For the Love of Physics - Walter Lewin - May 16, 2011

Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.
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This lecture has been viewed 11 million times. 1 million times on MIT's OCW, 6.5 million times in the channel "For the Allure of Physics" and 3.5 million times in this channel. Prof. Lewin put his life on the line to demonstrate that he is a strong believer in the conservation of energy. He explained why the sky is blue, why the clouds are white and why sunsets are red. The demonstrations are fascinating. MIT video streamed this lecture in real time. It was viewed live by about 25 thousand people all over the world.

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Feb 11, 2015




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Comments 80
Antal Szilagyi
Antal Szilagyi 2 days ago
Everything for science..whatever it takes + love! :)))
I just found that the way i was learning from my school Teachers was not efficient 😌😌
Biswajit Rana
Biswajit Rana 3 days ago
He is a legend. Love ❤️❤️❤️from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Jason Schick
Jason Schick 3 days ago
○○○THE DOTTED LINES 2 MIN VIDEO L O L ○○○ ruvid.net/video/video-xODkb-i-t2M.html
Aaron Hwang
Aaron Hwang 4 days ago
Marc Thibodeau
Marc Thibodeau 4 days ago
Just beautiful! thank you for such a great time increasing awareness of our surrounding!
poet in a paper bag
Everybody's good at something aren't they mum?
B M 6 days ago
I want to see 19:20 explain with maths. How the futtocks did he do that?!
MITH JAIN 6 days ago
Swinging on a pendulum so swiftly... At the age of 75!!! Pure love for physics ❤️ Respect!!💯💯
Hanny Kurniawan A.
Thank you professor. I like physics also, but may be not as much as you.
Ravi Prakash
Ravi Prakash 7 days ago
best quarantine mate.❤
Nomesh Kumar
Nomesh Kumar 7 days ago
Physics k god teacher hai app
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar 7 days ago
You are amazing 😍... Great teacher 😘
udayan kulkarni
udayan kulkarni 7 days ago
Legend says that his head is still shaking
Ajit Chaubey
Ajit Chaubey 11 days ago
narendra agarwal
narendra agarwal 12 days ago
luve u sir u r the best physics teacher in the world to explain physics with such a fabulous mind and amazing instrument thankyou sir once again , you are the best.
PAPU GAMER 13 days ago
If you love art you also love paintings. Have you painted any oil paintings of your own? If you haven't I think you should give it a try and paint something related to physics or physical phenomenal. In that way you could combine your "life" and "love" together.
RIYAS MOHAMMED 13 days ago
Loved it
M Chopin
M Chopin 14 days ago
That's the face of a person who is hoping he didn't accidentally give the ball a tiny little push...
Shaantanu Pandey
Shaantanu Pandey 14 days ago
Sooo emotional!!!
Mohammad Azari
Mohammad Azari 15 days ago
hi what is your advice for starting to learn physics
Yashwanth Katlagunta
That’s what happens when someone really loves their profession
hqofjhrjeourhfrb ioqufhrjrr
He looks a bit ill and weak. Hope he's okay.
Jeroen Thans
Jeroen Thans 16 days ago
very cool!
Franco Suazo
Franco Suazo 16 days ago
ini isaac
ini isaac 16 days ago
19:24 I love how pro he is to be able to make dashed lines like that😹
Ishan Sheikh
Ishan Sheikh 17 days ago
I hope i meet walter lewin soon. Please god bless him.😀😀
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 18 days ago
People looking for the thumbnail 26:52
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 18 days ago
15:37 he came in like a wreeecking ball
Marion Ake
Marion Ake 18 days ago
I'm going back to engine building .
TLS_ Falcon
TLS_ Falcon 18 days ago
Let's be honest we watched the whole thing and it felt like 15 minutes or less
Santhi R
Santhi R 19 days ago
Sir, if gravity makes an object fall to the earth, then why is the Earth and other planets not falling onto the Sun?
Santhi R
Santhi R 18 days ago
@Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. Sure, I will. Thank you sir.
Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.
@Santhi R please watch my 8.01 lectures in which I cover this in great detail. That's what they are for. or use google
Santhi R
Santhi R 19 days ago
@Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. XD But, if you could tell me the real reason, that could be useful.
Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.
because they don't want to
Augustine Paronda
Augustine Paronda 19 days ago
Before I have enjoyed Physics lectures, now I LOVE them. Thank you Prof. Lewin.
Mr Teddy Bear
Mr Teddy Bear 20 days ago
More US Junk in my Recommended. While I'm here - How can an uncontained pressurised system exist in a vacuum?
59:18 Physics turn down for what!
Ming Xiang
Ming Xiang 21 day ago
"The lecture will end at about 40min"hmm1h??! OHH HELL NO
Ricardo 910
Ricardo 910 21 day ago
I was going to see just some minutes and I had to see it all. Great proffesor!! thanks!!
Michael Stahl
Michael Stahl 21 day ago
I like his lecture. I remebers a teacher when I was was thirteen . He was old but famous ! He explained things very simple like Walter Lewin. I my selves would like to have the same way explaining things in the same way. i like this lecture. !!! You con be proud of yourself .
me 21 day ago
What if the cable ended up being elongated or breaking?
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 21 day ago
