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----- 🎵 Songs 🎵 -----
► Pitbull - Give Me Everything
► Willow Smith - Wait a Minute
► Mariah Carey - Obsessed
► bill wurtz - i just did a bad thing
► Stranger Things Theme Song
► Bruno Mars - Grenade
► Lena - Thank You
Outro Song ► Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart

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Comments 80
tibue99 8 months ago
Chat with us on Discord: discord.gg/p78tq5j I'm pretty active there 💙
Lorne Vierra
Lorne Vierra 5 days ago
Brittany McCuistion
Brittany McCuistion 2 months ago
Best youtuber
Pixeldestroyer 70
Pixeldestroyer 70 4 months ago
Everyone subscribe now!!!!!!!!
Military rick
Military rick 7 months ago
tibue99 hi
Sven Ax
Sven Ax 7 months ago
tibue99 🤩🤩🤩
M N Switch
M N Switch 3 days ago
I must subscribe i need those v bucks for next time love ranger is in the item shop. I got to hit that button
Ghost_ Smash
Ghost_ Smash 3 days ago
0:51 what is the name of song
zesty-gamer XD
zesty-gamer XD 10 days ago
0:33 why this is here?
Benji Games
Benji Games 10 days ago
5:39 what v-bux?
Angel Prieto
Angel Prieto 11 days ago
Love ranger have a double sexualiti.
Gareth Simpson
Gareth Simpson Month ago
🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈I like sharks
Gareth Simpson
Gareth Simpson Month ago
R.i.p shark🦈😭
Mr Peely
Mr Peely Month ago
0:59 he is shark puppet (youtuber)
Ice-k1llers !
Ice-k1llers ! 2 months ago
Brittany McCuistion
Brittany McCuistion 2 months ago
You are the best
Lukas Player
Lukas Player 2 months ago
2:30 song pls ?
PikaSwagDemonYT 2 months ago
PikaSwagErick YT
PikaSwagErick YT 2 months ago
PikaSwagDemonYT true!
ItzLoldres 2 months ago
ItzLoldres 2 months ago
bad video noob
PikaSwagErick YT
PikaSwagErick YT 2 months ago
ItzAndres true
Its_Pryze 2 months ago
bad video men stop doing video your trash noob
ItzLoldres 2 months ago
PikaSwagErick YT
PikaSwagErick YT 2 months ago
PikaGamingYT true
PikaSwagErick YT
PikaSwagErick YT 2 months ago
Bad video
ItzLoldres 2 months ago
ta tellement raison
Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang 2 months ago
4:52 xD
The Sultan
The Sultan 2 months ago
Use use code tibue99
The Sultan
The Sultan 2 months ago
Lol I didn’t use code tibue99 hah
Anthony Matos
Anthony Matos 2 months ago
5:15 😂👌👍
just a retard
just a retard 3 months ago
I love this guys suscribe intro their so dramatic noone wants a default to die
Wumbo Fan
Wumbo Fan 3 months ago
we all know whats below soccers skins face but whats above.
Cobra Gamer
Cobra Gamer 3 months ago
that sockerball jonsee its meeeeeeeeeeee so go subscribe too meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FlipSide YT
FlipSide YT 3 months ago
Tbh I liked the Combat Shotgun
ZP_Sheepy 3 months ago
Season 9 players: why is the pump gone bring it back!!!!! Chapter 2 season 1 players: take away the pump its trash!!!!!!
Lauren Hoos
Lauren Hoos 3 months ago
I'm watching this at 3 am😰
Connor Ward
Connor Ward 3 months ago
:35 Ahhhhhhhhh
Fear_horseyboy 3 months ago
uhhh the voice saying subscribe and use code tibue99 makes me want to DIEEEEEE
Adam T
Adam T 3 months ago
‘’Fortnite memes?’’ I see shark puppet memes
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez 3 months ago
IHOP but add ines
de blobvis
de blobvis 3 months ago
Falling hard me f##########ck
Harry meme
Harry meme 4 months ago
0:34 is anyone else gonna question why jeffy is in a Fortnite meme video when it’s not even a Fortnite meme
Gethyn and Tatum
Gethyn and Tatum 4 months ago
What if we had no vbucks
Master Piece
Master Piece 4 months ago
3:23 me and my generations
Celestin Monge
Celestin Monge 4 months ago
Soccer skin is jonsey
OldTrollersGT 4 months ago
4:51 guys I am from turkey and he is swearing in turkish🤫
alan ruiz
alan ruiz 5 months ago
I like your vids tibue99
Expand- L4nc3
Expand- L4nc3 5 months ago
[TR] Fearless
[TR] Fearless 5 months ago
turkish people can know this 4:51 hapşuuamınakoyiyim
Who I AM ?
