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Final Round #FDIRW
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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 134
hi bro
hi bro 11 days ago
Electric Drift Car!?! Shame on them. No roar of the engine.
DJ Coin Laundry
DJ Coin Laundry 23 days ago
Deane maybe won 3 years in a row but Forest Wang won 3 championships that night.
Christopher Gutierrez
Judges spammed the OMT until Deane gave them a decent chase run... how is that fair to Wang? Was the “3peat” media and merch boom worth the integrity? Not to take anything from Deane as a phenomenal driver, but he wasn’t having the best day and sometimes that happens... why give him a consolation prize this massive? Maybe I’m just not fully understanding the judges reasoning behind it. I don’t think any of us even fully understand how these runs are supposed to be judged. Seems like some runs don’t add up to their scores sometimes, but again, I don’t understand all the rulings and I feel they should be made a bit clearer at least to avoid the booing we saw at the end of their run.
Cleopatra's Warning
The real heros here are the drone pilots! Like wtf. God skill
k e l
k e l Month ago
Can't believe fd is still a thing with this bogus ass judging
Cassiano de Cássio
1:26:01 !!!!!!??????Vaughn was better!Essa winning is impossible!!!
Donz Backyard
Donz Backyard 2 months ago
What bad judging can do??? Answer: 2:01:11 So new judges please and new layout for irwindale...
Donz Backyard
Donz Backyard 2 months ago
Dean won the championship, Wang won the peoples heart!
Donz Backyard
Donz Backyard 2 months ago
What the fucking hell... they literally told dean how he should take out wang... Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!
Pau Ortega
Pau Ortega 2 months ago
Forrest Wang absolutely deserved that win. James chase wasn't good at all. Looks a bit rigged for me.
Gaby 3 months ago
James "the sucker" Deane
GenericGriff 3 months ago
I love the Worthouse boys, but Wang was completely robbed, we need new judges bad.
1FAT6 3 months ago
Sucks that a man's whole career is decided by the opinions of three other people, but what can you do?!
Formula DRIFT
Formula DRIFT 3 months ago
Not a whole career. A battle at an event. Let's just get at least that part right.
guntars zubulis
guntars zubulis 3 months ago
that was pretty obvious.. Forest should had the win. James did zero improvements to his crappy chase run through all three runs and still got away with that..
P Mrt
P Mrt 4 months ago
Wang said on Instagram he won't be back next year. Thanks FD.
amir hamzah
amir hamzah 4 months ago
Wang left the game
ValeJackYT 4 months ago
Cam Silver
Cam Silver 4 months ago
Chelsea goofed and should have taken the loss. Sure, dai had very little angle in turn one but he didn't "straighten out". He tapped the wall because he was chasing denofas line. Denofas line took him to the wall and dai followed with.
Subdubbin 4 months ago
1:44:36 Gushi should've OMT'd again against Wiecek for inactive chase
WilliamSS345 3 months ago
nah wiecek makes a bigger mistake in chase with a lot of correction and contact with gushi and ended up making an incomplete chase
Yusron M
Yusron M 4 months ago
Wang should've won that.
James Chandler
James Chandler 4 months ago
Team Worthouse should run higher tire pressure and more negative camber so they can match the speed of everyone else. Its obvious they are too gripped up to run a good follow.
Heidi J
Heidi J 4 months ago
I posted it to FD instagram page and I'll say it here. There was no way possible for the judges to hear the WHOLE crowd BOOING because they were so far up James Dean's A**
vaughn vs essa.......vaughn makes a not good lead run but this overtakes his good chase so essa win FD logic deane vs wang....deane drives straight 2 omt and wins congrats of the judges (btw vaughn gittin jr and james deane are my 2 favourites drifters)
Filip Filip
Filip Filip 4 months ago
24:20 finally somebody did to Forsberg something what he is doing to everybody
Instant10111 4 months ago
Filip Filip lol, taste of your own medicine!!!
boosted six
boosted six 4 months ago
Amazing driving from Gushi. The championship is his to take next year. And yeah we all know Deane did not deserve the 3 peat, Wang beat him...redemption for Wang next year. The judges should be ashamed of themselves. Can't wait to see Gushi run in 2020.
