Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

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Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"
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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED


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May 21, 2019

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Comments 18 068
Adam Ghost
Adam Ghost 18 minutes ago
That's the sole trouble in America they think they know when they don't know, and he mention western culture what would he know about most cultures , space equals respect , apprehensive, or I have a cold and don't want to give it to you, he must have got a lot of people be falsely accused and arrested.
Truth Teller
Truth Teller 52 minutes ago
Good job, now all the Russians know about the way to hold flowers. 💐🌼Probably should have kept that secret in order to catch more spies in flower shops!
Derva Kommt von hinten
i dont know a single non verbal i would be looking in in women.... much of what he is saying is selfcontradicting.
Gerard Depardoo
The white woman has a very nice body
Karl J
Karl J Hour ago
Now I know what to do in a poker game.
Wolf Blitzer
Wolf Blitzer 2 hours ago
Evil, people will all walk the same, behave the same, big brother. So this has more than one side. Its my own experience, there is no fine tuning, only the majority stays over. The rest is a suspect.
Dorota Mikołejko
Dorota Mikołejko 2 hours ago
Jeez, we actually do carry flowers that way in Eastern Europe... It's amazing how he can notice that
Laura A
Laura A 2 hours ago
“what the person wears tells us about what’s in their head” all i ever wear is black... thanks for the reminder it’s pretty dark up there
Pqrst Zxerty
Pqrst Zxerty 2 hours ago
play vegas poker with a bedsheet over yourself with some holes for your hands and eyes.
John Doe
John Doe 2 hours ago
This is all Masonic
stardustgirl 2 hours ago
Corriveau Maxence
Corriveau Maxence 2 hours ago
Anyone noticed how the shirt of woman playing poker is grey with short sleeves and then black with long sleeves?
Raphael Johnson
Raphael Johnson 2 hours ago
"We meet our mates based on non verbals." I asked my wife out exclusively because she had an unnaturally big butt. I stayed with her for the same reason. I think I set some endurance records with that woman. No other variable entered into my mind for a second. Yeah, we're divorced, but that wasn't the reason.
D Storm
D Storm 3 hours ago
Was he one of the agents who protected Hillary after she violated 18 USC 793, then used a fake dossier to wiretap Trump's campaign?
The Good Life
The Good Life 3 hours ago
Imagine all the spies watching this!
Rachel Mazza
Rachel Mazza 3 hours ago
As a person with extreme levels of anxiety, I feel like I’d be good at this job.
Frances Scott
Frances Scott 3 hours ago
Please watch this: ruvid.net/video/video--qxpObGmrUA.html
ellen soto
ellen soto 4 hours ago
I am not lair and touch my face nose because I need it Not true for everybody
S S 4 hours ago
even when I'm playing rummy, the first thing I do when all the cards are out is look at the face of the person I'm playing with ;-)
Adque 4 hours ago
Just say the truth, even when you're lying...
bestofworld90 4 hours ago
This is. A load of garbage !! Didn’t learn anything, already figured most of what he said.
Amanda d'Adesky
Amanda d'Adesky 4 hours ago
Real talk: I would like to see Mr. Navarro talk ahout body language variations found within the disabled and neuroatypical communities. (And if he hasn't studied that, I'd love to see him take that on as a project.)
jennyburger07 4 hours ago
Jesus! The FBI hasn't a clue.
S S 4 hours ago
I would hate to play poker with him lol
Phuk Yu
Phuk Yu 4 hours ago
Ultimately body language doesn’t PROVE the lie itself is actually a lie
Nerglers Stuff
Nerglers Stuff 4 hours ago
Me: [Insert action] FBI: [Insert reaction] EDIT: OH MY GOD, 10K LIKES?! You shouldn't have..
Emil Marinov
Emil Marinov 5 hours ago
I was on a vacation with the class when we had to participate in 1 hour psychology class. I was the main participant - everybody didn't say anything so I was the one usually talking after waiting for someone to say something. I was taking part more than everyone else. The teacher at the end of the first class said that whoever sits with crossed arms is a closed person, not willing to communicate etc. Everybody was sitting normally, only I was with crossed arms and feet. I didn't stay like that because I was scared or closed, but simply because it was the most comfortable position. Don't judge a person by body language, listen to what they are saying. Which brings me to another conclusion. Many people that are good at manipulating other people can forcefully make another person to obtain certain position for example or gesture. Maybe by making the chair uncomfortable in normal sitting position but comfy in crossed and so on. And then use that to prove a point in front of an audience. Bonus: Do you know what most influenced the election of John F Kennedy instead of Richard Nixon in the 60s? It is TV. Yeap, thanks to the posture and 'lookingly' 'nervous' posture of Richard Nixon, Kennedy got the higher votes. A survey that was made states that most people that voted for Kennedy were watching TV. Most people that have voted for Nixon have listened to the radio. I am just a messenger, if you don't believe my word, just take take them as a guide throughout your research.
