Fork and Knife Chopsticks

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Fork & Knife Chopsticks are the perfect portable utensil. This high quality set features a knife and fork which can be hooked together to create an amazingly easy-to-use pair of chopsticks.
Made of tough and durable food safe plastic and silicone, reusable Fork & Knife Chopsticks are dishwasher safe and available in multiple colors.
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Comments 80
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 8 hours ago
Thi Tuyet Huynh
Thi Tuyet Huynh 18 hours ago
What is this say this is the kids you didn’t didn’t he come and get you say good did you get the kid what is that just
ItzShiacツ 20 hours ago
I was 6 years old, and i already knew how to use chopsticks. And i practice 3 yrs
ItzShiacツ 20 hours ago
Yes, i start eating Sushi on 3 year
Trendelina Shabani
Um I’m ten and only have had Chinese food once and I know how to use chopsticks.
ItzShiacツ 20 hours ago
I was 6 and i knew how to use chopsticks
RDJ Forever
RDJ Forever Day ago
But the traditional way to eat sushi is with your hands tho .-.
Amera Latif
Amera Latif Day ago
0:17 Me when I finally draw a straight line
Spider-Man Day ago
I'm not an Asian but I can use chopstick just right. Maybe.
I'm American asian and I use chopsticks
ItzShiacツ 20 hours ago
Im a german and i use chopsticks
Abby Bee
Abby Bee Day ago
Cool but is nobody gonna notice that after he cut meat 0:39 there was blood tracing on the plate 😬😬
Julian Conant
Julian Conant 2 days ago
2020 be like after staying home for a year
Julian Conant
Julian Conant 2 days ago
He dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
H#U#Y Depzai
H#U#Y Depzai 2 days ago
Asian : *E A S Y*
Mahdeen Mubashwir
Iyyappan Vairavan
Very nice
Le Monke
Le Monke 3 days ago
Im asian and the proper way to eat sushi is with hand ;_; Edit: Its still fine to eat sushi with both hands and chopsticks
I'm Not The Man I'm The Stand
The knife can't cut medium raw steak i try to use the knife to cut it but it doesn't work
willbert 2005
willbert 2005 3 days ago
Sokhom Pech
Sokhom Pech 4 days ago
Fun fact the video next is called chopsticks vs forks
Ray Cowart
Ray Cowart 4 days ago
Hey chopsticks are possible
Miguel Seacor
Miguel Seacor 5 days ago
Fork and spoon vs chopsticks vs hands. Me: I choose... all of them.
Thong My
Thong My 5 days ago
Chopstick is was easy to use btw
Sorrowful Dilo
Sorrowful Dilo 6 days ago
1:12 I would pick it up with chopsticks and straight up eat it
Anonymous PZM
Anonymous PZM 6 days ago
But does it come with a bottle opener?
Welcome To Sky
Welcome To Sky 8 days ago
M1co29 8 days ago
I merely perfected my chopstick skillz just by watching videos
Jordan Hezekiah
Jordan Hezekiah 10 days ago
People: Chopsticks are impossible!!! Weebs: hold my pockey...
David Moore
David Moore 11 days ago
I was like these are so cool so I want to try to go make my own I didn't have any disposable life's so I just put two forks together with tape back-to-back each other and I do work I tested them out.
Damian Jang
Damian Jang 11 days ago
Just use fork dum dum Im asian and I don't care lol
Lulu YT
Lulu YT 11 days ago
-you are an idiot- *_sorry lol_*
Russian Studios
Russian Studios 12 days ago
That that intro skit.... Me an anxiety filled Russian;
lumber john
lumber john 12 days ago
Laughs in good chopsticks
jemima 12 days ago
Is it weird that I can use chopsticks and I'm not Asian, I literally use my metal Korean chopsticks for everything
Elizabeth Moser
Elizabeth Moser 13 days ago
It’s actually really easy to work chopsticks (go to an Asian teacher or something
Classic Animations
Classic Animations 13 days ago
Asians in the comments: "bruh why can't americans learn how to use simple tools?" Americans in the comment: "well, at least we aren't as poor as you guys!" Me, an asian who don't know how to use chop sticks: *_intense sweating_*
Funny ;w; Honey
Funny ;w; Honey 2 days ago
Lol relatable
Roy King
Roy King 3 days ago
@Jian Goh Now that‘s a fact
Jian Goh
Jian Goh 3 days ago
Bitch please atleast we dont have a give yellow blob as a president
HM Studios
HM Studios 4 days ago
I live in Pakistan and it's on Asia and no one uses chopsticks
Emperor Person
Emperor Person 7 days ago
Ok classic animation s
Chery Paw Htoo
Chery Paw Htoo 13 days ago
Guess what I'm 8 years old I can do better than that guy
Ezka 13 days ago
It take like 15 minutes to learn how to use chopsticks.... You don't need to look like an idiot...
SniperxXxV 14 days ago
Oh you bad boy everyone will watch you. YOU NO RESPECT
Sapphire_.'Xaron. 14 days ago
The sushi traditionally it's used either with chopsticks or hands.
