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This is the new Ford Focus! It’s one of the most recognisable small family cars on the road, and the latest edition comes with four different variants to choose from! But with a host of competitors out there, such as the new Kia Ceed and the ever-present Volkswagen Golf, how does the new Focus stack up? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
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Jan 31, 2019




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Comments 60
70xr7Cougar 4 hours ago
Got the 1.5 with 150hp, gotta say, pretty fun car to drive with and very smooth
darryl cameron
darryl cameron 9 hours ago
The lane keep assist is on off is on the end of indicator stock and you can use normal navigation when your phone is conntect to android auto think matt needs to do a bit more research glad he like the car tho
Bluepixel Day ago
I really like those blue needles.
DAMON LEE 3 days ago
Ford is giving the cars the boot...and et we in the States can get a Fusion Active, They look great and rugged...a fresh alternative to the Subarus. with those who still prefer a new American made modern ride. !
24niktheone 4 days ago
Average UK male high 175cm so Matt is an inch taller than the average man.
horse1066 4 days ago
I see that the parking assist had broken down by the end of the video
Florin Voinescu
Florin Voinescu 4 days ago
The radiator grille its ugly,looks like smile emoji.The rest of the car its nice.
U K Kurdish game
U K Kurdish game 4 days ago
Why in the plate number 68 but that mean you are right t2020
Matthew Aislabie
Matthew Aislabie 5 days ago
God this guy mumbles bad.
Tony Money
Tony Money 6 days ago
Best german car ever
AWhileHanlin 7 days ago
Initially though was the new Seat
Max Porter
Max Porter 8 days ago
Is this affordable for a first car
Kenton Kirkpatrick
What happened to: "Ford is no longer making cars (except the Mustang)."?
Anthony Ray-smith
Anthony Ray-smith 10 days ago
Why would you take your parcel shelf out just to put it back in your boot, that's not an issue
Captain_Castaway 11 days ago
I’ve started playing a game with CarWow reviews which is to see how many times they’ll mention a VW in their reviews (the Golf is mentioned 4 times in this one). I know they’re good cars and are viewed by many as the industry standard, but it feels a bit overkill and like they’re being paid by VW to mention them as much as possible
Bill Gordon
Bill Gordon 11 days ago
Looks bloody lovely 😀👍🏻
Ayoun Ghosh
Ayoun Ghosh 11 days ago
A smith
A smith 14 days ago
About being unable to use Ford navigation while listening to Spotify, I use Apple Music thru Bluetooth, no need to plug in or unplug unless I want Apple maps.
ziad bn Ahmed
ziad bn Ahmed 17 days ago
179 wow i think u are about 185
Littleman787 20 days ago
10:12 is that a real feature or cheap joke?
Finnick Lobuno
Finnick Lobuno 22 days ago
Very fluent british english gentleman!
onepunch oldman
onepunch oldman 23 days ago
Aston Martin clone
Ciprian Taranescu
Ciprian Taranescu 27 days ago
Basically same shit like my 2011 focus, with less engine and trunk space
Gijs Timmers
Gijs Timmers 29 days ago
Just ordered one! :D
KnuckleBreaker 2
KnuckleBreaker 2 26 days ago
AJ Dexter
AJ Dexter Month ago
Focus or house deposit?
josh Month ago
I wish they would bring the new Focus to the US... funny enough, the US is where Ford is from.
Valery Myronenko
so small boot
Valery Myronenko
so small boot
Crown Tooths
Crown Tooths Month ago
Cheap Ford Focus www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/ford-focus-2008/1377554858?
Joel Brown
Joel Brown Month ago
I have the previous Fiesta with the 1.5 litre diesel engine, which is meant to be doing 88mpg. I have only managed to get just under 60mpg from my car, and the only other way to actually get more would be to hypemile the car, which I don't really want to do!
Murat Aydogdu
Murat Aydogdu Month ago
1.0l EcoBoost Titanium 125 68 REG bought brand new Many electrical issues (was intermittent but resolved by itself) Power window issues (resolved by replacing the module) Worst problem now is the clutch. It will not go into gear at all and left me stranded on the motorway. Currently at the dealership for the past 3 days due to be checked out 3 weeks later. Note: Ford has a very bad customer service. Whatever problem there is with the car, it is always the customers fault and no fucks are given by them, you are liable to pay even if it's under warranty they'll find an excuse. LIKE THIS COMMENT TO GET IT TO THE TOP AND ALLOW PEOPLE TO SEE THE ISSUES WE'VE HAD WITH THIS CAR SO FAR.