Amanda Snider
Amanda Snider 5 hours ago
What about body language of people with Autism, ADHD, Turrets, Parkinson's?
Red Löphix
Red Löphix 5 hours ago
9:43 Lol what the heck
Red Löphix
Red Löphix 5 hours ago
I hate the way everybody is doing memes about body language in the comments. -.-
Selma Hajlakovic
Selma Hajlakovic 5 hours ago
I am sorry, but your theory is not all true! I will still believe what my grandad thought me..”When you are talking to the person and that person is looking everywhere but in your face or eyes DO NOT TRUST THAT PERSON “ and I will stick to that!! You can be good and TRIPLE ANY AGENT BUT I MY GRANDAD IS MY GOD!!!!!! 🥰♥️🙌🏻
J. Webb
J. Webb 5 hours ago
Better hope your balls don't itch while talking to this "know it all"....on the Watch List forever....
Tati Ana
Tati Ana 6 hours ago
I have ADHD I do all this if I'm lying or not. I fidget a lot. lol
Ivelina Krasteva
Ivelina Krasteva 6 hours ago
Before he even said the thing about the flowers I thought to myself: What's wrong with them being down, that's how we carry them here?
Amberrix 6 hours ago
Now I’m super paranoid that someone can tell that I’ve done something embarrassing. It’s unlikely that people I communicate with would know about body language, but it still worries me.
MrSecoBaba 6 hours ago
Is fbi intelligence too?
James skippinhopper
also if you put one foot under you and one in front of you when you sit it usually means you are full of crap
Ninjin 6 hours ago
Great, now that we know these, we can f with the FBI and send false information to them, making all the things he just said completely obsolete ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Gabrielle Lowe
Gabrielle Lowe 7 hours ago
WHO monitors the liars IN the FBI? Hmmmm
SpeedKosts 7 hours ago
one semi trailer rear ending you in traffic, everyone assumes you're leaning because you're a terrorist instead of knowing you have back pain
smileyhappyradio 7 hours ago
Well what if you have something like lyme, or arthritis, where you feel movement in your body, feel itchy feelings, to be comfortable have to move ankles, and shoulders around, anytime, to be comfortable...your misreading them. People are different. Most people are also a bit nervous anyway socially.
camille ann
camille ann 7 hours ago
Does the fbi on my camera know these too
Pauline Gray
Pauline Gray 8 hours ago
Gosh! I wouldn't want to be his friend. Constantly analysing me!
Kirkury B
Kirkury B 8 hours ago
Body language can sometimes be valid. Just as his verbal and nonverbal communication, posing and pretending to be serious, makes this individual's argument seem credible. His tactic works so well that he believes his own fallacy. Although body language may be an indicator of general anxeity, it is not specific nor conclusive evidence of anything other than the observer's intended confirmation bias. Behaviors as such are a combination of learned and inate movements, so they can't be a generalized and such. These law enforcement guys sure do know how to lay down a good lie.
Mia Mia
Mia Mia 8 hours ago
My boyfriend : leaves the room. FBI Agent in my my web cam : No , i totally see what you mean. Me : right. ? He's wierd today . How's your husband ? FBI Agent : He wants us to open our marriage. Me : That's rough Janet.
edda Smith
edda Smith 9 hours ago
More fbi videos!
E Nigma
E Nigma 10 hours ago
I’m going to start holding flowers upside down, blinking 7 times a minute, and putting my hands in my pockets when waiting for someone
netb 11 hours ago
We also hold flowers that way in western Europe. It helps to resist gravity pulling out the liquids out of the stem. It's the sophisticated way of carrying flowers
Geoff Jones
Geoff Jones 11 hours ago
9/11 Boston Marathon What were they doing at these events
Andrew Bevan
Andrew Bevan 11 hours ago
They must have had an off day when they didn't pick up on the body language of the 9/11 hijackers getting on the planes
MinatoOnimaru 11 hours ago
Me: has anime merchandising *FBI: where are the lolis?*
Laura Leigh Carroll
Laura Leigh Carroll 11 hours ago
the first thing this man said to me? "You have interesting feet" (lmao)
Dragonovus 11 hours ago
Wtf Europeans aren't holding flowers like that....
Jacko Fantablissimo
Jacko Fantablissimo 11 hours ago
Real question: How many girls has he picked up with this This is sarcastic
Kristi !
Kristi ! 12 hours ago
Im interested in getting that book!
tanner bgis
tanner bgis 14 hours ago
How many people innocent people jailed by FBI for their stupid decisions? These signs should use for HR, psychologist, psychiatrist etc., these signs are not for finding criminal issues in public.
KangWein Mui
KangWein Mui 14 hours ago
This made me freeze my face
LunarWolf 14 hours ago
Me: Turns my head at a slight angle FBI: Aha! We got you! You killed Joseph on 62 street on Tuesday, with a bat!
Rich83 14 hours ago
FBI: he's not giving signals. Let him go. ME: I meant to do that.
