Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer

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The Zero Point has been unearthed and Agent Jones needs the help from the greatest Hunters across all Realities.www.epicgames.com/fortnite/battle-pass/zero-point

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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Learn More: www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/


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Dec 1, 2020




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Comments 100
Resche7 Hour ago
Why is the pump gone
Chased Player056
So far looks like the best one yet
-0-0- Hour ago
Its cool and all but liek where the gameplay at
Joshua Jtm
Joshua Jtm Hour ago
im srry i yost to play this game
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez Hour ago
Is it too late to still play fortnite because I actually want to start playing it and I’m mostly in it for the skins to be honest 😂😂
Alina Faisal Faisal Altaf Chaudhry / F Faisal Altaf
Me when I saw baby yoda 🤗🥺
Voltix Hour ago
man-pake can solo any anime universe dont come at me
Gil Bautista
Gil Bautista Hour ago
The fact that this fortnut trailer is trending scares me
QuaranTeen *
QuaranTeen * Hour ago
No one asked you to click it LMAOOO
Smelly_Nick_ Gurr
Lets go
Matthew and Alice Sung
Bruh I like the season but I have a question. Why do you add the pump back and then vault fix it pls
Arthur Ward
Arthur Ward Hour ago
I got the battle pass last season but didn’t even get to tier 100
Fontella Jones
Fortnite please bring back pumps whenever you can but other than that best season ever
No Hour ago
Footnote is dead
Chelsee Salinas
Does the update coming on mobile???
PB Meowy
PB Meowy Hour ago
The person who commented before me eats chalk
Electric Hour ago
I eat chalk.
Jonah Marie R. Sebastian
0:23 ANIME!
Jack Is back
Jack Is back Hour ago
Bring Fortnite mobile back we don’t get any thing just remove the direct payment system why so stubborn please just for god sake bring back Fortnite Mobile ! . We miss the events . Tell me epic why what is your problem just for god dam sake remove the direct payment system . Just make it all normal again . I beg please we need it back we miss it 😪!.
shakir mohamed
YEs its here
Mora Escamilla
“It costs a lot of credits to convince Mando” you mean it costs a lot to convince Disney and Lucasfilm?
Lackifall Hour ago
Anime girl is the only reason why I’m buying the battle pass
Michael Pedroza alan
CookieCatSquad 101
Wow Epic really creative for the nexts season! Adding the Mandalorine to fortnite! I’m so surprise! What’s nexts adding Disney characters to the roaster
Mohamed Alson
Mohamed Alson Hour ago
pz 64
pz 64 Hour ago
It's the child!!!!!! 0:14
Sidra Modir
Sidra Modir 2 hours ago
Baby yoda is very cute 🥰
Wendy Shields
Wendy Shields 2 hours ago
Xx3klocks_gamerxX 2 hours ago
best season yet
boobbe 2 hours ago
When the next season starts, what happens to all the marvel stuff?
Mr Clean
Mr Clean Hour ago
Mr Clean
Mr Clean Hour ago
Rochel Gayle
Rochel Gayle 2 hours ago
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x1 synapse
x1 synapse 2 hours ago
Buff tac, add pump back, add tilted fully back and fix all of the bugs like the delay in the game now and others, if epic does this than the game will be actually fun.
Adan Ortiz
Adan Ortiz 2 hours ago
Really mando wow copycat do some original epic games
Cody vlogs
Cody vlogs 2 hours ago
I think grogu was cool
B Maulana
B Maulana 2 hours ago
Damn top 10 on trending are mostly about fortnite
Darkside Gamer jansu
Baby yoda is my favorite lol
D.A Productions
D.A Productions 2 hours ago
Ah yes... discount tracer
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 2 hours ago
Hello, Humans. "Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor."-Sholom Aleichem TERRANCE OUT
Nicholas Young
Nicholas Young 2 hours ago
CAR & ZAR 2 hours ago
To the person that’s reading this: You’re a very beautiful and adorable human! Stay healthy during this uncertain time ☔️ Our dream is to hit 10k, We’ve been struggling to get there💛
Thenacho 129
Thenacho 129 2 hours ago
How I get the jonesy?
