Fortnite Dank Meme Edit 16

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Some fresh season 9 memes again! This video is sponsored by TikTok.
----- 🎵 Songs 🎵 -----
► Marshmello & Logic - EVERYDAY
► Kash Doll - Here I Go
► Blanco Brown - The Git Up
► MaximilianMus - Oh Yeah Yeah
Outro Song ► Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart

----- 📹 Credits 📹 -----
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Comments 80
tibue99 11 months ago
Chat with us on Discord - discord.gg/4UnCEEH Use Code tibue99💙
Kristopher Klark
Kristopher Klark 6 months ago
Scotty Boi 26 ъъъъъ
Redouane Moussa
Redouane Moussa 7 months ago
tibue. MOHAMED. 789012233456780987654321
Mega squirtle Squad
Mega squirtle Squad 9 months ago
Tibue99 reason is because u Hurt my fealings 😭
Mega squirtle Squad
Mega squirtle Squad 9 months ago
tibue99 hay good you suck now
Sven Ax
Sven Ax 9 months ago
tibue99 😍😍😍
Love ranger ugly
Gn0Mm3z 12 days ago
I’m traaaaaaash
—Foxy— 19 days ago
LMAO at the start I put substicles or whatever its called and it put "Hey, Hey, I'll walk over I like gays" lmao 😂
Jed PQ
Jed PQ 29 days ago
2:40 what is the song
Nickgaming01 Month ago
Leave the dislike on that number.
The Borst bros
The Borst bros Month ago
I subscribed 1 year ago and now love ranger is in my fortnite account and loves me
WOLF GOD Month ago
That's kind of gay
Springster Month ago
The voice sounds like Optimus Prime on cracc
The life of Luke
Just Call Me Euro
tha police
Drift Shea
Drift Shea Month ago
2:55 nice Job John Wick
Zach Smith
Zach Smith 2 months ago
I hate you’re content stop it is cringe worthy stop trying
Jakey Wakey
Jakey Wakey 3 months ago
The first one looks so familiar idk y Oh I do that to my dog boing boing
svnliqht 3 months ago
Selling restart buttons
Young Sh1vv
Young Sh1vv 4 months ago
4:34 hahahahah
TigerPlayer 4 months ago
lol bist der beste deutschsprachige memes ytr
Shadowgamer 897
Shadowgamer 897 4 months ago
Kevin clifford
Kevin clifford 4 months ago
2:41 its like swedish
Cobra Gamer
Cobra Gamer 4 months ago
sub too miiii i dooo som not norml i am the retardit lama
لہطع 但却Rеnаgаdе Dead饿的الہر
IM TRASH At fortnite
Jake Colee
Jake Colee 4 months ago
"Or love ranger wont love you" Gay peeps: Oh NOOOOO!
awesomeguyt842YT 5 months ago
hOwDy GaMeRs!!!
Meagan Merrill
Meagan Merrill 5 months ago
There doin g hump
WS CommanderYT
WS CommanderYT 5 months ago
"Subscribe or love ranger won't love you" OK.... Just the same as everyone else.....*cries*
mello gaming
mello gaming 5 months ago
He protecc He atacc But most importantly He uses code tibue99
Skeli Butt
Skeli Butt 5 months ago
4:04 When my friend is on a date and invites me:
jirkaczska -
jirkaczska - 6 months ago
sac- Daendyeu
Melissa Coria
Melissa Coria 6 months ago
2:52 is boofull
Hasan Mahmood
Hasan Mahmood 6 months ago
4:59 looooooool
Raffaela Vasini
Raffaela Vasini 6 months ago
Bravi mi piacciono sti video👾👾👾
ofooda 6 months ago
Other people: "your girl" Me: ooh bc you can't get your own. Got it
SimonGaming TRS
SimonGaming TRS 6 months ago
4:01 have you stole that from the asdfmovies by Tomska?
roleisha42 6 months ago
4 all bfdi nick jr races and sponge characters : were are we me: 4:20
Jesse McClary
Jesse McClary 6 months ago
I'm trash Chaz. TRASHHHHHHHHH!
pokebm maiaaha
pokebm maiaaha 6 months ago
0:0 o:0
pokebm maiaaha
pokebm maiaaha 6 months ago
I like it 0:32
pokebm maiaaha
pokebm maiaaha 6 months ago
Carmelina Estrella
Carmelina Estrella 6 months ago
Outro song:piece of your heart
Ethan Penney
Ethan Penney 7 months ago
Теневой Мяускул
Love ranger itz gay
Colton Domer
Colton Domer 8 months ago
Adrian Golemo
Adrian Golemo 8 months ago
2:40 song please
Desirae Parks
Desirae Parks 8 months ago
Kase Cole (Student)
Kase Cole (Student) 8 months ago
Hey tibue I love you I’ve seen every vid of yours
Lil Dez
Lil Dez 8 months ago
Here my epic name locoloc_12
Ashton Cross
Ashton Cross 8 months ago
Yes fortnite outfits
PINK_TURNS CSAPAT 8 months ago
Dislike = you gay
Flexsus HD
Flexsus HD 8 months ago
You are german or?
Raga Michael
Raga Michael 8 months ago
Song? @ 5:00
Soho Burrito
Soho Burrito 8 months ago
Most of this are tik toks
ديمو قيمر
ديمو قيمر 8 months ago
Not for kids 0:07
To Ja Gabryś
To Ja Gabryś 8 months ago
0:01 song ?
jeff the kill jeff the kill
I do lt
Kimberly Aller
Kimberly Aller 9 months ago
Fuck off I slapped you'r momma
Pty souris uwut teamptysouris
4:35 xD i found a kama oh yeah yeah yeah
Luis López Figueroa
Tritip 9 months ago
2:34 no one loves me
ديمو قيمر
ديمو قيمر 8 months ago
Adam Rizkalla
Adam Rizkalla 9 months ago
How do you picture this video
Helpyq 9 months ago
I TRASHHHH!!!!!!!!! 1!1!1!1!1!1!
Lucas 333
Lucas 333 9 months ago
06:11 I love this song ❤
ITZ F1rE 9 months ago
not funny bro
Mr. Milk Cheese Potatoes
Austin Simon
Austin Simon 9 months ago
#rip peelie
Soy saucetv321
Soy saucetv321 9 months ago
Diamond Unit
Diamond Unit 9 months ago
3:33 LOL
SlimeGaming_YT CD
SlimeGaming_YT CD 9 months ago
2:25 he admited that he is trash XD
Blue Eyes White Dragon
Yeah ok I am not gay any way
Evan Depew
Evan Depew 9 months ago
I hate you
Burnt2_ACrisp 9 months ago
When noobs get salty and admit that there trash 2:28
Jacopo De Luca
Jacopo De Luca 9 months ago
Giorgio 9 months ago
What the song at minute 0:58 ?
Fridas Life
Fridas Life 9 months ago
02:40 swedish alert
Od3 Killer
Od3 Killer 9 months ago
Play minecraft
Rebekah Populis
Rebekah Populis 9 months ago
Can you make the captions acrurate
poikien maailma
poikien maailma 9 months ago
5.34 what is this music name?
Riz3rg4ming YT
Riz3rg4ming YT 9 months ago
6:10 hey drift that’s a lot of pee take it somewhere private why don’t you
Riz3rg4ming YT
Riz3rg4ming YT 9 months ago
If don’t pin I will unsubscribe and never watch your videos any more
Saleem Mouawad
Saleem Mouawad 9 months ago
my guy is like 40 yrs old
GD Lefty
GD Lefty 9 months ago
Watch it getting taken down
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