Rob Diaz
Rob Diaz 14 hours ago
Bs science
jordon Garcia
jordon Garcia 14 hours ago
FBI: Are you lying? Me: Random Muscle Spasm FBI: *YOU LIAR*
Back Yard Bike Park
Back Yard Bike Park 15 hours ago
Joes doing weird stuff with his feet under the chair. I think he’s lying.
josh_stan_acc 15 hours ago
hey my dip and pip knowledge finally came in handy! ik what a glabella is!
H M 17 hours ago
I feel suddenly shy infant of my phone camera
Rae Ann
Rae Ann 17 hours ago
I'm glad this guy isn't my therapist...
Swetty Spaghtti
Swetty Spaghtti 17 hours ago
He has strange body language ironically
Chad Landry
Chad Landry 17 hours ago
I'm guessing that he was nervous about the filming of this, likely stage fright. Did I read him right?
Chad Landry
Chad Landry 17 hours ago
the twitching of his foot , the constant hand movements, not certain if he was pressed for time or maybe he enjoys explaining stuff
Sam Mann
Sam Mann 18 hours ago
I’d be interested in seeing how these cues differ for people with asd
Christine Fliger
Christine Fliger 18 hours ago
Working at Starbucks when I had customers that dismissed me while taking their orders, this is what I did: Shoulders back, head tilted up, words the same but clipped..." What can we make for you today?"100% change in customer behavior while doing that.
Lee 18 hours ago
Me: *anxiety kicks in because I'm socially challenged so rubs my legs, bites the inside of my cheek, blinks rapidly* FBI: Yup. They did it.
Sweet Zombie Jesus
Sweet Zombie Jesus 18 hours ago
He said “inquisitive” her pose said “where’s the manager”
Kyraleiph 19 hours ago
I wanna talk to this person. Seems like a good idea. Hardly anyone understands me. Odd numb body language. FBI: you seem intelligent. Me: :p maybe? I'm sorta foolin in the comments.
Blakensteina1 Blakensteina1
yep,, another outrageous pile of total nonsense . What rubbish . Ridiculous horse carp.
Steve Lamperta
Steve Lamperta 19 hours ago
They get this wrong more than they get it right !
Ben soso
Ben soso 19 hours ago
I’m playing poker this weekend. Thanks for the tips😁
Gumelinho 19 hours ago
On the start it started with a asian fbi looking guy and i thought Oh nice Then i realized it was a sock sale
Kristin Amadiegwu
Kristin Amadiegwu 20 hours ago
Kristin Amadiegwu
Kristin Amadiegwu 20 hours ago
Me: Sneezes FBI- Something's up
Audrey Brooks
Audrey Brooks 20 hours ago
Shawn Spencer became successful
amokiaa 21 hour ago
MrDrakonite 21 hour ago
Me: snorts when laughing FBI: cokehead....
Anh Trieu
Anh Trieu 21 hour ago
FBI: lengthy conversations. CIA: enhanced interrogations.
William Gill
William Gill 21 hour ago
you've given me nothing
ChannalMath 22 hours ago
If we do 'self-soothing' actions more in public than in private, doesn't that mean it's not entirely about the self?
SpaceOrbison 22 hours ago
Professional psychopaths.
Janōsik 23 hours ago
Thats how they carry flowers in EASTERN EUROPE! lol
touching the crotch allot in public!??????
Sara Danser
Sara Danser Day ago
People who have ADHD, Aspergers, Anxiety or Chronic pain will behave and move differently ..
david coghlan
So this FBI Spy-Hunter actually looks like my grandad!
Sorlid Day ago
im autistic so i have no readable body language XDDDD
The Spotlight Kid
My god, i blink far more than 8 times a minute, what am i hiding? what am i up to? am i subconsciously planning something dodgy? i cannot trust me now but i know that & i'll expect me to triple-bluff myself into doing something criminal so should i warn the police now? that could help in court after the deed is done & they'll read my forehead to see i'm normally a good person
Tristan Visser
There always watching say hi to me if u see mee my fbi agent
ncode03 Day ago
I cross my arms usually because I'm cold, especially in the movies. I am doing it in privacy of my own room too, nothing to do to self soothing
Oscar Fernandez
most of this is BS....
Go Jo
Go Jo Day ago
A narcissist usually talk with their hands a lot..so they say.
Ffion Owen
Ffion Owen Day ago
So just wondering do people with Aspergers (like me) make it easier or harder as I've heard whilst Men don't show much emotion in face, Women tend to over express?
Kev Joe
Kev Joe Day ago
“Espionage is no where near what we see in movies”? THIS GUYS A LIAR!!!! By the time it gets introduced to the public it’s already 20 years old. This guy is lying.
Time to go be a profiler at criminal minds I have enough knowledge
Matthew Hart
Matthew Hart Day ago
"Paint me like one of your French models" 6:35
Mozilla Day ago
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