Mark Muldoon
Mark Muldoon 4 months ago
Would have way preferred they gave Forrest the win he deserves and let odi and piotr battle it out to see if they can overtake him. That would shake things up
Derek Doll
Derek Doll 4 months ago
56:17 wang won. No doubt. Deans chase was hot trash compared to Wang’s.
D Young
D Young 4 months ago
Just gonna say FD's judges have almost lost all credibility with me and from the looks of it most of there fans after this event. Please shake up the judging. FD needs to go take in some drift masters events and take some notes.
flexxx222 4 months ago
Dude did you see the Drift Masters Finals this Year? How Jack Shanahan got carried through even tho he drove straight over the Line in almost all his early runs?
Kouki 4 months ago
UNREAL!! FORREST WON THAT! why can't you guys stop hating and give the win to the one that deserves it. FD judging is garbage now in days
Leipuri Hiiva
Leipuri Hiiva 4 months ago
I would've given that win for Wang, although I'm Deane fan.
Kouki 4 months ago
Atleast your HONEST. RESPECT!
Diet Chicken
Diet Chicken 4 months ago
You came for 1:18:15 and the cringe at 1:20:04
Aniki 4 months ago
1:59:55 piotr badass watching while they literally pass by
Skroopy Noopers
Skroopy Noopers 4 months ago
1:44:07 Forest Wang numba one ☝🏽
Michail De Rock
Michail De Rock 4 months ago
Haha what the hell is the sound hack around 1hr43 mark nioww skrrrt forrest wang numba wun
Tomas Garcia
Tomas Garcia 4 months ago
Ight imma head out, switching to Dmec
Løne 4 months ago
Sooooo, james won the championship, how tf
Black Cat
Black Cat 4 months ago
James Dean forrest wang should've been another one more time. It was literally the same as the previous runs...
Weston Kline
Weston Kline 4 months ago
Pioter wouldnt have crashed if he can figure out how to drive sideways
ClutchkickPJ 4 months ago
Yea because you can drive better than him right...stfu
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 4 months ago
1:44:05 "pew pew Forrest Wang #1" LMFAO!
Joe Tee
Joe Tee 4 months ago
is Formula d going back to being fixed again ? or are the judges aloud to bet on the out come now?
Joe Tee
Joe Tee 4 months ago
​@Formula DRIFT do the judges bet on who wins and win money or get money for letting one driver win instead of another with less money ?
Formula DRIFT
Formula DRIFT 4 months ago
Joe Tee missing the thrust of what you’re asking.
sean wilcox
sean wilcox 4 months ago
I love FD but the Deane call was garbage. So much so that I refuse to watch the rest of the event. I would have walked out after Deane won. I'm a huge Odi Bakchis and Matt Field fan and the judges have been so harsh to them all weekend yet they practically handed Deane the win. All season Odi was outdriving his competitors, namely Aasbo, yet he got shafted with nearly every judging call.
MoZe LF 4 months ago
Same here, frenemies the best. Doesn't matter how they go always one judge says OMT. Pioter spins and get OMT, looks like judges support workhouse team...
Zach m
Zach m 4 months ago
Dude u serious those first two should have both been wang. James deans follow was straight ass. And wangs lead was high and tight
VICKY BUILT 4 months ago
Formula d literally gave dean that championship. Forest wang beat him twice .... some straight b/s
Kouki 4 months ago
fucken unreal VICKY BUILT ! wtf there such haters. FD judging is bull crap
TuBBster Cole
TuBBster Cole 4 months ago
For those that don't get the james vs wang battle. In FD USA they seem to favour proximity over line; it's just their judging preference. If you watch DMEC you would see they favour line over proximity. With that in mind on the first battle james did a perfect lead run and forest initiated low on the bank (mid line) and kept that poor line all the way through to the transition clip. He was also only able to get proximity on the last corner (with a poorer line). With the roles reveresed, james pulled less and angle and a similar line (mid line) on the bank but a fuckton more proximity. All this means is that lead for lead they both did well and chase for chase they both made two big errors. That is sufficient grounds for a OMT. That remained to be true for the other 2 OMT til James got the win.