Aldrin710 2 hours ago
bruh 5 straight vids of fortnite trending. memories but im very proud
The Keepin it Real Podcast
Subscribe to my podcast 🎧🎙!!!
M0NSTRR 2 hours ago
Deception IX
Deception IX 2 hours ago
People still play this game?
just another human being
@Turtle Guy how ate they a "kid" for asking this question? Your statement doesn't make you any more mature 😂
Deception IX
Deception IX 2 hours ago
@Turtle Guy im being called a "kid" by a dude who still plays fortnite.......
Turtle Guy
Turtle Guy 2 hours ago
Yes so what kid
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat 2 hours ago
Baby yoda in fortnite Perfection
zero two
zero two 2 hours ago
Yayyyyyyyyyy anime
GAMING WITH Arnav 2 hours ago
I am updating you are the one who can feels are feeling of gaming . yiu make games that we love thanks epic games now I am updating I know update came yesterday but I have paused and closed but now it is coming to start from starting whatever I loves your games again thanks.
Luigi Plush
Luigi Plush 2 hours ago
This is so stupid so stupid why is this a thing who wants to waste money ten bucks and the skins do not do anything
just another human being
@Turtle Guy people will hate whether you like it or not
Turtle Guy
Turtle Guy Hour ago
just another human being i know but there was no reason to say that so I responded
just another human being
@Turtle Guy you can simply ignore these comments
Turtle Guy
Turtle Guy 2 hours ago
Because they can and they have there on choice ad you cant change it
alejo gaming boy
alejo gaming boy 2 hours ago
And this is why people hate fortnite
h a p p y
h a p p y 2 hours ago
How come in the beginning he said, “No one is escapes the loop, Not on my watch” how come he doesn’t want us out of the loop but The Visitor does?
LSTgamingJye 2 hours ago
I got a Waifu
TimeCube 2 hours ago
Wait "the next faze" whats that supposed to mean
Mr Clean
Mr Clean Hour ago
Meaning the containment of the zero point and closing the bridge between the real world and the fortnite world so no one could leave like the seven
Houston A
Houston A 2 hours ago
This is not the way
Banan4ik 2 hours ago
И так приступим к сливам будет Джетпак мандалорца его винтовка и вернутся многие пушки
War Hunter's Buddy
War Hunter's Buddy 2 hours ago
Jonesy: And I started with the best. Mando: I brought the child with me. Baby yoda: *cute noises*
Carolyn Howard
Carolyn Howard 2 hours ago
I need that anime girl.
Cyrus Carrasquillo
Cyrus Carrasquillo 2 hours ago
MANDO IS HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jingleslayer Animations
I already bought this and its so so cool definitely buy it!!!!
Maxine Goodwin
Maxine Goodwin 2 hours ago
So this means josey is going to be a boss
Michael Hubert Lamla
Thank you, Fortnite!
Racool 2 hours ago
Damn Fortnite really just took over the Trending page
Andrew Dickmeyer
Andrew Dickmeyer 2 hours ago
Can’t wait to see James Charles back in trending
Kurt Pleckan
Kurt Pleckan 2 hours ago
0:00-0:22 is some great music
Finley 2 hours ago
claim your “i don’t understand fortnite nor do i care about it” ticket here
AidoTV 2 hours ago
Riskybiskutz 2 hours ago
been here bofore season five cuz i cant reply to xbl clan's comment
Kobe Moreno
Kobe Moreno 2 hours ago
this is the best if not the best season in chapter 2 but season 4 is the second best season
Qwax 2 hours ago
A pancake, nice fortnite
Julian Correa
Julian Correa 2 hours ago
Sad how the game is so bad that they have to get characters from movies to keep the relevance
contrite sinner
contrite sinner 2 hours ago
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. (Psalms 14:1-3 [KJV])
Ahmed Haider
Ahmed Haider 2 hours ago
I miss the simplicity of video games
♥️♥️❤️♥️♥️All those who are watching this video I pray , That their parents will live a longer life 😊👍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lik ATik
Lik ATik 2 hours ago
People say fortnite is dying yet its #1 on trending in youtube...
Sebastian Miramontes
hey fortnite put another anime skin named stu
جندوب / Jandoub
Tilted Is Back??
