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This is the new Ford Focus! It’s one of the most recognisable small family cars on the road, and the latest edition comes with four different variants to choose from! But with a host of competitors out there, such as the new Kia Ceed and the ever-present Volkswagen Golf, how does the new Focus stack up? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
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Jan 31, 2019




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Comments 1 565
MrAzzywazzy Day ago
i like the way you just casually park up in the middle of the road 😂
Iosif Bortan
Iosif Bortan Day ago
I heard you saying two times smt comparing it to the vw golf so for me is a no
Older focus definately dont feel cheap inside!!!!!!
Nitcha Care
Nitcha Care 3 days ago
It would be useful if you could list somewhere all of your "just go right ahead and buy it" reviews
steven davis
steven davis 5 days ago
Evasive assist ! Didn’t that used to be called a foot brake? The safest thing to do in a situation like that , is to stop the vehicle in a straighter line as possible
Henkka 5 days ago
Is the st line with tinted windows too dark from the inside or should i add a panoramic roof
B McG 6 days ago
Useful scratch test so I can gauge which car will meet my ocd of touching materials everyday while I drive needs
aviwe njoli
aviwe njoli 6 days ago
Matt, when is the RS coming out?
Kenneth and Joyce
The way he said “If you are a large person” was kind of funny 😂😂
Sergio Zuany
Sergio Zuany 12 days ago
Do the new Escape
mahfu haque
mahfu haque 13 days ago
Would you be able to listen to music from your phone while using the in-car satnav without using apple play, just using Bluetooth/aux?
dpanch_89 13 days ago
@12:14, yes you can turn them both off. Press the button on the left stalk in, just under the temperature gauge in the shot at 12:14. It's irritating, so I always have it off.
Deepak Reddy
Deepak Reddy 13 days ago
I am expecting ford will launch in India
Nikesh Bhattarai
Nikesh Bhattarai 14 days ago
Focus' biggest problem is in its transmission. It's been ever existing and little has been done to solve this issue it seems. Sure, they have extended the warranty in some cases but have they really solved the problem??? I really love what they've done with the looks and tech packages and I was looking to buy one of these and was at the dealership just today but I've been reading really negative reviews about the transmissions in the past models. Have they solved the problems??? Does anyone know anything about this? Reads below: www.thedrive.com/the-hammer/10481/long-term-reliability-how-ford-completely-lost-the-focus www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/ford-powershitft-nhtsa-fiesta-focus-congress/
danjel 14 days ago
my dawg breh thanks for the review I'm gunna buy the st line 150
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 15 days ago
You get a lot of cheap plastic because the car is cheap
Dave d'Video Maker
Dave d'Video Maker 18 days ago
I think to make the Ford Focus better, they should add a plug-in-hybrid version.
Chris Litherland
Chris Litherland 21 day ago
You are 5’ 10” ! Nobody measures height in cms!
smudger671 22 days ago
179cm tall? What's that in real money? I still prefer the MK1 focus.
Game3d 25 days ago
Eduard Benson
Eduard Benson 26 days ago
Can someone tell me does this car have better interior quality than kia ceed or not?
suicidism 27 days ago
Rear seats don't seem very comfy since they don't support your thighs.
rocksaw5 29 days ago
You CAN fold the seats flat if u lift the part of the seat u sit on up against the back of the drivers seat first
Mateusz M
Mateusz M 29 days ago
Matt we want review of focus st diesel 190hp please
andrew wyatt
andrew wyatt Month ago
Just get the focus st older model cheaper !
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva Month ago
You don't need to unplug your phone. You can simply press the radio off button.
bob cabot
bob cabot Month ago
...you put broken goods in an american car: how adequate suitable fitting of you in advance!
drifty Boiii_458
Who here is a USA VIEWER
RenatoGamesBR Month ago
I don’t know why I’m watching this, I won’t get the Focus on my country anymore
Josip M
Josip M Month ago
Do you know why German's make a Ford??? Because that Opel is not a worst car.....
Josip M
Josip M Month ago
GOLF 8 is the best!