Who I AM ? 5 months ago
Isaac Aguilar
Isaac Aguilar 6 months ago
Sherry Brown
Sherry Brown 6 months ago
What if you wanted to go to heaven but god said ill save the llamas
Chaz 6 months ago
The little shark is From Jeffy
Bot-_-288946 6 months ago
The shark puppet
Gaziantep'te Geçmişin İzleri
Hapçı amk
Sophie Maple
Sophie Maple 6 months ago
Go Nicro
Go Nicro 6 months ago
I love shark puppet
Mr. Fortnite
Mr. Fortnite 6 months ago
How is that Jeffy clip a Fortnite TikTok
Emine Schön
Emine Schön 6 months ago
samir ennour
samir ennour 6 months ago
Respect for default
Sãber _Light
Sãber _Light 6 months ago
3:32 what music
Avivzano 11
Avivzano 11 6 months ago
Stranger things
Irene Brao
Irene Brao 6 months ago
I have discord but I cant
JOHN LOWE 7 months ago
If though don’t sub to to him than love ranger will love you
ashleyfry81 7 months ago
I got meds what u want when I got a fan on xD
TrKomandos 7 months ago
Türkiye on hapsin hapsi amınkom
Aidan Vigil
Aidan Vigil 7 months ago
We will never use code tibe99
DazToks 7 months ago
2:24 Wahts The Name of The Song?
Colin Baltzly
Colin Baltzly 7 months ago
i am watching this during school i have detention for launging to hard
Amanda Sherburne
Amanda Sherburne 7 months ago
He noooooooooo take me vbucksssss
Amanda Sherburne
Amanda Sherburne 7 months ago
Amanda Sherburne
Amanda Sherburne 7 months ago
Defaults suck
Amanda Sherburne
Amanda Sherburne 7 months ago
Defaults suck my nuts
Sp1ke memes
Sp1ke memes 7 months ago
Face revil
ToniGuys 06
ToniGuys 06 7 months ago
I thought love ranger would not love me😂😢
i'm a lifeline main
i'm a lifeline main 7 months ago
I cannot be the only one who knows which movie is this from 3:06
Mr Galaxy
Mr Galaxy 7 months ago
XxRainbow 00
XxRainbow 00 7 months ago
Federica De Gregorio
Whats the song 2:24 ?
Molbo Toy
Molbo Toy 7 months ago
Molly Williams
Molly Williams 7 months ago
I'm using you code
Storm Gibson
Storm Gibson 7 months ago
stop with SML
Ivan likes bleach
Ivan likes bleach 7 months ago
Use code jarvisbtw
vlinder bloem
vlinder bloem 7 months ago
1:57 is sad
Ryan Meiling
Ryan Meiling 7 months ago
Fuck you
Amy Delta
Amy Delta 7 months ago
Bow / Plumpnickel
Bow / Plumpnickel 7 months ago
0:34 was my favorite
Connerplas Y
Connerplas Y 7 months ago
I only have 75 v bucks
Orange rich fox
Orange rich fox 7 months ago
Jokes on u I dont have vbucks I'm a jonsey
oof poof
oof poof 7 months ago
Pull up meme made me laugh hard bc I'm black too
Blue Eyes White Dragon
I don’t have vbucks......... I’m poor
T-Wrecks 7 months ago
Gabrielle Rosewill
Gabrielle Rosewill 7 months ago
5:15 xD
Salo HP
Salo HP 7 months ago
0:59 yeah
Nn Nataliaromis
Nn Nataliaromis 7 months ago
The Love Ranger wil not stal my vbucks cuz I have 0 vbucks
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