Former Burlesque Dancer Finds A Dress Her Mother Loves Too | Say Yes To The Dress: Lancashire

Say Yes to the Dress
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Former burlesque dancer Summer is on the hunt for a dress that reflects her personality but also appeases her mother who wants a more traditional look for her daughter.

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Sep 18, 2021




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Comments 421
Vanessa Jam
Vanessa Jam Day ago
Beautiful dress on a beautiful bride💛
Kaydee Kelly
Kaydee Kelly Day ago
terima kasih sama - sama ( summer summer )
G'Day G'Day
G'Day G'Day 3 days ago
Simply stunning!
sita 3 days ago
Gok is a God!!! My goodness lol I need to meet him yes 😂 yall have the most beautiful dresses tbh 😍❤
High Maintenance Minimalist
That first (second on the show) dress she tried on was far more beautiful than what she chose.
Leigha Conner
Leigha Conner 9 days ago
I love how kind Gok is to his assistants. He has no ego, he just has a heart to serve brides and make them happy
Spar Danger
Spar Danger 9 days ago
The dress she picked really flattered her figure beautifully!
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
Auntie Gok is ALWAYS the absolute BEST. He is the best, his dresses are the best, his location is the best, everything! If I need to prepare for a wedding, it would be worth it to leave the States and fly to Lancashire.
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I confirmed a successful transfer of $10,000 thanks ☝️ .this lockdown has not been bad after all
Contact  👉 Maskoffweb,com👈
I confirmed a successful transfer of $10,000 thanks ☝️ this lockdown has not been bad after all
Morgan Widdison
Morgan Widdison 11 days ago
Wow. Thay first dress is stunning. No matter what she chooses, that is an incredible dress.
Nkully Majodina
Nkully Majodina 11 days ago
That 1st dress knocked the air out of lungs... wow😢
Ruth Iglesias
Ruth Iglesias 12 days ago
This mom's problem is.... She loves her daughter in everything. What a thoughtful mom.
Brassy49er 12 days ago
What first dress??? They skipped it for us! Wah.
Emma Cohoon
Emma Cohoon 12 days ago
After watching how Gok handles clients with such kindness and is ready to show more dress options (not rushing to push a dress on an uneasy bride) it just makes all the other consultants on this show seem so unprofessional... and by "other consultants" I'm talking to you David Emmanual.
naquisha marcelle
naquisha marcelle 13 days ago
She's a beautiful bride but that dress and overskirt.... Omg!
Mary Sheffield
Mary Sheffield 13 days ago
I wish we had a Gok in the US.
Espiritual me
Espiritual me 14 days ago
Beautiful dress 😍I like the hair color,nicely done.👍🏻
jo egleton
jo egleton 15 days ago
Glad she chose that dress. The overskirt completely ruined the other one.
makenzie 15 days ago
She's stunning
grandcarriage1 18 days ago
How wonderful is that Mom?
l t
l t 19 days ago
Gok is certainly the best!!!
Exotic Me
Exotic Me 20 days ago
I don't think I could name my daughter the same name as me lol
Angela Scardina
Angela Scardina 20 days ago
Those pop up ads are such a pain. I stop watching when those start.
annmcfly 20 days ago
You would thought there was going to be confrontations with the mum, but her mum was actually amazing. Love the dresses
MaineCoonMomma 20 days ago
Gok needs his own show! He is the best
Indie-Annie Jones
Best Bridal Show best bride dresses best Bridal stylist
Izzy2981 21 day ago
Did I miss when they said what designer this dress was? Dress 2 and 3 were AMAZING and I would love to find them to consider for my big day
sm 21 day ago
omg the last was really the best one for her and her shape!! I was like yes go with the 2nd one but the Gok pulled this one like wow he really knows his brides!!!
ProgressiveHeart 22 days ago
Little Summa has such a luscious voluptuous figure, and a beautiful smile that lights up the room. Both the dresses we saw were gorgeous on her. Auntie Gok does it again!
