Former MLB Slugger Ryan Howard's Baby Gender Reveal

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Former slugger Ryan Howard and his wife, Krystle, used a very on-brand method to reveal the sex of their baby. Krystle pitched and Howard, who hit almost 400 home runs during his MLB days, was at the plate. For this special at bat, the retired Philadelphia Phillie assumed his signature stance, extending the bat towards the pitcher with his right arm. Howard connected with his wife's pitch, sending a big puff of powder and confetti into the air.

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Apr 17, 2019

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Comments 137
MartinMadrazo Month ago
What if he missed the ball and the ball exploded when contact to the floor?
MartinMadrazo 2 months ago
Imagine he missed the ball...
Frenite 3 months ago
Imagine if he missed......
T. D
T. D 3 months ago
program 3 months ago
She threw underhanded. Already knew before he hit it.
Plush Gang
Plush Gang 3 months ago
"Ryan Howard... Eat fresh." -Ryan Howard
NIKE BOY 3 months ago
Where the sex tape
AJ stone R
AJ stone R 3 months ago
If my wife ever decides to do something like that I wouldn't notice what to do when the gender is reviled I would stand there i don't understand it though whatever gender baby you have you should be exited about its not like you would cry if it was a boy or a girl you would be exited either way so why do that in the first place seems pointless
Haley Faragalli
Haley Faragalli 3 months ago
Raven Elmasri
Raven Elmasri 3 months ago
So I get confused... Do the parents know the sex of the baby before the gender reveal and just reveal it to everyone else? Or does someone set it up for them and it's a surprise to them too?
Coco Taveras
Coco Taveras 3 months ago
I remember him, he was in The Office!
jamm_lord 3 months ago
This is not news
Lily and Kerigan’s School Vlogs
aww! congratulations to them both ❤️
Scade 3 months ago
If he would have missed it and it would have hit the ground that would have sucked.
SxpremeSharpe 3 months ago
Imagine he missed...
ashley carroll
ashley carroll 3 months ago
thanks for ruining the gender in the thumbnail...i’m kidding! don’t attack me! i’m happy for u guys! congrats!!!!
That swing thoughhhhhh ❤️
Ray Mak
Ray Mak 3 months ago
What if he miss?
InFav Junky
InFav Junky 3 months ago
Bruh what if he struck out
Drunk Bryan
Drunk Bryan 3 months ago
"Ryan Howard" *Eat Fresh*
God's Daughter
God's Daughter 3 months ago
YAY!!! 🍼⚾💗👶🏼😭😭😭
Mercury Gaming
Mercury Gaming 3 months ago
Having a baby is more easy then making yourself a sandwich you accomplished NOTHING. :P Jk good luck with todays world... you'll need it.
Nick Lion
Nick Lion 3 months ago
Eat fresh
Sarah 3 months ago
where was the black side of his family
Josh Cruz
Josh Cruz 3 months ago
I remember he went to Dutch Wonderland while I was working. Let's just say we got our hats signed
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 3 months ago
Yaaaa it is a girl have a good life with your kid
Etherius Sention
Etherius Sention 3 months ago
Its *MLBB* 😂 Only few people will know what it means
αℓσнα 3 months ago
@Etherius Sention hahah I knew it, wasn't just sure if there's any other MLBB out there. Do you play?
Etherius Sention
Etherius Sention 3 months ago
αℓσнα yes
αℓσнα 3 months ago
Mobile Legends Bang Bang? 😂
Superiør_Text 3 months ago
He dosent end up hitting it
johnny123 3 months ago
I dont like mix colored couples. Its DISGUSTING
Kevdog 3 months ago
Mèow Cat
Mèow Cat 3 months ago
Congratulations Howard the alien 👽 👾
I Love you
I Love you 3 months ago
No wonder this has no damn views people just see the thumbnail and is like oh ok
windycitycrew21 3 months ago
Glad he didnt burn a forest down unlike other people
Kealand Thomas
Kealand Thomas 3 months ago
What happened if he missed plz replay
Kn 3 months ago
It’s a guy
Rafa Negrete
Rafa Negrete 3 months ago
🧠👅👄👚👙👛🐷🐽🌸🌷🌺🍧🎟💒🏩🎀🛍💞💝💓💗💖💘💕ITS A GIRL
James Taylor
James Taylor 3 months ago
He missed the first pitch she threw lmao!
Stromberg 3 months ago
PieSlice girls just can’t pitch
PieSlice 3 months ago
I thought he was good
Nate Is trash at fortnite
Imagine if he missed lmao
Hey Its Jiggs
Hey Its Jiggs 3 months ago
The wife was a teacher at my old school😍
ツAriana 3 months ago
Grumpy Cat lmfao she was I went to that school too
Hey Its Jiggs
Hey Its Jiggs 3 months ago
Grumpy Cat dead ass her name was ms.cambell, she worked at Nottingham Elementary School. In Oxford PA, She was a 2nd grade teacher.
Nonsense Ziqrul
Nonsense Ziqrul 3 months ago
Mèow Cat
Mèow Cat 3 months ago
Jiggs _YT cool
African Girl
African Girl 3 months ago
lol. 😁 well CONGRATULATIONS again 2 them!
FunnyTvShows 3 months ago
The baby hasnt decided what gender it wants to be!!! Ugh!!!! ;)
Luke Tipping
Luke Tipping 3 months ago
Gender reveal... TRIGGERED!!! ;p
Mistezy 3 months ago
*Nice thumbnail*
Rapidfury13 3 months ago
Ye hit that ball right into child support
Deez Nuts Gaming
Deez Nuts Gaming 3 months ago
Mixed race!
It's ye boi blayt
It's ye boi blayt 3 months ago
We miss you here Ryan... Big Piece Forever
It's ye boi blayt
It's ye boi blayt 3 months ago
My favorite playyyer... I have a tribute video on him on my channel
Luke Holland
Luke Holland 3 months ago
It's ye boi blayt O just wondering. He will get time to spend with his Baby girl then at least
It's ye boi blayt
It's ye boi blayt 3 months ago
Luke Holland retired... sadly
Luke Holland
Luke Holland 3 months ago
It's ye boi blayt is he dead? Or do u mean for his retirement
Nathan Davies
Nathan Davies 3 months ago
Go Phil's!
Screwtape 3 months ago
Would have been funny if he missed lol
Carter_crash 21
Carter_crash 21 3 months ago
They forgot to mention his office cameo 😎
Emily Shappell
Emily Shappell 3 months ago
Carter_crash 21 I was literally about to say that too 😂
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