pack er
pack er 4 months ago
​@TuBBster Cole you're right. I also see wang won that battle until I rewatch the clip multiple times. both are my favorite drivers and I want to make sure why they go OMT. I also like when you said about judging preference. you are right, we need to understand the rule when watching a drifting competition. DMEC, FD, D1, RDS, DGX has their own judging rules.
TuBBster Cole
TuBBster Cole 4 months ago
@pack er Definitely. All the reasons for the OMT were technical but to the naked eye I can see why people assumed forest won and why they believed he was robbed. Had to rewatch the clip a couple times before I understood it myself
pack er
pack er 4 months ago
TuBBster Cole great evaluation man. I want to add something from your explanation. forest always leave the outer zone 1 early and skip the last box(judges mention it at 1st OMT). and then makes chase car can't go anywhere. in my opinion. Deane has a better lead.
valley villain
valley villain 4 months ago
Favors proximity over angle, line, and fluidity, Deane was lower had less angle and was surging back and forth all the way around the bank. That's sloppy and wang did it better even if he did have to play catch up a bit. There should be no way the judges could spin that to make deane the winner. He had 3 battles to clean it up and did the same thing 3 times. He never adjusted he never matched the line and he had almost no angle. People have been complaining about the judges for a long time and FD wonders why. This is the perfect example.
Formula DRIFT
Formula DRIFT 4 months ago
TuBBster Cole great evaluation. You must actually listen.
Todd Brown
Todd Brown 4 months ago
10:10 battles begin
rocket bunny
rocket bunny 4 months ago
Wtf forest wang should have won and odi should have won when he battled essa
Christoffer Nielsen
Christoffer Nielsen 4 months ago
i am a BIG fan of Deane, but that was forrest wang's all the way, everybody knows it. And you're gonna have some issues with a lot of your fans if those judges aren't removed or seriously consider what's drifting and what's not, angle before perimeter, kind of the key essence of drift. big fail and you lost a lot of fans on this shitshow. EDIT: i didn't even read all the comments before i wrote this, i guess im right. go watch Driftmasters instead.
J Lancaster
J Lancaster 4 months ago
I really hope people at formula Drift look back at this and realize the sport is tainted. Lead runs are important but if you cant chase some one you should loose. Everyone even the fans in the stands agree yall fucked up realy bad. No one will ever take this awsome sport seriously. Thanks for wasting my time FD
The Authentic Steve
The Authentic Steve 4 months ago
WTF? With that decision the whole competition loses legitimacy. And the commentators are as bad as the judges trying to justify that crap. The crowd wasn't booing because Wang is a crowd favourite, the crowd is booing because Wang deserved to win and Dean did not and it was obvious to everyone. I wanted James to win going into it but he did not deserve that win.
angelic igor
angelic igor 4 months ago
that was straight bull crap like James Dean literally thought he was Nas car when he went straight going against wang
Geoffrey Robertson
Geoffrey Robertson 4 months ago
Wtf. Deane vs Wang should have been over after round 1. Deanes chase honestly sucked. We all know he can do better but thats not how the competition works. So he got another chance then fucked up in the same way? Judges are on the Deane hype train and its fucking with the sport
Георги Панайотов
Those jugdes are f joke, what the heck is that???? How many money worthouse did gave to them??? Battles Wicek-Aasbo and Deane-Wang, are f corrupted!!! James Deane champion my arse!!! Not for firs time judges gave to him free victories!!! FD is f joke these days, I'm fan of this sport, but that is annoying to watch!
irfan abdul qadir
irfan abdul qadir 4 months ago
Such a bias decision. James dean had no angle at all
s14zen 4 months ago
I’m not watching next year! I’m sure Wang won’t be competing. The crowd knew who won and it wasn’t Deane. He may be the 2019 champion, but he didn’t beat Wang.
