Forrest Galante's Crazy Stories from the Amazon | Joe Rogan

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1240 w/Forrest Galante: ruvid.net/video/video-OT0ZIq-yWEM.html

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Feb 6, 2019

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Comments 3 692
Ji Low
Ji Low 4 hours ago
For being there, this guy doesnt seem to remember much or the specifics which makes me think that he is making this up as he tells the story.
Jaime 7 hours ago
“wood feet ?”
dnbacellar 9 hours ago
How crazy is that Native Americas learned English from people that came in boats back in the days! Woooow!! I am just glad some still exist untouched in South America, unlike the natives of North America.
Saghar Ghezel
Saghar Ghezel 17 hours ago
Did he really pronounce it as "funji"?
jdspencer60 Day ago
"we were the first westerners to go there in over 60 years." Okay, now I know you're full of shit. South America IS IN THE WEST HEMISPHERE
Jay King
Jay King 2 days ago
Spainish were real Gangsters
Oskar Eriksson
Oskar Eriksson 3 days ago
JOE toe fetish confirmed
J L 3 days ago
There was a Mountain Lion spotted on West Colfax next to Casa Bonita yesterday lol (Denver)
Cody Lee
Cody Lee 4 days ago
he calls them "indians" but they are not from india......
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 4 days ago
I would love to live for something like that!
Banana Port
Banana Port 5 days ago
That shirt joes wearing is tough i need one
Luis Caba
Luis Caba 5 days ago
Is it me or Joe recently loves wearing blouses now lol 👚
j c
j c 6 days ago
Mountain lions in Colorado and Wyoming? Come on, there everywhere. We have them in missouri not to mention rattle snakes too.
Chino Salvador
Chino Salvador 6 days ago
Joe "does he still sell coke" Rogan
Chino Salvador
Chino Salvador 6 days ago
"I'm from africa" lmao you're from the Caucause mountains
AhUMP101 7 days ago
The peeing on the foot thing is true. I’ve done it. You just pee on your foot in the shower
iera 7 days ago
13:00 That was at a bridge where the locals would dump corpses during the war, they 'trained' the crocodiles that there's food at this bridge. The crocodile actually pulled this guy from his kayak
Eduardo C
Eduardo C 8 days ago
If they do not know that they are in Colombia or think of themselves as Colombians then they do not consider themselves “Amazonians” of from the Amazons. The Amazons was a name given to that region after colonialism.
Eduardo C
Eduardo C 8 days ago
Joe Rogan Is so impressed that people speak Spanish because of Colonialism. Does he not know that English is not the native language of what is now the United States?
James Cross
James Cross 8 days ago
No wonder he thought Jaguars were bigger than cougars
Thomas Constant
Thomas Constant 8 days ago
lol, the guy is just describing normal life, we are the weirdos with our shoes, our cars, our medicine...
Fran 9 days ago
What's their language? I don't know What's the name of the tribe? I don't know. It's just them indians speaking them indian language
Joshua Marcotte
Joshua Marcotte 9 days ago
Illuminati chose who would advance and who wouldn’t hundreds of years ago. Like Im trying to help and you shoot arrows at me? Fuck you and your area.. then civilization just advances around these black listed society’s and joe is like o damn ok
Shawn Vinson
Shawn Vinson 9 days ago
You show is so important, the fact you have all these people on. So informative, would love to be on
INI Wottie
INI Wottie 9 days ago
This guy couldn’t tell you a lot tbh 😂
SproductionSp 9 days ago
when I was a kid I stepped into the sea urchin and I had it's spikes all up in my foot, my grandma say'd to pee in a bowl then to pour it on my feet and the spikes would come out...I did it and they fucking came out...pretty useful tool we have inside ourselfs
big burrito729
big burrito729 9 days ago
When they were talking about Spain invasions I also wonder what my language was before Spain came to Mexico and Colombia because I am both
Don Guapo
Don Guapo 9 days ago
Quiechua (there are multiple spellings) but they're all pronounced key-chew-ah
Moses Jones
Moses Jones 10 days ago
Did he say jungle powders? 😆
Skybox Sports News
Skybox Sports News 10 days ago
Good to hear that they helped the natives.
Hi Heidi
Hi Heidi 10 days ago
Interesting giving a dewormer for a fungal infection, lol.
vnz 11 days ago
Joe "Wow" Rogan
Vanquish VanGogh
Vanquish VanGogh 11 days ago
feet, de-evolution from lizard feet.
Shawn Pritchard
Shawn Pritchard 11 days ago
Go to fantastic places and learn nothing. What a joke this guy is
Shane Lonsdale
Shane Lonsdale 11 days ago
Ringworm literally has NOTHING to do with "worms". It's a fungal infection.
mr snoop
mr snoop 11 days ago
wtf is joe wearing
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior 11 days ago
They say that you're within 4 feet of a mountain lion at all times.
Eric S
Eric S 11 days ago
so we're going back and gonna start a free-trade micro-brewery run by these indigenous people of the jungle
Martin Stuart
Martin Stuart 11 days ago
Joe should get an amazonian on his podcast
Thunderforall *
Thunderforall * 12 days ago
Primative people, STOKED to get common modern medicine....."civilized" people prefer hocus pocus b.s. over proven vaccines..... SMH
Steven Hunter
Steven Hunter 12 days ago
The irony of the Spanish/native talk seems lost on Joe. *Complains in English*
Darren Hooper
Darren Hooper 10 days ago
Russell Eads
Russell Eads 12 days ago
Rogan has a foot fetish, ewww!
Jalesa Armen
Jalesa Armen 12 days ago
"i'm not particularly fair..." boy you white as hell. don't try to deny it.
Ian Fox
Ian Fox 12 days ago
"I'm not sure to be honest"
Travis Larson
Travis Larson 12 days ago
“The bottom is like wood-feet” hahaha
Eternal420 12 days ago
@3:10 they finally solved the big foot mystery. 😂😂😂
Mike 01
Mike 01 12 days ago
What no diversity in the Amazon
blxtothis 13 days ago
So all these Colombian ‘primitives’ have never seen a white man but spoke Spanish, so their forefathers must have seen white people then?
wuzgo anon
wuzgo anon 13 days ago
That ruined the thought of jungles for me. I never lost anything in the Amazon. I'll stay around home and let this guy have all he wants.
Vallejo PNW
Vallejo PNW 13 days ago
Lol you fucking people.... Just cause the dudes a doctor DOES NOT mean he knows everything. You know what's I say when I dont know something? I say, "I don't know." Let me guess, y'all love making shit up?
The Seventh Apparition
"We must've looked like infants to them" That can be fixed, go ahead and fly the tribe leader out to New York on an airplane so that he can walk around the city for a while. He will then realize who the infant is.
Joe Lee
Joe Lee 13 days ago
The Seventh Apparition we messed up living like that though, more values would be found in their civilization.
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