Donny Month ago
I had '18 Focus ST Line Diesel as a rental in Ireland earlier this year, and it was quite a lot of fun to drive. I was extremely impressed by it's handling, and the diesel engine provided enough power/torque to get off the line quick enough to keep me satisfied. On the whole, a brilliant car.
Jason Draco
Jason Draco Month ago
Therapist: "Instagram filter Mat Watson isn't real, he can't hurt you." Instagram filter Mat Watson: 0:13
sedicivalvole32 Month ago
12:20 you can if you press the button on the left stick.
Danny Mondeo Hawkins
The Ford Focus St line spec has black head lining which makes its so dark inside looks so drab!
Confounded Feline
Matt glitches at 15:55 O_o
Christian Scrum
Christian Scrum Month ago
The shape of the car is the only thing good about it (from the side and back, the front end is just awful); the interior is horrid and the materials are just poor, but even Mercedes now has Dacia engines and tons of plastic inside, so what can you expect from other manufacturers... Cars nowadays are just recycled pieces of plastic with a nice design...
Ash Man
Ash Man Month ago
Ill be keeping my focus st 2018.
David Nadal
David Nadal Month ago
Are you going to do a Carwow cars of the year awards? That'd be pretty fun. You could have an award for each car category and then best in class for interior, boot space, fun, etc. I guess similar to a Doug Score but more on the review side. I think that would help a lot of people to decide which car they want
Carter Month ago
Sorry but who to touches the plastic where the seatbelt comes from anyway.
ant cobain
ant cobain Month ago
I have been looking at either focus st line or the Mégane GT line I'm now tempted more to Mégane the focus seems cheap made
H Month ago
Shocked on how a Ford...Once a budget car.. Now costs minimum 20k plus.
Ali Month ago
this is a 2018 model.. did they really change the title to 2020 lol
Danny Mondeo Hawkins
It’s still the same Ford Focus
nomad1944k Month ago
If you stopped the failed attempts at comedy, your reviews would be among the best.
Iskandar Halim
Iskandar Halim Month ago
Why are you doing car review in the middle of the freaking road?
Danny Mondeo Hawkins
Iskandar Halim yes the cars nice and it’s a empty test track road lol!
sean murphy
sean murphy Month ago
Ford is intent on making cars nobody wants. The CEO earns USD 30 million.
[[[ *Dragonier* ]]]
I prefer the look of the previous generation tbh, and even at that I’d prefer the look of the generation before that. Mk2 Focus looks the best imo...
Siphenathi Manyaba
It is not coming to South Africa, I wonder why.
Sheree Coleman
Sheree Coleman 28 days ago
Siphenathi Manyaba this car is to good for nasty Africa
RoTz Gaming
RoTz Gaming Month ago
Anyone going to talk about that his car is in the middle of the road?
Danny Mondeo Hawkins
It’s a empty test track road.
Jack Butcher
Jack Butcher Month ago
RoTz Gaming its not a public road pal
Eduard Benson
Eduard Benson Month ago
Is it better than renault megane?
Eduard Benson
Eduard Benson Month ago
Is it better to buy a new focus 1.5 ecoblue 120ps or wait for renault megane facelift and buy a similar diesel one?
shardox1404 Sk
shardox1404 Sk Month ago
Bit bmwish from the back
Phil Child
Phil Child Month ago
Not changed much from the 2014 model
Lifted_Above Month ago
American here just checking out what Ford has done with my car...... that I can no longer buy over here.
Host MAX
Host MAX Month ago
Just got my Focus ST's engine totalled :) Some foreign object got inside the engine and the thing just stopped moving :)
Stephen Campbell
Stephen Campbell 2 months ago
Anyone watching this should know that google maps has an offline feature where you can download custom maps to save on data
Modern Magus
Modern Magus 2 months ago
I can’t wait for the piss drinking and insect eating - bear grills
taif w
taif w 2 months ago
AAaaaahhhh BBC ..
taif w
taif w 2 months ago
I don't know if that Ford review ...or vw golf...!!!!!????
gaurav forged
gaurav forged 2 months ago
video looks washed out , hmmm botched up editing
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