Kouki 4 months ago
S14zen' man I am so on the same boat with you. wtf is this! he needed three trys against Wang and still drive like crap.
1 R4d z
1 R4d z 4 months ago
new judges please
Heidi J
Heidi J 4 months ago
I agree..these judges suck. I've never in all my years of watching, hear the whole crowd boo this loudly.
D Young
D Young 4 months ago
I actually came here to say the same thing.
YasuriFX 4 months ago
wang robbed as usual.
P4F Elton
P4F Elton 4 months ago
guys chill james would have won either way... asboo was eliminated by piotr... and bakchis wasnt aible to win... so even if james losse to wang he would have won...
P4F Elton
P4F Elton 4 months ago
@Formula DRIFT forget about it the judges did well... drift criteria shows line before angle, and dean won in line and proximity... lost in angle... so is a 50-50 call... omt was perfect after all... we just saw more drifting xd (and even if wang won what was the difference? jeez stop the hate people...)
Formula DRIFT
Formula DRIFT 4 months ago
P4F Elton we respond to comments a lot.
Formula DRIFT
Formula DRIFT 4 months ago
S1bulka If they are booing, I don’t know if they disagree with the call, hate Deane or love Forrest or all three. All could be true at the same time. It doesn’t tell you whether or not the call was consistent with criteria or not, it just shows you a negative reaction happened. I happen to think there’s a good argument for Forrest in battle 1, but people can disagree about that. That’s fine.
S1bulka 4 months ago
@Formula DRIFT Well when the whole arena and community is BOOing, you know something went wrong lol.
P4F Elton
P4F Elton 4 months ago
you know your post is making fevor when formula drift itself answers it xD
Unknown Username
Unknown Username 4 months ago
Yeah we cant believe it either James
Unknown Username
Unknown Username 4 months ago
Forrest Wang was totally robbed of that. Yeah his chase wasnt as good as it could be vs a pretty good lead by james but james absolutely sucked chasing vs wangs pretty good lead. Almost makes you think this is rigged
A_Sean Boi
A_Sean Boi 7 days ago
Inacio Artur
Inacio Artur 14 days ago
Maan you guys need to learn how to judge, It isn't Deane's fault that he had to chase almost in a straight line at the bank, Wang's car was waaaay to slow, there was no other option for him. I think what the judges decided was on point. As a judge you can't let the hype influence you decision, wang had the chance to take down the defending and potential champion and that's really exciting, I know, but he didn't do what he had to, wich is make a car/setup that was fast enough to be chased, it was totaly his fault. Don't let the excitment guide you, as much as I am a fan of certain drivers (wang included) I have to accept their mistakes, that's part of the sport guys.
Fmltommy 26 days ago
Unknown Username so many people walked out that night. When the judges said James dean got it.
Preston 4 months ago
Unreal... they gave Deane 3 try’s to beat Wang. Not obvious at all
A_Sean Boi
A_Sean Boi 3 months ago
It’s like they based deanes win on proximity not angle
Yusron M
Yusron M 4 months ago
@D Young totally agree with you, just look at the first half of the chase, almost no angle at all. His lead run maybe slightly better but the chase is too far off imo.
D Young
D Young 4 months ago
@Folarin Bankole Did you even watch the first run? Jerrod even pointed it out? Should have never been a OMT. Dean's first follow run was pretty much garbage, don't say anything about proximity. Its easy to run up on someones door when your not carrying any angle. Just more questionable calls from FD judges.
Kouki 4 months ago
Preston' right!? Like wtf man, they are such haters! Dang it
Folarin Bankole
Folarin Bankole 4 months ago
@drgnfr20 james deserved the win wang never got as close in last outside zones. Also note that in his lead runs he always dropped off the bank early.
MoZe LF 4 months ago
Judges sucks deans balls, how da Frick essa goes To the final... Worst round of season, very disappointing end of season
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