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From being named one of Guitar World’s “Guitarists of the Decade” to developing multiple PRS signature model guitars and amplifiers, Mark Tremonti has had an incredible career that has helped inspire fans and young guitarists worldwide. In this video, Mark outlines his history with our company and why he continues to rely on PRS night after night to do his job.
Video created by Sturge Media.
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Comments 80
amit panchal
amit panchal 17 hours ago
Fuck. Mark is a true rockstar.
Igor Nunes
Igor Nunes 2 days ago
The best👏👏
Skyhunter 11 days ago
I am so excited for the MT100! Might just be the one amp I'll ever need.
evo8ya 23 days ago
One of the nicest human beings on the planet, and such a monster player!!!! Mark deserves every accolade he receives.
In Rewts
In Rewts 26 days ago
How come I just saw this...... lol. Mark is still my fav!!!! Since i was 12 years old
Paul Silvius
Paul Silvius 28 days ago
My tremonti se is the best guitar I’ve ever owned.
Thomas Chapman
Thomas Chapman Month ago
any chance there will be more Creed type intros/riffs/licks?
MAN45 Month ago
Hell yeah Bomb Factory FTW
Carlos Zamora
Carlos Zamora Month ago
If i was a professional musician i would love to have PRS making my signature models.
collin johnson
collin johnson Month ago
Seen em in spokane last weekend....3 hrs clinic with mark....mindcrusher....thank you mark for your time ...insight and wisdom....
Dana Setiawan
Dana Setiawan Month ago
Langsung out dr video pas lg bagi2in gitar ke penonton #ngiri
Javyon VISION Month ago
Mark is just great! His solo band is his best stuff IMHO!
finaljesus Month ago
One more reason I love prs I have the SE custom 24 huge respect for mark giving them away at the shows I can’t believe it what a great person God bless you mark
Ranter Dude
Ranter Dude Month ago
Song at 5:56 ?
Robert Ryan
Robert Ryan 29 days ago
Pay No Mind off their (new) Walk the Sky album.
OPEC no Month ago
My first single cut guitar was a Tremonti SE with Marks USA signature pickups. I play it more than my two core Custom 22's and my S2 22. Next on the list is his US made signature, it's probably the best guitar I've ever played at any price point.
motox947 Month ago
i was lucky enough to meet and hang out with mark that awful night their gear trailer was stolen. I think it was the WBCN xmas rave at axis. I heard about it on the radio the next day and was so bummed as we talked about the cool gibsons he had with him at the time. I was working at guitar just after that and I remember he bought that first PRS from buddy in plano tx. such a nice guy and its been cool to follow his career since then.
Batuhan Tastan
Batuhan Tastan Month ago
The greatest guitarist of all time. No one can beat him.
Faidz Jalil
Faidz Jalil Month ago
I wish I am that lucky. I'm jealous!
Bert Sonder
Bert Sonder Month ago
Everyone lucky on his own term, one guy lucky to afford the MT PRS, the other lucky to afford a yamaha
How Lin
How Lin Month ago
Are you paying attention Gibson? This is how you make an artist video.
FlipSide78 Month ago
What do we have to do to get Alter Bridge to perform at #EXPPRS 2020?!?! Paul, make it happen!
Kyle Conner
Kyle Conner Month ago
I'm not crying... you're crying!
Matej Novotný
Matej Novotný Month ago
I have SE Tremonti and MT15, that’s a killer combination for the money 🤟
Erik Leirmo
Erik Leirmo Month ago
I have a Tremonti SE best guitar for the money. Want an MT 15 and the tremonster is the best metal rock guitarist to come out in a long time
RuinKing Month ago
You inspired so many with your music. It is actually insane. No body talks about your influence in modern guitar players..
Kewl Beans
Kewl Beans Month ago
must be nice to be able to just give away PRS guitars at your show. :o
Kewl Beans
Kewl Beans Month ago
@Bert Sonder shit i'd settle for a pick haha!
Bert Sonder
Bert Sonder Month ago
How about his wristband?
rudiyanto halim
rudiyanto halim Month ago
Man....on the PRS line i always look for the Single Cut. Always love the Tremonti Series....and the MT15? Love the sound of it from what i've seen people demo or playin it. Too bad, PRS is not affordable for me. But thnx to Mark for givin guitars to his audience, what a lucky person who gets it. I will just keep dreamin of havin a set of MT15 and Tremonti SC...."My Sacrifice" 🤘🤘🤘
Donald Lamendola
Amazing musician and such a humble dude. Giving away his guitar like that is awesome, he has probably made more future musicians by doing that than he realizes.
