Forrest Galante's Crazy Stories from the Amazon | Joe Rogan

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Комментарии 2 194
Grox44 17 минут назад
Bring someone huge there like a strongman. See how they react.
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown 6 часов назад
Pissing on your feet to get rid of athletes foot is Horseshit. One of the reasons they think that works is cause then you properly clean your feet after and dry them properly cause you've just pissed on them. So just properly clean and dry them. Skip the piss bit :-)
MrDarkNessKiller1 17 часов назад
So funny, the waterfall on the thumbnail is not on the Amazon Forrest 😂
Joseph 17 часов назад
A blouse.... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Happy dad
Happy dad 18 часов назад
I have ringworm while watching this, think I got it from a whore, possible a side affect from amoxicillin
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor 21 час назад
Somehow forgot to mention bears.
SurfingKook День назад
This guy's story sounds a lot like Jussie Molletes story. There's a lot of gaps and amnesia when asked specific questions.
Kang Falcon
Kang Falcon День назад
Joe" I love to suck the dick of my guests" Rogan
Ricochetrabitt День назад
If they know any better, they'd ban white people from the village. Only death and disease come from them.
Jozif Badmon
Jozif Badmon День назад
Forest “ I honestly can’t tell you “ Galante
cooper hodsdon
cooper hodsdon День назад
Look at his face after he says, "Running around in their shorts barefoot." 5:28 Weird facial expression change at the end of the sentence before it switches to Joe. Idk, I thought it was funny.
Laukherts День назад
I’ve never seen a comment section so triggered and worked up over ring worms and fungi. Get over yourselves😂😂
Never give up
Never give up 2 дня назад
What an idiot. He hasn't got any answers to any of Rogans questions. Hes a dud
Urban German
Urban German 2 дня назад
Beau Hatcher
Beau Hatcher 2 дня назад
“We de-wormed everyone” dude ringworm is an infection caused by fungus, not actual worms 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
YoungMalcolm.20 2 дня назад
“Jungle powders and what not” typical white man mentality.
robert bevill
robert bevill 2 дня назад
Does he know anything ?
Brian Fromps
Brian Fromps 2 дня назад
So wtf was this guy doing...bringing coke to Arkansas
Brian Fromps
Brian Fromps 2 дня назад
This is joes cia handler
Guy Montag
Guy Montag 2 дня назад
"They've never seen white people before" bruh, if you had a guide take you into the forest to this tribe then i can assure you they've seen white people before. Nonetheless i'm sure it's still an event when a white person does show up
Bow Hunter
Bow Hunter 2 дня назад
Forrest 'I don't know to be honest' Galante. For an expert he doesn't know shit....
Eckz Musik
Eckz Musik 2 дня назад
he sounds like hes lying lol
Jon Ray
Jon Ray 2 дня назад
FYI to Joe and George of the Jungle: Perigoso (pedi-goss-oh) is PORTUGUESE for dangerous. If they are using this word, they are referred to as Caboclo’s. If an indigenous person says “peligroso” (peh-lee-gross-oh) they are speaking a dialect of Spanish and would be referred as Mestizo or indigenous, depending on their ancestry.
Abel M
Abel M 2 дня назад
Who's blouse is joe wearing?
Mike Mathis
Mike Mathis 2 дня назад
Joe "it's really incredible" Rogan
Aldair Alonso
Aldair Alonso 2 дня назад
That guy looks like a good liar. Could be true but idk seem like a great bs.
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 2 дня назад
I want to be on the show!!
Renegade Nielsen
Renegade Nielsen 2 дня назад
It bugs me so bad when people overuse the word "literally"
Albo M
Albo M 2 дня назад
Joe, those feet you referenced is most likely adapted from childhood, trekking and climbing the jungle. Bro. ;)
Johnny Daniels
Johnny Daniels 2 дня назад
Joe “Piss on Your Feet” Rogan 🤟🏽
Johnny Daniels
Johnny Daniels 2 дня назад
I can’t be the only one that laughed when he said “useful feet” 😂
coolnanel 2 дня назад
"We were the first westerners to go there in over 60 years..." as if Colombians were not westerners, you dumb american....haha
Billie Goat
Billie Goat 2 дня назад
The elders brothers🐐. This guy is awesome. The simple gesture that you would give them something to TRY to cure the ringworm is like a Christmas present for them. Im humbled by your travels and like the way you've explained the ppl and Colombian Amazon.
Stefon D. King
Stefon D. King 3 дня назад
Y’all fitting to end up like green inferno
bc stoner
bc stoner 3 дня назад
home.bt.com/lifestyle/health/skincare/is-urine-natures-miracle-skin-cure-or-are-they-taking-the-pee-11363955776721 ewwww
Kevin W
Kevin W 3 дня назад
Joe "I mean, what would you do if like they got bit by a snake?" Rogan
Eazy D
Eazy D 3 дня назад
If I go to the Amazon I'm bringing a fuckin' spacesuit I don't need those tropical diseases.