Craig Downey
Craig Downey Month ago
12.21 you can turn that lane assist off, its the button that can be seen on the end of the left hand stalk... at least that's what that button is for in a fiesta
basic technology
ruvid.net/video/video-pWRa4iFEhTU.html windows closer one touch
basic technology
ruvid.net/video/video-629n1H4yVTo.html video enable
The Rusted Pixel
Oh man, I was watching the new Seat Leon video a day or so ago and didn't finish watching it. I thought RUvid was just recommending it to me again to watch. Damn the new Leon really does look like the updated Focus from the front...maybe cos they are both reviewed in white though. Try it out, open the Seat Leon video in a new tab, they look so similar.
brian hume
brian hume Month ago
Bought a new focus EcoBoost st line on a 67 plate 125bhp 34 mpg for that reason 7 months later part ext it for a new fiesta titanium 1.5 diesel 120 bhp now 67mpg doing exactly the same journey to work just thought I would mention it just saying from north of Newcastle
Sun Delight
Sun Delight Month ago
Not a fan of this one prefer the shape before this one.
Luke Smith
Luke Smith Month ago
My seats fold flat, and the boot lip is not as big as that. He.must have the basic one lol. Love my mega spec no option.left unslected
glennismade Month ago
you can do both build in satnav and connected phone. At least with AppleCar play. I think the issue is android auto is what is loaded on the screen, simply go back to the Sync screen and book.
sundar R
sundar R Month ago
What a car..wow look
Zee Month ago
Ford Focus Diesel Hatchback 1.5 Ecoblue 120 ST-LINE 5DR with NEARLY FULL SPEC or BMW 116D M Sport Step Auto with the M SPORT PLUS PACK only?
Cam’s Auto Detailing
Will they be in the USA? I don’t think I’ve seen them yet here
itsgary Month ago
Discontinued along with the Fiesta.
Mark Rozee
Mark Rozee 2 months ago
My next car. Just waiting for them to be 2 years old and so about £10K.😁😁. Glad it is better than all the crap from VW and AUDI.
Moveid Naqvi
Moveid Naqvi 13 days ago
There are other better options and they are by no means crap like you said.
Tshifhiwa Filbert Dzhaudzhau
It's so nice Mat had to do it twice ruvid.net/video/video-sxqbs_hJ6Cw.html
nini king
nini king 2 months ago
Next week I got same car!!! Can’t wait😊😊😊😊😊😊😍😍 ford one day ford everyday!! My second car😜 the first one is Ford Fiesta 😅
LAI Kitty
LAI Kitty 2 months ago
Can’t wait my focus in Taiwan. It’s my first car, I just like how they design internally and it’s appearance. Copilot is really useful!
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes 2 months ago
I have the one before and looking in the brochure, it says this actually has less boot space (litres) So is the shape on the boot different? Cant see how it can be any better than the previous model if it has less litres of space.
Alz Hs
Alz Hs 2 months ago
Ford are too underrated 🙄
M Lee
M Lee 2 months ago
Still baffles me that Ford has stopped selling this car in NA.
Trev Eves
Trev Eves 2 months ago
I'm not disliking the video, great review as always. Disliking for the front, especially the info system. Again, it's a "shit, everyone else has a huge screen, put on in" rather than design. Terrible. Looks like the old MB A Class (new one is lush!).
misterGeeker 2 months ago
Just saying: I have never ever tried to shake the central console in my car, never thought about doing that in my whole life...
L M 2 months ago
Considering a focus st line estate. Would the 1.0 125 be under powered for a family of 4 or would I be best with 1.5 diesel.
Steven Burns
Steven Burns 2 months ago
My only issue with the most recent Fords is that the interior quality just feels cheap. The one my partner test drove before she got a Corolla was just naff. 800 odd miles on the clock and the seat frame creaked and there was a irritating rattle in the centre console. Yeah I'm not stroking the soft touch bits of a car as you drive along but when Ford keeps pushing the price up each iteration, I'd expect a little more perceived quality.
MEP101769 2 months ago
Very detailed Ford Focus review.
Rob Foxton
Rob Foxton 3 months ago
Anyone else think they look like a 1 series?
WildReefer 3 months ago
The irony of you losing camera focus while you climbed in the back seat was not lost on me. The camera was focus-locked on the back of the drivers seat. lol
lucaboden 3 months ago
Compared to Mazda this Ford still looks old.
Train Hobo
Train Hobo 3 months ago
Just like the bmw 1 series except I pay more for the bm badge
Common Sense
Common Sense 3 months ago
Don't like this design at all
F Martins
F Martins 3 months ago
love this channel but can`t stand Matt promoting it on every single video!!!
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