Ethereal Month ago
I've been playing guitar for about 40 years but didn't try a PRS until about 2009. By far my favorite guitars. I own a couple custom 24s, an Artist Package custom 24 and a 7 string. They are addicting to play and to me the perfect instrument.
El Thunder
El Thunder Month ago
At this point of life, when I see a PRS, I only could think about Tremonti. Never I saw a really strong connection between a guitar and a guitarrist like PRS and Mark, they are pretty much the equivalent to each other
Rahadyan Puspa
Rahadyan Puspa Month ago
Please rest Mark. You worked too hard.
Aditya B
Aditya B Month ago
iiXeno Month ago
I smell a PRS MT100 coming.
PRS Guitars
PRS Guitars Month ago
*sniff sniff* So that's what that smell is? Hmmm...
Em B
Em B Month ago
Creed needs a comeback. Lets go!
John Clayton
John Clayton Month ago
Big respect for Mark 👊🏽
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson Month ago
I’ve met Mark a few times, and he’s always been the coolest dude. James Hetfield has been my number one idol since I was a kid, but Tremonti is my adult idol. Good guy, great musician, and I love his gear!
Mini Surf
Mini Surf Month ago
I had an SC version for a week from guitar center really nice easy playing! But it fretted out so I returned it. One day I’ll get another.
Thrashpit66 Month ago
World Class band !! Great music and big hearts for bringing someone a once in a life time memory !! I miss those moments that Mark talked about playing soccer and being on stage !! I wish I could have had my son see me play !! Now I due to medical issues I am having trouble playing guitar. Life is short, live, love each day to the fullest !!
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Month ago
If I can play just 1% as good as mark, I’ll die a happy man 🤘🏼
hesam sabetmand
hesam sabetmand Month ago
what a lovely story behind , i hope see u one day my champion
Emre Yamangil
Emre Yamangil Month ago
God bless you Mark
apokw Month ago
This man and all of his band peers are a godsend to us musicians. Such an inspiring video and it makes me want to pick up my guitar instantly. What an honor it must be to be represented by PRS. Definitely the most important guitarist in my life.
apokw Month ago
You goooooooooooooooooooooooot to make a buyable version of Marks Explorer shaped PRS. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE
Mister Tee
Mister Tee Month ago
I have heard he is quite skilled
paulo alexandre
paulo alexandre Month ago
Prs. Great sound guitars with terrible tuning stability. They should change changes and technology when comes to keep the tuning .
Luke Polson
Luke Polson Month ago
4:35 When you dislocate your foot but don't really care.
I don't even Know
PRS genuinely has great products. I run an SE Mark Holcomb into an MT15 and it’s great. Not only do I use that rig for metal but that rig is what I use in music college. I’m in jazz band and that rig works so well in that setting. Just goes to show how versatile PRS is.
Brandonn Robinson
Mark and Santana are the reason I play PRS. He's one of my influences. A great musician and even better person
David Balanda
David Balanda Month ago
I've got one of the Tremonti SE guitars and it's amazing! Like Mark's initial problem with PRS, I don't perform with it, but I love playing it in my bedroom. I use the MT15 amplifier in my band and it sounds amazing! We're not metal, but with the gain dialed back a bit, the amp fits the sound perfectly. PRS is really cranking out some great gear!
Brad Brock
Brad Brock Month ago
5:19 pause and screenshot to get the tunings the songs are played in, some may not be the same as the record but sure as hell helpful to know those that are
William Knell
William Knell Month ago
His bands aren't my thing at all. But the Tremonti SE is a wild value. First of all, he spec'ed one helluva guitar. In black? It seems silly to describe an instrument as "excellent" and "no frills." But PRS is so noted for exotic maple tops, and all that. To take that aspect of visual impact away, and have the guitar be that right, AND affordable is no small feat. And it's still a beautiful guitar.
Juicy Jones
Juicy Jones Month ago
Mark Tremonti makes me proud to be Generation-X.
Chris Lombardi
Chris Lombardi Month ago
Mark is a badass!!!!!
Robert Simpson
Robert Simpson Month ago
I want to hear more about Mark Tremonti! He is probably my favorite modern guitarist, with Rabbea Massad in a close 2nd place.
Terry McBride
Terry McBride Month ago
I was on the fence originally but the Vintage Gig bag made my decision easy for Me!