Grammys a PEEP
Grammys a PEEP 22 days ago
Did anyone else think the last one looks like a negligee?
Shona McKenzie
Shona McKenzie 22 days ago
lovely couple
Leo Antonia
Leo Antonia 23 days ago
who is the designer of the first dress????
Petals D
Petals D 23 days ago
Gok is the best. Lancashire has the most beautiful dresses. ❤
Liesl New
Liesl New 23 days ago
What a gorgeous figure. She looked so beautiful in all these dresses. 😘
Doro Hiro
Doro Hiro 23 days ago
I LOVED the mum’s reaction!!!!!!!! She payed attention to her daughters expression!!! I love you 💕 mummy
Caroline Grossman
Caroline Grossman 23 days ago
All the gowns were incredible...stunning! I love Gok.
kelly gough
kelly gough 23 days ago
How is Gok SO BLOODY GOOD AT THIS?!?!??!!??? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bri Berg
Bri Berg 23 days ago
I was so happy to see how much her mom loved her dream dress. ❤️
Charlee152 24 days ago
Lil Summer you are stunning in all of the dresses you tried on.
vegan feminist
vegan feminist 24 days ago
Gok is BAE.
Precious Jette
Precious Jette 24 days ago
Gok is truly amazing! He's very supportive, very understanding, & a fashionista ❤️
Ivy Lynn
Ivy Lynn 24 days ago
I love this! I love the dress! I love the mom! 💕
Lisa Mcvey
Lisa Mcvey 24 days ago
2nd dress was the best
Lisa Mcvey
Lisa Mcvey 24 days ago
Absolutely beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
L Jay
L Jay 24 days ago
Dress #2 was elegant and made her look elegant. The 3rd looked like nightgown and not as flattering.
Sara Marie
Sara Marie 25 days ago
Her mom just wants to see her happy, this was sweet. ❤️
Sue Taylor
Sue Taylor 25 days ago
Hi.SUe from AUSTRALIA wow you looked deadly
Mpho-Entle Ntsowe
Mpho-Entle Ntsowe 25 days ago
Gok always pays attention
My Melody’s saxophone 🎗
Is her mother's name just "british pronunciation" of her daughters name fr..???
Lavanya Mande
Lavanya Mande 25 days ago
The 2nd dress was whimsical 😍😍😍 But she loved the third one and she's beaming in it
Titania 25 days ago
So....where was dress #1 ???
SlavaZone 25 days ago
Beautiful gown, and beautiful bride... but as someone who now works in a specialty bra store, we die every time a busty bride has a backless, sideless, deep-V front dress! 😅 The only option at that point is possibly boob tape, but even then, there has to be somewhere to stick it! If everything is sheer, then gooooood luck figuring that out!
PartyForever 26 days ago
The mermaid dress looks amazing on her and really complement her figure, I prefer that dress.
Elisa TB
Elisa TB 26 days ago
Show us all the dresses please!!!!
Mama Bear
Mama Bear 26 days ago
Pro tip: dye the brows too
joanna gonzales
joanna gonzales 26 days ago
I love this dress on Summer and I love her moms reaction. I will dry my tears now I say yes to the dress too! hugs jo
puppygxtz 26 days ago
i was so scared the mum was gonna try and put her daughter in something that she wouldn't like because of her own views but I'm very pleasantly surprised, her reaction to the second/third dress made me tear up a lil ngl
Hector Parada
Hector Parada 26 days ago
Thas Cinderella and the 3 witches 😄
emi 26 days ago
I love you Gok!!!
beatsintime 26 days ago
So refreshing to see the support from them the mother was better than imagined.
Raven AshHeart
Raven AshHeart 26 days ago
She has such a goddess like figure
Priscillia Carter
Priscillia Carter 26 days ago
The third dress was beautiful and beautiful on her
Nat B
Nat B 26 days ago
the 1st dress is gorgeous
Kristen Stacey
Kristen Stacey 26 days ago
that mother.... when she took a pause and just said "wow". That was beautiful.
