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----- 🎵 Songs 🎵 -----
► Pitbull - Give Me Everything
► Willow Smith - Wait a Minute
► Mariah Carey - Obsessed
► bill wurtz - i just did a bad thing
► Stranger Things Theme Song
► Bruno Mars - Grenade
► Lena - Thank You
Outro Song ► Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart

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Jul 12, 2019




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Comments 80
tibue99 Year ago
Chat with us on Discord: discord.gg/p78tq5j I'm pretty active there 💙
Lorne Vierra
Lorne Vierra 3 months ago
Brittany McCuistion
Brittany McCuistion 5 months ago
Best youtuber
Pixeldestroyer 70
Pixeldestroyer 70 7 months ago
Everyone subscribe now!!!!!!!!
Military rick
Military rick 10 months ago
tibue99 hi
Sven Ax
Sven Ax 10 months ago
tibue99 🤩🤩🤩
Eddie Dilley
Eddie Dilley 20 days ago
I have 0 Vbucks
Chao5 Dr1fty
Chao5 Dr1fty Month ago
Chao5 Dr1fty
Chao5 Dr1fty Month ago
Jeffy is a dank meme? 0:34
Devin Month ago
Love Ranger can't steal your vbucks if you don't have any
Supremacy Month ago
0:33 was that one ment to be in here
LazarZoom Month ago
Jokes on you I have no V-Bux
Fishy_on_ Yt
Fishy_on_ Yt 2 months ago
I have no vbucks I never have
gingercat loves kittys
When it said gimme everything das wut we gotta do wen weh in corona time
Alden Colines
Alden Colines 2 months ago
what vbucks
Theresa Pitre
Theresa Pitre 2 months ago
Hate the love ranger
Connor MCGLADE 2 months ago
my fav meme is MEme
M N switch
M N switch 3 months ago
I must subscribe i need those v bucks for next time love ranger is in the item shop. I got to hit that button
Ghost_ Smash
Ghost_ Smash 3 months ago
0:51 what is the name of song
gamer 081
gamer 081 3 months ago
0:33 why this is here?
Benji 3 months ago
5:39 what v-bux?
Angel Prieto
Angel Prieto 3 months ago
Love ranger have a double sexualiti.
Gareth Simpson
Gareth Simpson 4 months ago
🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈I like sharks
Gareth Simpson
Gareth Simpson 4 months ago
R.i.p shark🦈😭
ElFusion_YT 4 months ago
0:59 he is shark puppet (youtuber)
ツL1xx 5 months ago
Brittany McCuistion
Brittany McCuistion 5 months ago
You are the best
Lukas Player
Lukas Player 5 months ago
2:30 song pls ?
ItzAndres 5 months ago
bad video noob
Pikaa is cute
Pikaa is cute 5 months ago
ItzAndres true
Pryze 5 months ago
bad video men stop doing video your trash noob
ItzAndres 5 months ago
Pikaa is cute
Pikaa is cute 5 months ago
PikaGamingYT true
Pikaa is cute
Pikaa is cute 5 months ago
Bad video
ItzAndres 5 months ago
ta tellement raison
Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang 5 months ago
Fishes Are god
Fishes Are god 5 months ago
Use use code tibue99
Fishes Are god
Fishes Are god 5 months ago
Lol I didn’t use code tibue99 hah
Anthony Matos
Anthony Matos 6 months ago
5:15 😂👌👍
just a retard
just a retard 6 months ago
I love this guys suscribe intro their so dramatic noone wants a default to die
Wumbo Fan
Wumbo Fan 6 months ago
we all know whats below soccers skins face but whats above.
Cobra Gamer
Cobra Gamer 6 months ago
that sockerball jonsee its meeeeeeeeeeee so go subscribe too meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jules the Jaguar
Jules the Jaguar 6 months ago
Tbh I liked the Combat Shotgun
ZP_Sheepy 6 months ago
Season 9 players: why is the pump gone bring it back!!!!! Chapter 2 season 1 players: take away the pump its trash!!!!!!