Lalmuanpuia Sci-law
Ur my hero mark👍🏻! I have your SE(students edition) model and it satisfies my sound( more than) . Thanks 4 the opportunity mark and PRS! My dream is to possess or at least have the American version but that’s too far a stretch even for my dreams! Rock on 🤘 mark tremonti and PRS” the greatest guitar in the universe”! Love from Mizoram !
Danny Beardsley
Danny Beardsley Month ago
Wonderful video. Thanks for sharing. One of the modern greats 🤘
Michael Davies
Michael Davies Month ago
The greatest player of the last 20 years. Works his arse off. Always gives a great show and a genuinely nice humble guy.
Eric J. Holt
Eric J. Holt Month ago
Great to see Mark giving back to fans and make their dreams come true - Thank You Mark. for all you do!!
Joseph Moore jr.
What happened to Ernie?
Sonic Ox
Sonic Ox Month ago
What a class act. I don't know much about Tremonti or his music but when a musician stands behind a product because of it's quality and not just because it has his name on it and even talks about the more affordable versions... he just seems sincere. Kudos to PRS for designing a guitar for this artist and for making more affordable versions that are still high quality. I don't own a PRS guitar but I've played a few and I believe it's my next guitar if/when I can afford a US made model.
Rhodri Williams
Rhodri Williams Month ago
Go Mark and PRS! Giving the guitars to those kids is awesome!
Alexandre Asselin
Coolest guy right there 👊🏻
stephen bonshire
I finally got a PRS S2 Single cut and everything about my playing changed. Tremonti changed my life in the late 90s and early 2000's and I'll forever be grateful. Music dose heal the soul... everything from a brutal low E to a screaming high E!!!! Forever a Fan of PRS and Tremonti 🤘😎🤘
Jason McMillan
Jason McMillan Month ago
Best damn commercial I've ever seen. Mark is my favourite guitarist in the world right now. A nice guy who won, and continues to win, yet so humble. He's an inspiration.
Clifford Amey
Clifford Amey Month ago
MT seems like a genuinely nice guy
Rendy Andrian
Rendy Andrian Month ago
I just realize this video also contain teaser for MT100. I think it's good to have 2 different wattage for MT amp. 15 watt for bedroom guitarist and 100 for gigging guitarist.
Rob Pagliuca
Rob Pagliuca Month ago
Solid dude! Solid guitar company!!
steve ryan
steve ryan Month ago
My mutha fuckin hero right there
OxSixNine Six
OxSixNine Six Month ago
I think giving away guitar to crowd is better than destroy it for the sake of stage performance
Nuke SRT
Nuke SRT Month ago
The bird inlays of Mark's should be black. And call it Black Bird series.
Igor Nunes
Igor Nunes 2 days ago
Would love!
Quentin Utter
Quentin Utter 23 days ago
But an as explorer prs !
Thomas Chapman
Thomas Chapman Month ago
that's a cool idea
Samuel Martin
Samuel Martin Month ago
@PRS Guitars Oh yeah !!
mcasuse Month ago
Hey I will SHELL OUT!!!! WHAT About abolinee birds!!! They will be amazing as well!!!!
dezionlion Month ago
What’s up with the Abraham Lincoln/Lebron James look?
Big Mike
Big Mike Month ago
How legendary to be given a guitar Mark Tremonti just beat the shit out of, literally right off his shoulder into your hands. What a guy.
brian oldnall
brian oldnall Month ago
Any timeline on when we could see the MT100 ?
B Mann
B Mann Month ago
These guys are great human beings
Corey Clark
Corey Clark Month ago
Who would have ever thought someone this classy would come from the band Creed.?.?.
Raven Reyes PTZ
Raven Reyes PTZ Month ago
Like they werent classy
Recourse Month ago
It was in Birmingham that Mark gave that kid his guitar, such a touching moment that I remember watching from the seating block opposite!
Ern Arrowsmith
Ern Arrowsmith Month ago
I was also at that show and it was a great moment! It's the kind of thing that hopefully will make a lifelong player out of someone.
not only is he a monster player/ songwriter, but such a caring and gracious human being who cares deeply about his very own fans! thats what you call a guitar hero ladies and gents......
Boom Hey You
Boom Hey You Month ago
I like anything that has Tremonti in it
Andrew Kerr
Andrew Kerr Month ago
Hey, I’m in that first crowd clip from 05:45 onward!!!
Chris Foe
Chris Foe Month ago
Who knows the name of the song at 1:40 ?
Chris Foe
Chris Foe Month ago
@Carlos Manuel Beltrán Pérez Thank you, sir
Carlos Manuel Beltrán Pérez
Chris Foe Native Son- Alter Bridge
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