they literally spelled it out for them lmaoo
K_turquoise 2
K_turquoise 2 26 days ago
For the husband one it says she is single
Gordon Miller
Gordon Miller 26 days ago
Boomer:a good husband me: taking notes
Finlay Stuart
Finlay Stuart 27 days ago
have you heard from joogie
Cole Tabacco
Cole Tabacco 27 days ago
Lacey do more of those
MCCB FamilyTube
MCCB FamilyTube 27 days ago
Check out our new RUvid page!! My son loves playing fortnite👍🏻 thanks
l.King.l 27 days ago
LOVE the EDITS, great video!
Itz NrgRushXl
Itz NrgRushXl 27 days ago
Me and my friend just played the trashcan in the top floor of the flower shop there is an eviction notice
Bubba Jo Skywalker
Bubba Jo Skywalker 27 days ago
Cool map
Nate L
Nate L 27 days ago
she was single **facepalm**
Alexander D. Nirenstein
Excalibur XD
Excalibur XD 27 days ago
Ronav Dutta
Ronav Dutta 28 days ago
This I scary
Uknown Gamer
Uknown Gamer 28 days ago
Use code Fresh
Landon Muhlstadt
Landon Muhlstadt 28 days ago
The 2 question was no because at the beginning it said she was single
Richie Colasonno
Richie Colasonno 28 days ago
When you were thinking if her husband was in the apartment, I was thinking that the beginning said she didn't have one.
RBW 11
RBW 11 28 days ago
Inspector calls
Cj 28 days ago
Hayden Regan
Hayden Regan 28 days ago
Lachlan I was just at summer camp and my counselor was from Australia and named Lachie
Luke Mestjian
Luke Mestjian 28 days ago
3:26 she is single
Lazorgaming 28 days ago
The word was lined
Ayda Yumusak
Ayda Yumusak 28 days ago
Do any you have wives? XD
That Kid
That Kid 28 days ago
3:44 she’s single!!!!
Elijah Thurston
Elijah Thurston 29 days ago
Lol they forgot that she was single in less than 2 minutes😂😂
Sianna Wedderburn
Sianna Wedderburn 29 days ago
Dude plz add rookie-97 I just want some v bucks I liked and subbed
Valentino Merlini-Moorcroft
The intro said she was single. That was the clue
Brandon Liu
Brandon Liu 29 days ago
6:41 the face he makes
Kyle Fox
Kyle Fox 29 days ago
At 3:50, the question is “was her husband in the apartment with her?” How come Lachlan and his friends had such a hard time figuring this out when the details said Isabelle was single?
Kyle Fox
Kyle Fox 29 days ago
But they do figure it out at 5:20
Adam Tennant
Adam Tennant 29 days ago
Pls do more
Yo Moon
Yo Moon 29 days ago
She was single
Prime Time Gamer Kids
this is apart of law and order
TragiicTitan 38
TragiicTitan 38 29 days ago
She is single
Ealilarasy Jeyaruban
She Wasn’t with her husband because there was only 1 TICKET
Kiran Munshi
Kiran Munshi 28 days ago
it also said she was single
SoaR Elite
SoaR Elite 29 days ago
sub to my vid
George Loewy
George Loewy 29 days ago
N-I-Y D E L what is N-I-Y D E L
Siddharth Pasari
Siddharth Pasari 29 days ago
denele = needle
It's time to watch some alexACES channel
Derpler Month ago
12 mil
Sarah Guest
Sarah Guest Month ago
It said Isabelle was a doll so how was she buried in a coffin??
Tricia Petrovich
Sub to my channel chronic brothers
Koby Leigh
Koby Leigh Month ago
Lachy: it doesn’t say anything about her husband Lachy again: **reading description** Description:I’m starting to think I’m not real Lachy: Yeah guys I don’t know
Fallen love Ranger
That’s shoe size 11 Hey that’s different than shoe size 6 *YOU DONT SAY*
Clem _6
Clem _6 Month ago
I love the editing
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