KatieKat 27 days ago
I felt the urge to tear up when mom hugs her on that dress 😊
Laura Austin
Laura Austin 27 days ago
Beautiful. Loved the mom, bride and friends. Summer couldn't have gone wrong in any of the dresses.
Kelly Herring
Kelly Herring 27 days ago
This girl would look good in a potato sack! But am I the only one that preferred the dress with the detachable skirt (and that's probably why!)
Anna Maria Di Pancrazio
Dress 2 was mind blowing!
heyitstaryn 27 days ago
why are summer and steven both racially ambiguous
Boo 27 days ago
Love the second dress more:)..
AllieK 27 days ago
it's so nice and refreshing to see a supportive mom on this show
Nora Madrigal
Nora Madrigal 27 days ago
It is an absolute fact that Lancashire has the most beautiful dresses (+ Gok) ... love love love it 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 I have to save a lot of money because the day I get married I want to go to Lancashire and have Gok as my fairy Godmother, he has an extra layer of empathy that I could spend hours watching SYTTD Lancashire, its so uplifting. And mom is so lovely :)
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 27 days ago
They have the best dresses and the best stylist - GOK! What a genuine person! None of the other SYTTD can compare!
mida 27 days ago
They have the best dresses wow ❤️
old hag
old hag 27 days ago
This store really have the prettiest dresses
Jessica Mcgee
Jessica Mcgee 27 days ago
That second 👗 took my breath away.
Brittany Lynnae
Brittany Lynnae 27 days ago
Fiancé: you’re really settled into farm life Bride: .... yeah
Neetika Das
Neetika Das 27 days ago
Gok is the best
Marria Reyes
Marria Reyes 27 days ago
Gok is wonderful and always pulls out the most beautiful dresses for the brides.
shrgh 18
shrgh 18 27 days ago
I'd like to say this to most brides on this show: if you and a family member don't agree on anything don't bring them and then disrespect them.. don't force their approval.. and if you don't like tradition why marry at all. Simply have a party in a revealing dress and pay for it yourself, don't call it a wedding
Nanette G
Nanette G 27 days ago
MV rất hay, i like it 😭👌😑
Melissa honey
Melissa honey 27 days ago
She is to high maintenance
Sarah💜 27 days ago
She looks beautiful in them all Love you Gok 💖
Ancient Star Queen
Ancient Star Queen 27 days ago
Gok is such a magical person! I love him. 🥰
Janet Lowden
Janet Lowden 27 days ago
Oh, I love these episodes in Lancaster. The dresses are so beautiful and Gok knows what he’s doing.
Italia Fulton
Italia Fulton 27 days ago
She’s not picky it’s her wedding duh
Pamela Fox
Pamela Fox 27 days ago
That looked great on her, lingerie look top with princess skirt.
Janelle Morris
Janelle Morris 27 days ago
Not sure if its Gok or the dresses but Lancashire is my favourite SYTTD
55 ostar
55 ostar 27 days ago
What happened she gain weight around her belly
Donna Petit
Donna Petit 27 days ago
I love Gok and this store!!!! Please bring em to Florida!!!! 🥺
Joanne Philbert
Joanne Philbert 27 days ago
This was a really nice video. Mom Ms so cool. Nice people 👍👍
ARuMI 28 days ago
I love it when Gok always has second option for the same wedding dress
Rene Leeuwendal
Rene Leeuwendal 28 days ago
Gok is simply the best👌He always knows exactly what is right for the bride❤️
Bad Jokes
Bad Jokes 28 days ago
This bride is like a faerie come to life
Khaby Lame
Khaby Lame 28 days ago
We all know why we love Gok ;)
Arebea Bridgewater
Arebea Bridgewater 28 days ago
Beautiful bride🥰🥰
Heloisa P.P
Heloisa P.P 28 days ago
The firts dress is perfect!
MA 28 days ago
I loved the first one better. She was an absolute bomb in it... And it had it all: sexyness, elegance romance and class. But what do I have to say in this? 😉
ANDREA RIITANO 28 days ago
This bride would look gorgeous while wearing a potato sack.