Freeze Brain
Freeze Brain 3 дня назад
You would think if your going on radio you would at least stop yourself from saying “Indian” not very educated talk bud...turned it off after heard you talk that crap
Carl Whyte
Carl Whyte 3 дня назад
God damn, I like Joe Rogan's podcast but so many of his listeners are such a pure strain of cancer that it leads me to believe I too might be a canerous bastard without even realising it.
Casey Canez
Casey Canez 3 дня назад
Jay McMullen
Jay McMullen 3 дня назад
Joe Rogan is the most intelligent man on earth. I am building a shrine in Joe’s honor. Pray for me Joe!
MCES LEX 3 дня назад
Poor fella he met some savages in the jungle, must of been terrifying, (they speak Spanish 😂😂😂😂), people that walk barefoot do not form hands on their feet, 🤣, you get a thicker skin call a callous.😂
luciusbarbus 3 дня назад
This dude is a scholar!!! Lol
Bomby Drip
Bomby Drip 3 дня назад
Eskimo Blood
Eskimo Blood 3 дня назад
Did u give them small pox at least
DashboardJesus999 3 дня назад
joe rogan needs to interview cyotee peterson
Marc Goodell
Marc Goodell 3 дня назад
Joe I know more than the guy on pawn shop Rogan
Brian Dawson
Brian Dawson 3 дня назад
who else came here and paused the video to read the comments without distraction..and won't finish the video? ha ha ha
Chuckle Cash
Chuckle Cash 3 дня назад
Why he keep saying Indian people smh
Sam R
Sam R 3 дня назад
Joe “wake up and put on a fuckin blouse “ Rogan
Dominic Salazar
Dominic Salazar 3 дня назад
Joe "interested in splayed feet" Rogan.
Sanatra Bullushi
Sanatra Bullushi 3 дня назад
Joe "Ummmmm,Yeah wow" Rogan
IamBrandon34 3 дня назад
Joe "I look like a giant baby" Rogan
Cool Beans
Cool Beans 3 дня назад
Nobody: Joe: Flex’s pecs @ 2:05
ndm3 3 дня назад
I knew this guy was full of sh*t as soon as I saw his beard
Carmine M.
Carmine M. 3 дня назад
Joe’s wearing a nice blouse
Jordan Brock
Jordan Brock 3 дня назад
the language is called quechua before the spaniards came to south america .........Wiki pidea Quechua is a Quechuan language with about 8 million people in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina. Quechua was the language of the Inca empire which was destroyed by the Spanish in the 16th century. The Inca used a system of knotted strings known as quipu to send messages around their empire.
Moofasa 1211
Moofasa 1211 3 дня назад
This guy sounds less convinced on his experience, than Eddie bravo on the flat earth... 🤣🤣🤣
Paddyladdie The First
Paddyladdie The First 3 дня назад
11.11 Joe 'titty twitch' Rogan.
JMGRICH 3 дня назад
Rogan is high 24/7
AlexConstantinou 3 дня назад
7:51 Kills the worms.. xD
Alfonso Ruiz
Alfonso Ruiz 4 дня назад
Joe "splayd out feet" rogan
Sean O'Brieon
Sean O'Brieon 4 дня назад
He used Lethwai. Simple. (Repeated head butts to Croc's snout, with simultaneous kicks to the Croc's nuts,* and thumbs in the eyes. Croc, (eventually) let's go.(At first, it only makes it angrier), instantly teep under the jaw, and round-kick-to-escape.) That might work..... Maybe he did something like that, or a similar approach. Who wants to test it out under pressure. We just gotta get ourselves a toothless old training Croc. (*Need to confirm that Croc's have external nuts first too, or the whole thing won't work. All relies on the repeated kicks and knees to the nuts...)
Sean O'Brieon
Sean O'Brieon 4 дня назад
Sounds like some of the spots in the Cape York Peninsula, in the North of Qld, Australia. In particular areas of Cape York, they live fully traditionally, and the culture is 100, 000 years old. They still speak their traditional languages, and many only know limited broken English. Most of them have very little contact with outsiders, and they have absolutely no need to make any contact, as the culture is completely self-contained. Recently, I saw a case where one of the women had never seen white people before.
Singingwolf staresatyou
Singingwolf staresatyou 4 дня назад
Most of us speak our native languages. We were forced to speak spanish by threat of rape and death. Doesnt take from who we are.
John Cinar
John Cinar 4 дня назад
These two literally don’t know anything about what they’re discussing 😂
Kapado 4 дня назад
Where's the picture of the kid's arm?