Carolyn Mayberry
Carolyn Mayberry 2 hours ago
I wish mobile could get this😭
Some Asparagus
Some Asparagus 2 hours ago
This is it. This one’s bringing me back after a season and a half
tyler parker
tyler parker 2 hours ago
Oof fortnite is now the sims
AleckoGecko 2 hours ago
@tyler parker oh dang thx (:
tyler parker
tyler parker 2 hours ago
That's a sub there
tyler parker
tyler parker 2 hours ago
@AleckoGecko wow that was quick replying. Lol
AleckoGecko 2 hours ago
Qwax 2 hours ago
Me pausing the video to stare at the vbux at the end
Yug Tejani
Yug Tejani 2 hours ago
The skins are not tooo good. Epicgames in their skins are way behind there potential.
Tyler Takamiya
Tyler Takamiya 2 hours ago
Does anybody what the music is called?
Tukia Fonua
Tukia Fonua 3 hours ago
“What are you waiting for?” Me: Mobile to come back Fe4rless to come back Remove auto fire I could go on and on... but mainly mobile to come back, like wtf apple
CumBall Hour ago
Removing auto fire? It's essential, because mobile is in the lower end of platform quality
Scoobfan900 3 hours ago
I’m not sure no one asked for this hold on ima check Nope no one
Primarch Mark
Primarch Mark 3 hours ago
Dead game
Ozuosu 2 hours ago
@AleckoGecko yes dead and garbage game, get on Minecraft
Primarch Mark
Primarch Mark 2 hours ago
@AleckoGecko yes
AleckoGecko 2 hours ago
Alright so ur gonna Tell me that a Video about a New Fortnite Season that gets 6.5+ Million Views in a Half a Day is Dead??? Now sure, this Game ain't Nearly as Popular as it used to be but it is FAR from Dead 🤦‍♂️
TheBluebomber875 3 hours ago
The Mandalorian is tempting... but I promised myself I wouldn’t spend any more money on this stupid game lol
AleckoGecko 3 hours ago
0:59 sooooooooooooo uh, is Nobody gonna Talk about that New Item Jonsey is Holding???
AleckoGecko 2 hours ago
@WeebaTheBoss ok
WeebaTheBoss 2 hours ago
@AleckoGecko I don’t think so, they might add it though
AleckoGecko 2 hours ago
@WeebaTheBoss is it in the game tho?
WeebaTheBoss 2 hours ago
It’s like a rift gun
Crazestaze Ninja589
Petition for a fortnite movie
Roman Banana
Roman Banana 3 hours ago
david gt13
david gt13 2 hours ago
Tranquilo amigo ya sabemos que eres pobre
Chicken wing Master 66
When I die in Fortnite I can’t say I died so I had to say I lost my chance to succeed son you’re grampa lost his chance to succeed 😂
Akylious Keti
Akylious Keti 3 hours ago
You know who would be cool in this season Rambo as a secret character like deadpool
Hani Mokrani
Hani Mokrani 3 hours ago
When is the Christmas update ?
Re flin
Re flin 3 hours ago
Damien Mathis
Damien Mathis 3 hours ago
Felipe Duarte
Felipe Duarte 3 hours ago
Whats the name of the music ?
Liam Pritchard
Liam Pritchard 3 hours ago
This is the best season like salty towers/log jam burgerworks/sandy depo and flush swampy those are good locations
Everything CORE
Everything CORE 3 hours ago
Ok Fortnite, after hardly playing and losing interest during almost all of chapter 2, the NPCs you added this season and the fact that my friends are playing again made me come back, and I haven’t had this much fun in this game since probably season 8
Jagdeesh S
Jagdeesh S 3 hours ago
Why the Heck u Removed pump shotgun.....why do u suck that charge shot gun....this is why people hate fortnite.......this is the only game i play......
Net_fish 3 hours ago
People still play fortnite??
Trump 3 hours ago
The Mandalorian is absolutely fantastic!!!
MBW Hour ago
Democrats cheated.
Yama Bo
Yama Bo 3 hours ago
Yama Bo
Yama Bo 3 hours ago
Next videos
GALACTUS EVENT (very cool)