Aar Kay
Aar Kay 15 days ago
Wow That's a genius idea.
angie btw
angie btw 15 days ago
I’m not asian, but I learned to use chopsticks by using them like only 4 times.
Natchapol Hamthong
Natchapol Hamthong 16 days ago
Why?chopstick it hard to use?
Stikbot 160
Stikbot 160 16 days ago
I’m an 8 year old and I know how to use a chopstick
Gracecelyn Ayco
Gracecelyn Ayco 16 days ago
sushiis for eating with hands
Wolfie Banana
Wolfie Banana 17 days ago
U do know that ur actually supposed to eat sushi with ur hands
DJ_playz YT
DJ_playz YT 17 days ago
When ur Chinese, Japanese and Korean it's pretty easy to use.
Fayqah Manzur
Fayqah Manzur 17 days ago
I should buy this for my friends and my bf since they always mess up at using chopsticks since I’m the only one who know how to use them😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MVV Gaming
MVV Gaming 17 days ago
Squidify 17 days ago
I like how your supposed to eat sushi with your hands ._.
Gr8estWalter 10
Gr8estWalter 10 18 days ago
Why are they discontinued!!
Guy with Cool life
Guy with Cool life 19 days ago
Dumbasses if you use these dumbass chopsticks, your better of using your bare hands. This is a fucking disgrace.
DOU da gamerz
DOU da gamerz 20 days ago
Is a fork, is a knife. No, is a chopstick
Optical Channel
Optical Channel 21 day ago
Still in 2020 there still discontinued (now I’ll never master chopsticks easily ☹️)
Alicorn Vic
Alicorn Vic 24 days ago
0:40 IT’S RAW
Angelo Reyes
Angelo Reyes 24 days ago
0:21 I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mitch Ybot
Mitch Ybot 24 days ago
0:07 hhuuhh I'm look like an idiot
Mitch Ybot
Mitch Ybot 24 days ago
If I use chopsticks Im look like an idiot
Pãśtél 27 days ago
0:42 Um It Simple To Use chopsticks I Can -_-
plxnetvenus 25 days ago
same but its somehow really hard for my friends :/
CoolRylan 64
CoolRylan 64 29 days ago
Ha! Jokes on you. I can already use chopsticks
C Tom
C Tom Month ago
1: Sushi is eaten with hands 2: You should eat it in one bite.
C Tom
C Tom 26 days ago
NubslayerEX Idk about you but this is what I read.
NubslayerEX 26 days ago
C Tom Nope. It’s the other way round. Both are generally accepted, but normally those who eat with hands are in sushi bars and not a luxury area.
C Tom
C Tom 26 days ago
NubslayerEX ok let me correct myself... It is a LUXURY to eat with your hands.
NubslayerEX 27 days ago
C Tom no, not necessarily. It’s typically eaten with chopsticks, and eating it with hands gets you dirty.
Mary Lou Alejandro
Aidan Blade
Aidan Blade Month ago
BIG BRAIN moment BIG BRAIN moment
GameDoggs MC
GameDoggs MC Month ago
Why does 0:26 sound like Peanut Butter Gamer when he’s angry?
Dry Bones
Dry Bones Month ago
1:35 I dont need CHAPSTECKS!
Empire of Helvectica
hey i am a chinese 嗨我是華人
Some person
Some person Month ago
*laughs in asian*
Lân Nguyễn
Lân Nguyễn Month ago
call it "fortnite"
Lemon Pep
Lemon Pep Month ago
Actually, you can use hands to eat sushi
TheBoi Water
TheBoi Water Month ago
I get it, fork knife=fortnite
fleur dionne
fleur dionne Month ago
I already can use chopsticks and I'm just 10
Quek Ngee Woon
Quek Ngee Woon Month ago
00:00 Why's there Chinese music in a Japanese restaurant?
바람 Month ago
I want to use it once although I am already Asian and Korean. It's new to use chopsticks while using a fork and knife!
John Eric Lopez
John Eric Lopez Month ago
You could just break one chopstick not fully break them and eat the sushi
Panji Sudoyo
Panji Sudoyo Month ago
I already know how to use chopsticks cause we have been using it since we were 4-5
Duncan Du toit
Duncan Du toit Month ago
That voice is markipler
Baby Boo Plays With Tiny Toes
I’m good at using chopsticks cuz I’m Asian
Ethan gabriel Curaming
I just leard to uses chopstick American's can't uses chopsticks
Jayson Lawson
Jayson Lawson Month ago
Miya Y
Miya Y Month ago
Have you eaten gummy sushi with fork and knife chopsticks?
Trix Idiot
Trix Idiot Month ago
this is kind of a way to embarrass your self (if ur an adult and u still use these type of chopsticks) and make a pro chopsticks user look even better so I'd recommend just finding a tutorial to show how to use chopsticks
Ats Herman
Ats Herman Month ago
Why arent they on the shop anymore?
SKIBIDI Month ago
I’m korean and can use chopsticks just fine, but for some reason I really want these
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