Thomas Foolery
Thomas Foolery 4 дня назад
I love Joe but he should realize that he’s talking to a biologist and when the biologist is saying - “I don’t know” it’s because he has not studied the data sufficiently to say - he could repeat rumor, lore, myth and here say like Joe often does but this guy is a doctor and he knows that “ I don’t know” is honest not stupid. Example - peeing on feet is total BS - there is NO supporting medical data that shows urine or any derivative enzyme from urine helps with any fungal infection parasite or other infection(viral or bacterial) removal or prevention!!! FUCKING HELL!!!
mavishill 4 дня назад
It's like this guy learnt nothing from his alleged trip to Amazon. He didn't notice their feet? Was he looking at only tits and cocks?. He "dewormed" the tribe for ringworms which actually a skin condition. He keeps calling this tribe which has never been discovered before as Indians. Hey genius haven't u learnt anything from Columbus? He doesn't know his friend who was burn by wasps was on the verge of anaphylactic shock. have some medical knowledge and terminology. You need proper anthropologist or ethnographer to have a informed discussion like this. 🙈
mavishill 4 дня назад
😂🤣 as an East Indian it fucking pisses me off. I know Amazon Indian is a term. But who are these retards to keep landing on strange lands but cant find the real India! 😂🤣 and centuries after finding real India still continue to call other natives as Indians. There is a true story I heard from someone. A white guy was being politically correct (or rather incorrect) when he met Native Americans. He kept calling them Native Americans out of respect. The chief said "what do you mean by native americans? Natives? As opposed to what? You Americans? No continue to call us Indians because it reminds us the stupidity of the white man" (referring to misunderstanding america as india lol).
Just The Boys
Just The Boys 4 дня назад
Joe “he’s a good friend of mine” Rogan
kilo B
kilo B 4 дня назад
joe u look so fucked up in all your videos...
Mary Medinas
Mary Medinas 4 дня назад
This needs to be an SNL SKIT.
john g
john g 4 дня назад
blackklopi 4 дня назад
i think the feet thing comes from monkeys cause monkeys have handshaped feet too and they live in the jungle i guess
Jason Griffin
Jason Griffin 4 дня назад
Whiteman your help ain't needed, they probably been fine if you never acknowledged it, your help come in the form of colonization, seen what happen to the Native American😕 same b.s, you helping gave them Guy's smallpox and you say disease huh! only the western man aka Whiteman
Rynum 4 дня назад
Damn this guy doesn’t move his jaw when he speaks
J D 4 дня назад
Fun jy
J Johnson
J Johnson 4 дня назад
This guy and his medicine prolly killed 25 people. The whole tribe.
krisikal 4 дня назад
Indians are from India, native South Americans are not Indian. I hate the term “Indian” when it is used to call Natives, it’s racist.
OneMeanArtist 4 дня назад
Joe "but did you look at their feet" Rogan
Luciiffeerr 4 дня назад
White People AKa Pendejos sickens me
Luciiffeerr 4 дня назад
Fuck drive time and fuck those KneeGers
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 4 дня назад
They are all dead now because of their germs
Tom 4 дня назад
Yeah.. No medical help just like the wild animals all around us! Fucking hard life then some faggot with a gun shoots you from couple hundred meters away... so fair.
airhawaii23 4 дня назад
they would switch to their native indian language?
Greg Huffman
Greg Huffman 4 дня назад
3:33 shit my feet are kind of like that
Greg Huffman
Greg Huffman 4 дня назад
4:00 nvm...
C M 4 дня назад
If you see a Wild Jaguar? It's the last thing you see.
supasye 5 дней назад
This guy is semi full of shit and half very stupid.
Arnab Khamrui
Arnab Khamrui 5 дней назад
Joe big fan from India ....that island is called Andaman and Nicobar Island. Lots of myths are surrounded about that island. But you can read about it. www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/the-woman-who-made-friendly-contact-with-andaman-s-sentinelese/story-7Dt1VPjZXEpvEWWQY8Mu2M.html
Blue Night Grinner
Blue Night Grinner 5 дней назад
Joe looks like he didn't separate the whites from the colors in that shirt.
Nigel Thornberry
Nigel Thornberry 5 дней назад
This guy is calling them Indians a lot lol
xringkiller 5 дней назад
But can they fight?
One Time
One Time 5 дней назад
Joe “ I wear tight purple shirts like a female and get more annoying day by day because I like to get high and pretend I’m a super intellectual “ Rogan
lipstickprincesss 5 дней назад
who tf goes canoeing in an african river?
NOOBRIDERR 5 дней назад
Isn't this guy one of the naked and afraid contestants? He did that super cringey dance when he saw the girl at the beginning. I was always wondering how he got his own show..
smik2630 5 дней назад
Ringworm isnt a worm its a fungus infektion
schmegcronic 5 дней назад
It’s called foot binding
Tyler Kloster
Tyler Kloster 5 дней назад
Instant heart sink when he said the baby might not live... remember guys.. God is great.. wether you believe in him or not... he believes in you... do the right thing. Stay greatful. Stay humble.. be nice.. God bless dudes and dudettes
Bent Inhalf
Bent Inhalf 5 дней назад
"Ring worm" lol isnt a worm
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