Dear Walter I am a Civil engineer ( Structural) of 62 years old, during this period of Covid I found your lectures about two weeks ago in RUvid , and was shocked with them , you made so effect, that have looked most of your lectures and interviews, also downloaded and read your book , as could not purchased it because amazon or e-bay are not sending them to Chile , will try after the pandemia. When I studied Physics at school at 17 years old , I probably was not mature enough so had many problems , for example could not understand that if I pushed the wall the reaction of the wall was a force equal and against me, as you say in your lectures, for me was not intuitive. At university of course studied a lot and was forced to learn , in line also with mathematics ,calculus , etc, also in the courses oh hydraulics , electricity , structure análisis we applied all that knowledge but with the years you start to forgot a lot of those important concepts that you show in your lectures and that you brought up again. I just wanted to write this, and hope it will reach you , to thank you for bringing me again the love of science and physics I will look again your lectures in chronological order and can tell you that are waiting anxiously for the next rainbow to see if can find the white zone , where is the red and if I lucky see the second one with the colors inverted.
Phước Hiệp Đỗ
Tell all about Aether, Sir please
chopsuey8 22 days ago
Thumbnail is at 26:50
Mohamad Akbari
Mohamad Akbari 22 days ago
Great teacher
Ari Prasad Mukundan
Why sky isn't violet but blue
Abhay Patel
Abhay Patel 23 days ago
LOL💗💗 from India
Magma Lavasioth
Magma Lavasioth 24 days ago
Seriously though... HOW DOES HE MAKE THE DOT LINES??!!
0Black Lightning0
0Black Lightning0 25 days ago
I saw the representatoon of the sun as a pale green, not white and when you said you can see it turning red I did not see red. I am not color blind because I am able to see red.
0Black Lightning0
0Black Lightning0 25 days ago
But the sun looks yellow to me and so do most beams of sunlight.
0Black Lightning0
0Black Lightning0 25 days ago
Not red.
SUKHAM DHILLON 25 days ago
He is vibrating continuously for 40 min salute to his stamina * don't take serious ☝️😂😂😂😂
Kh Bertlian
Kh Bertlian 25 days ago
You are 80 in 2020... Love from INDIA
Rebel Babble
Rebel Babble 26 days ago
I can never watch one of Walter Lewin's lectures without smiling the entire time
Raja siddharth
Raja siddharth 26 days ago
Sir really you are a legend!!!
Mehmet Barış Şener
15:39 The Flying Dutchman!
Michele Isoli
Michele Isoli 26 days ago
Your last lesson in MIT...
Finally watched the full video,a quarantine blessing
Mark Hanoi
Mark Hanoi 27 days ago
Only a 75 year old Dutchman would do a miley cyrus to proof a point ;-)
Brian Lally
Brian Lally 28 days ago
He certainly does make you love physics!
Jeff Matulich
Jeff Matulich 28 days ago
Jeeez....If I had a teacher like that I would have worked at JPL and Space X now. I went for the MBA/JD program.
Herbert Shallcross
Herbert Shallcross 29 days ago
I'm surprised he wasn't escorted out by campus security for lighting cigarettes in a lecture hall.
Easyfacts 29 days ago
Only if I had got a teacher like prof. Walter Lewin
Mayur Dodiya
Mayur Dodiya Month ago
My first lecture to fall in love with this guy was around only a month ago and again I m here to recall everything
Rahul Ji
Rahul Ji Month ago
Who hears walter lewin name first from alakh pandey sir ....like here...pwians
Mark Read Pickens
As of my viewing, 1461 gave this "thumbs down." I wonder what percentage are religious fanatics.
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar Month ago
Came here to read comments
So Month ago
I may not have studied physics but after experiencing it I would trust that ball too
Taragrath Month ago
This man is an inspiration, and a genius
Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar Month ago
Thank you sir ji
Anand Keshri
Anand Keshri Month ago
I india it's called basics of physics.. which is taught in 9th standard
Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.
this was not for MIT students; it's not part of an MIT course.
Prakash Nagnath
Prakash Nagnath Month ago
Beautiful knowledge of physics in Quarantine.... Love from physics lover 😀
Randy Llobera Lara
Nayef TV
Nayef TV Month ago
Jayesh Vaghela
Jayesh Vaghela Month ago
I have just tap on video to see what happens, i had watched the full video. Amazing physics teacher
MAxISH PAtEL Month ago
A really hard working person I have ever seen on you tube who can do anything to explain you the real thing...... Lots of love from India...... Hit like if you also think so....
xXÃßdXx Month ago
Bored ppl in quarantine : watching physics lecture Teachers : a solid move ! 😈
77knez Month ago
The girl walking around with the microphone is a cutie! I just wanted to say that.:)
Mbiganyi Machinya
Haha,some answers are marketing strategy
I got a theory
I got a theory Month ago
I didn’t really understand any of the equations cause Im in Germany but this was a really entertaining video to watch anyways
He is a physics bender
Thomas Schultz
Thomas Schultz Month ago
When I see that, I regret it that I didn't study physics. It would have been a pleasure for me. I admire her ability to teach things so playfully simple but understandable. Thank you. Thanks for the fun hour. Thank you for your life's work
Murty Ganti
Murty Ganti Month ago
Some are watchers and some doers. In the doers some ' go through motion , like the pendulum" but some show flair like a Faraday coil with LED lights and than there are those that are showmen like prof Lewin. If he wasn't teaching physics he would have been performing on broadway. But don't mistake, the true geniuses like Dirac and Einstein never had showman ship, both are mutually exclusive. Prof Lewin understood a piece of the puzzle well enough to use that as fulcrum for his swing. He never dwelled for a moment on the meaning of things, the cosmic order or the majesty of nature. Don't take it as negative square root of Prof Lewin, he did good, but its like a show on public TV on healthy eating or TED talks, good for passing time in quarantine, but make you no wiser
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