Lauren Hoos
Lauren Hoos 6 months ago
I'm watching this at 3 am😰
Connor Ward
Connor Ward 6 months ago
:35 Ahhhhhhhhh
Wavvey 6 months ago
uhhh the voice saying subscribe and use code tibue99 makes me want to DIEEEEEE
Adam T
Adam T 6 months ago
‘’Fortnite memes?’’ I see shark puppet memes
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez 6 months ago
IHOP but add ines
de blobvis
de blobvis 6 months ago
Falling hard me f##########ck
Harry meme
Harry meme 7 months ago
0:34 is anyone else gonna question why jeffy is in a Fortnite meme video when it’s not even a Fortnite meme
Gethyn and Tatum
Gethyn and Tatum 7 months ago
What if we had no vbucks
Master Piece
Master Piece 7 months ago
3:23 me and my generations
Celestin Monge
Celestin Monge 7 months ago
Soccer skin is jonsey
probabb 7 months ago
4:51 guys I am from turkey and he is swearing in turkish🤫
alan ruiz
alan ruiz 8 months ago
I like your vids tibue99
Expand_ Lance
Expand_ Lance 8 months ago
Fearless 8 months ago
turkish people can know this 4:51 hapşuuamınakoyiyim
Who I AM ?
Who I AM ? 8 months ago
Isaac Aguilar
Isaac Aguilar 9 months ago
magic fire boy
magic fire boy 9 months ago
What if you wanted to go to heaven but god said ill save the llamas
CriticalMindset 9 months ago
The little shark is From Jeffy
Bot-_-288946 9 months ago
The shark puppet
Sophie Maple
Sophie Maple 9 months ago
Go Nicro
Go Nicro 9 months ago
I love shark puppet
MostProud Gamer
MostProud Gamer 9 months ago
How is that Jeffy clip a Fortnite TikTok
Emine Schön
Emine Schön 9 months ago
samir ennour
samir ennour 9 months ago
Respect for default
Ifa_ VeX
Ifa_ VeX 9 months ago
3:32 what music
Avivzano 11
Avivzano 11 9 months ago
Stranger things
Irene Brao
Irene Brao 9 months ago
I have discord but I cant
Aka V E N U S ツ
Aka V E N U S ツ 10 months ago
If though don’t sub to to him than love ranger will love you
ashleyfry81 10 months ago
I got meds what u want when I got a fan on xD
Aidan Vigil
Aidan Vigil 10 months ago
We will never use code tibe99
DazToks 10 months ago
2:24 Wahts The Name of The Song?
Colin Baltzly
Colin Baltzly 10 months ago
i am watching this during school i have detention for launging to hard
Amanda Sherburne
Amanda Sherburne 10 months ago
He noooooooooo take me vbucksssss
Amanda Sherburne
Amanda Sherburne 10 months ago
Amanda Sherburne
Amanda Sherburne 10 months ago
Defaults suck
Amanda Sherburne
Amanda Sherburne 10 months ago
Defaults suck my nuts
Bush Clan
Bush Clan 10 months ago
Face revil
ToniGuys 06
ToniGuys 06 10 months ago
I thought love ranger would not love me😂😢
i'm a lifeline main
i'm a lifeline main 10 months ago
I cannot be the only one who knows which movie is this from 3:06
Wepping Puddle
Wepping Puddle 10 months ago
XxRainbow 00
XxRainbow 00 10 months ago
Federica De Gregorio
Federica De Gregorio 10 months ago
Whats the song 2:24?
Molbo Toy
Molbo Toy 10 months ago
Molly Williams
Molly Williams 10 months ago
I'm using you code
Storm Gibson
Storm Gibson 10 months ago
stop with SML
Ayo it’s ivan
Ayo it’s ivan 10 months ago
Use code jarvisbtw
vlinder bloem
vlinder bloem 10 months ago
1:57 is sad
Ryan Meiling
Ryan Meiling 10 months ago
Fuck you
Amy Delta
Amy Delta 10 months ago
Bow / Plumpnickel
Bow / Plumpnickel 10 months ago
0:34 was my favorite
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